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RE: 6 Volt Battery Winter Maintenance Advice?

I remove mine and store them in the garage for the winter. I connect the 6V together to make a 12v. I only have a 12v battery maintainer so just connect like I do in the trailer. Would be interested to hear if this is not the correct approach. Do I need a 6V maintainer?
Thermoguy 08/24/21 08:43am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Refrigerators Cooling Issues

I have a friend with a 2 year old RV with a Norcold fridge. He is expressing the same problems you are. He had it in the shop, they had it working fine. Took it on a trip, we were there with him, same problem. He has a thermostat and it never got below 53 degrees. Has to bring an ice chest with him to keep food cold. He has had it out only a few times, but always the same problem. Turning it all the way down, he can get it to start to get cold, but then never gets cold enough. His freezer works fine, just not the fridge. His solution is to remove the fridge and put in a Dimetic. I think there is just a problem with this Norcold fridge and it's not repairable.
Thermoguy 08/23/21 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Need tires..Shortage..Help!

Just info for anyone reading this thread. I have been running LT tires on both my 5th wheel and a gooseneck trailer. The LT tires are within the weight load rating of each trailer - also both 16". But for those doing research, LT tires are tested and true since they are truck tires, ST tires are not tested to the same standard. The are trailer tires and are designed to run straight. Yes, there is some comment about sidewall strength. But, do you think an LT tire does not have the same sidewall? It absolutely does and better, they are designed for on and off road truck usage. Ask any reputable tire dealer about LT vs ST, the only thing they can say is that an ST tire is designed for trailers and trailers mostly go straight. An LT tire is tested to much more stringent tests and will outlast an LT tire. Do yourself a favor and take a look at an ST tire and LT tire not mounted, the LT has a much stronger sidewall and overall better built tire. On my gooseneck, the OEM tires lasted 10 years and only traded out due to cracking. I have learned a lot about tires and will not go that far again, but at 5 years old, I can sell them to some guy that needs good tires for his truck for $50 bucks a piece and he will get years of use before ever having an issue... Just for info - I am running - Goodyear Wrangler H/T on both trailers.
Thermoguy 08/23/21 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Roof Coating

Check out YouTube - there is a great video of a guy using eternabond for the top edge of the sidewall to the roof.
Thermoguy 08/21/21 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Evaluating Damage from Leak

So, your trailer is about a year old, its been in the shop for 3 months, and was going back in for more warranty work when you discovered a leak, meaning another 3-5 months in for repair? Wow - have you even had a chance to use it? If you don't mind me asking, what brand of trailer? I know that no brand of trailer is built well anymore, and probably getting worst not better. Really makes someone shy away from buying new... If I were in the market for new I would really consider asking a question of the dealer, how long does warranty repairs take? I wonder if any dealer would promise a quick turn around on any repair, like 2 weeks or something. If my truck was in the shop for 3 months, I would have to go buy another vehicle just to get to work... Why do people let these RV dealers get away with this?
Thermoguy 08/17/21 02:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Traveling west now with fires

The real question is where do you plan to stop and what routes are you taking. All the main highways are fine, might be smokey, but driving is not an issue. If you plan to get off the main highway, and have stops in certain places, they might be closed or not fun places to go. I'm sure you have reservations for your stays, what are those campgrounds saying? It's a little early to decide if it is good or not as fires change daily. New ones starting and current ones getting under control. How much time are you spending on the west side? Most areas west of the mountains are fine as far as fires and smoke, but booked up and crowded. However, no camp fires in all areas, so plan accordingly.
Thermoguy 08/13/21 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Alaska Sept 2022

I have a friend vacationing in Alaska right now. They flew up so not an RV adventure, but they have visited Denali, Fairbanks, North pole, over to the coast, Kenai, Valdez, Alyeska, etc. No issues with things being closed or tourist spots being closed. I'm sure there aren't the crowds with only a few cruise ships running, but certainly not stopping them or finding things closed. I'm sure next year everything will be open and crowded as ever.
Thermoguy 08/12/21 08:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Sept 2022

