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RE: 5er Noob Looking for a Hitch

The puck system requires your truck has the pucks installed - newer trucks. Did you post what year your truck is? The second one you posted is the same that I have. I also have a gooseneck trailer, so it requires a B&W turn over ball to also be installed. The advantage is you have 2 hitches if you need that. The other advantage is that when you take the 5th wheel hitch out, your bed is back to original, basically, no rails left in the bed. That's great if you haul lumber or dirt or whatever you might do with the bed of your truck. Finally, IMO, the B&W companion is a well made sturdy hitch, lots of US steel and heavy. The only complaint is that it takes 2 people to remove the base. But, you want something heavy attached to a 10K to 20K lb trailer...
Thermoguy 01/10/22 05:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water pump runs continually

Can you post pictures or something? Might be a bad seal, the filter is not screwed on tight enough, or something completely different. You will need pictures for people to understand what you are describing.
Thermoguy 01/09/22 12:24pm Tech Issues

Just spent 10 days with the in-laws (over the holidays) - 5 of us total. My wife was the first to come down with what seemed like a common cold. We could not isolate from each other so had to do what we could. We all thought it was a cold not COVID. We are all vaccinated and boosted. We were able to get some at home tests, my wife tested positive, I tested negative and my mother in law tested negative - on the first go around. A few days later, I started feeling sick, I tested again, 3 days after the first test, I was now positive, my wife still positive, my mother in law positive, my son and father in law negative. My son got tested Friday at School and we will know tomorrow, my wife and I will go in tomorrow for rapid tests, my mother in law tested after 6 days from positive, she is now negative. We don't have any at home tests so we are going to a test site. I still feel under the weather but my wife and mother in law are feeling fine. My son and father in law never had any illness.
Thermoguy 01/09/22 11:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Water pump runs continually

I am unfamiliar with your rig, but if you are connected to city water, turn your pump off. You only use your pump when you are not connected and using your fresh water tank. By hooking to city water, you bypass your pump and water tank.
Thermoguy 01/09/22 11:26am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Chevy Silverado Debut

It seems as though many people that read this forum think that EV's are not here to stay. They are - they are everywhere already. There are large vehicles that are electric, like buses. They are on the street now. They are more economical than ICE Vehicles, require less maintenance, need to be taken off route less for fuel, and can run longer routes. Look at Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc, they are all on the EV bandwagon. They run their vehicles into the ground with tons of maintenance, the EV promises less maintenance and better performance. This past week at CES in Vegas, John Deere and other heavy machinery companies introduced both EV and Autonomous vehicles. Yes, they are coming and will be here very soon - if not already. The issue with EV's is that the technology was introduced before the infrastructure was put into place. But, that is changing fast. Charging stations and infrastructure is being installed at a very fast rate everywhere, both the government and private companies are installing these now. Many gas stations will add EV charging stations over the next couple years. So, there will be places to drive through with a trailer. The cool thing about EV's is they can be retrofitted with a wireless charging pad, so the vehicle just stops on top of the charging station and the vehicle charges in place. That is how buses are doing it, delivery vehicles will use this method and before long so will every EV. In Sweden they already have an electric highway that can charge as you drive. In addition, companies are planning ways to buy your extra battery to power businesses. You charge at home but don't need all your battery, sell it back to the business while you are parked, and charge again at home. An EV owner can make money because in some areas electricity is cheaper at night vs during the day. These are not pipe dreams, they are here now and being expanded daily. That F150 or Silverado can not only take you somewhere enjoyable on the weekend but it can take you to work and back during the week. So, if your 60 or under, you will be driving a EV before your driving days are up. Might even be letting the EV drive for you. That EV can detect trailer sway faster than you can. It's being tested now, or has been for a few years.
Thermoguy 01/07/22 05:19pm Tow Vehicles

The latest information you will hear on the news - if you pay attention. J&J - 1 and done, need booster every 2 months. Pfizer - 2 shots, need booster every 5 months. Moderna - 2 shots, need booster every 6 months. I say every __ months, the media is still saying 1 booster, but as mentioned here, other countries are starting to mention a 4th shot - I think it will continue. My story - both wife and I had the 2 Moderna shots, booster shot early December. Went on vacation for Christmas and New Years. Flew to Vegas, walked around the first morning - everyone including us masked up. Then drove to Southern UT, no one wears masks. My wife went to a couple stores on the second day, I went to a store, but masked up, continued to mask up if around other people. My wife, hit or miss on masking. On our 6th day of the trip, she comes down with a bad cold, trouble breathing, headache, fever. No issues with smell or taste. We think it is just a cold. Continue to mask up but added N19 filters to our cloth masks. On the 9th day of our trip we are able to get over the counter home tests. We both test, she is positive, I am not. We had to get home, so we had to fly, this was 7 days after her initial cold symptoms etc, we get home, the next day we all test, she is still positive, now I am positive, our son, negative. My point, we are all vaccinated and her and I boosted, we still got it. However, the symptoms are not bad and other than feeling like we have a cold, we don't feel like this is the end of the world - I guess that is due to the vaccination, so it works. However, masks, not sure if they work. I was very diligent in wearing a mask if in public around other people. Other than the first day in UT, my wife wore her mask religiously also.
Thermoguy 01/05/22 01:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: New tires for 5'r

