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RE: I'm actually in favor of high cancelation fees....

Why have "cancellation fees"? Why not just pay for what you've reserved? If you can't make it, then you can't make it. Why should a business (or state park) give you the campground fee back?
Tvov 09/28/21 05:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Figuring Mileages

A general rule of thumb. Use whatever method you want to determine distance. Divide total distance by 50 and you will get a pretty accurate time that includes stops. This ^^ People on this forum told me about the "50 rule" years ago when figuring travel times, and it works.
Tvov 09/27/21 06:13am Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon to charge 25% more for out of state RV campers

I am a bit surprised as many others that Oregon has NOT been charging more for non-residents all this time. I just assume that when I go to another state's parks that I will pay more. I have no problem with that. As a state resident, all those fees and taxes I pay in my state in addition to a "gate fee" helps to pay for all the state's parks and facilities. Speaking of fishing license cost - hunting license fee differences can be breathtaking. In Connecticut ("base" fee, there are a lot of add-ons available), a resident deer hunting license is $19. Non-resident fee is $91. I hunted for years in Vermont, usually only a couple weekends, and I paid the non-resident fees. It has always been that way, the differences between resident and non-resident fees for mostly everything. At least up here in the New England area.
Tvov 09/24/21 05:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Cybertruck RV prototype pictures released

Seems to be little, or no, storage space of any kind. Looks like a college students masters design project.
Tvov 09/23/21 05:04am Truck Campers
RE: Tow hall mode

.... The other huge benefit to TH use on descents is that you are not burning a drop of fuel regardless of rpm. TH locks the the torque converter and shuts off the flow of fuel to the engine enhancing not only control but fuel efficiency as well. :C Tow/haul shuts off fuel flow? I've not heard that. I may be misunderstanding.
Tvov 09/21/21 05:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Navigation options

My Cell loaded the map at startup (With internet) then so long as you did not CLOSE the map app you were golden... I also have a darn hood geo-memory so even if I lost the phone map I was USUALLY at least silver if not Gold. Now it's kind of hard for me to find "NO COVERAGE" spots. That must be what has happened to me, closing down the map app and then trying to "restart" it while in a no-coverage area. I have had Google maps on my cell phone many times tell me "no coverage" or "out of range" while traveling around New England, especially the mountains of Vermont. I used to religiously bring a large map book when traveling... then it was printing out maps for our trips... then it was using a Garmin... now it is usually just using my smart phone with Google maps. It is just so easy to use the smart phone, I've gotten away from everything else. If satellites and cell towers ever stop working, people (including me) won't be able to find their way to the bathroom.
Tvov 09/20/21 04:59am Technology Corner
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

My wife knows how to do everything and has watched me... but reading this makes me realize she's never really done everything on her own. We are usually plenty busy with our "jobs" arriving and leaving a campsite. I keep thinking that I should have her do more with the hitching and towing, but I usually forget until after everything is done.
Tvov 09/18/21 05:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Well, that's interesting! I had thought Rivian faded away, I have heard nothing about it for a long time.
Tvov 09/15/21 04:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Autocamp glamping

https://www.yahoo.com/news/stayed-airstream-trailer-converted-glamping-123300546.html (that link should work)
Tvov 09/13/21 05:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Autocamp glamping

Not sure exactly where to post this, or if it has been posted. Interesting article about "glamping". Pre-setup Airstreams, some "remodeled" and some purpose built. Could be a good experience for people new to RV'ing. https://www.yahoo.com/news/stayed-airstream-trailer-converted-glamping-123300546.html
Tvov 09/13/21 05:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Alternators - what are your thoughts?

Just trumping out here. If everything can be run on 12V except the Air Conditioning, most say you got to run a generator to have AC. How does that work; Engine spins a generator which makes electricity used to power a motor which spins a compressor. Have I got that right? I read somewhere, (think it was in some kind of science book, so may not be generally accepted nowadays, but lets assume it's true) that every time energy is forced to change forms some is lost. Why not Engine spins a compressor. Maybe add a alternator driven by that little engine. So you are talking about a gasoline powered air conditioner?
Tvov 08/27/21 05:45am General RVing Issues
RE: How best to improve a primitive RV site to rent it out?

Oh, and it's not just the RV'rs - the tenters will just be pooping in the woods around the campsites, which is why outhouses are something to think about!
Tvov 08/26/21 05:38am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: How best to improve a primitive RV site to rent it out?

Quite frankly, I think you would do better positioning these as 'glamping' locations for tent campers than RV sites. Assuming you live in the 'daks I am sure you know that all the DEC areas are completely full and that even dispersed and backcounty camping is really hard to come by. Folks coming up for a long weekend would pay a premium to know they have a reserved, private, 'wilderness' campsite. Market these as 'wilderness lite', maybe install a small platform with some sort of rain cover, or a lean to, a fire pit (hole in the ground with some rocks) with a few Adirondack chairs and a latrine. Take some over saturated photos at dusk (photoshop out the black flies) with bearded 30 somethings sitting in the Adirondack chairs around the fire with Woolrich and Rumpl blankets, drinking Saranac or a Moscow Mule. All up, it would be a few thousand dollars to improve each site, then I would think you could get $200 per weekend night with the hipster down state crowd. Most folks would probably only stay 2-3 nights, but you could make your investment back in one season. It would all be about the marketing. FWC has a pretty good plan! Just include space for a camper along with everything above. The tent platform can be used as a nice sitting area if someone comes in with a camper. The advertising ideas are spot on (lol!), except the $200 a night is pushing it. Although, there is that thing in marketing where sometimes you actually sell better if you raise the price "too" high - people just perceive it as being better if it is more expensive. Dacks Camper - how far away do you live? Because you will have to check the campsites after they have been used, and if there is a long time between uses you will have to check them every time before renting. Also, at a minimum people with campers will dump their grey water at the site... if it isn't done constantly it is not too bad, but... when they dump grey, their black tank valve may "accidentally" open up. Or all this accidental dumping may occur a little ways along the access road. Ooops! I know everyone here are paragons of virtue, I'm talking about "the other guys". Interesting plan and ideas, keep us updating on how it goes. I am actually very interested in what you have to do in dealing with government bureaucracy!
Tvov 08/26/21 05:36am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sad state of national parks and forests - II

