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RE: Uneven Bearing Temp

Understanding temperature is so important for so many things in industry. Measuring bearing temps is huge in a factory. Load balance is one issue the can sway the temperatures of bearings doing the same job. As almost everyone has said, this could easily be caused by the trailer traveling not level. You are putting more stress on the rear wheel bearings over the front wheel bearings. The only unknown item, what temp can the bearings handle. It might be well within their tolerance and not an issue, or it could be outside of their tolerance and you are prematurely causing a failure. Sorry, I don't have any knowledge of what temps trailer bearings can run at. But a simple solution seems to be to find a way to get the trailer to ride level. We did an experiment looking at semi truck and trailer brakes and bearing temps. What we found is that all manufacturers have a different tolerance to temp and we could not use a standard to determine if they might fail. The only temp we could use was the lack of temp - a failed brake or bearing has no temp (or just ambient temp) so that was failed. We were working with the LEO's so they pulled over trucks with failed brakes and made them fix them before returning to the road.
Thermoguy 04/15/21 10:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lights on a bicycle carrier

Good discussion - I was following a trailer last year in MT (near Glacier). They had 2 bikes on the back. I could see one tail light but not the other. I could see where this would get into trouble especially if changing lanes on the freeway. An approaching car could not see your intent and would not have time to react to your lane change. This idea of accessory lights is a great idea.
Thermoguy 04/14/21 08:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Multimeter Question

Have you tried to just pull the shoreline cord out a tiny bit and touch those lugs? That wouldn't work and would be dangerous if it did... You might be able to buy longer probes or similar - they are typically universal. There are other plug in meters but not sure if for 50Amp plug. The best bet is as everyone has suggested, get a surge protector.
Thermoguy 04/12/21 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: Battery price question...

I was also surprised at all the negative reviews for Interstate at Costco. I went with the Duracell Ultra batteries from Batteries Plus. At 230AH I felt it was worth the extra money and they had much better reviews. I haven't really put them to the test, when camping last summer we had to use the gen to keep the AC running during the day, but had plenty of power at night even with minimal heat running in the early morning. They will get more use this summer as we will go on a couple boondock trips.
Thermoguy 04/11/21 10:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Standard hitch vs. gooseneck hitch

I've also been following this and many threads on similar adapters. Since I have 2 trailers, a gooseneck and a 5th wheel, it would be nice to not have to remove the B&W Companion when switching to my gooseneck. However, reading reviews on Amazon, seeing the failures, I would not go with Anderson. The other issue is the frame issue. My trailer is older, so no manufacturer is going to warranty the frame in my opinion. So, why take a chance. Even if it doesn't happen, it could and that's too much of a gamble for me. I'll stick with the hitches I have. When I have to tow both trailers back to back, I just lift the B&W base, slide it forward, install my ball, and hook up the gooseneck. If I need the bed of my truck, I remove the hitch, make sure the ball is turned down, and I am good to go. I definitely am a proponent of the B&W due to its sturdy design and ease of hitching.
Thermoguy 04/10/21 07:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery price question...

6V is not about the cost, as two inexpensive 6V still cost more than most 12V batteries. 6V or GC2 batteries take more abuse and have larger power reserves. This is a "depends" situation. If you compare 2 Group 24 or Group 27 "RV/Marine" batteries, to two 6V GC2 size batteries on price alone then you are sort of correct. HOWEVER, 2 group24 or Group 27 "RV/Marine" batteries will not give you not as much Ahr capacity of one pair of 6V GC2 batteries. Group24 has roughly 60Ahr of capacity, costs about $60 for one, two would be $120 and you get 120Ahr of capacity. Group 27 has roughly 70Ar of capacity, costs about $70 each, two would be $140 and 140Ahr of capacity. 6V GC2 batteries can be found at Sam's Club or Costco for around $90 each and have roughly 210 Ahr of capacity! 6V batteries when wired in series to get 12V don't add capacity but with 210Ahr that is far more capacity than Group24 or group 27. One PAIR of 6V GC2s costs about $180. To get near the same Ahr capacity of one pair of GC2s you would need FOUR group 24s ($240) or THREE Group 27s ($210).. Plus lots of additional interconnect cables. Another issue with group24/27 or any "RV/Marine" battery is they are a "hybrid" between "starting" and "deep cycle", they have "trade offs" which make them not as good for starting and "deep cycle" use.. Group24/27 RV/marine batteries should not be discharged very deep if you want any hopes of getting much life out of them. The shallower discharge, the better life you get from them.. Basically 20%-50% of the capacity is usable.. GC2 batteries on the other hand are designed to be able to withstand as much as 80% of the capacity being used and suffer no harm in life. So you can use GC2 batteries much longer than Group24/27 RV/marine batteries between charges. As far as OPs question of where to find GC2 batteries, look up your nearest Sam's Club or Costco club, they typically will have them in stock for the lowest prices you are going to find.. Barring that, look up a Batteries Plus store or a NAPA store (although you will pay top dollar at those stores, they will be able to get GC2 batteries for you). Now, I am sure someone will mention another 12V battery, a Group31, sure you could go that route, but they are insanely priced $240-$300 EACH) and with 135Ahr of capacity it still would take TWO of those to be equivalent to one pair of GC2s in Ahr. Not to mention two group31 would cost a mere $480-$600 and you would have same discharge limitations of the group24/27 RV/marine batteries.. Just because it says "RV/marine" doesn't mean it is a good choice if you need max discharge capacity and max life. You could probably close this thread as everything that needs to be said about comparing 6v to 12v has been said very well right here. These are the reasons I went with 6v last year. Now, the only issue is the OP said single 12v battery, and with 6v you must have 2.
Thermoguy 04/10/21 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Stupid question about tires

