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RE: Disable alternator charging of house battery

I'd carry a jump box rechargeable battery for an emergency.....I have lithium batteries with DC-DC charging setup and ideal to arrive wherever with a fully-charged house battery setup. You may forget to put switch in charging position and lose all that charging while driving.
VA-Apraisr 10/03/23 05:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Steering problem...looking for ideas/causes

Wow.....that really sucks for you having to go through all this trouble/worry. Yep, not everyone can handle an RV. Glad you "kinda" figured out the problem.
VA-Apraisr 09/23/23 01:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RTX2000 Solar A/C......weekend update!

Unfortunately don't have amp readout. But, with unit running I turned satellite tv system on, coffee maker and microwave (volt readout went down to 12.6 under this load) then volts went back to 13. My brother may install the amp readout for me one day, and agree it would be a better gauge of useage. The install was simple with instructions from the RTX dealer. The unit uses a similar gasket to the main a/c unit, and drains out 4-holes under compressor. It also only sticks up about 10" above the roof. No leaks so far and will be easy to spot since it's above my bed! Running the power cord required cutting a channel across the ceiling to tuck wiring harness inside and I covered with trim molding. Ran this cord into the adjacent tv cabinet, down the side wall (pulled paneling back to do this) and then beneath shower/stove/kitchen cabinets up to the dinette cabinet where my 3-lithium batteries are stored. Very simple if I could do it, and I did. Direct connect to batteries is nice since I had already wired my microwave to go through the 3000watt inverter, and this allows me to keep a/c unit running without tripping the inverter.
VA-Apraisr 08/31/23 03:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RTX2000 Solar A/C......weekend update!

Boat fishing and hadn't done that in 20 years. Cost $1500 for 2 days and only a few 45" red drum, so, I'll stick with my beach fishing :) As for costs, the RTX2000 has been going below $1800 lately (I got it 6 mos. ago at $2000). Lithium batteries vary on costs from $250 to $900; I used BattleBorn which are more expensive but reliable. You'll need at least 180amp hours to use this a/c system ( I have 300amp hours) which allows for running microwave, tv, etc. with plenty of leftover power.
VA-Apraisr 08/31/23 06:50am Class C Motorhomes
RTX2000 Solar A/C......weekend update!

Ok, had posted about installing the RTX2000 a/c unit (used in tractor trailer cabs mostly) into the rear bedroom of my 28' RV using the existing vent and enlarging for installation. Well, went on a fishing trip this past weekend and temps were in the 90's during the day and only dropped to 78 overnight. First night, my volt reading started at 13.1 on digital display and ran the RTX unit on ECONOMY mode all night with 2-fans helping to circulate the cool air towards the front of the RV for my two guests. I did NOT run the normal house a/c unit at night but did during the hot days. Overall, the RTX2000 was more than cool in my bedroom and comfortable for the guys up front. Morning volt reading showed 13 volts. Second night, I left rear a/c unit on NORMAL mode which is much more airflow. Same results overall with more cooling towards front of RV. Volt reading in morning was 12.9 volts. Overall, this addition is beyond comfortable for the bedroom area and will be too cold if all vents pointed downward ( I had the 3 air vents facing the front of the camper to push cold air forward ). It does have thermostat so can adjust the temp to your liking. I have 3-BattleBorn 100amp lithium batteries and 800watts of solar panels up top and charging was more than sufficient for back-to-back overnight use. Prior to this trip, I used the rear a/c unit in the bedroom during the day and closed bathroom door to block off front section of the RV, and even in 90+ degrees it kept the bedroom very cold to allow for an afternoon nap. I'm sure not many Class C users will install this for a 2nd a/c source, but, it really is a great addition especially for the QUIET it provided without a generator running.
VA-Apraisr 08/30/23 04:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Balance beads and Borg valve stems

As the article mentioned, this poster did NOT follow the 2-scoops recommendation, and therefore, can't be held up as an accurate review. Never heard of these beads nor do I really care to try'em out......just wanted to be CLEAR that the reviewer failed to follow the instructions.
VA-Apraisr 08/01/23 01:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rear Jolt on 2017 Ford E450 V10 with only 6,300 miles

Unique question from OP, so we're all just trying to offer suggestions. The post did mention "jolt from the rear". You suggested torque converter which is in the front. Nothing wrong with sharing unique problems and solutions that may in fact assist the OP. He could have a loose shackle/shock that just happens to relocate after applying brakes to full stop (another suggestion).
VA-Apraisr 07/24/23 05:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rear Jolt on 2017 Ford E450 V10 with only 6,300 miles

Had this happen once....had tires put on rear and they did NOT tighten the lug nuts fully. After 200 miles of driving, coming off a highway off-ramp I had that sudden "jolt" and pulled into a parking lot to find rear tire hanging at an angle! It had sheered off all 8-lug nuts. Things happen.
VA-Apraisr 07/23/23 06:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: A/C on shore power trips breaker after 30 minustes

The point of this site is ask questions/get advice/REVEAL the solution. It's helps all of us that may encounter a similar issue. That said, WHAT was the SOLUTION? What did you figure out?? If cutting the vent fins and changing the electrical cord were the solution, great. I think that electrical cord may well have been your problem, but doubtful on cutting the a/c cover opening....but didn't know if you used the voltmeter to verify.
VA-Apraisr 07/19/23 04:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

