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RE: Hopper receiver with hitchhiker dish

I bought a Wally only to find out the only output is one HDMI port, the OTA tuner must be purchased separately ($$$) and an external HD is still required to make it a DVR receiver. All the 211 "flavors" have only one HDMI port. The 211 & 211k do have Component Video which may or may not be HD. https://rvseniormoments.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/001_dish_211_211k_211z_wally_anatomy.jpg height=592 width=814
TechWriter 09/20/19 05:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish newbie

The parts are on BO so who knows when they will be available. This Amazon link says they have some in stock.
TechWriter 09/13/19 01:00am Technology Corner
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

I love it when a bunch of hetero white men state there is no racism. We're not sure who discovered water, but we are certain it wasn't a fish.
TechWriter 09/13/19 12:51am General RVing Issues
Internet Access 2: 43 campgrounds, 8 states + Canada

My final report for 2019
TechWriter 09/08/19 05:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Kiplinger: 13 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement

For me (63) I may live in Latin America until 65 and then come back to full time on Medicare (which I hear is still somewhat problematic). That's a long commute. Medicare problematic? That's not my experience of 4 years on it.
TechWriter 09/02/19 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kiplinger: 13 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement

I think the problem that most of us have with articles like this is that they aren't in any way balanced. Disagree. I think the problem was that the article didn't say that RVing was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
TechWriter 09/01/19 02:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kiplinger: 13 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement

TechWriter You wrote "Unless you have cash to spare, I don't suggest full timing for anyone under 65 who has to purchase their own individual health insurance." How is that any worse than being retired and not yet reached 65 and not living in an RV? Does living in a house or apartment give you some magic solution to health care? I don't think the RV or living in it full time is the problem. If you don't move anywhere, there shouldn't be a difference. In fact you could move to a state with better health care coverage. However, the Kiplinger article was about full timing and moving around: "why not sell the house, buy a recreational vehicle and see the country?"
TechWriter 08/31/19 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kiplinger: 13 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement

My comments in BLUE . . . First, like it or not the author is talking about full-time RVing -- selling your house, buying an RV, and hitting the road. Second, ajriding I don't think you're a full-timer and from my experience full timing, truck campers are the exception, not the rule as far as full-timer vehicle choices. So some of your comments below just don't hold water. Gibberish 1 RVs are expensive. No, Expensive RVs are expensive. Playing with words. Even "cheap" RVs need maintenance which can be very costly. 2 You spend more updating the decor. Umm, you should have stopped reading at this one. This is an Unimaginably stupid thing to say. Agreed. This is really really dumb. 3 Your RV Will Depreciate in Value maybe, maybe not, maybe you did not spend enough to matter. maybe you break even, maybe the depreciation is such a small amount after so many years that it is trivial, maybe you make money when you sell like I always do. There's no maybe about it. RVs depreciate in value. Houses don't. Unless, of course, it's 2008 again in which case RVers and homeowners are both screwed. 4 RVs Guzzle Gas some do, some do not do as bad as some SUVs towing nothing. If you drive constantly, or if you park mostly will affect the gas budget more than the mpg. I get 15-17mpg RVing That's truck camper mileage. My Class A manages about 7 which I hear is pretty typical. 5 You'll Need Extra Insurance not really. I did not. Oh yes you do -- for full timing. At least "umbrella" liability insurance. 6 Health Care Can Be a Hassle Possibly true for some, possibly a valid point. Unless you have cash to spare, I don't suggest full timing for anyone under 65 who has to purchase their own individual health insurance. 7 You'll Have to Deal With Your Own Waste if its brown, flush it down. Waste is a big part of RV life. There are ways to make it easier. 8 Quarters Are Close yes. cozy, close, and very mobile. The world is your backyard. 9 RVs Aren't Easy to Drive wrong, they are fun to drive, and easy. Again, you're talking truck camper, not a 40+ foot RV, some of which (ie, gassers) drive like drunk pigs. Plus, if you don't have IFS, tight turns are out of the question. Finally, if you don't have engine and/or exhaust brakes, then stay away from the mountains. 10 Overnight Parking Can Be Problematic Sometimes, very dependent on what you do, where you go, how you like to live… So, yeah, parking can be problematic. Been to a national park recently? 11 Repairs Can Be Costly Generally a 3/4 ton cost a little more in parts to fix than a half-ton. It is not more expensive otherwise. You drive miles, you will need to spend money no matter a Honda civic, or a class A RV. Again, truck camper repair. I find Class A diesel repair to be measured in $500 increments, starting at $1000. 12 You'll Need to Get Rid of a Lot of Your Stuff how is this an issue? ajriding, seriously? On another thread you said "My big tools, welder, saws, work bench are all non-towable for me; my metal scrap pile, my assorted left-over wood pieces, boxes of random bolts n things that date back to before I was born, . All my camper work and mods are done at home where I can work on things." 13 It Can Get Lonely on the Road or lonely in that big ole house They obviously are not RVers. They forgot you need to use water sparingly if not at a campground, and that propane has to be bought or refilled.
TechWriter 08/30/19 05:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Durability of RV Furniture

