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RE: Required signing waiver of responsibilty

^^^ That's a good point. I can see restaurants having you sign a wavier, eat hear at your own risk...
Thermoguy 07/03/20 10:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

Yellowstone was the first trip we made with our 5th wheel. Of course from WA it is much closer. Did it with 2 7 year old's and the hardest part was all the driving. Yellowstone is not a walking park, it is a driving park. So, one thing for sure, if your kids are not OK crammed in the back seat together, they will be even less OK after days and days of sitting in the back seat. But, some points. We actually booked our camp spots inside the park about 4 months before the trip, even before we bought the RV. Yellowstone books up as soon as the sites open to book, so book now if you can. We ended up going over the 4th of July because it was the only days we could get a spot. Imagine taking 7 year old boys to Yellowstone on the 4th - that was their year without fireworks... I guess they will always remember the trip... We ended up buying a used 5th wheel, bunk house. That was the best, the kids can be in the bunk area playing, watching TV, whatever and the wife and I can enjoy time on the couch, etc. 2 bedrooms is the best with kids. I watched all kinds of people with motor homes try to navigate Yellowstone, set up camp in the evening, sleep, wake up, tear down camp and go travel the day to whatever, then come back and do it all over again. I know you said, rent a car when you get there, but to the best of my knowledge there is not a place in the park to rent. So, you have to go to Cody, Bozemen, somewhere to get a car. Have you booked it already? Something you probably need to book a year in advance, or 9 months or something. Since you have the truck, the trailer makes more sense to me. Unless you plan to rent or buy a large class A, I think you will find the class C very small with 3 kids. If they were 5 years younger or something, probably not as bad. As a kid we did Yellowstone and stayed in the cabins. It was great, although I hear that the cabins are very old now and not in great shape. But might be easier given the trip you want to take. I think you said the rental is expensive for 3 weeks. You might be able to buy a great used 5th wheel for a little more money then have it for a few years. You have the truck, so a toy hauler or large bunk house could be very reasonable given your looking at something about 10 years old. You might be surprised, the one we found looks new for the most part and was supper clean. Most people only use their RV's a few weekends a year, maybe 5? So, if they were clean people that took care of their stuff, then it should be in great shape. Don't buy one that someone lived in or full timed in and it should be hardly worn. Good Luck
Thermoguy 07/03/20 10:02am Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone pull with a 2020 GMC 2500 standard box?

Since you posted in the Toy Hauler section, if your getting a new truck, why not a 3500? If I could replace my 2500 right now, it would be a 3500. I've looked at lots of trailers that are just too heavy for a 2500. Toy Haulers tend to be out of spec for a 2500. As for your slider question, I don't have a slider for my 5th wheel hitch. Have to be careful when backing, but doesn't effect me when driving forward.
Thermoguy 07/02/20 06:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: Required signing waiver of responsibilty

I don't think signing a wavier is new. Often, depending on the park, you sign something when you check in. Probably includes the waiver for the park owners. But, with CV19 many companies are trying to do things online before you check in. Less paperwork when you arrive, less time at the counter. My guess is that this is a standard form but just sent early to you as opposed to waiting for you to arrive...
Thermoguy 07/02/20 06:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Conversation with Goodyear about Marathon tires

Our recent to us 5er has 1 Endurance and 3 Marathons mounted. I am well aware of the issues with Marathons and they will be replaced shortly. 2 of them are early 2016 and the other is late 2015 manufacture. I don't know if they were intended to be an "upgrade" at some point. The unit is a 2014 so not original. It's a FR product, I can't imagine that they used them as OEM but maybe. I went out yesterday to get the DOTs and went on GY's website to see about any possible assistance. Their own website stated that the DOT numbers were not recognized as Goodyear products. I thought that was funny, so I called. No luck on the assistance, imagine that. I never stated that I had bought them nor was it asked. Another weird thing was that in several places max pressure is listed as 65 psi when the tires themselves clearly state 80 psi. I wonder how many blowouts that caused when someone let it get any lower than that. You didn't say if there is anything wrong with your tires? Marathon have a mixed bag of results, many with no issues and some with issues. I have Marathon on my 5er, came with them. Probably should get them replaced, just looked and the DOT is 1513. That's about 7 years old... But they look really good, no cracking, no issues on the sidewall. Had a set of Uniroyal that were 11 years old on another trailer and finally replaced them as they were really cracking. But, those were LT tires.
Thermoguy 07/01/20 01:57pm Towing
RE: Roadside Assistance Companies

