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Picture posting link

Can someone send me the link use to post pictures? Thanks,
Vintage465 08/14/21 09:06pm Technology Corner

Since the O.P. is requesting info on the suspension....and I see nowhere that he asked about brakes, I'll say it's a great upgrade to the suspension especially with the wet bolts, bullet proof shackles and bronze bushings. It's and easy job with good tools and safety equipment. While you have it apart you can check your brakes and pack your wheel bearing too. Good to know it's all tight back there as you head off to your next outing.
Vintage465 08/14/21 09:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Dexter Axles

I was originally really please to see EZ-Lube set up. Seems really nice to just jack up the axle spin the wheel and gently grease up. But the reality is the hub is full of grease causing it to heat up as you bomb down the road. There are "in my opinion" a couple factors that can cause fouled brakes due to grease. 1. Hot day, all day driving. That hub gets hot and the pressure causes the grease to force out at the path of least resistance. 2. If you have a lot of miles on your grease seals, then go on a long drive on a hot day, I think it increases your odds of fouling the brakes. 3. I hear the little rubber plug in the dust cap is suppose to be the pressure relief, but.......I think that's a pipe dream. I lost three of four sets of brakes to this and I will be packing my wheels by hand. For all you guys that have never had an issue.....great for you. Glad it works for you but it just costs me money I'd rather spend on something fun.
Vintage465 08/14/21 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: New TT Tires

I would limit my choices to Goodyear Endurance or Maxxis. Maxxis is the only tire from China I would have any confidence in. Maxxis owns their own factory in China and they have their own people managing from inspection to production and quality control. At the time of my reading an article in Trailer Life magazine, Maxxis was the only Chinese tire able to boast this as all other Chinese tires were contracted and stamped with a brand............that was at the time I read the article 4-6 years ago. But I'd still go with Goodyear if possible. And yes, Endurance replaced Marathons.
Vintage465 08/07/21 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric only TT

Lil' Snoozy was the only TT I have seen in the past 5 years that came as electric only. A couple of 6V golf cart batteries and an inverter that could run a small microwave to make coffee (French press) should be all you need. Of course lithium would be better. Induction "hot plate" for use with a generator or one of those small butane hot plates and you could make bacon and eggs ! The bonus would be a compressor refrigerator ! A couple of 6V golf cart batteries and an inverter that could run a small microwave to make coffee (French press) should be all you need Well, that should be all "You" need. I want a little more. I'm cooking pies from scratch, making biscuits on cold mornings, and maybe cinnamon rolls. I need propane, Gods gift to week long boon docking patrons.
Vintage465 07/25/21 01:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brake Wire

12/2 jacketed brake wire is the proper conductor. I would not go less. https://www.ebay.com/itm/352212792104?hash=item520184b328:g:USEAAOxyAs9SRbIh
Vintage465 07/22/21 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: Airstream Nest battery, fridge, solar question?

Is solar widely available on Airstreams? Typically and historically Airstream owners aren't in the wheelhouse that goes solar as they are a high end trailer that normally ended up in a resort or park. The introduction of the BaseCamp and Nest coaches are pointed in the direction of being in the Boon Docking arena but neither are really great candidates for solar other than suitcase type units which are pretty limited as far and really caring for off grid camping needs. There is not a lot of real estate on either of these to put permanent solar on so you're pretty well limited to suitcases. Not real certain of the refer that is in the BaseCamp, but the Nest with it's 12v refer will need most of the solar charging from the suitcase to keep it afloat. I have a friend that bought a Nest and had it all figured out how the batteries would hold up with the new type multi stage compressor and his solar.........Flat in two days.......he sold it. That doesn't mean it can't be made to work. It means whoever buys one will need to plan out how to make it work. Right batteries, right solar, right amount of additional load aside from the refer. Me? I'm so happy with a regular coach I can have regular solar on the roof and a propane refer. Propane lasts forever with a fridge and water heater.........not for everyone though......
Vintage465 07/15/21 08:26am Travel Trailers
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