OK - so a point of view from the other side. I have had 3 sets of tires on the same vehicle, same basic tire as well, some changes over the years, but same tire. First set, new with vehicle, a friend recommended nitrogen due to the low profile tires. A nearby place removed the air and replaced with nitrogen, their pump system did something that seemed like it was removing and refilling in a step process, but assuming you can't get all the air out. So, my experience, the tires held up great, 80K miles, stayed within a few pounds regardless of hot and cold weather. Next set, different tire shop (discount) regular air. Tires only lasted 40K miles, had issues with one that kept losing air on a regular basis, no one from 3 different shops could find anything wrong with the tire, but I had to fill regularly. Now, 3rd set, same brand, but this time Costco. Costco uses nitrogen. Tires have been on for over a year, haven't had a single tire issue, tire pressure stays within a couple pounds. So, yes, I think nitrogen is a good thing, but also don't search it out and have never paid extra for it. But, there are shops that have nitrogen compressors, like Costco. Just my 2 cents from experience, fact not fiction.
Thermoguy 04/09/21 01:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bear Spray

I've been to Yellowstone a few times. Once I even saw a bear. The last time I went looking for bear but never saw one. Although I've never hiked miles off the main trails so probably the reason I have never seen one. I would say in Yellowstone unless you are planning some good hikes, you won't have a need for bear spray. The only bear I have seen is from the car. We sent to Glacier this past summer and that is different, there is nothing to really see from the road so you have to get out and hike to enjoy the park. We bought the 2 pack at Costco before our trip, sold locally as well as in MT. Still have some that I will keep in our trailer just in case. But, didn't need it. There was a bear sighting on one of the trails we hiked but long gone by the time we got there. Barely saw any animals on the Glacier trip, just lots of squirrels. Bear spray is a good idea, and you should know how to use it. But in Yellowstone I think it is only necessary if you plan to hike outside the main attractions and busy areas. I don't even recall if I have ever seen people carrying bear spray in Yellowstone unlike Glacier where many people carry it.
Thermoguy 04/07/21 01:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Standard hitch vs. gooseneck hitch

Why use a hitch that could or might cause the trailer frame to fail? Seems like you are playing Russian roulette. If I know one things about companies, they will do anything to get you to buy their product and everything to not pay a claim. So, if the frame bends and cracks, it's on you. I think I read even the Goosebox is only a warranty for 2 years. What do you do after that? Stick with a real 5th wheel hitch. If you have a ball hitch, get one that works with that like the B&W Companion.
Thermoguy 04/04/21 10:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Glacier National Park starting ticketed Entry

I think it is a good idea. We visited Glacier last summer. Basically drove over and back, no where to park... I think we found 2 times where we could park but neither had hiking trails from that point so people only got out, took some pictures and drove off. Most of the roadside parking is full by early morning and you are lucky to get a spot. If you don't stick around, then you move on and might not find another place to park. We did decide we wanted to hike to a lake, so on our 3rd day, got up really early and went and found what seemed like the last spot. The trail was very overcrowded and we wore masks almost the entire hike due to people coming the other way the entire route. We went to Zion this winter, the shuttle system isn't perfect, but you get a reservation, show up, get on a bus, get in the park, then it works great. We made 3 stops, hiked, enjoyed, then took the bus back to the main shuttle stop. I don't need to go back, but it was easy and didn't have to fight traffic the entire drive up and back. Glacier was nice, but other areas of the country are just as nice and are not so crowded...
Thermoguy 04/03/21 09:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Lock em up... a long story

Interesting point about the chain through the wheels. I might do that on one of my trailers. I have a hitch lock on the 5th wheel. Mostly to stop the opportunist. I think my house is fairly secure and with dogs and cameras, not much chance for someone to get in here, unless they know we are gone. I have a place that I take my trailer for service. They make me remove all personal items, even the propane tanks. They have seen people take all kinds of things from their lot. Since the storage keys are mostly the same, it doesn't take much for someone to get in. Propane is used in making meth so those guys look for places to grab propane tanks.
Thermoguy 03/29/21 06:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2022 F350 on order

There is a huge delay for auto manufactures on chipsets from China. COVID slowed down lots of production on electronics and one is effecting the Auto industry very bad. I have read some reports that manufacturers expect very long delays in delivering new vehicles this year due to this. I work in a similar industry and we use components also found in cars and trucks. We are expecting a very long delay, mostly because we don't order the quantities of a GM or Ford. This after having to deal with similar delays in 2020, we just got back to normal delivery times, now this...
Thermoguy 03/27/21 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Breakaway Cable on Andersen Hitch.

