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RE: Good article on RV waste systems

WTP-GC 05/19/19 07:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing a 32 foot with a Anderson convert a ball adaptor

Despite all the posturing and conjecture regarding gooseneck adapters (like that which the OP has put out there), you rarely ever ever ever hear of someone who has frame damaged and can knowingly attribute it to the gooseneck adapter. Nonetheless... OP, your rig is a 15 year unit that honestly probably has a low cash value and no warranty. If you want to use a gooseneck adapter, I say go for it.
WTP-GC 05/09/19 06:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Legal or safety issues carrying diesel fuel containers in RV

All conjecture aside, use the steel safety cans. The "typical" plastic cans will permeate through the material and put out odors. The metal cans don't do this. I've carried diesel fuel around in the back of my truck (with a rolling cover) in hot temps and nary a smell of diesel when you open the tailgate. The safety cans also are "safer" and they won't fall over, bounce around, etc.
WTP-GC 05/09/19 04:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Water pressure?

Seeing water pressure vary greatly is a sure sign of an inadequate supply system. Ehhhh...not always. For your RV that might be running 35-45 PSI, a drop in 10-20 PSI is very noticeable. In your home that might be able to handle 70-80 PSI, the same drop in pressure would not be noticeable. In my opinion, the biggest problems many CG's have is that they can't predict what the usage is. If the CG is nearly full and everyone wants to take showers in the morning at the same time the maintenance staff sees the pool needs to be re-filled at the same time the laundry facilities are running...the pressure is going to be what it is. Which is another reason why running off the tank makes me not worry about this.
WTP-GC 05/01/19 01:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Duramax owner hitch question

All of these "pivoting" pinboxes can be locked out so that they operate as a traditional fifth wheel pinbox. When you do that, it can be used with the B & W Companion, Andersen UH, Pull-Rite, or all other hitches I'm aware of. We have a Turning Point pinbox (same idea as Reese Revolution) and use it with a B & W Companion. Per an email from B & W, this is acceptable as long as we lock out the pivoting function. This pinbox came with our 5er, but we have no interest in using the pivoting function.
WTP-GC 05/01/19 10:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water pressure?

Water flowed for hours...we were sleeping. 2" of water in kitchen/living room floors ....flowed out under the 2 slideouts in living room flooding our site and 2 others. Being awoken at 4:30AM to that was unpleasant to say the least. We were at Devils Tower CG and had planned on visiting it that day.....instead spent all day squeegeeing/wet vacuuming water, contacting Insurance Company, ripping up carpeting/padding/1000's of staples and running heater, blowers to dry subfloor. Then traveling to Casper WY the following day to facilitate repairs of our 'HOME' (We were FTng) I'll never hookup to city water again Fill fresh water tank every 3rd PM or 4th AM I read this story a few years ago (I think). Thought...hmmm...I guess that's one way of doing it. Then we were camping at a place about year or so back and the water pressure was all over the place. We had a $50/$60 high quality water regulator, but the one thing a regulator can't do for you is CREATE pressure. When you get in the shower and don't have enough pressure to wash the shampoo from your hair, that's aint good. But during low demand, you had all the pressure you wanted. So to offset these things, we use the tank and pump exclusively too. Fill it up every 2 days or so.
WTP-GC 05/01/19 10:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can I repack my own wheel bearings?

I have changed plenty of races with the brass bar. I suppose a seal installation tool kit is nice ,although I have no idea what it is :) Never had an issue reinstalling grease seals. The one thing I don't do is pack the bearings by hand anymore, I use one of those bearing packers. IMO they do a better job, and a lot less messy, and quicker. Have done many with it, without issue. I know some are old school, but at 71, I guess I'm new school now, I packed bearings way too long by hand . But as you said keep things clean. Also will take a look at that tool kit from Harbor Freight . I've always done bearings by hand, but I recently replaced them on one of my boats and used the bearing packer tool/cup thingy and the seal insert tool. Never had more than a smidge of grease of my hands using those tools. Happy I didn't wait until I was 71 to learn that ;) ;) To the OP's post...18 step guide you say??? remove hub remove bearings pack with grease reinstall 14 beers later, I'm at 18 steps LOL
WTP-GC 05/01/19 10:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: wheel leveling chocks

