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RE: "harmonics" noise

This is just a guess, but I'm thinking the drive line pinion angles are wrong. The reason I think this is the problem was present when the rig was new. You can replace the carrier bearings, but if the angles are not adjusted correctly the problem will still be present. Use a digital angle gauge, and using the lip of the transmission pan as a baseline, take a reading and write that down. Then take a digital reading in the middle of the first driveshaft. That reading should be 1.15 degrees lower than the trans pan edge. The second driveshaft should be 3 degrees, and the fourth 4 degrees. This is on my rig, but your rig may vary. The way to adjust the angles is by putting 1/4 inch plates under the yokes which lower or raise it depending on your needs. If the yoke at the differential needs raised that is done with a shim under the springs. Drive angles must be more than 1/2 degree and less than 3 degrees from each other. People who can provide this hardware are L&W Engineering at 574-825-5351. A two driveshaft setup would be different but the same principles apply. It would be good to consult a professional drive line shop. Camping World and regular mechanics will not solve that kind of problem. A simple and easy way to rule out this problem is to jack the back end up, put it on strong jackstands(on concrete), and run it up to 55-60 mph and have someone observe the driveline for vibration.
T18skyguy 06/21/19 03:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Which shocks IF...

Desert Captain has it spot on here. When I replaced the stock shocks with Bilsteins, I wished I had just removed the stock Ford shocks when new. The fact that Bilsteins are part of Jayco's J ride package is a pretty good endorsement.
T18skyguy 06/17/19 10:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Frods V10 engine

I have two V10's and the maintenance is much easier than the old 460. The water pump is a simple 4 bolt unit with a big O ring just plug it in and your done. The V10's are strong runners and revvers and both of mine are rock solid. As stated above if you can afford at least a 2017 model motorhome(that would be a 2016 chassis) you get the 6 speed transmission which is also very good. As far as the spark plug issue's, just shop 2004 and later motorhomes.
T18skyguy 06/16/19 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire plugs

I've used the Camel repair kit a dozen times over my lifetime. Not a single failure and all tires went their normal lifespan. If a tire is properly plugged I don't see how water could get to the steel belts. But I follow the directions exactly, and make sure the vulcanizing agent completely covers the plug, and that the plug is properly inserted and trimmed.
T18skyguy 06/16/19 10:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel economy and additives

I think the guys above are giving you very good advice. At $2.25 a gallon your doing much better than the rest of us on the West coast. The only thing I can add is if the engine is pinging, then an octane booster will help. A pinging cylinder does not put out the same power as one that doesn't. Lighten your weight as much as possible; don't carry full water. Use paper plates instead of ceramic. Put two bottles of Chevron Techron concentrate in a full tank of gas will clean the injectors. Replace your air cleaner if it hasn't been done and slow down a bit more. There's only so much you can do with these beasts.
T18skyguy 06/12/19 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Online Oil Filter Dissection And Discussion

I use either Wix or Mobil 1. Mobil 1 filters are made by Champion; the same company that makes them for airplanes. Never heard of an aircraft having any trouble with a Champion filter. Their really strong.
T18skyguy 06/11/19 04:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Replaced dinette with theatre seats

Nice job there Bruce. I'm here in the valley also and I been in to Countryside. It's a good place. I've actually been contemplating the same mod in the same color. The only thing holding me up is the wife and I are thinking about a class A. If I did that mod in my Greyhawk then I would have opposed seating for guests which I would really like. I don't want to mod the Greyhawk unless we keep it. Putting the plates on our laps to eat would be no big deal. Would you mind if I asked you what that new seating cost you ?
T18skyguy 06/11/19 10:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford Class C with 6 speed transmission

The 6R140 has double overdrives, with the top ratio at 1 to 0.67, vs 0.72 for the 4R10/5R110, and was designed with fuel economy improvements in mind. One operator I spoke to found their new shuttle buses were seeing about 20-percent highway fuel economy. There were other improvements made besides the gear ratios, to make it more efficient. The difference probably isn't as dramatic in a motorhome because aero drag is much higher. The V10 got the 6R140 for the 2016 model year, then it was added to the 6.2L V8 for the 2017 model year. Good information. I had a 96 Jayco Eagle with a 460 and the E4OD. I had the Banks headers and if I kept my foot out of it I got 10 mpg. Now I have a 2017 Greyhawk with the V10 and 6 speed transmission and I still get 10 mpg, the big difference being the new rig is 10 foot longer and much heavier. I've been really pleasantly surprised with this excellent drivetrain. I had expected like 7-8 mpg. I also have an 03 box van with the V10 and the 4R100 and the mileage is horrible.
T18skyguy 06/11/19 10:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Storage Condos - 7 Years later

A really great success story. So happy for you. I have been considering a project along similar lines. A condominium/penthouse that each have their own dedicated shop out back. I mean large enough for not only the rig, but also fits boats, woodworking, extra cars, you name it. And no grass to cut. That would be ideal for me, how bout you?
T18skyguy 06/08/19 04:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: blocks for leveling under jacks and tires

I use square blocks cut from a 4x6, and more blocks from 2x6 stock and even some squares of 1 by material. My jacks don't need to deploy much. It's not the lightest, but not too bad either.
T18skyguy 06/08/19 03:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Essential Tools or I sure wish I had brought............

