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RE: Options to Winegard Trav'ler

What Dish receiver are you using?
TechWriter 09/25/20 01:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

Maybe we can all pick up this discussion when Starlink is online and I can use it instead of Directv and AT&T Cell Internet. That may be around 2026.
TechWriter 09/25/20 11:46am Technology Corner
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

I am hesitant to jump to another company that is using a third party bandwidth knowing that the third party can shut it down whenever they want. It doesn't matter to me if Verizon owns Visible - they can still shut it down at their discretion. I used to have a Millenicom plan, and would probably sign up again. Diamonds are forever, but cell data plans? Not so much. I've been using Visible for about a year and it's a good plan. Nothing spectacular, just ok. For me, speeds > 5 Mbps until the weekend when the tourists arrive in my campground. But I knew that would happen from the getgo. Besides Visible, I have an AT&T Mobley and an expired 2016 40GB Verizon data plan. That 40GB is the most dependable . . . and, of course, the most expensive.
TechWriter 09/22/20 07:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Park models

I always thought Park Models were generally bigger than a TT and also a lot heavier. They aren't meant to be moved from campground to campground. Hence the name "Park(it) Model". Kind of like a small mobile home. This is my idea of a park model. Wow! Lake Havasu City sure has changed since I was first there back in the '70's when the London Bridge first opened. One word: Californians.
TechWriter 09/22/20 12:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Park models

I always thought Park Models were generally bigger than a TT and also a lot heavier. They aren't meant to be moved from campground to campground. Hence the name "Park(it) Model". Kind of like a small mobile home. This is my idea of a park model.
TechWriter 09/20/20 10:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

Elon's 100 megabit service will never provide end users with that kind of service just the same as the touted capabilities of Fiber or Cable rarely provide the end users with that full service. People forget that Starlink is intended as a rural Internet service, not urban. Starlink doesn't (and won't) have that sort of bandwidth.
TechWriter 09/17/20 02:07pm Technology Corner
RE: The state of full time RVing in 2020 - RVs and TVs.

And another YouTube
TechWriter 09/17/20 02:01pm Full-time RVing
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

And MTV was going to kill the radio. How did that work out? Chuck This "media replacement" argument goes way back . . . Some thought that TV would replace radio. That didn't happen, but TV did change radio. For example, radio shows used to be national shows. After TV, radio went to formats or specialty programming because it was cheaper as the money went to TV. A similar thing might happen with sat TV. But all those Dish/DirecTV sats aren't going to be switched off.
TechWriter 09/08/20 06:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network receiver question

It is my understanding that DISH will not allow two Hoppers on the same account. Not true. You can have two Hopper 3s on the same account. However, as mentioned previously, you'll have to purchase that 2nd Hopper 3.
TechWriter 09/02/20 11:55pm Technology Corner
RE: The state of full time RVing in 2020 - RVs and TVs.

I've been RVing since the early 90s. I've owned large 5th wheels for the past 22 years. How long have you been full timing? Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?
TechWriter 09/01/20 01:57pm Full-time RVing
RE: Bad Water Smell

May I suggest using hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach? A quart bottle in my 35 gallon fresh water tank pumped through the water system, including filling the water heater, and left for a couple days does as good as bleach. "As good as bleach"? I disagree. If you are using over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide (3% solution), then it won't be effective as a disinfectant. To get something stronger like 12%, you'll end up paying about $20 for a 16 oz bottle. Bleach is the most effective and least expensive disinfectant. However, if you don't want to use bleach, then use Purogene. Peroxide isn't hard on seals and hoses, doesn't leave behind any horrible and hard to flush out tastes and odors. The RV myth that won't die. First, RV plumbing is either ABS or polyethylene. Bleach won't harm either. Finally, those "seals" in an RV are most likely made from bleach-tolerant Santoprene.
TechWriter 09/01/20 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: The state of full time RVing in 2020 - RVs and TVs.

I've been RVing since the early 90s. I've owned large 5th wheels for the past 22 years. How long have you been full timing?
TechWriter 08/31/20 07:08pm Full-time RVing
RE: Dish Update

The point is, if you're losing your discounts, call to request them being reinstated and if they cancel, then call the 800 number to cancel your service and they will reinstate the discounts. The endless pursuit of something for nothing.
TechWriter 08/28/20 11:24am Technology Corner
RE: What Dish hardware for Hopper in RV

I currently have DirecTV service at home and in my RV. I would like to switch to Dish Network but am totally unfamiliar with their hardware. Can someone please tell me what dish, LNB, switch, power inserter, etc. I will need in order to use a Hopper in my RV? Will a single coax feed allow viewing/recording multiple channels? First, go through a local sat installer, not DISH. DISH CSRs aren't RV savvy and may steer you away from using a Hopper. FYI -- many RVers are using Hoppers. Second, go with a Hopper 3, not the previous generation Hopper ("Hopper with Sling"). The Hopper 3 is WAY superior (16 tuners instead of 3, faster processor, etc) and I think it costs exactly the same each month. Equipment: - Dish: 1000.2 dish with Hybrid Western Arc LNBF -- don't get the DISH Pro Plus (DPP) LNBF. The Hybrid LNBF allows you to just run a single coax from dish to RV. - Sat Meter: either a Super Sat Buddy (eBay since it's no longer manufactured). Or it's very expensive replacement: XR-3 with the XR-TS2-02 module (about $950 total). If you just plan to use a Hopper 3 in your RV, then the PORT 1 output from the Hybrid LNBF can be connected directly to a Hopper 3.
TechWriter 08/23/20 10:13am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