I have Goodyear LT E rated tires on 2 trailers and have been very happy with the performance, wear, etc on both. Will be replacing the tires on one trailer this year due to age. I will resell them on craigslist since they are a great LT tire and someone with an old truck can get a great tire for low money - recoup some of the cost of new tires. To the OP - tires can look totally fine but after about 6 years you are taking chances. Best to replace.
Thermoguy 01/04/22 01:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Searching for the new motorhome

What is your budget? That might help people get you going in the right direction. You can get a starter Renegade Super C for around $200. A little more and you can be the envy of all your friends...:)
Thermoguy 12/22/21 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: back to gas v diesel

This thread is going so many different places... Glad that Ford came out with a 7.3 gas - I had a 8.1 GM and thought it was great. I think what I liked most about it was the Alison transmission. As a pair, it was like driving a diesel, without the power or fuel economy. At the time, I had never had a diesel so I thought it had great power and was a great engine combination. However in 2015 I upgraded my truck to a Duramax. What a difference. Of course, it is a newer and a nicer truck, but as far as towing capabilities, up and down hills, etc, no comparison. In addition, fuel savings, less cost for maintenance, and less cost for fuel. Someone said Diesel is more expensive, in the past 6 years, I have seen that diesel is mostly the same or less, seldom more. Fuel economy with a diesel can't even compare to the 8.1 gas, 8 MPG was a good day. My maintenance is less since the dealer offers oil changes for life, so I have only had to do a few fuel filters, and some basic maintenance. The other truck was not too expensive, but sold it because the AC went out and I didn't want to deal with that. I have 2 trailers, 1 at about 8,000 lbs and 1 at 12,000 lbs. For the 8.1 GM we only had the smaller trailer. It towed perfect, but with the heavier trailer, I'm not sure I would have felt the same way. I guess my point, is you can't compare a tow rig with a small trailer at 8000 lbs and say it will tow a 12000 lb trailer the same way...
Thermoguy 12/21/21 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel hitch security

People will take anything... Friend had the tailgate of their Ram stolen while at a hotel in OKC. So, you never know. I don't have mine locked in any way, but you need the right tools to steel it. I do have a locking bed cover which I close when not towing.
Thermoguy 12/11/21 06:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: flex and seal plumbing repair

I have a leak on my grey water outlet pipe. It rubs on a bolt near the wheel axels - poor design, surprising I know. Anyway, I had some flex tape from a pool leak that I tried flex tape. Flex tape did not fix either leak. All over youtube people fix leaks with flex tape. I found it doesn't work.
Thermoguy 12/11/21 09:28am Travel Trailers
RE: New GMC 2500 Wont Engage Trailer Brakes

If it works with the manual slide, then the brakes work and the controller. The issue seems to be the foot actuation dealing with applying the brakes on your truck. I wonder if that is controlled by a computer or by some actual physical connection. They might have to replace one of those items.
Thermoguy 12/11/21 09:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: which gooseneck ball?

I use a flip over ball and a Curt attachment (steel) that attaches to the ball with rails and allows you to mount the 24K fifth wheel hitch on top of that (which for me is the Curt 24K hitch). The set up is a bit heavy to install in but I really like it. It may be made in China, I never looked, its HD and works well so that is enough for me. The Andersen hitches are from here in Idaho Falls, quite an operation. I personally have never bought anything from them. I just don't trust aluminum for things like that, not the fifth wheel hitches or the adjustable bumper pull hitches. It is a personal decision for me, not saying they are not any good, I just don't have faith in trusting Al for hitch material. I guess you are also afraid of flying? Every modern airliner is made of aluminum. Airplanes are made of aluminum?... Have you ever seen an airplane after an impact? It's not good, the aluminum doesn't stand up to much of an impact. Try it out - go jump up and down on the hood of your truck. How well is that aluminum holding up? How about a travel trailer with metal studs, how do they do after an accident? Any better than wood? Just saying, your argument didn't help you. I think the problem with the AH is the lack of material, not what material. You are depending on a tripod to hold the weight of the trailer, that is great if the pressure is always straight down, but it isn't, its forward and back, now that tripod is being pushed and pulled from the side not the top. It obviously works or they would all fail, but when they do fail, it isn't good. Just not enough to think that light weight hitch you can easily put in and out of your bed is worth it. I would rather struggle with my heavy hitch over worry every time I drove down the road with a trailer attached. Good luck to everyone that has one, I hope you never experience a failure.
Thermoguy 12/10/21 01:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: efficient basement storage for Bliss style chairs?

