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RE: Locked out of RV

Mine does that sometimes. when it does, it is because the door is not completely shut. I have to push it shut, and the latch clicks, and then I can open it. Just a thought. Something to try.
Terryallan 07/09/20 08:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Azdel or equivalent

This could give you a starting place on buying Azdel. Also google, ... I have googled Azdel every which way I can think of. Most place just praise the product. Some are wholesale distributor (not looking for a semi load). This one is selling left over/over stock panels, but at an excellent price ! Azdel Composite Panels 4x8 - $13 (GLASSBORO) I found it on Bing. and as i say. the plant is in Shelby NC. Give them a call.
Terryallan 07/09/20 08:37pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Axle and Hub Question

Hi All, We have a Grand Design Transcend travel trailer. Really like it. At 18 months old, it is essentially new as we have done one longer trip and some local camping. Maybe 2,000 miles of travel. I decided to have the bearings repacked. It seemed like good preventative maintenance before we do any big trips. I took it to our local Camping World. They sent pictures indicating that there is some damage to the axle. Some heat marks. They recommend replacing the whole axle at a cost of $1,475. I am kind of in shock that the whole axle would need to be replaced - especially since we have hardly used it. Your insight and advice would be appreciated. Thanks. No no no. Go get it away from them. Axles aren't that expensive. I got a new axle, and had the TT raised for $500.00 Find a truck garage, and have them look at it, or find a RV repair center, or mobile guy and have them look at it. CW is trying to do you wrong.
Terryallan 07/09/20 03:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Azdel or equivalent

This could give you a starting place on buying Azdel.. Also google, or Bing, azdel for sale. It just happens to be made a couple towns over in Shelby NC. Azdel Composite Panels 4x8 - $13 (GLASSBORO) | Materials ... https://www.shoppok.com/southjersey/a,37,175767... Products - Hanwha Azdel https://www.azdel.com/products.html Showroom | AZDEL Inc. CompositesWorld https://www.compositesworld.com/suppliers/azdelva https://robertweedcorp.com/products/azdel-composite-panels/ Azdel 48" x 96" Sheets of 2.7mm Boards (6,000 Sheets) | Salvex https://www.salvex.com/listings/listing_detail.cfm?aucID=182964932 Azdel Onboard | Composite Panels for RV Construction | No ... https://www.azdelonboard.com
Terryallan 07/09/20 01:12pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

AWD and traction control probably would have worked well in that situation. Traditional 4x4, even with a limited slip or locking rear diff, is at best a THREE wheel drive system, and that one front wheel that's spinning doesn't bring anything to the party except some slung mud. If you've got open diffs front and rear then you're down to a TWO wheel drive system, and the wheels that get power are always the ones with the LEAST traction. AWD doesn't let you get to that point. If you're stuck, you're truly stuck because all four wheels have no traction. You're not stuck because the two wheels that might be able to get a little bite are just sitting there while the other two spin. AWD will cover 99.99999% of cases, except maybe rock crawling or mud bogging. If you're doing those with a brand new production vehicle, I'd call your sanity into question. I have seen a AWD stuck spinning each wheel, then taking power from the spinning wheel, until finally. It took power from all the wheels. and it just sat there doing nothing.
Terryallan 07/08/20 10:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: How many miles a day can we go?

Doesn’t sound like much fun to me....500 miles a day Minimum of 10 hours. Pretty long day driving.
Terryallan 07/08/20 09:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I need new Tires