I'm still surprised when I go to a state campground and find paved spots and water and electric hookups. Until recently, Connecticut state park campgrounds were mostly just patches of grass. I got used to that, using my camper as a self contained camper. Now CT is "improving" state campgrounds, adding electric and paved spots, and cabins. Sure, it is nice, but all that "infrastructure" that is being added requires more maintenance and personnel to take care of. And I honestly miss the "olde timey" limited facility campgrounds, where the people camping there seemed to make an effort to clean up after themselves. Also in CT, some of the state parks have "Friends of (whichever park)", volunteer groups who help the park employees take care of the park and also push for renovation and adding facilities. Hammonassette State Park in CT has a very active Friends of Hammonassette who are always working on the park and are in the local news with what they are doing. I can see myself helping them when I retire. We've been to a New Jersey County park a couple times that is beautiful. As far as I know it has one full time employee, a guy that has been there for over 10 years and he keeps the place well run and maintained, along with a volunteer group. The full time guy seems to really love the place and his job, and it shows. I don't think there is a one solution that fits all. Seems like the best places are run and maintained by people who love what they are doing, paid or volunteer, more taxes or less.
Tvov 08/20/21 06:32am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Enhancing RV security

Where are you camping / parking that you have to worry about high security levels? Can you stay somewhere else? I would think that a relatively busy campground would be pretty safe, especially if you get to know the other full timers / seasonals and they can keep an eye on your rig. We are weekenders, but we've never had an issue at any campground in almost 20 years. On the other hand, if you are staying at a construction site or commercial parking lot that is empty at night, I can see the security concerns.
Tvov 08/14/21 04:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Just experienced our first Non-refundable campground

Did you ask about a refund policy before making the reservation? We've had to cancel plans in the past... many times the campground reservations have been non-refundable and we understood that. Other times the campgrounds gave us a "credit" to use in the future - one campground with a no refund policy still gave us a credit when we asked. Other times we got a full refund. I've been told, and read on many forums, that the no refund policy is usually in place due to people juggling reservations to get the dates and campsites they want. This was (probably still is) rampant with Fort Wilderness (Disney World) reservations, and most people just shrug it off as nothing. You have your reasons for canceling, but due to other people abusing the system you ran into the no refund policy. Next time someone is basically bragging about juggling reservations for their own gain, remember this.
Tvov 08/13/21 05:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Shuttle bus conversion

^^^^^^^^^^^^^Awesome "Presuming it’s presentable and the conversion is done legally, with the proper inspections and certification, etc., it would come down to each park owners choice." You're kidding I presume. Certainly not anywhere I've been. Good on Canada if they do it. I'll bet more than a few campgrounds you've been to have that in the "small print" somewhere. If not that wording, than anything like "campers can be denied service at the discretion of the management" would cover it. We've never been to a campground where the management insists on inspecting our camper, or even asks about the condition of it, but I have seen the wording hidden in the paperwork.
Tvov 08/09/21 05:10am Beginning RVing
RE: Newbie: it appears tank hoses don't come with new trailer

Thanks. Do you recommend getting the hose supports or is waste of space? Are you going to be a "seasonal" at a campground? Stay at one campground for an extended period? If so, the hose supports are really nice to have. If you are doing weekend camping at different campsites, I would put that near the bottom of my list of things to get. When we camp for a weekend, I just dump on the morning we leave, I don't stay hooked up all weekend.
Tvov 08/06/21 05:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Connecticut coast - sites to see, places to stay

What is your timing? By mid October a lot of campgrounds are closing up for the season. Be aware that some state parks in Connecticut have limited hookups, most have no hookups (electric, water, septic). Mystic KOA is a good campground. You have Mystic Seaport and Mystic Village in the area. Hammonassette State Park has campsites with limited hookups (electric only, with water available to fill tanks) and some campsites are within a stones throw of the beach. I don't know what is available now or will be available, as the park usually fills up during the summer with reservations. Seafood - right near Hammonassette is Lenny&Joe's, well known seafood place. Gillette Castle State Park is neat to visit, and there are a bunch of campgrounds in the area.
Tvov 08/03/21 04:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Problems hitching and un hitching

This thread is as inane as the one above it about a cinder block and a person who is afraid to level his camper up. Honestly, if you folks are having issues with these types of things, motel rooms are a better choice. Also, in 30 + years and 100s of different trailers, I can count on zero fingers how many times I’ve had to remove the pin from the “hitch ball shank thingy”, or receiver, in English, to unhook a trailer. That is a dumb idea on most accords and not a great suggestion. The original poster is asked for help with a problem he is having. And looking at the responses, there are a variety of different ways to solve his problem. This is normal back and forth for an internet forum where people can ask questions with a problem and get a variety of answers. If helping people with campers annoys you, just stay out of threads where people are asking for help.
Tvov 08/02/21 05:24am Travel Trailers
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