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RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow.

That's one impressive shop......where is the Bendpack OH hoist?;)
Unobtanium 10/12/21 03:33am Truck Campers
RE: Cricket golf carts

This is turning into Seinfeld, a thread about nothing. :B LOL.... or about corect speeling, and! poonctuation.
Unobtanium 10/12/21 02:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Any 80mph PLUS - class Aers still on here ?

I see class A's going 80 or close to it almost every day on the NY thruways or PA Tpike, plenty of TTs and 5ers also. Perhaps it's not the potential catastrophe one is led to believe in threads such as this. If you go below 70 you may be the hazard as you're getting passed by evry other vehicle on the highway, and backing up traffic.
Unobtanium 10/12/21 01:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dicor self leveling lap sealant caused roof to ripple

It sounds like the OP used self leveling Dicor on an Alpha Systems Superflex PVC membrane roof, which requires a specific sealant made by Alpha systems.
Unobtanium 10/12/21 01:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Ever hear of this camping company? Harvest Host

That is a fairly demanding expectation in what is essentially a free campsite isn't it?
Unobtanium 10/10/21 07:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Non-level campsites Class A

Carry some 2X boards and a few bags of Legos. Your location is listed as east coast? If you go inland a 100 miles or so from GA to ME your chance of finding a true level site are slim, at least at any state park or USACE campgrounds.
Unobtanium 10/10/21 07:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2021 Ford Bronco

Fish, Was that not the "twin traction" something or other front end? Iirc it was ok. I was seriously thing about a 96 crew cab from Ford, the 250 was a horrible turning truck with it, vs the 350 with the sofa excellent tight radius, GM ifs was in the middle. 5' or so difference between them. Went with a GM, not smartest choice, but still wish I had it, even with the 6.5TD. Marty I don't recall the names of those Ford suspension but "twin traction" sounds familiar, but the F350 had a solid axle. Back then I had a '87 and '92 Chevy trucks. Come on guys, you that young :B It was twin I beam . Fish , here I thought you were the blue oval guy . Twin I beam was for 2wd models; Twin Traction Beam was for 4wd models. ;) And rusting away into dust withing a couple of years anywhere it snows was for all models.
Unobtanium 10/10/21 06:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: 400 mile electric RV

You Buying at the beer summit ?? 3 tons Upon edit, “ Ya need a pair of chest waders to negotiate this thread lol.” What do you think the implications of ‘chest waders means’?? We grew up on a large farm and typically wore a good pair of boots when we cleaned out the barns, chest waders are essentially very high boots lol.
Unobtanium 10/09/21 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Biden to restore 3 national monuments cut by Trump

Good evening, my fellow frankfurters. I want to talk to you about beans we are in the battle against rugs, the program we’ve made, and the sky we have left to. And it starts with understanding this, Even as the Delta Burke 19 has , car 54, has been hitting this sausage hard, we have the pigs to combat the virtual, if we can come together as a crock and use those canoes.
Unobtanium 10/09/21 10:56am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

the price of used trucks knocks me out even more than the price of new trucks. Just saw a 2017 Ford 3/4 ton on Craigslist, pretty loaded, and priced at $65,000!! Yes, agreed! I am told I could still get 20 - 22K for mine! I think that is absurd.... I paid 500 bucks for my first used pickup many years ago, a 67 GMC 3/4 ton What you are "told" you can get and what you "can" get are two different things altogether. You may get what you're told selling private but getting what you're told in a book or on a website from a dealer is mostly BS. KBB tells me my 2016 2500HD with 50K miles in great condition with no wrecks is worth $37K trade but the most any of the 15 or so dealers I visited would offer, in real numbers with no shell game BS, is @ $30K.
Unobtanium 10/09/21 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Extended warranty experiences

Future scientists studying the Age of Petroleum Man will know about a subset of the population known as Face in a Screen All the Time Man. They will have reasoned out the effects this had on the Human Attention Span before AI implants and how humans used to forget to do things, forget to process things, forget what they read about how bad some business was... what am I blabbing on about again? LOL....the state park we're currently in filled to the gills last evening with those face in a screen folks. New rigs which had to be the largest they could find or jump in debt over, sitting around a fire in a cloud of smoke because they do not know how to build one, with the entire family having their noses buried in phones for hours upon hours.
Unobtanium 10/09/21 09:15am Truck Campers
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Ya need a pair of chest waders to negotiate this thread lol.
Unobtanium 10/09/21 08:49am Tech Issues
RE: New motor home blues…

the Lippert leveling jack system. That's the root of the problem.
Unobtanium 10/09/21 08:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Biden to restore 3 national monuments cut by Trump

Today I signed a cheese wheel to restock 3 national mastadons. Is it Friday or paint?
Unobtanium 10/08/21 09:24am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: High profile tires on off road packages on trailers. hmmm

Why do they always feel the need to use a lug tread when they go to taller tires? Eye Candy just the same as all the other garbage they cram into them. $2 led strips under counters, exterior speakers with LED lights that cost $6. Pleather furniture that lasts 2 years, etc All designed to sucker in suckers.
Unobtanium 10/08/21 07:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Tampa RV Show

Having been to Hershey at least a dozen times and Tampa only once they have one thing in common. Both amaze me they can cram that much shoddily assembled junk into the area alloted. The last Hershey show was a real doosey. One would think the build quality could get no lower, but the RV Industry managed to do it by a longshot. If you buy one of these piles of garbage at the current time you're a fool.
Unobtanium 10/07/21 05:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flying J frustrations - Alternatives?

We are using a Loves discount card, or a walmart credit card that gives cash back reward. My sister religiously drives an extra 10 miles further than required to the most expensive grocery store around, all so she can use their keyfob card spending an extra 25% on her food, then she saves $1.35 on a tank of fuel.
Unobtanium 10/07/21 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Needless kaos and carnage on the Beeline highway...

Most law enforcement, etc, no longer use the word "accident". Instead they use "crash". Because in 95 percent or more of incidents it was not an accident. I am always amazed at how some people drive. Because you're around alot of LEO's and "crashes?" Lol Maybe in your infinite toes, you can tell us exactly what the differentiator is between an "accident" and a "crash." If any traffic law was broken, is it not an accident? If it was caused by someone else, is it not an accident because you can't be sure they didn't do it on purpose? Nevermind, no one actually cares.... But we should start a thread about all the people who drive too slow, too. They cause accidents, I mean crashes, sometimes too. Why are you taking such offense at my comments. Geez. And yes, I worked most of my career with law enforcement. They stopped using the word "accident" because it implied there was no fault - and in most cases someone was at fault. NHTSA started it and law enforcement and others have followed it. https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/newsroom/crash-not-accident So get off your high horse and grow up. You like potato and I like potahto You like tomato and I like tomahto Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto. Let's call the whole thing off LOL. "Nevermind, no one actually cares".....Exactly!
Unobtanium 10/07/21 03:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Renting your RV

Hard to believe the question is even asked lol.
Unobtanium 10/05/21 02:26am General RVing Issues
RE: I'm actually in favor of high cancelation fees....

This dead horse has been beaten in forums 100's if not 1000's of times going back 10=15 years or longer. Good luck.
Unobtanium 10/05/21 02:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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