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RE: ISB Sola regulators

I notice mercado libre sells them
Tequila 12/30/21 11:02am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

This has come up again with a customer. RV 50 amp is really 2 30 amps split between 2 different zones on the RV, A 50-30 amp adapter does bridge the 2 halves of the 50, but ONLY FROM the point of the RV, not the pedestal. A 50-30 amp adapter It is designed to plug into a 50 amp pedestal where it only picks up 1/2 of the circuit it then bridges the 2 inputs from the point of view of the RV..If it bridged the 2 halves at the pedestal end which are out of phase, it would trip the breaker.. Therefore the only way to get true 50 amps at the RV is to use 2 ISB 4000's and an an 50 amp adapter cable splitting the 2 phases, one to each of them. A big headache unless you have room to wire 2 of them permanent into the rig. In other words buy the 4000.
Tequila 12/30/21 09:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
Green Angels

I never know this, but the GA do not patrol all toll highways. One of our group had a broklen power steering hose on the remote stretch of 15D south of Cullican. We were there 4 hours. The toill road sent a mechanic, which was not free, but reasonable. Got us goign but we had to drive 45 min in the dark on bumpy road to get to a pemex to overnight. 15D from culliacan to Mazatlan is in bad shape, especially the last 100 km. 15D in Sonora is excellent and its also good from Mazatlan to Guadalajara.
Tequila 11/13/21 09:29am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Gas prices

seeing variatiosn from the equiv of $3.75 US up to $4.10 US
Tequila 11/13/21 09:25am RVing in Mexico and South America
Immigration crack down

I have been getting a lot of reports of people being stopped on the street and being asked for thir passport, FMM or resident card. A few cases of people being held for up to 3 days if they dont have it woith them. I have also heard pèople are being denied a 180 day FMM unless they cna show reservations for that period) Not any RV´s yet just fly ins). The US State department has issued a notice about the first problem. I am wondering if this may have something to do with all the refugees trying to enter the US, and US pressure on Mexico.
Tequila 10/31/21 08:49am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hurricane Rick

Called the manufacturer in North Carolina, and the pump is trash. A technician is coming out at 5pm (don't know why) to confirm this. If the time to get the pump from the states is too long, one of us may fly to the states, pick it up and fly back. We'll see. In the meantime, we are keeping the chlorine levels a bit high and brushing the pool at least daily to get some circulation. good opportunity to score a covid booster
Tequila 10/31/21 08:42am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Expired RV permit

As far as I know you do not need to cancela 10 year permit, so they would just issue you a new one. If it were a 180 day with a deposit, you would simply lose your deposit and they would cancel it at the border.
Tequila 10/31/21 08:40am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Car Jacking

I will be driving that stretch on nov 1 in my car. Fortunately, as twh word got out and people knew I had led caravans and know how to deal with the paperwork, i have picked up 4 RV's who want to follow me. Makes me feel more secure to be in some sort of group.
Tequila 10/28/21 09:32am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: CDN/US border closed another month, at least.

On the plus side, there may be some room in campgrounds in BC for those of us who live here
Tequila 06/19/21 09:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: ISB Sola regulators

Tequila, Are you saying the shore power source is not fused or has no circuit breaker? I can't see how adding an additional breaker--if there already is one would help. Thanks for posting the chart--it is where I did the math from for the buck and boost percentages. So it is buck of -10% (135 volts), boost of +10% (110 volts) and additional boost of +20% (100 volts). The buck is a calculation only. The boosts were checked by actual measurements, but under no load. BTW the lowest voltage I've measured was 99 under no load and 97 under load from air conditioner. The Sola basic allow me to cool down my RV safely. Based on the fact the 8000 does not have 2 hots, i see little reason to use it rather than a 4000. I have had voltage drop to 80 volts on one occasion.
Tequila 05/31/21 03:15pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

OK just checked it out, you are correct. So unless the 8000 handles 2 hots separately there is no advantage in buying the 8000/ Learned something.
Tequila 05/31/21 02:04pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

The 50(male)/30 adapter connects one 50A hot to the 30A hot. The 30/50 adapter connects connects the 30A hot to both 50A hots. This is a connection that does not trip the pedestal CB so it's not a short in that sense. What happens with a 120V sola device is dependent on how and where it's installed. Hardwiring inside a 50A RV has potential issues when it's later plugged into a 120/240V 50A plug. The devil is in the details. I would like someone to check it with a meter. The wiring diagram i see on net, shows the hots as bridged. I may have one out in my Rv, I will go check it with an ohmneter. You may be correct.
Tequila 05/31/21 01:36pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