our couch is nearly 20 years old, Furniture is period dated, but holding up well. x2
TechWriter 08/29/19 07:17pm Class A Motorhomes
Automatic Satellite Internet Systems

Some current options -- Three Rooftop Systems Compared.
TechWriter 08/26/19 01:00am Technology Corner
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

I now use a venturi when filling my tank which injects ozone from a small ozone generator. No more smell, and the O3 removes more nasties than chlorine. You are using this guy, right? The AZ2 manual is pretty straight forward and says you can treat up to a 500 gallon spa. Pretty impressive for under $100. However, treating with ozone depends on water pH and dwell time. Ozone levels should be adjusted for different water pH levels and how long the the ozone contacts the water. I'm guessing the AZ2 isn't sophisticated enough to do all that. Also, make sure to remove all filter cartridges ahead of your AZ2 as ozone will destroy these. Finally, since ozone is such a strong oxidizer is also can destroy natural rubber, some plastics, and synthetic rubber -- like gaskets. Finally, your water may smell better, but there's a good chance the water isn't actually being disinfected and probably not your water tank and system either. I suggest a UV system instead. None of the ozone side effects and UV does essentially the same thing as ozone.
TechWriter 08/24/19 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Dish from DirecTV Conversion Coax Question

TechWriter, Still not showing me the coax I ask about. They are coax FROM the LNB and not the coax into the RV. Chuck See IRV2 thread.
TechWriter 08/23/19 09:21am Technology Corner
RE: Dish from DirecTV Conversion Coax Question

There are 3 coax from the LNB. As I said they are color coded black, green, and red. The ports are A, B, and C. My question again is what color needs to go to A? What color needs to go to B? What color needs to go to C? Richard, that post and diagrams do not answer my question. I really need some feedback from anyone that has done this as to how you made the connections. The connections from the base to the DPH42 switch is not an issue. I have that covered. Chuck https://rvseniormoments.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/travler_install-1.jpg The three coax cables from the DISH Travler (A, B, and C) should be run inside your RV. Then they connect (in no particular order) to a DPH42 switch: https://rvseniormoments.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/dph42_winegard-travler_one_hopper3_08_19_19.jpg height=599 width=750
TechWriter 08/22/19 09:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Do we or don't we?

IDK, right now, have to get through my wife's upcoming surgery {major}, followed up several weeks later by my surgery {moderately minor}. All my best. Hope both go well.
TechWriter 08/22/19 09:42pm Full-time RVing
RE: Water softener

We purchased a water softener and a separate carbon water filter for outside our unit. Which hooks up to the water source first? Generally, you put a sediment filter first to keep the rocks out. It sounds like you're using the carbon filter as a sediment filter. Are you using one of those inline Camco filters? If so, they're a combo sediment/carbon filter.
TechWriter 08/20/19 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: Do we or don't we?

Just do it and have fun.. How long have you been full timing? I am not a full timer yet and may never be, but if the OPer is desiring it than he should make the leap and do it.. Yep, just what I figured. You don't know what you're talking about.
TechWriter 08/20/19 09:45am Full-time RVing
RE: Do we or don't we?

Just do it and have fun.. How long have you been full timing?
TechWriter 08/19/19 07:04am Full-time RVing
RE: Do we or don't we?

I spend about $1500 - 1700 on fuel per month,average 6.5 - 7 mpg. What? We average about 7 mpg. We've spent about $2K since April and we've driven about 4,000 miles . . . that's about $400/month.
TechWriter 08/18/19 06:36pm Full-time RVing
RE: Escapees?

Their magazine alone is worth the price of admission. Here's their public website: www.rvnetwork.com . . .and their "business" side: www.escapees.com
TechWriter 08/18/19 06:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Laws/Regulations for RV Fresh & Waste Water Service

In a home the bathroom sink and toilet share same room, same cold water plumbing. One just has to remember to not wash hands in toilet or pee in sink. Good one. I wanted to say this.
TechWriter 08/18/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
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