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RE: Looking for mid bunkroom 5th wheel

I have seen other mid bunk designs but they all seem too large for a 2500. Jayco and others have that mid bunk design but add a loft and length over the one you are looking at. I have also seen a new Sierra design with a rear queen and loft in the bunk area. But, if I recall, too heavy for a 2500. I'm not in the market to upgrade, but whenever I look, the first thing I realize is I need a new truck...
Thermoguy 12/31/20 08:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 new truck sales

Don't forget, Ford and Chevy sell a lot of fleet work trucks. They include those numbers. It would be interesting to see sales to private parties only. I wonder how the numbers would change.
Thermoguy 12/30/20 01:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Roadside assistance

I have AAA Plus RV - towed my 5th wheel this summer after the shackles broke. Had to tie up the rear axel to tow. It took him a while to get to me, but we were far from any services, actually very lucky to have cell coverage 1 mile either way and would not have had service. The guy was great, even called a shop to see if they could take us. In the end, towed us to Les Schwab who did the service for under $200. The tow was no charge. They would have towed us from Wallace ID to Spokane WA is that is where we needed to go, fortunately we only needed to go to Kellogg. Would not have wanted to go further set up that way.
Thermoguy 12/30/20 01:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Deformation

yep - belt delamination. Had to replace my trailer tires this year with the same look. Also had a Michelin tire on a car do that. I thought I had a brake rotor or something out of round, but it was the tire. Older tires will do that regardless of mileage.
Thermoguy 12/23/20 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: Receiver Bike Racks

I believe what makes a rack RV rated is that it does not have a hinge at the back. So, an SUV rack, has a hinge to move out of the way when you open the tailgate. This hinge is a week point. When your RV bounces, more than a typical car or truck, that puts extra stress on the rack, especially with heavy bikes. The Yakima rack has a solid hinge (or lack there of) so it can not brake at that point. I've seen many types driving down the road, but so far my experience is good with the Yakima rack on the back of a 5th wheel.
Thermoguy 12/18/20 03:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: My very own 'broken bumper' story...why didn't I listen?

I think the only safe - or semi safe way to have bikes on the back of a trailer is with a frame mounted hitch. However, the bike rack also has to be a solid (non articulating) kind of bike rack. I think the bike racks designed for the back of an SUV with a hinge will break after bouncing on the back of any trailer. I have a Yakima rack that is designed for trailers and have a very solid reinforced elbow to prevent that hinge from being the week spot.
Thermoguy 12/02/20 08:46am Travel Trailers
RE: I take back all the good stuff I've said about Les Schwabs!

$2500 per employee is not bad, but $3.9 Mil for the attorney, he did good:)
Thermoguy 11/19/20 06:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch Stablilzers

My bike rack has its own hitch stabilizer as part of the attachment assembly. Are you sure your bike rack doesn't do this?
Thermoguy 11/19/20 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

Your situation is similar to ours. I had to convince my wife to give up the Yukon as a daily driver and go the the 2500 HD. It didn't take long for her to love driving the truck. You can do much more with a truck. We put a roll up tonneau cover so she could still put stuff in the bed and not get wet or fly out. As others have said, for a daily driver there really is no difference between a 2500 and 3500, but you would see a difference between a 6' bed and 8' bed. I wish I had the 8' bed as you can haul more and it is better for heavier loads. On the bunk house part, we have a bunk house. There are lots of options these days. I just saw a new design that has the rear bunk with a queen bed on the bottom and a loft. Looked like a great design, even a rear 1/2 bath. Would sure help with teenagers. I have a friend that went with a front living room because the couches opened up to a bigger bed than the typical bunk house and their son is very tall, couldn't fit in a kid bed. That is one reason we have looked at Toy Haulers. We don't really have toys but the rear area could be a great bed room for a couple rowdy boys. However, TH's are very heavy up front especially without toys. You would need a DRW for that. At least for one with a rear garage that is closed off. Good Luck, looks like you have a lot of advice on this forum.
Thermoguy 11/19/20 05:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

We have a 32' fifth wheel. Pulls just fine with our Chev 2500 HD Diesel. No weight issues. The only issue we have is we have looked at some larger trailers, toy haulers, etc. Can't safely pull them with our current truck. Would need a 1 ton. My only regret is not having a 1 ton long bed for hauling. We mostly use the truck to haul, so if I could buy all over again right now, it would be a 1 ton.
Thermoguy 11/19/20 08:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator use during travel

Why do you need to have power when moving? Trying to keep the pipes from freezing? Wouldn't it be smarter to run empty and drain your low point drains before driving in such low temps. Maybe add antifreeze to areas where you might not be able to get all the water out? I assume this is the only reason you want to have power. Just winterize or do as much as you can. I think if you filled your fresh water, assuming you need water, a full tank wouldn't freeze even with 8 hours of driving. When you get where your going, plug in or run the gen.
Thermoguy 11/15/20 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Streaming Amazon videos?