hmmm... I am able to stack 3 in my storage, then I have a fold up table that goes on top of them. They can move around a little, but haven't noticed any scratches. I think they fit perfect in my rear storage under my bunkhouse bedroom.
Thermoguy 12/06/21 05:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can't imagine a world without internal combustion engines

Electric, at its current state, simply won't work for us. Little EV cars might make great grocery getters/errand runners; but anything that needs to run for an extended time, needs an engine. Tell a farmer or cross-country truck driver they can't have an internal combustion engine.....LOL! And where I live in Michigan - the infrastructure won't support charging a bunch of EVs - my lights flicker when my neighbor turns on his table saw....LOL! Heard a story about EV buses the other day. A rural bus service is using all EV buses. They have less buses on the road due to the ability to charge while they wait for passengers vs having to be taken off their route to fuel up. A short stop can replenish part of the battery, so multiple short stops can keep an EV going longer than a single long stop for fuel. So, for truck, farming, etc, an EV will actually be more efficient than an ICE. Also, due to their overall size, they can have more battery storage than a small car. The most obvious market for EV and Autonomous is long haul truckers. This is the first place that will be replaced by new technology. It's already being tested and will be here before you know it.
Thermoguy 12/05/21 09:49am Around the Campfire
RE: KOA Installing EV Chargers

Since CA is already having brown outs and rolling blackouts because their grid cannot support current use what happens when everyone plugs in their EV at night? LIGHTS OUT! There is a misconception here - brown outs happen during the day when the load on the utility is at it's highest due to AC, people working, etc. At night, the load on the utility is light, so charging your EV is less demand on the overall load. In addition, there is things in the works to allow EV owners to sell power back to the utility, or company during the day, so charge at night, store the power in your EV, then sell it back to the utility during the day when rates are higher and demand is higher. The missing link is the meter on your EV to see how much power you are selling back to your company, the utility, or whoever. Most EV users don't use but a small percentage of their battery to get to and from work, so its an interesting idea.
Thermoguy 12/05/21 09:31am General RVing Issues
RE: which gooseneck ball?

Before you buy the Anderson, look at reviews on Amazon. I really wanted one until my wife looked up the reviews and said she wouldn't ride in the truck with me if I had that hitch... You mean the one with 674 reviews and an average of 4.8 stars? Or the one with 182 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars? Or the one with 49 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars? When things come that highly rated your one-star reviews are generally from people who had unrealistic expectations, misused/abused the product, or got the odd bad one. Did you look at the pictures of the bent and broken hitches or just the stars and number of reviews? It only takes one brake and your trailer is in your back seat. I wanted to like the hitch, it's very light and I am constantly switching from a gooseneck to 5th wheel trailer. Just not reliable enough for me to be comfortable to use one. There are other reasons, like no adjustments which I found to be very necessary to get my trailer to not chuck and bounce. The Anderson doesn't have the same amount of adjustments. But back to reliability. Look how light it is built. You are relying on angles and force, if the force changes or the bars are damaged in any way, what's to say it won't give. Are you willing to take that chance? My family is too important for me to take that chance. Also, look at YouTube, lots of video's of failed Anderson Hitches. All for the same reasons, the ball brakes off, the supports bent, etc. Non are minor issues, all major. Just too unreliable for me - and they cost as much as a more reliable 5th wheel hitch.
Thermoguy 12/02/21 06:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6 year old tires

Yeah - I tried to get 1 more season out of my trailer tires last year. That's a hard lesson to learn. I have a second trailer that will be getting new tires this spring - not going to try that 1 more year thing again... I will try to sell the old tires for about $25-$50 each just to offset the new tires. Its a good deal for someone with an older pickup that can't afford new tires. I run LT tires so they work on a truck, not OK for ST tires.
Thermoguy 12/02/21 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Mildew pre treatment

When I winterize I remove the batteries and unplug the trailer from power. I do cover with an RV cover and I feel this is a great way to save the outside of the trailer and roof. I close the trailer completely leaving no open windows or vents. I use 2 dry-z-air refillable packs, one in the kitchen sink and one in the bathroom sink. I check the trailer a couple times through the winter, empty the water in the sink, and refill the crystals. I have yet to see any mildew or anything in my trailer - I live outside of Seattle - very damp area in the winter. Moss grows on the north side of your trailer if you leave it uncovered...
Thermoguy 12/02/21 08:13am Beginning RVing
RE: which gooseneck ball?

I have a B&W Turnover ball. Haven't had any issues. Most of the people I know with gooseneck trailers have the turnover ball. Before you buy the Anderson, look at reviews on Amazon. I really wanted one until my wife looked up the reviews and said she wouldn't ride in the truck with me if I had that hitch...
Thermoguy 11/30/21 06:25pm Tow Vehicles
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