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RE: Buying a used diesel

I would recommend staying away from the first year of any truck design change if that included an engine or transmission change. I would also recommend staying away from the first year that DEF was added to a diesel truck. Specifically, I would stay away from the 2011 GM trucks. Lots of issues with the DEF system in general. You might find those around cheaper, but I would stay away even if the system has been replaced. Spend more for a 2012 or go back to an older year just to get better reliability. Finally, based on your weight. Do yourself a favor and get a 1 ton. A 3/4 ton can do it, but you would be on the edge and thinking about upgrading your suspension. Just buy the right truck from the beginning. I have a 2015 3/4 ton Chev and love it. It pulls my trailer great, but at 12K or so, it is heavy and I wouldn't want to pull heavier without upgrading my suspension. Wish I would have purchased a 1 ton long bed from the start. We bought the newer model Chev due to how quiet the engine was. My wife used it at the time as a daily driver and was not going to drive a noise diesel. We test drove all 3 brands and the GM was the quietest with the Ford being close. The Ram was very loud and she got in it and said no way... I was ok with the Ram as I know the Cummins engine is a good engine, but the Duramax Allison combination is also a great engine transmission combination.
Thermoguy 11/27/19 10:00am Tow Vehicles
Wrong Equipment?

Saw this at a rest area in Oregon yesterday. Never saw the owner, hopefully he went to get a different truck... https://i.imgur.com/GgbXoVQl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ILcnWWSl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/I7hUnDol.jpg
Thermoguy 11/24/19 12:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dirt

Just a comment on wood vs tile. My dog gets so much dirt and grime in the grout. Impossible to clean. I steam clean the tile, but have to scrub the grout once a year. Best to have no grout and place the times up to one another. Our grout is light in color so it shows all the dirt. just saying...
Thermoguy 11/12/19 02:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: best 5th wheel hitch for std. bed 2500HD Chevy

I have a B&W Companion non slider. But I do have and need a goose-neck hitch so I use both. I will say the B&W is a very sturdy well built hitch, but also very heavy. Takes 2 people get the base out of the truck. I have a short bed Chev, 2015, and do not have a slider. I would guess it maters most what the front of the trailer looks like. I did pop my window once on a very tight backing up in my driveway. Won't do that again, but also not really an issue in most situations and not an issue if you have a second person helping you. Definitely, not an issue going forward, just for tight backup situations. If I was to do it over again, I would look at the Anderson hitch. Lots of negatives on some sites over the Anderson, but I have a friend with one that likes it and there is also lots of positive posts from people that have them. For me, it's only about the weight. I would like to try one to see what I thought before passing judgement, but would look at it if I was buying over again. Outside of that, the B&W is built like a tank. American made steel:)
Thermoguy 11/11/19 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Rear Hitch Bike Rack for Travel Trailer

I purchased the Yakima rack specifically for use on the back of a trailer. We have a 5th wheel and I know the back bounces a large amount. We have put up to 4 bikes on the rack and driven about 1000 miles on one trip with no issues other than the bikes rubbing. Pool Noodles are your friend. The Yakima rack has a solid joint where normal bike racks fold to allow access to an SUV or Tailgate. The solid joint is why it works well. It does fit in a 2" receiver and has a locking nut so it doesn't bounce in the hitch. I have another rack that bounces in the hitch which would be bad on the back of the RV. I would suggest upgrading your hitch to a 2" receiver and buying one of the units that are designed for RV's. I also looked at putting a hitch on the front of my truck and buying a rack for that hitch, but the RV hitch works fine and I haven't had any issues, the bikes are on the rack solid. I do tie them together with straps that come with the hitch.
Thermoguy 11/09/19 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

you really need to post pictures if you want to get solid advice. Without that it is just speculations...
Thermoguy 11/08/19 04:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: More campers than parks

You should be booking for next summer right now. I just booked an August campsite near Glacier - Sunday through Thursday, not staying a weekend. Looked at a site closer to home for Memorial day and all but a few sites are already taken. I have one more to look up and will book it as soon as we decide which weekend. I look for sites that take reservations so I know I have a spot in advance, has nothing to do with power or other services, just knowing your rig will fit, if that's an issue.
Thermoguy 11/01/19 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