I have AAA RV Plus - not sure about other plans but got the RV plus because it will tow you farther and tow your trailer, not just the truck. Also not sure about insurance tow plans, but would be surprised if they tow the trailer. Have not had to use the tow plan - knock on wood...
Thermoguy 07/01/20 01:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: I need new Tires

good year endurance have worked good for me. So far good reviews on the Endurance, we have LT's on our 2005 Copper Canyon, what it came with from the factory. 235/85-16E at 3,042# ea. 12,168# on a GVWR of 12,300#, axle weight is right at 10,000# so tires have capacity. You would likely need to upgrade to 16" rims to go LT's I've been contemplating tires as well. Tires on trailer are ST 235 80R 16. Looked at Goodyear Endurance - ST 235 80R 16 - $161 Each. Looked at Goodyear Wrangler HT - LT 235 85R 16 - $150 each. Both are E rated tires. Any recommendations as to which is better? Also consider Maxxis and Taskmasker just due to much lower cost. Taskmaster Providers are $115 each. I'm guessing most would call those China Bombs?
Thermoguy 07/01/20 01:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Yellowstone NP to Glacier NP

East Glacier or West Glacier? I think the most direct route is the easiest. Are you looking for something special or just a route?
Thermoguy 06/28/20 10:56am Roads and Routes
RE: First tow with new 2019 Ram 3500 and ...disappointed.

Well a funny update, maybe nothing, maybe something. The service dept at the dealer installed the hitch facing wrong direction. This maybe part of the issue, maybe it's just how this setup 'feels', but for sure it was not in correctly. Which means the trailer was probably 4-6" forward where it should have been further back. Probably explains why I also with an 8' bed couldn't actually get close to a 90d turn before seeing rear bumper almost touching trailer. Kind of goes to my point about hitch position. Hopefully positioning the hitch is the key to your issues. As others have said, putting gear in correctly and balancing your weights can be another issue. Many have posted positive reviews about the Anderson hitch. So, try out the other things before trying a new hitch. There is no reason that the hitch you have and your truck you should have issues. A 5th wheel does pull different from a bumper pull, but typically better with less bounce.
Thermoguy 06/28/20 10:36am Towing
RE: Installed new kitchen faucet.. success

We had replaced our home kitchen faucet a number of years ago. The old faucet was a nice, chrome, pull out handle, faucet so I didn't want to throw it away. Last winter when the trailer was winterized I checked and everything seemed to line up and wouldn't look to big in the trailer, so I removed the old and put in the newer... Just made sure when I de-winterized in the spring I checked for leaks and such. Was a super easy job, lots of access and space underneath. I guess it depends on the trailer, etc. But easiest plumbing job I have ever done.
Thermoguy 06/28/20 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: 2008 Itasca catalytic converter & pipe stolen

Catalytic Converters are stolen due to the Platinum content. I used to work for a precious metal recycler and we would not accept catalytic converters just to try to prevent people from stealing them. But, lots of scrap yards will pay for them just like stolen copper wire and such. Too bad.
Thermoguy 06/28/20 10:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with Yellowstone and Tetons

We did Yellowstone a few years ago with 2 7 year old boys. A couple things we found out. First, if you can camp in the park, you will be much happier. The morning rush to get in the park at the entrance would be a pain every day. Everything is far apart. So, lots of windshield time. With 2 7 year olds, I found that for them, one steaming pool of mud or water looked like the other, so they got board quick. What I should have done was got each of them their own camera and had them do a photo contest or something. Some reason to go from one spot to the next and to get out of the car when we stopped. The animals were great, but the other stuff was not high on their list. My son's friend just wanted to go back to camp and ride his bike. It is good that you have a toad as packing up the RV every day would not have been fun for our group, but I saw people doing it. Parking can be an issue at every stop. Good Luck and have fun.
Thermoguy 06/27/20 10:14am Roads and Routes
RE: First tow with new 2019 Ram 3500 and ...disappointed.

