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RE: Best cell phone provider?

I carry 2 phones, my work phone is Verizon and personal is ATT. I have found that ATT has better service and more bars when service is limited. There are exceptions, but Verizon might work for a call, but not data in the same place that ATT works fine. I looked at T-Mobile, but I have friends with T-Mobile and when it works its great, but often does not work once you get off the beaten path. I think T-Mobile does have a faster 5G but where I live, there is no 5G and T-Mobile has about 1 bar. Verizon is OK, but ATT has the best service, even with only 2 bars, I can get data and phone on ATT. Verizon often won't load data unless I'm on my home WiFi.
Thermoguy 07/03/22 10:22am Technology Corner
RE: Fuel cost in your area

I live in the NW and traveled to CA on Business this week. I thought something was interesting, I noticed that regular gas was higher in price, we are paying mid $5 range and in CA it was in the low $6 for regular, but here Diesel is about $1 more than regular where in CA, Diesel seemed to be about the same price as premium. So, Diesel is similar in price in WA as it is in CA. I think we are paying $6.39 or $6.49 per gallon and I saw Diesel around $6.59 to $6.89 in CA... The real truth is that diesel should be cheaper than regular since it is easier to refine and starts as a biproduct. Not sure why we are paying more other than it helps to increase the cost of transportation and goods. Helping our economy.
Thermoguy 06/30/22 02:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel front tripod

I use mine if staying in the same place for more than a couple nights. I don't have a 6 point leveling system, just the landing gear and 2 cheap scissor jacks in the back. We still have movement, but it works, you can tell the difference. It came with the RV so why not use it.
Thermoguy 06/25/22 09:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: F150 Lightning Road Trip & Ike Gauntlet Pull

Well this certainly descended into a pissing match of total silliness lol. Thanks for the laughs. Right? It towed the trailer very well. Are there range issues. Yes Is anyone surprised by that. No Can you make it work if you change your driving habits. Probably Does it have impressive power and is unaffected by elevation. Yes No one is surprised by that either. It did a great job towing the IKE and didn't break down on the road trip. But it's not for everyone. No big surprise there. ICE vehicles will be around for a while yet for heavy work. I have to disagree with some of this. An EV can out tow a comparable ICE. More torque and more horse power for similar equipment. Semi trucks with EV can outperform a comparable ICE, so it's only time for your 3/4 ton or 1 ton to be EV and outperform your current truck. Will you have to change your driving habits? Maybe, today, yes, but tomorrow no. Most of my camp trips are within 100 to 150 miles. With a typical EV range, very doable today. Even more tomorrow with higher range trucks and better super charger capabilities. I took an Uber today, it was a tesla. He showed me he can "refill" about 200 miles of range at a super charger in 15 -20 minutes for $15. At his house, the recharge rate is 100 miles per hour at a cost of $3-$6 for a typical 300 mile range. Most people drive to work and back daily (if they work). Usually less than 100 miles. Your business might have a charger at work and it might be free to you. Any EV can accomplish this for the average. If on the weekends, you want to drive 500 miles, you might have to stop once or twice for 15 minutes. (assuming you live in an area with plenty of chargers - I'm on the west coast, they are everywhere) If you are using an F150 with trailer, maybe your range is reduced, but you can still charge in the time it takes most of us to get fuel, snack, wash the windows, etc. I think the Silverado will have a higher charging capacity, which means quicker charging over the F150. My point - It's coming. You don't have to own one if you don't want, but my guess is everyone on this forum - that likes technology will own one. Eventually our government will outlaw ICE, so then you have to own one. If you don't want that, make sure you know who your voting for in the future. But - EV is good, it still runs on fossil fuels, just stores power, it doesn't generate fuel... Finally, a point on batteries - soon batteries will be Sodium Ion - salt, not Lithium - better for the environment and more plentiful.
Thermoguy 06/20/22 06:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I have a Grey Tank I don't know what it is for

I assume you are saying you have a drain near the front, maybe with the black tank, then an extra drain near the back? mine, not a cougar, has 2 grey tanks, one for the shower and bath sink and one for the kitchen sink. Both levers, and the black, are in the same spot. But, I have seen trailers with drains in 2 places.
Thermoguy 06/13/22 12:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: What's the real scoop on propane tank re-certification?

