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RE: AccessParks rant

It cost me $15 a month to make my phone a hotspot with T Mobile. It works great. Connect the phone to the laptop with a cable. Tap the hotspot function on the phone, and surf away. So much better than campground wifi and you can stop it when you don't want to pay for it anymore. Might be an option for you.
T18skyguy 11/14/21 10:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: class c with v10

If you get a 2017 and later, you get the 6 speed transmission instead of the 5 speed. Both are good transmissions, but the 6 speed I had was great. As Ron notes above, there is a lot to be said for a wheelbase that's not stretched; fewer driveshafts means less vibration issues, which can be troublesome to correct.
T18skyguy 11/09/21 06:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New wireless provider??

I've been happy with the T mobile 55+ for several years, but it seems that since the merger the reception at my home has gotten worse; calls breaking up and such. Google Fi has an interesting concept. As you drive around the phone can jump back and forth from two or maybe all three networks as needed, but it requires a special phone from them. Might give it a try.
T18skyguy 09/30/21 11:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Help understand what's going on with emails

From Google, "When you get a message, Gmail tries to guess what encoding the sender used so it can properly open and display the message. If Gmail guesses wrong, you usually end up with a screen of gibberish because the message wasn't translated properly from one encoding to the other" I suppose the other email clients would do the same. Strange things happen on the computer. :h
T18skyguy 08/09/21 07:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Fuel for Gassers

Why does premium fuel give more mileage and power? Richard Matt gave a very good answer and I'll add just a bit more. When engines are new, they usually don't ping even under high load and heat. But as they age,deposits build up on the top of the combustion chamber, valves, and pistons. These deposits raise the octane requirements because they take up space, and actually raise the compression ratio and the result is that the engine starts pinging on 87 octane. On cars, you usually see it start about 30-40 thousand miles. Engineers call it "Octane creep." So if you hear that rattling sound,you can move up to 89 octane to stop it if you'd like. Even though some manuals say light pinging is ok, myself I just want it stopped. I just give it what it wants. Higher octane doesn't really give you more power, it just stops the sensors from taking away power.
T18skyguy 07/25/21 09:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: T-Mobile Home Internet WOW!

I would like to ditch Comcast asap so thanks for that update. Here's an article from a guy who's been using it.
T18skyguy 05/25/21 11:06pm Technology Corner
RE: If you bought your RV on payments from General RV.

The crime they are committing is forgery/fraud, and I hope they throw the book at them. I think they figured by the time the buyer discovered the balloon payment they would be long gone and out of reach of the law.
T18skyguy 05/12/21 10:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Metal carport RV shelter

If you can't go longer, than maybe you can go wider? Make it as big as you can afford. I had a 32 foot greyhawk, and I went 14 x 40 feet. This gave me some extra room to put a slide out, but also room to add some long rows of 2x10 shelving all the way down for some much needed storage. If you can, bring the metal all the way to the ground where the sun hits it. I added full metal to the ground in back,and eastern side and half way down the other side. Very little sun touched the rig. Plus it's long enough for that 40 foot rig I'm thinking about.
T18skyguy 05/05/21 09:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Opinion on knock-off batteries for laptop...?

I tried that in a Samsung phone once and it flashed me a message "Not a Samsung battery" Had to take it out and go OEM.
T18skyguy 04/23/21 09:58am Technology Corner
RE: Some things never change

I understand what the op mean's. I was much more tolerant when I was younger, but now that I'm older it's much harder to tolerate all the noise. I think I'm starting to see the point of the higher end class A resorts. Not saying their completely noise free, but probably better than cheaper parks. Don't they have any 55 and over RV parks?
T18skyguy 04/03/21 08:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chromebooks?

I have both Chrome and due to ONE PROGRAM windows. I have only one that keeps me in Windows also, which is Turbotax Premier. I do see that you can get it in the cloud on Chromebook, but I like that CD rom that I get at Costco every year. I don't want to do my taxes in only the cloud.
T18skyguy 04/03/21 07:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebooks?