If they add a 50A CB to the input then they will be OK provided nothing in the RV limits the power. My rig and others have load shedding which would not detect 240V and load shed to the default 30A. This cannot be changed w/o rewiring. In Mexico without a 50A CB on the SOTA and if they are drawing 8000 va which is 67A then the neutral from their 50A power plug to the CB panel is overloaded by 17A. A hardwired unit would have to be removed upon returning to the US because the shorted hots will blow the 120/240V 50A CB. Many years ago I concluded that the least understood topic on any RV forum was electrical and the least understood electrical item is 120/240V 50A power. Just shows how little is known about home power which is the very same circuit except the CB panel will have a 200A rating for example. You're giving them good advice IMHO but they don't understand how different a 120/240V circuit is from a 120V circuit. Thanks for that info. I am not so sure the shorted hots would trip the CB since a 50 amp to 30 amp dog bone shorts them anyway. I have used one in a park that only had a 50 amp socket to plug my 30 amp rig into. Tres Amigos in mazatlan which only has 50 & 15 amp on some pedestals. Whether it is really 50 amp is debabatable. I have only seen 50 amp in 2 other parks in Mexico. Telaquepaque in Lo de Marcos and Arturos park in Cuitzeo
Tequila 05/31/21 01:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

Hi, I just checked. Buck is only 10% 1st boost is 10% (110 to 121) 2nd boost is ~20% (100 to 121) here is the chart for the ISB, both models. The reason for all of this is we have caravan customers wanting these. Some have 50 amp service and are asking about the 8000. Since 50 amp service in mexico is as rare as hens teeth, I personally think its overkill, but i have people wanting to wire them permanent in their rigs. If they are not really compatible with 50 Amp RV wiring then they are really degrading their service. Plus I wonder if they are installing a potential fire hazard. I don't think I would install one without a circuit breaker on the input. IMO it is better to just butcher a 30 amp extension, stick the 4000 in a milk crate and use it when you need to. I just push mine under the rig to keep it dry. https://mexicocaravans.com/images/voltreg.jpg
Tequila 05/31/21 11:36am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

The 30A male to 50A female connector does connect both 50A hots together and that's OK since the maximum amps is 30A. A 120V 66A connection means that the neutral can carry 66A and the RV wiring is only rated for 50A. ie For a 120/240V 50A circuit the neutral wire maximum amps is the difference of the 2 hot wires and hence a maximum of 50A. This is why all 3 wires are the same size and rated for 50A. I suggest you remove the 8000 unit from the chart and/or make it very clear that this unit is not compatible with a 50A RV. Are you sure? It seems to me if you butchered a 50 amp extension and bridged the black and red wires using a murette and a suffiently low guage wire to the unit, in and out, it should handle 50 amps OK. If it it can handle 60 amps as it says in the documentation, the factor should be the guage of the wire. I am assuming the 2 hots of the 50 amp cord are the same phase and only diference between the 50 and 30 amp is the total sum of guages of the wires. It woudl be nice to see inside an 8000 and see what the diference with a 4000. Terminal size, etc?
Tequila 05/31/21 11:27am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

OK, translated the Spanish and it appears that the 8000 unit is for a single 120V circuit rated at 66A. But not sure about the specs... Yes that makes me thing it you are wiring it up with a 50 amp cord you need to bridge the 2 hots. From what I can tell that is what happens in a 50 to 30 amp convertor dog bone. I don't have one or I would check with a meter
Tequila 05/31/21 10:00am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

dimensions corrected
Tequila 05/31/21 09:58am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

Also wondering about your dimensions. The 8000 unit is only 1" higher than the 4000 unit and the Hughes 50A is smaller than the 30A unit? Let me check on those. I will correct if I made a mistake
Tequila 05/31/21 09:27am RVing in Mexico and South America
ISB Sola regulators

Some info and a question. First of all I have created a chart with the specs for the ISB Sola 4000 & 8000 compared to the Hughes 30 and 50 amp autoformers. Here it is https://www.mexicocaravans.com/ISBvsHughes.pdf Now the question. Has anyone wired up an ISB Sola 8000? Are there separate terminals for the 2 hots in a 50 amp cable, or do you strap them together? I do have wiring instructions for the ISB 4000 here: https://www.mexicocaravans.com/Regulator.pdf
Tequila 05/30/21 08:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

One thing to consider is the emergence of a dominant non lethal mutation. It is sometimes speculated that that is what ended the 1918 pandemic. It is not in the intersts of the virus to kill its host.
Tequila 05/04/21 12:33pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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