Just a little follow up on your recap. You don't need a Firestick or other device if your smart TV has the Amazon prime app on it. Just look at the smart TV features. You also don't need a plug in device if watching using HDMI cable to computer, tablet or phone. Just change the TV input to the input you are plugged into. If you can download on a computer or tablet or phone movies when you have good WiFi, then you can watch them even without WiFi. You do need a way to connect the device to your TV - HDMI cord is the way to go. A tablet or phone needs an adapter, a PC should have an HDMI port or needs an adapter. I download a few movies to my tablet even if boondocking, just lay in bed late at night and watch from the screen, assuming nothing else to do.
Thermoguy 11/11/20 02:18pm Technology Corner

I have a wireless dongle that allows you to project from a computer. The problem is that it doesn't work very well and constantly drops the connection. I tried to watch a movie, but that didn't work at all. I think it is bluetooth. But, just can't beat a cable.
Thermoguy 11/10/20 05:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I take back all the good stuff I've said about Les Schwabs!

I didn't read all 10 pages to this but I did read some. I am confused about the complaint. Les Schwab has always done calipers with brakes. I went there years ago to get an estimate, wondered why they did calipers. Actually most places do not turn rotors anymore, they replace them. That's really not on Les Schwab, but just the way it is. I had brake quotes from the dealer and an independent, both pretty close in price, did it myself with new rotors for under $400. As for oil changes. I didn't know they did oil changes, sounds like they don't or most of their sites don't. So, why are we complaining about oil changes? Tires at Les Schwab - not necessarily name brand. Instead Les Schwab labeled china tires. They do sell some non Les Schwab tires. Go price Sailun trailer tires if you want to have some fun, then check WalMart for the same tire. If you want brand name tires, GoodYear, Michelin, you don't go to Les Schwab. To the OP, if you want your brakes checked, or have a tire type issue, Les Schwab is great. But don't complain about services they don't offer. We had a brake down this summer in Wallace ID. The shackles on our trailer broke. We had to be towed to Les Schwab. Stayed overnight in their parking lot - not recommended... - But, they fixed the shackles for a very fair price and got us on the road. I had them quote a couple different sets of Chinese trailer tires, I didn't buy from them as I knew I could get better tires and less expensive tires elsewhere.
Thermoguy 11/10/20 01:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Western Washington to Nashville

I was thinking the same thing. By April we have to remove snow tires in WA, so that is a pretty good indication that the passes are all clear with the exception of a freak winter storm. But, since the main highways are all heavily traveled, I wouldn't go way out of the way, with maybe a backup plan if the weather is unusual. For the passes on the west, that means taking I-84 through Portland, when you get over to the Rockies, I'm not as familiar, but I would plan the most direct route and be less worried about the weather on main highways. Now, if you want to go to Yellowstone, or Glacier, then that is different, but I90, I84, ect are heavy truck routes.
Thermoguy 11/02/20 01:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: Battery questions for boondocking

What if you already had solar instead of a generator? Why is solar always extra but the generator is a given initial sunk cost? I purchased my generator to run my A/C... I don't think solar can do that. So, even if you have solar you have to get a generator to run the A/C. I would rather have solar if the 2 were the same cost, but not even close and you still need the generator.
Thermoguy 11/01/20 10:03am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Security Cameras.. just asking

I have 2 security cameras pointed at nearly the same area. One points from the far side of my porch across my front door area, the other from the other side of the porch at the driveway. They both look at the driveway, just one from farther away. They do not interfere as far as the IR illumination. It is really just a low light intensifier. The only thing that interferes with the motion detection is the cob webs as mentioned by Rover_Bill. I also have 2 true Infrared cameras with 3 more to mount. These are way better than the ones with IR lights as the can not be seen at night. The red lights light up and an intruder can see you have them and where they are. The other ones have no lights, can see much further and see everything from a person to a mouse. Although more expensive...
Thermoguy 10/31/20 10:28am Technology Corner
RE: Towing Safety Tech

I have a Ford Explorer with Adaptive cruise and all the other safety features. It is the best feature of all. Doesn't require thinking at all. I think it would be great in a tow vehicle. It's simple, if you are driving faster than the vehicle in front of you, it gradually slows down to the same speed. You can set the following distance, so with a trailer, you would set it far back. If someone cuts between you and the person you are following, it will slow to get that following distance in check. If someone slows or hits the brakes, it will do the same. Usually faster than I can think about it. When I drive my truck and trailer, I don't have this feature. I have to think about it, shut off cruise, etc. I think it is a great feature and should be in all new vehicles. I haven't looked at the latest HD trucks. Do any offer Adaptive Cruise? I looked at 1/2 tons and Ford was the only one offering it. The GM guy told me that GM didn't think Adaptive cruise was safe when towing, which I disagree. But I'm sure that is just because they didn't have it. I'm, not sure about the 2021 trucks coming out. If given a choice, I would pay extra for it in any vehicle.
Thermoguy 10/31/20 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: A CDN 4x4 rig builder

A coworker had a box added to a 4x4 Mitsubishi truck frame he bought. Looks like a military vehicle, but should be able to go anywhere. He is building out the inside himself.
Thermoguy 10/31/20 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Can this weight be right?!?!

So I loaded up some old junk and took a ride to the town dump yesterday. You pay by the ton so they weigh you going in and coming out. What they are showing as tare is just me and 1/2 tank of diesel....is the truck in my signature truck really that heavy? https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/y134/Burbman/20201029_115208.jpg width=640 Seems right - went to the dump this weekend, me, wife, and young son, weight was at 8360 - Silverado 2500 CC short bed, full tank of gas.
Thermoguy 10/29/20 01:22pm Tow Vehicles
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