I thought this would be so obvious and simple but as usual I run into all kinds of questions. First I found out that there are ‘two kinds’ of connectors. The one I am replacing has a thread on the male end. This is what I have on the new one as well. Is this necessarily the right one, or are there more than 1 kind with a threaded male end? Second, is there supposed to be a small washer inside the fitting? There is none on my regulator. Third, I read different things on line: you must use Teflon tape, definitely do not use Teflon tape, you don’t need anything, or you should use LocTIte of some kind. What is the actually correct answer? Fourth, Do I just tighten as much as possible? Could I overtighten/strip something? Ugh. nothing is as simple as it looks to me. Here is what I think you have going on. The washer you have is actually "one of two" pieces that make up the "back flow" prevention when you take off one tank to fill and leave the other one in place to operate the appliances in the coach. I found when I removed my pig tail, which is 1/4" NPT,(not 1/4" inverted flair), there was a little plastic ball, then the plastic "washer"(you'll find the washer first, then the ball). These two items are behind the pigtail brass 1/4"NPT to provide back flow prevention. This also tells me that if you found the washer, you probably have 1/4" NPT and not 1/4" inverted flair.........but it's hard to say w/o pictures. Also, it seems that the 1/4" inverted flair is the most common and it actually kind of hard to find the 1/4" NPT version. It would be easy enough to convert it to 1/4" inverted flair by using these..........and that is "assuming your's is 1/4 NPT) https://www.etrailer.com/Propane/JR-Products/37207-30035.html?feed=npn&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Google%20%7C%20Shop%20-%20Propane&adgroupid=87654329004&campaignid=242147297&creative=404001548792&device=c&devicemodel=&feeditemid=&keyword=&loc_interest_ms=&loc_physical_ms=9052718&matchtype=&network=g&placement=&position=&gclid=CjwKCAjwlrqHBhByEiwAnLmYULOMy64upGUTeaSZEN_nFq0nkyO6WOjk4L_N72wNp8A-QvDuFVFdmxoCfqMQAvD_BwE
Vintage465 07/14/21 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: Is Lance the “gold” standard

Lance is definitely a step up. I dunno about "Gold Standard". I would expect Lance to be ten grand more than pretty much anything from Elkhart Indiana. The are a step above a but like the post says, I don't know about being a gold standard. Nice fit and finish. Nice bells and whistles. Same stupid barely functional solar. Their frame is not what I want in my off-road-able coach. If you just want a coach for local, weekend or short statewide jaunts, the 10k difference may not be worth it. More off the road and off the grid....start leaning toward Northwood and Outdoors RV Manufacturing rigs.
Vintage465 07/12/21 05:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Favorite Leftovers Recipes

I would say my favorite left overs are: Spaghetti BBQ's meat loaf. I actually like the BBQ'd meat loaf more as a left over than fresh! That's why I make a 3-4 pound meat loaf. I heat up a cast iron skillet and "scorch" them until there is a little crust. Especially with the meat loaf. Slice an inch thick, cajun seasoning, scorch, serve on garlic bread with some kind of fantastic hot sauce like Pepper Plant, see link below. https://www.safeway.com/shop/product-details.105400447.html?cmpid=ps_swy_noc_ecom_goo_20200924_71700000073391208_58700007112002031_92700063970942081&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0K-HBhDDARIsAFJ6UGiLF9EUPwZ6fLyZ3R9u-HYENwwbKFUG1U4CaNTA-I3sIg5c9746McwaAsxvEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
Vintage465 07/12/21 11:19am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Towing w/out weight dist -- am I being too conservative?