We used the Andersen Levelers all the time on our 5-6K lb travel trailer. Used them less on our next rig...a 9-10K 5er Don't use them at all on our current 5er. They create stability issues, can tend to slip from time to time when setting up, and will sink into softer ground. The way to keep them from sinking is to place large boards underneath them...which at that point why not just use lumber anyway for leveling. Currently, we use various pieces of 1x's and 2x's and sometimes use the lego blocks. That's all I anticipaite needing ever again until we upgrade to an auto-level system.
WTP-GC 05/01/19 04:57am General RVing Issues
RE: New Duramax owner hitch question

I picked up a new 2019 GMC Duramax today and it has the optional 5th wheel/goose neck option installed from the factory. My question is, what hitch do you all recommend for the puck system? In my research I can only find 2 different models. One by B&W and one by Curt. Are there any others I should be looking at? You GM owners, which one do you prefer? Thanks! When you say "5th wheel/gooseneck option", are you referring to the 4 pucks or the ball in the middle of the bed? B & W makes a great product for both options. If it's the ball in the bed, you may want to consider the Andersen Ultimate Hitch as well if you're looking for light-weight and simplicity. I've used both and enjoyed them equally.
WTP-GC 04/27/19 06:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Leaving camper in florida for summer

We leave ours and: turn off the water and propane; leave a dehumidifier running in the shower with that grey valve open; leave the ACs on at 85 degrees; leave the battery connected. I mostly agree with this, but personally, I'd leave the AC no higher than 80. The more the AC runs, the less work the dehumidifer has to do. The dehumidifier will pump out warm air, which of course warms the interior of the RV. So it's kind of a catch-22, because less AC means more dehumidifer and more AC means less dehumidifer. Our fridge stays on 24/7, whether we're camping or not. Have never turned it off except one time where we needed to defrost the freezer. Our rig stays plugged into shore power at our home in FL, and these are basically the same things we do. I used to keep my dehumidifer just inside the door so I could reach in and dump the bucket. But then one day, the float cut-off failed and I had some spillage. Since that time, I leave it in the shower.
WTP-GC 04/21/19 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Opinions on this travel trailer

The porch and sliding door is a novel idea, just good luck lowering the porch on just about all campsites. Too wide. I've often pondered what the draw is to sit around on a fold down 64 sq ft patio with a railing, on an RV in a campground? Whatever works for you I guess. I'm with you.....you might be able to put that thing down on around 5% or less of the campsites in the State and ACOE places we are familiar with that have trees. I know people with 3 bunk hybrids who have problems and the side bunk only projects 4'. It Would probably not be an issue in wide open field or parking lot campgrounds, other than most of those places it would be against you neighbors wall. Probably would work well at Walmart. No comment from me on construction and longevity. What's the draw, you say? People with small children. Side patios and back patios are the cat's meow for toddlers (not that intend on owning one). These things are everywhere in FL campgrounds. I'd disagree regarding the notion that you couldn't extend it at most places. It doesn't look like it sticks out any further than the awning. There's only one place we've been to in the last few years where it wouldn't work...and we camp at a lot of crowded state and city parks. But overall...not my cup of tee and especially not on that TT.
WTP-GC 04/19/19 04:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch longevity

Actually yes, you are correct. WD40 is fish oil based. Has no real staying ability. My usual goto product is something called Boeshield. Been using it on my boats for years. Developed for Boeing, it becomes a waxy substance after a few hours. Another product, LPS 3 is somewhat similar. None of those are a good lubricant for your hitch. Good corrosion preventatives, but not much lubricant value. I always hear people talk about using WD40 and that's followed by those who will bash it. That's because people think of WD40 as the original formula in the blue/yellow can. However, in the last 10-15 years (or so), WD40 has come out with several alternative formulas, some of which are actually true lubricants. So these days, it's necessary for someone to specify which WD40 product they're actually using before the bashing can begin :-)
WTP-GC 04/17/19 04:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's the one thing that you have but hardly EVER use?