Great suggestion, pnichols....I've got a fan in the front but not reversible, but, I'll definitely resolve that. Thanks for the real-world insight, I'm sure this will help. With one fan pushing from bedroom and other pulling into living area it should get good circulation going. Once moving, I'll turn off the bedroom fan.
VA-Apraisr 07/19/23 03:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

2nd UPDATE (7/13/23).......well, final wiring completed and tried unit twice now in the driveway in full sun. One day, temps were around 88 degrees and running the unit in auto mode for about 4 hours straight and it kept the inside very comfortable. I was surprised that it covered the full 28' space. If I would close off the bedroom area it would definitely freeze you out.....! Tried it again today and temps have reached 97 degrees....ran it for 5 hours and while bedroom was still cool, it wasn't able to push the cool air into the front of the RV. I've added a 3-speed fan in the bedroom beneath the cabinetry so it will push the air forward towards the kitchen/living area. This should definitely help, but on a 97 degree day I wasn't expecting miracles. But honestly, if I had closed off the bedroom space, it was absolutely chilly. My volt meter on wall was at 13.0 and after running for 5 hours it was 12.5 volts. IMHO, that's pretty dang good. I haven't used it overnight yet and will set unit to ECONOMY mode which greatly reduces the amps used. This thing is absolutely QUIET inside and out.....it sounds like a very small fan blowing and almost undetectable on the outside. I ran it while driving back from mechanic and it kept RV cool while using cab a/c and there was no additional noise (unlike running the generator while driving). Am I impressed, YES.....will I use it often, YES.....if you have a Class C and want a backup unit for those rest stop sleepover, you'll definitely sleep better with no generator noise or worries about CO detectors going off. Looking forward to some cool nights camping on the beach!
VA-Apraisr 07/13/23 04:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

I chose the larger 2000 model since I had hoped it would also help cool my entire RV, which it seems it will greatly assist if not accomplish on it's own. I didn't look at watt usage since it's directly hookup to the batteries (not through inverter) and primarily looked at amp hours. On ECO model, it states it will use about 180amp hours in 10 hours use (overnight sleeping) and I've got 300amp hours of BattleBorn batteries.....Getting final wiring done after the holiday and will "test" it in the driveway and overnight. A lot of the Outer Banks, NC campgrounds do NOT have hookups, and don't allow generators run after 10pm (good luck sleeping in the heat).....so my goal was to have cool air overnight if I am down there and it's hot. Plus, just get tired of hearing the generator rattling along, but, I kept that system in place just in case I have battery issues or Murphy's Law..........
VA-Apraisr 07/04/23 08:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

July 2, 2023 UPDATE: Well, installed unit in bedroom vent area which I had to enlarge about 4" wide by 19" length. Not a complicated process if I can do it, but, careful cutting the ceiling for hidden wires. Attached a 12v battery to it just to try it out today and make sure it's functioning. It started right up and I could not believe how quiet it runs.....it's actually quieter than my bathroom vent fan! And today is very hot; it's 90 degrees out with heat index of 105, yet it quickly cooled the bedroom area and within 15 minutes I was sitting on my couch and feeling the cool area swirling around in my 28' C. I've yet to run the hard wiring through the ceiling and down to the wire chase along the floor to the additional batteries (this week for sure), but, my first impression is a big WOW! Once completed, I'll take a 1-2 day trip and try it on a hot beach and see if I need more solar panels to keep up with battery demand.
VA-Apraisr 07/02/23 02:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Slideouts on a ClassC: How many?

Have found most topics, regardless of poster, to be interesting reads. Yep, a few isolated posts have been odd but seldom. One point not discussed could be weather-related to Australia versus USA. Don't think the temps swing a wildly down there and maybe a reason for pro-slide options.
VA-Apraisr 07/02/23 05:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

Well, taking the plunge and ordered one more BattleBorn 100amp lithium battery to have a total of 300amp hours and the Dometic RTX2000 a/c unit which requires only 180amp hours minimum to operate. I'll provide an update once installed and used to continue the asked/answered benefit of this GREAT SITE!
VA-Apraisr 06/09/23 02:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

VA-Apraisr 06/08/23 05:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

Thanks for this thread, however, it's about 3 years old so some of the comments are dated. Still doing my research and deciding if it's worth the extra $5k for me to add this to the unit.....but......I think the ability to run it in the back half of the RV is a bonus for sure. Keeping my generator a/c setup is most important, so, this would be a stand-alone system using just solar/battery power and think it will become a sought-after feature in the very near future.
VA-Apraisr 06/08/23 04:49pm Class C Motorhomes
Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

Was looking into this as an option for my boondock camping in my 28' Class C 4x4. I was thinking about using the bedroom vent as a location to mount this 12v unit as a secondary a/c source. I don't want to give up my normal 110v system that I normally run using the generator. My thoughts were use it only at nighttime to keep the bedroom cool, if needed. I've already got 200amp hour lithium batteries and would need to install an additional 270amp hour batteries to give me at least 10-14 hours of battery life (assuming 30amps used per hour). This would eliminate the generator noise as well as noise-restrictions in many campgrounds for running a generator from 10pm-6am. Is anyone currently using this system or planning on it?
VA-Apraisr 06/08/23 01:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: No power from house batterys

x 2!!! This website helps everyone by posting a problem/situation and FINDING A SOLUTION!
VA-Apraisr 05/23/23 03:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Domestic frig in 2002.....replacement available??

Yep.....that's about all we do is boondock on beaches/islands, but 400watts of solar, 2-100amp BattleBorns, plus generator keeps everything A-OK!
VA-Apraisr 04/03/23 05:22pm Class C Motorhomes
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