As far as moving the trailer from one side of town to the other, certainly no issue. I've been towing trailers for 40 years and I'm completely in the W.D. camp when it comes to towing. And yes, the weight carrying capacity of the receivers on most tow vehicles is "2 sided". 1 with W.D. and 1 without. W.D. hitches do more than just "hold up" the back of the tow vehicle. It spreads the load from the rear axle of the tow vehicle to the the front axle of the tow vehicle and the axle/s on the trailer. This makes life on the road so much better when encountering whoops on the road like bridge approaches etc. I don't really see any combination of conventional tow vehicle and coach that won't benefit from a properly set up and tuned W.D. set up. I believe if you have an F-550 type tow vehicle and have a 28 foot trailer it will benefit.......and as they say...JMHO
Vintage465 07/12/21 08:47am Travel Trailers
RE: 12 volt refrigerator

I'm of the understanding that the new 12v fridges are really getting good. But, I'm still in the 120v and propane camp. I never want to fire my generator up unless it's an emergency and my solar is to keep the batteries hot for my C-Pap and the furnace when it's cold. Propane literally lasts forever with a fridge. I hear you get a fair amount of space more with the compressor fridges, but I'd still have just as little space cause I'd fill up the new space with more food!
Vintage465 07/01/21 06:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dried Fruit and Nut Loaf

That looks like a great trail or traveling snack! Gonna try it for sure!
Vintage465 06/29/21 08:27pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: SPAM-alama-dingdong

Never. If I want to have my remains stay forever, I'll go in the deep freeze rather that eat that processed garbage. My grandpa used to say......."if you can't say anything nice......." So according to you, if anyone has a real distaste for it, they're not allowed to voice their opinion. Any Doctor or Dietician will tell you about processed foods and that they are not good for the body. So my reply would be. This is a fun forum. People are posting to have fun and see what others do with Spam that like Spam. I'm thinking that if you believed persons were looking to hear from people that don't like Spam, then I think, you're likely mistaken. Everyone knows about processed foods, foods with nitrates, nitrites, too much salt, too much sugar, too much fat etc. I suppose if someone stated that putting rat poison on their pies 'cause it made a nice sheen on the finished product.......that would be a great time to chime in.......IMHO
Vintage465 06/29/21 06:56pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: SPAM-alama-dingdong

All About SPAM There is pretty much nothing about spam I don't like. It helped American and allied troops. Keeps forever. When we go to Hawaii it is in all kinds of yummy foods. I keep a can or two in the pantry at home and in the trailer. A diced spam omelette is a thing to behold! In reality I use spam where ever ham can be used a thoroughly enjoy it. Also, there is another product I have my eyes on and that is "Taylor Pork Roll", also known as Taylor Ham. Thinking it is a Jersey version of Spam...not sure though. I have a recipe to make Taylor Pork Roll(I make sausage as a hobby)and before my next trailer outing I will have some homemade Taylor Ham with us. Keep the Spam Jam alive!
Vintage465 06/29/21 08:40am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: SPAM-alama-dingdong

Never. If I want to have my remains stay forever, I'll go in the deep freeze rather that eat that processed garbage. My grandpa used to say......."if you can't say anything nice......."
Vintage465 06/29/21 08:22am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Looking for new tow vehicle

Diesel isn't needed for an 8k trailer even with a van full of people and stuff. Maybe needed - maybe not be needed - but sure is nice. Once you tow with a diesel, you will never want to go back. What he said.........l00% effortless towing.......for the truck and the driver.
Vintage465 06/18/21 07:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Running a fridge on propane?

You will be good for many more days that just 4 days, more like weeks. Yup.....what he said
Vintage465 06/18/21 07:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Morryde Suspension and Wet Bolt Upgrade

I think you need to add "a lot" before coin and "s" to the word coin. Disk brakes are nice and better. Drum brakes have been working for years.
Vintage465 06/07/21 12:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Morryde Suspension and Wet Bolt Upgrade

Nice job! The CRE3000 is a great upgrade. I faced the zerks on mine to the inside. Not sure it's easier, but I have to get under the coach anyway to set the jack to lift the axle prior to greasing anyway.
Vintage465 06/07/21 08:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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