The most important tool is the one you don't have with you. You know the old mechanics saying "Use the right tool for the job" Well, Vise Grips are the wrong tool for every job. Wouldn't be without em.
T18skyguy 06/07/19 06:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice for a trip up the west coast

be sure you call and make reservations at the parks you want to stay at. this time of year it is almost impossible to get in to them. don't wait do it now x2 It may already be too late for the best parks. My own feelings is to do that round trip in 7.5 days is a very aggressive schedule. You'll save more time by staying on the I-5 even with the mountains. Some sections of the 101 have plenty of stop lights when you get near the towns. I live in Eugene/Springfield. Don't take the rig through Eugene. Go up the I-5 and take the 195 exit over the freeway west and just stay on it and it will intersect Hwy 126. Turn right and it takes you to Florence. Old Town Florence is nice with an RV parking lot on the east side of town. A real nice RV park in Florence is Harbor Vista just a mile or two north of town. There is also a casino(Three Rivers) in Florence that has an RV park with hookups, and you can also boondock at the Casino if you'd like. One tourist trap to skip is Sea Lion Caves. It stinks(literally) and if you pull over at the next north cutout you can see all the Sea lions you want for free. Don't come over to the coast from Corvalis. So many switchbacks my girls we're throwing up and I looked back and both cats we're throwing up also. Their trying to fix the road but it still sucks. When you get to Newport make sure you see Nye beach. Lots of nice little shops and eateries. A good seafood restaurant in Newport is the Sea Hag. Good luck. PS gas is about a buck more in California than Oregon. Gas up in Oregon if possible.
T18skyguy 06/07/19 05:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Canuck with no medical insurance - prepare for emergenncy"?

Generous? Hahahaha. Remember, I'm Canadian. The total out-of-pocket cost of my heart treatments was nil, nada, nothing. But that's not the debate - what can I take with me to mitigate possible problems? A small canister of oxygen could help if you get a bout of angina. Don't miss your regular meds, and stay on a blood thinner if your doctor has you on one. It's not just what you can take with you it's also what you can do; all the stuff you've heard before; control your weight, blood pressure, no smoking, exercise, try as much as possible to eat lean. Remember the old saying "We dig our graves with our forks and spoons." It's a good thing you don't have any US assets. Here in the US medical bills are now the leading cause of bankruptcy at 62% of all filings, and 78% of those had some kind of health insurance but it wasn't enough. When you get admitted to a hospital here, you sign a bunch of forms. One of those forms is permission to put a lien on your property if you can't pay. Lots of people lose their homes that way. Good luck.
T18skyguy 06/06/19 02:37pm Snowbirds
RE: Ford 460 engine questions/issues

The forum you want is Ford-trucks.com It has an engine section devoted to all the different types. There's a lot of people in there that know their engines. You want to click on forums, then to performance engine troubleshooting, then click on 460.
T18skyguy 06/05/19 10:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Storing tools for the RV

I carry most all my tools in the toad. I have a Costco Crescent brand cheapie toolkit for the wrench/sockets, then I have a Veto pro-pak bag I carry my quality non wrench/socket stuff, and a small plastic box which I store my Snap-On 1/4 inch stuff. I keep the 1/4 inch stuff in the rig cause it's light. I transfer the Veto pak from the toad to the motorhome so it doesn't get stolen. I leave the cheap Costco set in the toad cause if it gets stolen no big deal. If you want a nice tool bag, check out the Veto Pro-pak line. Spendy but really nice.
T18skyguy 06/05/19 10:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selling an RV with a lien

Don't know if you've found a buyer yet, but beware anybody who wants to buy sight unseen, or gives you a long complicated story. Also, don't let them send a "friend" to make the purchase. Before they come I tell them I'm going to ask to see their I.D.. If they balk then game over.
T18skyguy 06/05/19 10:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power Gear Leveling Jacks Leaking

FWIW, I use 4x6 blocks, 2x4's, and 1 by stock to build a platform up as close to the jack as possible before I deploy them. I figure(maybe wrong) that it keeps wear on the motor and seals to a minimum. Sometimes my jacks only deploy an inch or two. I figure it can't hurt at least. jacks run at about 3000 PSI. making extension blocks changes nothing on the Hydraulics. What it does do, is give you more lift. Doug Thanks Doug, I've had the jacks lift the wheels off the ground with my Greyhawk. I suppose I'm trying to baby a system that doesn't need babied.
T18skyguy 06/05/19 09:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power Gear Leveling Jacks Leaking

FWIW, I use 4x6 blocks, 2x4's, and 1 by stock to build a platform up as close to the jack as possible before I deploy them. I figure(maybe wrong) that it keeps wear on the motor and seals to a minimum. Sometimes my jacks only deploy an inch or two. I figure it can't hurt at least.
T18skyguy 06/05/19 09:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do you manage without a toad?

For me, the convenience of a toad can't be beat. Ready to go when you are, not too heavy Kia Soul, and with the back seats folded flat, carries all my heavy stuff like tools and such. I did uber a couple of times. It was fun, but if you have your own vehicle, can be very handy if there's a breakdown or problem. There's a certain security that goes along with it.
T18skyguy 05/31/19 10:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Portable WI-FI hot spots

I have T mobile and just had them enable hot spot on my phone. Fifteen dollars per month for 100 Gig with tethering. Works beautifully. I took a big trip this month and visited 4 different parks and used the phone hotspot over their crummy wifi at 3 of the 4 parks. It is just as fast as home and a good value.
T18skyguy 05/23/19 06:23pm General RVing Issues
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