I have wanted to try the Anderson hitch but what you said is the reason I have stayed away from it. I have a different set up, a 3/4 ton Chev with a 32' 5th wheel that weighs in about 11K. We bought the B&W Companion, but no one helped me position it, I had to do it by trial and error. One of the questions about the Anderson Hitch, does it have any adjustments? The B&W has a lot of adjustment options. My first attempt was to place it as far forward and try to set the trailer level. I found out that that caused all kinds of chucking and such. On our first trip with the 5th wheel we drove to Yellowstone, so every night I would move the hitch back, up, down, etc, until it felt the best. I also have a gooseneck horse trailer that pulls like a dream so I was really disappointed with the fifth wheel at first. I have gotten used to the difference in how it feels, but it took a while to get it good. I also found that if I have a full tank of water it rides better, that actually puts weight in the back, which would lighten up my pin some. So, if you don't have the ability to go by a new air ride hitch, and if the Anderson has some adjustment, I would start there. As others have said, load it up with your typical gear first, check for level, and then start adjusting things. With a 1 ton long bed you should be able to get better results than I can with a 3/4 ton short bed. Good Luck and Happy Camping.
Thermoguy 06/27/20 09:55am Towing
RE: Waterproofing the 1/8" thick exposed plywood

Whether it needed to be done or not, it was an hour job. Being retired, I have a lot of free time. Good job. I guess if I had a new trailer and had ever even noticed this, I would have found a way to protect it just for piece of mind.
Thermoguy 06/26/20 03:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Waterproofing the 1/8" thick exposed plywood

I had to remove my propane tank on my 2006 5th Wheel yesterday. Same idea, open to the outside air underneath. I see the exact same setup that you have in your picture. However, after 14 years, it looks exactly the same, no rot, no degradation to the material. Not sure, but it sounds like you are fixing a problem that doesn't exist.Depends on how often one tows in nasty weather. I'd wager most here are fair weather campers. I am not. Just about always I am going somewhere on a specific date for a reason. And we just take whatever mother nature thows at us in stride... In fact when I am hunting I love nasty weather. It sends most everyone else home. Hunting is great with less people in the woods. I will look my new Momentum 398 over closely when it arrives. I live in WA.... Just saying, can't get away from wet weather at some point. And, mine is 14 years old...
Thermoguy 06/26/20 03:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with a Ford Explorer

I have a 2016 Limited Explorer with the same engine, but with the tow package. I think the AWD is a limitation as well as the transmission. I have only pulled a couple small trailers, the largest a 8' uhaul, so no real experience. But, I can say that I have had issues with the transmission trying to find the right gear with no trailer. I could not imagine pulling 3-5K with that transmission. I would look at pop up trailers. But stay within the vehicles limits.
Thermoguy 06/26/20 02:54pm Towing
RE: Waterproofing the 1/8" thick exposed plywood

I had to remove my propane tank on my 2006 5th Wheel yesterday. Same idea, open to the outside air underneath. I see the exact same setup that you have in your picture. However, after 14 years, it looks exactly the same, no rot, no degradation to the material. Not sure, but it sounds like you are fixing a problem that doesn't exist.
Thermoguy 06/26/20 12:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rotten floor

I have a horse trailer, similar but different from RV. But, have been having an issue now for 2 winters with wet floor inside the door. I have been checking seals and rivet joints on the roof, looking at the door seal and underneath. Horse trailers are built different with an aluminum roof and floor, but the carpet was wet and causing other issues. Anyway, I was waxing the trailer this past week and while up on a ladder I could look over the top of the window on the door. The seal was perfect all the way around, but had decayed right over the center of the window on the top. I am certain that was the cause of my leak. I would suggest checking everything, but look closely at the seal around the window on the door or any other windows that water could run to that spot.
Thermoguy 06/22/20 01:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Covers. Who uses them? Who doesn't?

Many different opinions on covers. I have been using one since I bought my trailer a few years ago. The person before me also covered it. I will continue to use it because I believe it makes a huge difference on the exterior of the trailer. I only use it in the winter, wash, wax, winterize and cover. Then check for rodents every few months and change out my dehydrator material. A few weeks or so before I want to use it in the spring, I wait for a dry day, take the cover off and store until next year. The trailer looks new and ready to go when the cover comes off. I do remove my batteries for the winter and rotate them on a battery tender in my garage all winter. One thing about covers, they have to be the right size and secured very snug due to wind and weather. If you let it flap, it will tear. I have a 5th wheel so the cover is large, but well worth it in my opinion. Same cover now for 4 years.
Thermoguy 06/22/20 01:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: trip to Idaho

What part of Idaho do you plan to visit? Boise area, Pocatello area, or Coeur d Alene area? All different options. If you are going from Oregon into a taste of ID, you are hitting the Boise area, probably not as much fun as other areas unless you are willing to drive north towards Stanley or RedFish Lake. Boondocking or looking for a camp ground with power and water?
Thermoguy 06/20/20 10:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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