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RE: Forced out of your reservation

So... if you were with a group of RV'rs and wanted to make a group reservation at a campground with you all together, would it bother you if other campers had their reservations moved or canceled / refunded? Everyone is dumping on the campground owner, but what about the RV group? I think the reservation fiasco was only in the space of a few weeks - the RV group didn't reserve a bunch of spots months in advance. What campground will have a group of spots all next to each available on short notice? You pretty much know they will be moving / cancelling another camper with short notice. There is more information under that video, including that the campground owner contacted the YouTuber and wanted to do something for the camper. I assume the campground owner still didn't know the guy is a YouTuber, as he mentions several times that he didn't tell anyone.
Tvov 04/29/21 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass with and without trailer

In nj, they said only the one tag. It counts the axels. I have used it in ny and pa with no problems with 2 different axel campers. That is what I have, never have had an issue with it. With people saying a "discount" with a separate tag, maybe I'll look into that.
Tvov 04/29/21 05:07am Roads and Routes
RE: Evacuation Insurance

If you are a member of the NRA, they have travel insurance which includes evacuation coverage. Free or does it cost? It is extra cost. I don't know much about it, just what I've seen in mailings.
Tvov 04/29/21 05:00am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Trailer Tongue Coupler Wear?

That is not really "unusual" wear on the ball, it is what happens with a lot of use. Greasing it will help prevent that, as long as the grease doesn't get dirty - that can make it worse, as the grease will hold the dirt and grit against the ball. My first thought is that crack / line is the hitch splitting apart, but then the outside picture doesn't show the crack? Either way, with that amount of wear I would think about replacing the hitch and the hitch ball.
Tvov 04/28/21 05:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Evacuation Insurance

If you are a member of the NRA, they have travel insurance which includes evacuation coverage.
Tvov 04/28/21 05:16am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Rv-ers prefer Duramax?

In my area I see more Ford. Used to be Chevy second then Ram (Dodge back then) a distant 3rd. Now Ram is second, Chevy third. Another factor regarding how many of what manufacturer you might see that few people think about is.... which dealerships are closer? There is a Ford dealership in my town, Chevy and Ram dealerships are a couple towns away.
Tvov 04/27/21 05:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailering

.... I don't know but most inquires seem like not of much value to most. That is just because you happen to know the answer / solution to someone's question. Everyone, at some point, is a "newbie" who knows nothing. Asking questions on a forum like this can save a lot of time and money for a new person. There are also many times more than one "correct" answer to a problem. One solution may work great for one person, but another other person may have better results doing something different. How about a question such as "What kind of hitch / brand of hitch should I use?" - there are a LOT of different "correct" answers to that! Asking that question on a forum like this can educate someone, and potentially save them a lot of headaches and possibly, well, save them on the highway. What about camping at a Walmart? Lots of different answers for that!
Tvov 04/21/21 05:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Significant impact on RVing!!

People have been talking about overcrowding at state and national parks seemingly forever. Now they are trying to do something about it. Actually, there have been a variety of solutions tried over the years, this is just the latest. I've got no problem with reservations... as long as they are available for everyone. At some of my local Connecticut state parks, people "work" the system all the time to essentially have campsites virtually all summer in prime spots. Every few years the state parks try to tweak the system to prevent that, but it is almost impossible to get a prime spot if you don't know how to "beat" the people who are working around the system designed to, well, prevent that. Heck, there are regularly threads in this forum about "working the system" to get better spots at prime times. If a new reservation system helps to insure more people get a better experience, AND help reduce damage to natural areas, then it will be good. Just be assured, people will figure out how to work the system to their advantage, and in a few years we will have new forum threads with people complaining about the latest "new" system to prevent people from working the system.
Tvov 04/20/21 05:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: onan generator synthetic oil filter

I did not know there were "synthetic oil filters". I just use regular oil filters in my vehicles while using synthetic oil. Now I'm off to go look that up!
Tvov 04/17/21 05:31am Tech Issues
RE: Nightmare

So here I am serching for help in understanding this nightmare.I purchased my 2017 29' trailer 2 weeks ago shortly after a hail storm I knew the 2 skylights & AC cover needed replaced which the Dealer agreed to do.Here we are 2 weeks later and the Dealer has put a 10k estimate on repairs to a 19k rig and I've never even moved it off the lot.so how will this play out for me?.i put 8k cash down and a check for the remainder 11k Can you give any more information? Sounds like you bought the trailer knowing it had been damaged. What else was damaged? That seems like a really high estimate for just replacing 2 skylights and an AC cover. What about bringing it to another RV repair place?
Tvov 04/13/21 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Front bed dipping with camper help