So I assume they wouldn't run windows based software? Is there anything like Word or Excel that would work on them? Google has a licensing agreement with Microsoft. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many others are right there in the play store. Onedrive is also there. :R Only works as long as you ARE connected to the Internet, zero OFFLINE capability. Directly from MS HERE "Q: Hi, I am using a Chromebook because it's much stable and easy to keep it clean than a Windows laptop (any model and price range). I prefer Office Online apps over Google Docs. My question is about a possibility of to use Office Online in the Offline mode, like Office 365 is offering this feature to registered users. I am not against to pay a license fee to use Office Online (or an Office 365 like) on my Chromebook as long as it is in offline mode!! A:To use Office Web Apps (Office Online), you have to be online and need a Microsoft account. There are no Microsoft Office programs that can be installed on a Chromebook OS to be used Offline. To know more on Office Web Apps, refer to the following link: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/web-apps/ I hope the above information helps. If you need further assistance, you may reply and I’ll be happy to assist you." Chromebook is not a "substitute" for a real PC if you are wanting 100% offline functionality and 100% compatibility with Windows based installed programs. Chromebook is nothing more than a ANDROID TABLET with a keyboard built on to it to make it a "laptop" form so don't expect to install any Windows software on it. There are generic "look alike" similar Apps you can install on a Chromebook, but once again, very few will operate OFFLINE (without Internet) and the ones that do, may not have all features available when OFFLINE. Chromebooks as well as any other Android based devices are designed to live around being connected to the Internet 24/7, that is where they work the best, OFFLINE mode is a compromise and a recent change to Chromebooks so not as much support of OFFLINE Apps. There IS a reason Chromebooks are cheaply priced.. If you can work with and accept the limitations then Chromebook is for you but a real full fledged PC they are not. GD, I think your a better nerd than me, but the date of the answer in your link regarding downloading MS Office is 2014. Check out this link from 2017 that says you can download it and use it offline? Is there something wrong in there maybe?
T18skyguy 04/02/21 05:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebooks?

So I assume they wouldn't run windows based software? Is there anything like Word or Excel that would work on them? Google has a licensing agreement with Microsoft. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many others are right there in the play store. Onedrive is also there.
T18skyguy 04/02/21 09:10am Technology Corner
RE: Chromebooks?

My main concern is being locked into Google things, like Chrome browser. Your not trapped with the Chrome browser. You can also download the Brave browser from the play store. Brave was built for privacy. There might be even more options. Ever since I bought this Pixelbook, it's like it never leaves my lap. It's light, speedy, has very long battery life cause it needs no fan. I love the thing and hope they come out with a Pixelbook 2. One thing to know, is don't get a cheapie and expect good performance. Get a middle to higher end model and I think you'll like it. I have a lot of computers but the Pixelbook is my daily driver.
T18skyguy 04/01/21 09:33pm Technology Corner
RE: 7.3 Ford vs 6.0 Chevy cockpit room

Based on this video, at the 08:30 mark, I'd say there isn't much difference, as the gal has to step over the corner of the doghouse to get to the passenger seat. btw, the guy is a bit off the wall? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aBOfQD2Rzc LOL that's Matt from Matt's reviews. He's like an excited 10 year old kid when he does his reviews, but he does do a pretty good job. I've watched most of his videos,and after a while you do end up smiling when you see him. I like his catch phrase "What other youtuber takes his fat arse up on the roof for you" Then the girl says "Nobody"
T18skyguy 03/16/21 09:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: HP Officejet 4622 Printer Problem

I've been using an Epson Ecotank 3700 series for the past 2 years with no problems. It's fairly fast but no where near laser fast. All these printers are monitored through the internet now, with the real goal of trying to keep their ink sales going. I would not be surprised to see them brick the printer intentionally some day to make you buy a new one. That's already being done by some manufacturers(Sonus and even Ford also). Get yourself a good laser and you'll be a happy camper. A laser saves you so much time. BAM-it's done.
T18skyguy 03/02/21 06:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Add a front cabover window - has anyone done it?

I would think that if a new rig comes without a window there, it may be that the structural support for it is not designed in. So if you take a jigsaw and cut the right size hole, the two sides may be too flimsy to accept the clamping effect of the screws. They got rid of the front window for good reason; between that, the overhead lights, and the seam joint on top, you have 3 ways to leak. What it would do to the value of a new rig might be scary.
T18skyguy 01/14/21 11:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: T-Mobile Coverage

I have T mobile for about 6 years now, and the only place I couldn't get a signal was the beach in Oregon. It's been a couple years so it might be better now. The point made above about a flip phone as a back up is a good one. A flip phone needs only one tower when a smartphone needs two to function. My daughters flip phone worked at the beach when my smartphone wouldn't.
T18skyguy 01/14/21 11:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Cell Phone Blues..

I don't know if it matters to you, but Samsung stops updates at 4 years and the final one was March 2020 from what I see. I suppose that means security updates as well. It might continue to work for quite some time, but I wouldn't do banking on it just in case. I use to have an S7, was a great phone.
T18skyguy 01/13/21 06:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Cell Phone Blues..

Try downloading Malwarebytes or Bitdefender. Hopefully one of the other will nail it.
T18skyguy 01/13/21 03:02pm Technology Corner
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