When we got to TOK my crysal ball said turn right due to weather. The cruisers in their high end cruise busses going to the high end cruise ship resorts never came to our CGs. :B They packed Skagway but weren't to interested in the places we went to. We were going to take the train but cancelled. When we left and drove up to the Canadian border we go out, walked around and waved at the cruisers that weren't allowed off of the train as their passports were most likely on the ship anyway. :S We did the same thing in Skagway - rented a couple jeeps and had a great photography adventure driving up into Canada. Saw the same thing with tour buses and the train. We got to explore, they got to sit in their seats. Glad we chose to rent jeeps privately.
Thermoguy 08/12/21 08:46am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Sept 2022

We did a cruise up the inside passage a few years back in late September. Went all the way to Skagway and drove up to Canada. Beautiful weather the entire trip. The captain said it was the driest trip of the year. So, you never know. I would say from my experience in AK, which I have been all over, mostly in the winter, it is still early enough in the year to be OK, just plan to stop if weather ahead gets bad. It won't stay long.
Thermoguy 08/10/21 08:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tow vehicle tire size not to spec

The real question on a towing forum is do the P rated tires work for your trailering experience? What weight of trailer are you towing? How do you use your expedition? Should you be considering an LT tire? You might want to upgrade to a better tire for towing if you are posting this on a towing forum vs an expedition forum...
Thermoguy 08/01/21 10:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for Recommendations on Floor Jacks

I carry an automotive ramp with me - similar to the trailer aid, but not a special product, just a ramp. I've used it to drive the car up on it to get under the engine... But, have used it to change a flat on the highway, and driving up on something is way easier than trying to get a bottle jack up under there, find out it's too short, find a block of wood, etc... Just drive up on the ramp. I keep in in the bed under my roll up tonneau cover box.
Thermoguy 08/01/21 10:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alternatives for Michelin XPS Ribs?

I'm running a Goodyear Wrangler LT E Truck tire on both my trailers. Plenty of weight capability for a trailer of your size. No need to get a G rated tire. Similar to the XPS, a truck tire is a great tire for trailers with more testing and more capability than most trailer tires. ST tires don't go through the manufacturer testing like the LT tires.
Thermoguy 08/01/21 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Off grid for first time, need some guidance !

Some crazy suggestions here. I don't think you said how long you are going to be there? Why spend more money for solar that might not even get enough charge to make a difference? Your only use is a propane fridge, water pump, and occasional lights at night? I bring a couple flashlights, use them if I think necessary, I can go days without discharging the batteries enough to hurt them. I do have 2, which could help depending on how many days you are out there. One check might be to turn on the fridge and check your battery level every day to see how long it can run without discharging the battery enough to matter. Maybe bring your generator and use it, asking forgiveness if someone complains. I did upgrade to 2 6v batteries last year. This year used it for the first time off grid - 2 days of not trying to be frugal and didn't even reduce the batteries enough to charge them. Did end up running the generator because the outside temp got to 90 and wanted to run the AC. Could have gone longer without the generator but had it so why not cool off - actually the dogs got hot. If you want to spend money and have more piece of mind, add a 2nd battery or even better go get 6V Golf Cart batteries - that would be money well spent.
Thermoguy 07/30/21 01:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: belly liner repair

Has anyone actually used coroplast tape? I have a couple places I need to repair and plan to buy the right tape if anyone has used it. Seems like to you have to clean the surface then heat a little first.
Thermoguy 07/30/21 01:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 4" heavy duty bumper cannot fit Rhino drain hose inside