I think I found the issue, rusted out mounts on the right side I have no option unfortunately to leave the camper anywhere so hopefully I make it to the shop. I’m in the middle of nowhere with the closest shop an hour away. Let’s hope I make it Yep, when I read your original post I immediately knew what the issue was... my 2008 F250 has the same issue, along other friends with similar model trucks. It was a "Ford thing" for awhile until they changed something at the factory. Those cross mounts basically rust off, but the body and the frame still look like new. Whatever body shop you go to will probably know exactly what the issue is and how to fix it. Sometimes they replace the cross mounts, sometimes you might just want to get a "new" rear body. Either way, the camper will have to come off, and it is a good size job to fix - the bed has to come off, old cross mounts removed, new ones installed, welded, painted, body re-attached, etc. My local body shop said they wanted a week to do it, between unmounting, repairing, mounting, painting, drying, etc. I am sure it could be done quicker... I prefer not to rush work if not needed. Yes, you shouldn't drive around with that camper on... but sometimes we do what we gotta do. Good luck! I'd be interested in how things work out, I still have to get my truck repaired.
Tvov 04/12/21 04:27am Truck Campers
RE: New generator for new rv. Recommendations

Well, this is one odd thread! Started by a spammer, and added on to.
Tvov 04/08/21 05:19am Beginning RVing
RE: What do you use for local travel once camped up?

Sounds like you do a lot of bicycling... at least compared to me! lol... Anyways, you may very well be able to fit full size bikes inside the camper. Not a permanent solution, but will work. Also, renting a camper - ask the dealer about a bike rack. They may already have those available (probably extra charge...) that fit right on the back and can hold a few bikes. What kind of trip(s) are you planning?
Tvov 04/01/21 04:48am Beginning RVing
RE: Torquing tire stud by hand

https://www.harborfreight.com/12-in-drive-digital-torque-adapter-63917.html Works, has good reviews check out on Youtube. Interesting!
Tvov 03/28/21 05:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rivian Electric 1/2 tons will have similar netwrk to Tesla.

What is the status of Rivian in general? I haven't heard about them in awhile, honestly thought they sort of faded away.
Tvov 03/23/21 05:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Torquing tire stud by hand

I have my TT camper tires balanced, but I don't bother with my landscaping equipment trailers. I tow my TT at 65mph routinely. My equipment trailers are usually local, and usually 40mph or slower. Years ago I asked my local shop to balance my TT tires... he said they don't bother balancing trailer tires. I asked again, saying that I tow it at 65mph, so I don't want vibration to be an issue. He said "hmm... I never thought of it that way". I don't think it is a critical issue at all, but for the minimal cost (usually included with new tire or maybe $10 each) it makes me happy. Why balance motor vehicle tires? Mostly because of the vibration at higher speeds. You can travel all day long on mildly unbalanced tires at 40mph. Go 65+, it gets annoying real fast.
Tvov 03/23/21 04:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Moving an RV ready to collapse

If there is a local firehall, ask them to use it as a training event. That is something to think about. The FD will probably move it for you, and you can get a small tax credit for a charitable contribution.
Tvov 03/22/21 04:55am Towing
RE: Torquing tire stud by hand

I'm just amazed you saw a tire guy actually using a torque wrench. Closest I've seen are some mechanics using torque sockets. Usually they just use the air wrench that "someone set" years before. If I have someone else put wheels on, I try to loosen and re-tighten them myself. I'm the one that will be having to to change a tire on the side of the road. In answer to your questions, Yes they can easily over tighten the lug nuts. 3 consequences that can happen, among others, are: 1. Make the lug nuts so tight you simply can't get them off without large breaker bars or a powerful air wrench. 2. Weaken or even break off the lugs. 3. Warp the wheel, which is why the criss-cross pattern of tightening is important. From what you describe, though, your wheels and lug nuts are probably fine. Sounds like a good shop you went to.
Tvov 03/21/21 05:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: O Rielleys Website Search

For what ever reason, the line at the bottom of the page made me laugh: "Non-Functional Item Displayed for Entertainment Purposes Only "
Tvov 03/20/21 05:27am Tech Issues
RE: Cell Phone Restart

I guess I've been lucky... I don't recall ever "having" to reboot / restart my Android phones. My present phone probably hasn't been intentionally restarted in 2 years. They may have restarted after an update on their own, and a couple times I shut down the phone in ham-handed (and thick fingered) attempts to quiet the phone or to do something else. I'll do a restart today just for fun.
Tvov 03/18/21 07:34am Technology Corner
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