I'm under the impression that my setup isn't working because my dish LNB is not a "Dish Pro Plus" LNB If you're currently using a Winegard GM-MP1, then, yes, I believe it uses a single LNBF that's not a DPP. About your other sat dish . . . the 1000 w/o an LNBF. Throw it out. Not worth trying to upgrade. Even if you do, you'll end up with a triple-LNBF which can be difficult to aim . . . especially if you're used to just pointing that MP1. I suggest getting an old Dish 500 twin LNBF dish. Easier to aim than a triple LNBF dish and gets sats 110 & 119 (or 119 & 129 if you mis-aim) . . . and a Dish 500 will support two receivers . . . like so: https://rvseniormoments.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/dish-500-wiring.jpg height=410 width=913
TechWriter 08/17/20 04:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Question

You can power ONE receiver with ONE coax. However, if you have a dual tuner receiver like the 322 you can power both tuners with a single coax and the correct splitter. Like so . . . https://rvseniormoments.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/diplexer_triplexer_use.jpg height=579 width=907
TechWriter 08/17/20 03:38pm Tech Issues
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

For potable water I plan on installing an RO with PH balancing stage. The PH adds calcium and Mg back into the water - since RO strips out everything. Excellent idea. I just started using this "remineralizer". I plan on installing the RO in a bin rather than under the sink and run the lines for supply. I have not pinned down what I will do with the wastewater. The units I buy are 1:5 waste water to filtered. Normally in a house the wastewater goes down the drain. In an RV I may capture it and recycle it or just let it drip on the ground. Happy to hear from anyone who's handled this. I suggest under-the-sink unless it's impractical. I run my RO waste water back into my water tank. Zero waste. Some - if not most of you - probably think it's way overkill. Hardly. Here's my water filtration system: https://rvseniormoments.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/uv_filter_00.jpg A = Watts pressure regulator + separate back flow preventer. B = Big Blue 5-micron sediment filter. Why 5-micron? Because that's the smallest recommended size that can be cleaned over and over. C = Big Blue carbon block filter. D = Water softener. E = Water flow meter (for the UV filter). F = 8 GPM UV filter.
TechWriter 08/16/20 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Use Verizon IPhone hotspot with Dish Hopper for On Demand?

I'm streaming on our FireTVstick right now with our unlimited data $25/mo Visible plan by Verizon. The service is prioritized on congested towers, but that has rarely caused us any problems. The plan is unlimited talk, text, and data with hotspot capability on phones, but I have the Visible SIM installed in a Verizon 7730L hotspot that gives us a better signal and overcomes the one device connection limit for hotspotted phones. We average 75-100 GB/mo on the Visible plan, and another 75-100 GB on our grandfathered Mobley $23/mo Connected Car plan with the Mobley SIM installed in a Netgear Unite Explore 815s hotspot. Oh, and I should add that our Dish Hopper is currently connected to the Explore and works fine with it for on-demand and app programming. On the other hand . . . My Visible SIM is in an 8800L Jetpack, but my Mobley is still in its original "packaging" (no SIM swap) + I have a Cradlepoint MBR1200 router that has a USB760L modem which uses a 2018 40GB New Verizon Plan. Of the three (Visible, Mobley, & 2018 40GB), the Verizon 2018 40GB plan is the most dependable and the fallback when the Visible and Mobley aren't performing well. And that happens often enough so that I typically burn through those 2018 40GB every month. So those two "unlimited" plans (Visible & Mobley) cannot always be counted on. Finally, the AT&T Mobley is no longer available so why bring it up?
TechWriter 08/04/20 11:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Pulling more than 50 amps ?

From the OP: Our park electrician says that some of the big rigs with 3 ACs and electric everything can sometimes draw more than 50A from a 50A pedestal. A very simple statement regardless of the intent behind it. And that simple statement is absolutely true, at least until either the park 50 amp breaker trips, or the RV 50 amp breaker trips. And the voltage being used is entirely irrelevant. Doesn't matter whether the RV has any 240 vac appliances or if they are all 120 vac. Boggles my mind that this has turned into a 9 page (an counting) debate about an "idiot electrician" making a very simple and very true statement and everyone turning that into their own personal interpretation as if they know more about what he was referring to than the electrician himself. Nothing in your quote states they were referring to 240v operations. Even for big rigs, 240v appliances are very rare. 240 vac has been mentioned multiple times thru the course of this thread. And your own post said the question could not be answered without knowing the voltage. And I still stand on my earlier comments that voltage is irrelevant to the discussion and an RV, whether it has any 240 vac appliances or not, can in fact draw more than 50 amps thru either of the hot legs of the park 50 amp power pedestal until that breaker or the RV 50 amp breaker trips. Yes, people are making lots of assumptions about a conversation they were not part of and then calling the guy an idiot without the full story. There is no evidence the electrician was speaking of 240v draws...so people jumping to the conclusion he was makes no sense. Logically since the vast majority of rigs have NO 240v draws, it would be reasonable to assume he was speaking of 120v draws and in that case, it's very easy for a rig to pull more than 50amps at 120v. This is the OP & that's what park electrician meant. Moderators, please close this thread.
TechWriter 08/03/20 02:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Low Voltage on One 50A Leg

Poor connection or unbalanced load. If this is at the pedestal you will need the park to fix it or move or use your voltage booster. Yep, it's at the pedestal. One leg goes low about 1 pm daily when all the ACs are on. Yep, I use a voltage booster.
TechWriter 08/01/20 02:10pm Tech Issues
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