All I know is I have been hauling horse trailers my entire adult life. I've always been told you want the brakes on the trailer to engage before it brakes away. If you look at the video from ID, would the trailer brakes have stopped the rig before it got to the bridge had they been engaged? Not sure if that is even an issue, not sure if the trailer broke away until after it hit the bridge so might not be a point here. I guess if the trailer is no longer on the hitch, can your "feathering" the brakes bring it to a stop safely, the websites I read said you don't want the trailer to slam into the back of the truck. Hope I never have to find out if one or the other is right, but for now, I will keep my brake away cable shorter than the chains.
Thermoguy 03/27/21 09:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Star Link

If you have SLOW DSL service, Starlink would be an improvement. If you think that the Starlink service is too slow then your DSL service is faster than many DSL users suffer through. As always, this is an RV forum and we are all most interested in what its mobile capabilities will be. There is NO DSL available in Yellowstone Park but having Starlink service available there would be a real game changer! Yes, but for now, Starlink is not for mobile units, only stationary like a home.
Thermoguy 03/26/21 01:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Breakaway Cable on Andersen Hitch.

From a website on how to hook up safety chains and brake away controller - even more important on a gooseneck as it will nose dive if it leaves the bed of the truck: The 2-Fold Purpose of the Trailer Breakaway System First, should the trailer ever come completely disconnected from the tow vehicle, the breakaway cable will pull the pin from the breakaway switch, turning on the 12 volt power from the breakaway battery, engaging the electro-magnetic drum brakes on the trailer. This keeps the trailer from running down the road causing additional damage after becoming disconnected from the tow vehicle. Secondly, should the trailer ever become disengaged from the ball-hitch but stay connected to the tow vehicle via safety chains, the breakaway cable will pull the pin from the breakaway switch, turning on the 12 volt power from the breakaway battery, engaging the electro-magnetic drum brakes on the trailer and keeping the trailer from sliding into the back of the tow vehicle while you bring the vehicle to a stop on the side of the road. The most important part of hooking up your breakaway cable is to insure that there is less slack in the breakaway cable than there is in the safety chains.
Thermoguy 03/26/21 01:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Star Link

I received a notice that I could sign up for the beta test. I looked at the program and promised speeds. Slower than my DSL, which is slow in my opinion, and the up front hardware costs were very high. Along with the satisfaction not guaranteed and expect outages, I opted not to sign up. If I had not other option, maybe I would go with it, but I have a slow DSL service.
Thermoguy 03/25/21 01:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Breakaway Cable on Andersen Hitch.

If your replying to me you need to read what I said. I have/had and always have used safety chains on all my ball/pintle hitch trailers. Your comment "and I do not want my trailers brakes applied while the chains are still hooked." is why I attached that video. The chains will stay attached to the truck and trailer, you need the brakes applied to stop the trailer when attached to the truck. The chains are not going to brake away from the truck, then the trailer brakes are going to engage. You need the brakes engaging before it hits the end of the chains... period... This has never happened to me - knock on wood - but from my experience and seeing how you are supposed to set up your trailer, regardless of the trailer hitch type, if you have chains, the brake cable is shorter than the chains.
Thermoguy 03/25/21 01:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Breakaway Cable on Andersen Hitch.

You might want to rethink your logic on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phdr8v3D-Cg&ab_channel=KTVB I actually think all trailers should have safety chains. I have always been surprised that a 5th wheel hitch does not have safety chains. Seems illogical to me.
Thermoguy 03/23/21 08:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Breakaway Cable on Andersen Hitch.

I hook mine with a carabiner to a cargo tie down hook at the rear of the bed of my truck. That is a bad idea - you need the brakes on the trailer to initiate before you hit the end of your chains. The chains should be just a hair longer than the breakaway cable. You also want the tongue of the trailer to stay in the bed, not fall to the ground. You should do a little research on this before you get in an accident. I don't have an Anderson hitch, but on my gooseneck, the safety chains and breakaway cable have a ring that is attached to the frame on either side of the ball. I would prefer the breakaway be attached to the truck bed and not anything on the hitch. Also I do not believe the Anderson hitches require safety chains. If you have a hitch failure such as happened to a standard type 5th wheel hitch where the hitch head separated from the truck and had the breakaway been attached to the head the breakaway may not be activated. If the length of the breakaway cable is shortened such it will activate before the end of the safety chains if used should be OK. Safety Chains are required for the Anderson Hitch as it is considered a Gooseneck connection - ball.
Thermoguy 03/21/21 09:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Breakaway Cable on Andersen Hitch.

I hook mine with a carabiner to a cargo tie down hook at the rear of the bed of my truck. That is a bad idea - you need the brakes on the trailer to initiate before you hit the end of your chains. The chains should be just a hair longer than the breakaway cable. You also want the tongue of the trailer to stay in the bed, not fall to the ground. You should do a little research on this before you get in an accident. I don't have an Anderson hitch, but on my gooseneck, the safety chains and breakaway cable have a ring that is attached to the frame on either side of the ball.
Thermoguy 03/20/21 01:21pm Fifth-Wheels
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