The Hankook's that came on my Explorer (purchased brand new) barely made it 30 as well. I mean I could have driven them a little longer but since I do drive in snow and I got a flat tire in one of them in November, I didn't want to mess around with borderline tires. I hear more OEM's wear terrible more often then nought. I thought I would add to this. I have a 2016 Explorer SUV that came with Hancook tires. They were aweful in the snow, even with All Wheel Drive. Had to buy snow tires the first winter just to get around and be safe in the chance that I drove in snow. I also carry chains just in case but haven't needed them. They lasted about 70K miles and were good summer tires. As for a full size truck, I have a Chev that came with Goodyear Wranglers. Great for all weather. Especially when new, lots of tread and great in snow. Drove it to Idaho the first winter and other ski trips with no issues. I have ran in to snow when hauling and never though about chains, just switched to 4wd and kept going, albeit slow. Now with over 50K miles, it's time to look at new tires, probably next summer however. I would look to carry chains if you need to. Some states might require even with 4wd like Oregon. Best to just pull over and wait for the weather to change and the roads to clear if the snow gets that heavy. I believe any full size truck is going to come with capable M&S tires that should get you a few years without thinking about it.
Thermoguy 10/25/19 01:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mice and soap

Well... I put a cut up bars of Irish Springs in my 5th wheel last winter and it is the first spring I didn't find any trace of mice. Maybe if you leave it in the box it doesn't work? I might try peppermint oil this year. Seems like a better smell than Irish Springs. Maybe there are no mice to begin with? B.O. Ding Ding Ding!!! Winner winner chicken dinner! You will never convince people that these things don't work, though... I accidentally left a few empty beer cans in the camper last year, and there were no mice.... hmmm... What I said was this was the first spring I did not see signs of Mice - so, in the past, I had signs of mice. I also get mice under my house often and use a variety of traps and such. I live on a farm with hay and horses, so I have mice, just not in my trailer. Not sure why it worked or if it worked, but I'll keep doing it as long as I don't see mice trails and turds... Just saying...
Thermoguy 10/20/19 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Mice and soap

Well... I put a cut up bars of Irish Springs in my 5th wheel last winter and it is the first spring I didn't find any trace of mice. Maybe if you leave it in the box it doesn't work? I might try peppermint oil this year. Seems like a better smell than Irish Springs.
Thermoguy 10/19/19 09:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Question for those pulling with an F150 Eco Boost

With the ecoboost, is there more maintenance for the twin turbo? I was surprised once sitting in a waiting area where a guy next to me was recommended a turbo maintenance at 30K miles (I think) and it was expensive. What experience to people have with the added maintenance on the ecoboost? I really wanted to like the F150 diesel, but the towing numbers and payload is dismal. I am looking to replace an explorer as a work vehicle and really like the flexibility with the F150. I have a small goose neck horse trailer that I would pull on occasion but want the added advantage of the gas mileage on the diesel... Just to mention, the weight of the horse trailer is only about 7K lbs with a fairly light tongue weight.
Thermoguy 10/18/19 01:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter Cover

I purchased a Classic Accessories light weight cover the first year I had my 5th Wheel. They are made right near Seattle so I thought they would know about a cover that is water proof. I found out after the first rain that the cover was not waterproof. Everywhere the cover touched the RV it leaked through. Much like a tent. I even had standing water on the roof. Fortunately I was able to take it back. It would be good for sun block but not for wet weather. I ended up purchasing an Adco cover. I have had it a few seasons and it is working fine. Water or dampness might get underneath the cover but no pooling water and no issues with mildew or anything that might damage my trailer. I do put some buckets upside down on the roof where the cover sits lower than the AC and then water rolls off the cover. We have had snow on it, up to 18" and no issues with the cover. Because my trailer is older the roof is not in the best shape but the cover keeps any water from getting onto the trailer and gives me piece of mind with the amount of rain we get. I don't think it is waterproof since it is made of materials that breathe, but it is better than no cover. I also have not seen any damage from the cover, the straps and such do not damage the side. You do have to keep it tight so wind does not blow the cover around. On the plus side, I wash and wax my trailer before putting the cover on and it is clean and ready to go in the spring. I would definitely recommend a cover even though it is a pain to take it on and off. I would use a garage, but there is a huge price difference between a cover and a permanent building...
Thermoguy 10/05/19 10:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel cover selection help

I ordered one of the Perma Pro covers from Classic the first winter I had my trailer. I found that the material was like parachute material, probably great for wind and sun, but horrible for rain. Water went right through it wherever it touched the trailer. Basically it was no good. Not sure if that is the same material as the one you are looking at, but if it is, I would not suggest it. I bought the Adco one and am very happy with it. I did put one tear in it when installing last year, but it hasn't shown to be a problem with the performance and didn't get any bigger when taking off last spring or putting it back on this winter. Good Luck:)
Thermoguy 10/04/19 05:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toy Hauler Recommendations

If money was no object, I would be looking at a Renegade with garage or matching trailer to tow my toys. Good Luck.
Thermoguy 09/15/19 10:27am Toy Haulers
RE: Please help me identify 5th wheel towing issue.