I am of the opinion that to many people change out perfectly good tires because of a name. I am not sure if we are just getting lazy and dont want to include tires as part of out trailer pretrip or what. ST stires or maybe any tire, but the show I was listining to said even the chinese tires have a life expextency of 6 to 9 years. I was looking at the tires on my 5th two weeks ago gtting ready for a trip and I noticed some weird wear on that one and then I noticed the teltale sidewall dimples of a tire starting to seperate. so I checked all the rest, no cracks in between the tread or anywhere else so I just changed the one. now this tire was on the trailer when I bought it new in 2016 so probably 5 years old and just one of the defects. my last trailer I went 10 years on the tires before I changed them out with no issues. the trailer before I went 8 years then traded it in. they were all "china bombs" so even with the "off shore tires" if you include the tires in your daily checks, looking for cracks on the sidewall , inbetween the treads and keep the cold psi proper, you can probably get the max life out of them with out any other dammage. would I like to buy sailun tires you bed, but they are pricy up here but not crazy. but I think the reason I would be buying them is for reduced rolling resistance and better tread life. Steve I check, and air up my tires before every trip, EVERY TRIP. To date I have had 3 catastrophic tire failures. Each and every one was on a tire in the beginning of it 4th year of service. they were not over loaded, and the PSI was exactly where is was supposed to be. Age killed them. So now my tires come off and are replaced at the beginning of their 4th year. I will not run a tire that is more than 3 years old. And I buy the best. And still replace them before the 4th year starts. Changing a tire on the side of the road in 97 degree hear is no fun. Much easier to replace them.
Terryallan 07/06/20 01:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I need new Tires

Maxxis has been left behind still rated at 65 mph. With over 30 member reporting issues with them I would stick with a more modern brand ST class tire. Actually not so. My new Maxxis Ds have a 87 MPH speed rating at 65psi. Maxxis 2020 website still say 65 mph max speed. Maxxis ST8008 2020 website warranty says warranty is no good if that speed has been exceeded. If the tire has 87 mph on the sidewall then I would say Maxxis hasn't upgraded their website. It would be to their benefit to advertise that upgrade. Agree. I was also worried about the added 15 psi. But the rim is supposed to take it. I also couldn't fine the speed rating on line. I did before. But sometimes apparently I don't do as well. All I could find online was the statement that the tires are designed for more than 80 MPH, but due to an agreement with the government. Maxxis recommends 65 mph for the C tire. They say nothing about the D tire. I'll look on the tire in the morning just to put my mind at ease.
Terryallan 07/03/20 09:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shore Power 12V to vehicle

Your Ford is isolated from the Trailer when the switch is off. There maybe 12V going to the 7 pin from the trailer. But unless some one rewired the switch. It is going no farther. Same when not on shore power. the trailer draws no power from the truck as long as the switch is off. Ford has had that feature for years. Last I heard. GM, and Ram are doing that now as well. One way to find out. Get a tester, leave the switch off, and test the battery charging pin on the 7 pin. If it doesn't light up. Good to go. BTW. Fords also come with a relay that you have to install to activate the batter charging pin. unless you install the relay. the truck will not charge the trailer battery when running. The relay is in a pack some where in the truck, along with a brake controler wiring harness. it could be in the dash, console or in the jack compartment.
Terryallan 07/01/20 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: I need new Tires

Maxxis has been left behind still rated at 65 mph. With over 30 member reporting issues with them I would stick with a more modern brand ST class tire. Actually not so. My new Maxxis Ds have a 87 MPH speed rating at 65psi.
Terryallan 07/01/20 10:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I need new Tires

MAXXIS has the best rep in the ST tire market. Endurance is still building their rep. However. if you got 5 years out of a set of ST tires, You are super lucky. I change mine after 3 years. EVERY TT tire I have blown has been in it's 4th year. No more.
Terryallan 06/29/20 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 4wd GMC Sierra tow vehicle

It's broke, and needs repairing at the dealer, or reliable trans shop
Terryallan 05/28/20 11:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: As to camper weight, what does this sticker indicate?

It also tell the rear gear ratio if you know the codes
Terryallan 05/27/20 04:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Awning tie downs

Awnings are meant to be rolled up before the wind damages them. With the advent of electric awnings, there is really no reason to NOT roll them up. Ken See i feel just the opposite. awnings are meant to sit under, and keep your stuff dry. We put our's out when we set up, and bring it in when we break camp. Inbetween. It only comes in if there is a hurricane passing by. We usually carport it, meaning we take the legs off the camper, and stake them to the ground, and tie them down to stakes. Believe it or not. I can still have it rolled up in less than a minute. Manual awning are a lot tougher than electric ones.
Terryallan 05/15/20 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do I need sway bar or equalizer?