Many places recertify - its an inspection with a date written or etched on the tank. It's cheap - $20 or less. Best to find a propane supplier or a feed store (my local feed store does it). I have had all of my tanks recertified, they are that old...
Thermoguy 06/13/22 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

https://i.imgur.com/41ddQ4Cl.jpg SEE NEXT PICTURE ALSO,,,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Why does that say for 12-35Ah Batteries only?
Thermoguy 06/12/22 01:51pm Tech Issues
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

Demand is down when campgrounds have availability on a weekend or holiday. Until then, the rest is just overstock. People buy because its the cool thing to do but then don't use it, or use it once a year for a while. Increased gas prices have people staying closer to home, not staying home. If people stop driving then the price would go down, supply and demand, people are driving for no reason, therefore the prices stay high.... At a recent RV dealer, lots of units on the lot - lots had sold signs on them. Could be they bought them last year and are just getting them? Not sure.
Thermoguy 06/12/22 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

How are you reading the voltages? Can you trust your meter? Some can be off a few tenths of a volt to more. Check that before you go too far.
Thermoguy 06/12/22 10:11am Tech Issues
RE: Hercules Vs Endurance Tires?

Your missing some critical information - trailer info - weight? Does he need a larger load rating? I have a Hercules tire as my spare... Goodyear on the ground. I went the LT route vs ST, which works within my trailers weights. The dealer that sold me the Hercules said they run them all the time on construction trailers and people like them. He would have told me the same for Trailer King or any ST tire they had available for me to buy. At the time, I just needed a tire to get me home until I could replace all 4.
Thermoguy 06/12/22 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: Beginning RVer: Is this Scenario Doable?

I've been told owning a boat is like a hole in a lake you throw money into - I think an RV is similar. It's always something that needs repaired or replaced. Just need to buy the right boat…or RV and be smart about it. I haven’t found any of our boats or RVs to be money pits. I guess you could add to that upgraded... The point is, buying a trailer is not cheaper than say renting an apartment. There is ongoing maintenance and upkeep which costs money. You might not have a lawn to mow, but there is always something, batteries, caulking, roof maintenance, etc.
Thermoguy 06/12/22 09:50am Beginning RVing
RE: Cedar Creek rear cap cracks

The best your going to get from any repair shop is 1 year, probably more like 90 days. What you might get is them to work with you to repair it again. They might treat you better if you want to work with them and approach it in a positive way. I don't think any repair shop on a trailer is going to warranty their work for 4 years.
Thermoguy 06/12/22 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Beginning RVer: Is this Scenario Doable?

I've been told owning a boat is like a hole in a lake you throw money into - I think an RV is similar. It's always something that needs repaired or replaced.
Thermoguy 06/11/22 03:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Seal around windows, doors, and lights

I was at a reputable dealer yesterday to get caulk (not camping world). They only had dicor and 100% silicone caulk. I asked them what to use, use dicor for the roof and silicone for windows and doors and everything else. I told him I had read to never use silicone, he disagreed and said they put silicone on all trailers they sell or service. This is a reputable dealer (in OR) that sells a NW brand many rave about. I was very surprised, but purchased the dicor based on this website. Glad I read through these treads. I'm replacing my downspouts and silicone is not the right product...
Thermoguy 06/11/22 02:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Unknown or erroneous title on single axle fifth wheel

Thanks everyone. When I have internet I will post a picture. https://i.imgur.com/wPr7q2Vl.jpg Finally a 1/2 ton towable 5th Wheel!! :)
Thermoguy 06/11/22 02:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replaced WFCO with PD