I have a 2016 3/4 ton GMC gasser with Anderson hitch connected to a 32' trailer that weighs 12.5k with about 2100lbs pin weight. When traveling I get a jerking in TV when there is a load. Happens going up a hill or slight elevation in road. Usually felt more above 30mph. I have a cushioned pin box and Morryde Cre3000 added to suspension. Is this "chunking" or do I have an issue with slipping tranny or chugging motor. Can't see tach moving. Never happens on down hills or full throttle pulls up hills. No issues noted when not towing. It can even happen on smooth roads. Its not constant but happens enough to be annoying. I have a similar truck and trailer setup - 2015 Chev with Duramax. I assume you have a standard (short) not regular (long) bed. I have the short bed. I also have the B&W Companion and have looked at the Anderson. The reason I haven't switched is because when I first got the 5th wheel the chucking was awful. The B&W has a lot of adjustments and I experienced with a lot of them until I found a comfortable position for the hitch. I believe this was the majority of my problem. I still get some chucking but having a full tank of fresh water helps it to pull smoother. It seems that my rig might be nose heavy as the fresh water is in the back so it would lighten up the hitch. I think the chucking comes from the short wheelbase.
Thermoguy 08/16/19 06:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newby Dry Camping Questions

If you have decent batteries, you don't need to do anything. The first 2 years we had our camper we dry camped a couple times each year for 2-3 nights with no issue and no generator. The fridge and water heater run off propane, minimal battery draw. Even non LED lights use little battery. You are camping, so enjoy the fire, don't sit in your camper. We only used lights when we needed them, essentially only for getting ready for bed. We filled our water before leaving so had plenty of water, took showers every night. If you think your lights are drawing too much battery, then use a flashlight or lantern. Sure you don't have things that run on AC, but most of your camper is designed to run off battery. We had a couple cold nights, so ran the furnace for a little in the AM - no issues with battery usage. And if you cook in the AM, the stove will heat the camper. Much more comfortable than a tent, and those guys have no batteries to keep their lights on... :) Just enjoy the outdoors:) We now have a generator. Bought it so we can run the AC. So far, in 2 trips of having the generator I have only run it for an hour or so a day to charge the batteries or use something like the microwave to cook something. Seems like the generator is more important to charge our cell phones...
Thermoguy 07/06/19 04:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Is older really better than newer....

I bought my 2006 5th wheel for $12K. First RV and wasn't sure if we would use it much so didn't want to spend $50K to find out. We have had to do a little work to it but it was clean and everything works well. I've had it 2 years now and we use it a few times a year. Best thing is it is paid for so if something does come up it easy to swallow. Additionally, if I go to sell it in a year or two, getting $5-$7K for it seems like a good use of the unit. If we bought a new one and sold it in 4 years or so of ownership my guess is the depreciation would be more than $6K... Also, a 5th wheel doesn't have an engine so keeping the running gear in good order is simple and I feel I can take it anywhere as long as I have the right truck. If the unit is clean and in good working order and you like the layout, then go for it. The original owner went through all the initial problems from the manufacturer and you can just enjoy. I would recommend having a professional shop do a check on it, they can look for leaks, properly running equipment, and anything else that might be a red flag. The biggest issue is the potential for leaks. They can be hard to find but cost more than the unit is worth to fix.
Thermoguy 06/08/19 09:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mouse Dilema - What would you do?

I have only had an RV for a couple of years. In past springs bringing my RV out of storage I have found evidence of mice - little poops on the bed or near the kitchen. This fall I read about using Irish Springs soap. So I cut a bar into 4 pieces and placed them around the RV. No traces of mice and the RV smells nice. As I am preparing for our first camp trip next week, I don't have to go through and clean everything like I did the past 2 years. Additionally, I do know of a couple places that mice can get in such as the holes under my batteries. I stuffed these with steel wool to keep any critters out.
Thermoguy 05/04/19 10:02am Beginning RVing
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