Which dealer, trailer or truck? Just guessing, it is the trailer dealer, and it's likely you might not need either, given the truck capacity and the size of the trailer. One important detail to stay on top of, regardless of whether you go for those parts, is tire pressure. A Pickup truck, empty, is going to handle best with lower tire pressures, particularly in the rear, than will be needed when you load it up. Too much air in the rear tires when empty makes them ride hard and bouncy. Load the truck up, however, and too little air will make the truck directionally unstable. It'll be squirrely and you might really need the entire roadway. With a 3300 lb dry trailer, you are probably looking at 5,000 lbs or so loaded to go camping. This is well within the 9,000 lbs capacity for the truck, and adding the 500-600 lbs tongue weight to the back should be fine. But you will know for sure the first time a semi passes you on the interstate. If you need a sway bar, it'll be because the semi blows you all over the road. If you need a WDH, it'll be because the rear of the truck sags when you hook up the trailer. My guess is that you won't need either. But you are the one who has to make the call. Adding 500, or 600lb tongue weight will put him OVER the weight Carrying capacity of the receiver, and will require a WDH to get back in spec.
Terryallan 05/15/20 11:20am Travel Trailers
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

I lived in my trailer for 5 years sitting in one spot the whole time. The only time I ever disconnected the water line was when the temperature was going to freeze the hose going to the trailer. I would disconnect the hose leaving it lying on the ground disconnected from the water spigot so it would drain. I also brought my regulator/filter assembly which hung under the trailer inside and drained both of them. The regulator assembly had a watts house regulator with gauges I added on the inlet and outlet side of the regulator. It was set to 50 PSI. The trailer pump was set at 45 PSI. When the hose was disconnected I would run off the water tank refilling it as needed and then reconnect the water hose when the temperatures would be staying above 30 degrees at night. Never once worried about my PEX tubing rupturing and flooding the trailer when the hose was connected and the water turned on. I only worried about the hose freezing solid or the filter housing bursting. Yep yep
Terryallan 05/15/20 11:11am Travel Trailers
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

Continuous city water hookup is dangerous IMO. Something pops when your gone and what a mess. Fill your FW tank and use the pump. Do you turn the water off to your house when you leave? Same thing could happen. Pipes are pipes no matter where they are. I’ll put the quality of my household plumbing up against the the most expensive RV any time. As noted houses don’t encounter many potholes at highway speeds. For the record every time we leave for a night or more I do shut the water off. It takes about 10 seconds and the peace of mind is indeed priceless. :S I guess I been doing it wrong for the last 30 years
Terryallan 05/11/20 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

Continuous city water hookup is dangerous IMO. Something pops when your gone and what a mess. Fill your FW tank and use the pump. Do you turn the water off to your house when you leave? Same thing could happen. Pipes are pipes no matter where they are.
Terryallan 05/09/20 09:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Advice For Newbie

If I was waking into a 7,000 lb trailer and didn’t already have a TV I would opt for a 3/4 ton truck. The 7,000 lb dry trailer will be 8,000-8,500 lbs. loaded. That being said, if you can find a F-150 with 1700-2,000 lbs of payload and the 5.0 Coyote (the 3.5 EcoBoost is a fine engine, and I would not be afraid of it at all) and 3:55 sir better axle ratios you should be okay. JMHO based on experience. Thanks! Jeremiah Said it was 7000 loaded. And as you said, would be fine with a 5.0, and 3.73. That is what I have, and it does GREAT. Problem is. they are few and far between. Most 150s now come with high MPG gearing, and low GVWRs. I looked at every new F150 on my dealers lot last trip, and the highest GVWR I could find was a 7050lb. There was not one 3.73 on the lot. And the only 3.55 came with a EcoBoost. The rest were all 3.35, 3.15, and higher. They wanted to trade. I told them they didn't have a truck on the lot as good as mine. BYW. i was there for a oil change
Terryallan 05/08/20 08:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Friction Sway Enough

I'd hook up and see how much it drops. 36lb tongue weight and it will sway. Need at least 10% which is 240lb. Unless that is a typo. At 361lb you will be close to needing a WDH, as the weight Carrying max for a Expe is 500lbs. and by the time it is loaded. you will be closer than you think. Any thing else you use to level it, will NOT return lost weight to the front / steering axles. and that could cause sway as well. You may get a lighter WDH.
Terryallan 05/06/20 08:30am Towing
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