I have four 6v flooded old school golf cart batteries. I read up on the manual. What it actually says is there is a button you can push on the circuit board to "arrest" it(they don't recommend doing this) in what ever stage you like. Then after some event...like the end of the stage/cycle, it will default back to the algorithm........anyway, I don't see why I'd do that, but that's the way I read it. I read the Wizard manual a bit differently but the effect (end result) is the same. I do not recall seeing a LiFePO4 mode but they did enter into a deal with Battle Born to produce a converter for LiFePO4s and they may have added that mode to the wizard since (Would make sense to do so) No matter what model you have no matter if wizard is built in Like 4600 or 9200 or plugged in (9100 which I had) same wizard. Those with built in have an optional dongle. That's where the button is. You likely read it more accurately than me. I just saw that you can select a particular stage by pressing the button in a sequence and based on the flashes choose a stage and at some point it will automatically default back to the Charge Wizard being in control. And the Charge Wizard can be disabled by unplugging and removing the pigtail that connects the mother board to the fuse panel. Either way, I'll never mess with it unless it starts frying my batteries. I don't spend any time regularly plugged into shore power on a genny. So in reality this is all great stuff for someone else. I have had one PD with the plugin charge wizzard, and 4 with it built in. I have never seen a button on them so this is interesting. I just put in a whole PD load center into my camper last sumer and don't recal any button either.. weird.. just went on there site, if it has a built in charge wizzard there is no way to interact with it. it is all actavated automaticly by the voltage of the battery. Steve Seems to me that PD makes a lot of different stuff and they may not all have the same features. Here is what mine says and has about the mysterious button https://i.imgur.com/3SpkTOjl.jpg That's where the button is on mine - exactly like the picture.
Thermoguy 06/06/22 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Reliable camper

You are in the used trailer market - so everything you find will be reliable, the kinks worked out. It's then a matter of how the previous owner treated it. I have a 5th wheel, with bunkhouse. Bought it used about 6 years ago, so long before the COVID price increases. We have had to do a few things to it. The biggest thing I did wrong was not have it inspected before I bought it. I would do that for sure. Look for water leaks, and any appliances not working, make sure it is the floor plan you like and has never been damaged. Mine had a water leak, but we fixed it and it has not caused any more problems. Look for professional repairs, not DIY, some DIY looks professional and that's good. You have a good truck for a large enough trailer for your family, so that's a good start.
Thermoguy 06/06/22 01:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Favorite Places to Spend the Summer

Have no idea and have never researched your question - but what about Bend OR? Great place, nice in the summer and winter.
Thermoguy 06/05/22 10:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Rv Covers

Thanks for the info, I should be clear that I will using them not only during the winter but all year long. My current trailer has a roof leak, I only wanted something to help prolong the life of roof when a under covered spot. I have used a cover every winter since I purchased my trailer and the original owner used one also. The first summer owning my trailer I found a roof leak. Had it fixed, or so I thought, came home, covered it for the winter. Checked multiple times to insure it wasn't getting wet. All good, opened it up to go camping and on the first trip, had water in the same area as before. The cover kept the trailer from getting wet. Went back to the repair shop and after a day or so, they found an area under the fridge vent that was allowing water to get in. They fixed it and haven't had water inside since. But, I check the roof constantly. I also disagree with the comments about chafing, paint rub, etc. Make sure the cover is a good one and is tight, use the belly straps. I have a couple tears, but the cover is 6 years old now. The only real issue is the rain gutters. I just bough new ones because using the cover, I have destroyed the old ones. $10 for a new set of 4.
Thermoguy 06/05/22 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Replaced WFCO with PD

I have a PD4635 that I just installed a couple weeks ago. It does have a button on the board and I also got the pendent. I can't figure out how to install the pendent, but if I take the faceplate off the original WFCO unit, then you can access the switch. It's on the PCB that holds the fuses. There is also a way to use this converter with Li batteries.
Thermoguy 06/05/22 10:03am Tech Issues
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