What's wrong with one of these? https://www.campingworld.com/adjustable-ez-hose-carrier-630077.html?dwvar_630077_color=whit#start=2&sz=12&cgid=maintain-your-rv%2Fsewer%2Fsewer-connection%2Fsewer-hose-supports-carriers Mine came with one mounted under, not far from the cleanout, holds 2 lengths of hose. Works great - not even expensive.
Thermoguy 07/28/21 02:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: 8 people killed in Utah sand storm

I think some of you have never driven in an area where these kinds of things happen. There is no preparing for it. A sandstorm or whiteout happens in seconds. Yes me minute it’s clear as a sunny day then seconds later zero, and I mean ZERO, visibility. It’s one of those things you can’t prepare for. Yes you can see it up ahead after it happens, but when your first in line there is nothing you can do. I pray for all involved. Over a lifetime I have many times when snow, rain, or dust has reduced the visibility to the point I could not see the end of my hood. But I was never involved in a accident under those conditions. If you hit a vehicle in front of you because you could not see it I question your right to ever drive again. NEVER DRIVE IF YOU CAN'T STOP IN THE DISTANCE YOU CAN SEE! is one of the basic ideas of being in control of a vehicle. So, your driving along at say 50mph, then a sandstorm fueled by strong winds takes away your visibility so you can't see past your bumper, what do you do? If you hit the brakes, you cause a chain reaction accident on the freeway, if you don't hit the brakes you sail right through it or hit the car in front of you that hit the brakes... Which do you think happened here? No one knows for sure, but on a straight road you would probably drive right out of it is you didn't touch the brakes and just held your car straight. These things happen because someone freaked out and tried to stop and the people behind them didn't. I almost got in a car accident because someone hit the brakes driving on wet roads, there was an unseen puddle and they hit the brakes in moderately heavy traffic, everyone else just held their course. Hitting the brakes causes the car to swerve vs holding your lane and riding through it.
Thermoguy 07/27/21 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Roll up tonneau cover for GMC 2500HD Short Bed

I have a Pace Edwards metal roll up cover on a 2015 Chev 2500 short bed - no issues hitting rails. But might be more of a pin box issue over the roll up bed cover. I have a B&W hitch and plenty of clearance. I've turned sharp enough to break the back window of the truck, but not hit the bed rails...
Thermoguy 07/26/21 08:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New truck pricing

Its not a single chip shortage - its a shortage of chips coming from China. It's effecting all industries that manufacture something with semiconductors in them. I work in an industry not related to car manufacturing and lead times are 120 days to 6 months or longer. Just heard a generator on a project is not supposed to arrive until mid 2022...
Thermoguy 07/24/21 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1/2 ton towing a 5th wheel

To the OP - there is some good advice on this tread. The ones you need to pay attention to go regardless of trailer. Get a trailer that is not too much trailer for your truck. If a fully loaded (full tank) trailer is under your weight limits, then go for it. There are plenty of small 5th wheels that can be towed by a 1/2 ton truck. Not all the 1/2 ton towable models meet the actual requirements, but some do. Just get your actual truck specs and start shopping - remember, brochures and websites under size everything or don't show the whole picture. You need to look at real world weights and weight limits.
Thermoguy 07/24/21 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1/2 ton towing a 5th wheel

If you're within weight limits, it should work. Be prepared to get 5 mpg when towing. Keep it under 65. My daughter gets about 11mpg towing her 3 horse gooseneck with living quarters behind her 2013 Ecoboost at 70mph. You can figure about 85% of what a diesel would give under the same situation. A 3 horse trailer with living quarters could have a pin weight of under 2000 lbs or over 4000 lbs - not enough information here to think an F150 is OK towing a 5th wheel. I have a 3 horse no living quarters and the pin weight is OK for a 1/2 ton, but for stability, emergency braking, etc, the 3/4 ton is much better. I have looked at living quarters, but my 3/4 ton diesel is not enough truck... that is living quarters with water, waste, etc. Something you can actually use. Some living quarters are not much more than a bed and some cabinets.
Thermoguy 07/24/21 09:57am Tow Vehicles
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