The Andersen Levelers. We used to use them all the time, but then just reverted back to boards/blocks. Neat concept, but they’re not very stable for larger rigs unless you put boards underneath them...then what’s the point LOL. We also don’t use any level bubbles...just set a 2 foot level on the floor when setting up.
WTP-GC 04/12/19 08:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Bridge Falls onto I75

one more reason to build with steel not a dried mud product. and why our tax moneys for the "roads" should be spent on the ROADS. not "other" projects. as this is not the first, (sad not the last) as it is just another in a very long line of failed dried mud bridges to fail. dried mud can not be fixed, or repaired. only a temp patch can be done. and that will fail in a couple short years, due to icing alone. steel can be rebuilt, in place even, even made stronger if needed. Well, we could debate the merits of this until we're blue in the face. It might start looking a little like the "diesel vs. gas" thread on the other side of this forum. We actually are debating this here in FL regarding one particular construction segment where there's a push taking place to move from traditional concrete structure to a steel structure. In this case, the type of concrete structure in question has a long proven track record of integrity and low maintenance. The comparable steel structure has no track record in FL for this type of project. And we know that it will require constant maintenance in this application. The point to keep in mind for any concrete or steel structure is to perform proper maintenance and inspections. With concrete, its more "inspection" heavy and steel is more "maintenance" heavy. People often look past the maintenance requirements on steel structures...which is why many times concrete is the preferred choice.
WTP-GC 04/03/19 09:41am General RVing Issues
RE: What to take

I don't tow my camper without carrying a 1/2" cordless impact and fully charged battery. The one time I actually needed it a few years back, it was early afternoon, mid-July in FL in the median of a busy road. In moments like that, I would cheerfully scratch every ounce of paint/chrome off my lug nuts to get out of that circumstance faster. I was in FL once at that time of year, that will never happen again. Us Floridians are schizophrenic at best. We spend all summer talking about how we should move to a cooler climate and all winter laughing at those who live in said cooler climate...all the while wishing that the snowbirds would go home.
WTP-GC 04/01/19 06:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bridge Falls onto I75

Roads won't be closed more than a few days max. DOT contractors get paid big money for things like this. They'll get massive bonus' for each hour they save or massive punitive damages for not getting it done in time.
WTP-GC 04/01/19 06:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Andersen Ultimate Measurements

Andersen has a newer version of the AUH that has a shorter length on the front side...made specifically for the shorter shortbed trucks and those who use an Aux. fuel tank. It may not be a stock item, so you might have to call them to find out more.
WTP-GC 04/01/19 04:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What to take

I have air and electric impact tools at home, never use them. I don't like the way they abuse the wheels and nuts. When I get so old and feeble that a lug nut is a problem, maybe it would be time to quit driving. I don't tow my camper without carrying a 1/2" cordless impact and fully charged battery. The one time I actually needed it a few years back, it was early afternoon, mid-July in FL in the median of a busy road. In moments like that, I would cheerfully scratch every ounce of paint/chrome off my lug nuts to get out of that circumstance faster. Over MANY years of changing tires on personal vehicles and trailers with air and cordless impacts, I can't say that I've ever even considered the "impact" it has on my lug nuts. Not gonna start caring...
WTP-GC 04/01/19 04:52am General RVing Issues
RE: What to take

Adding to the list of small, easy things to carry... Definitely a roll of eterna-bond tape. It's way too easy and compact, and if you need it...you'll be dang happy to have it.
WTP-GC 03/31/19 06:36am General RVing Issues
RE: What to take

I didn't see you mention anything about a small bottle jack. That takes virtually no room at all and can be used on the truck and camper. Also, I recommend taking 1 or 2 light duty (14GA) extension cords, 25-50 feet each. One other thing (and I might get laughed at here), but I assume your hybrid trailer is a single axle and very light weight...so carry some HEAVY DUTY zip ties. You might be surprised to know that, if you had a leaf spring/axle u-bolt break, you could actually provide enough TEMPORARY support with 4 of these zip ties in place of the u-bolt...enough to let you limp to the nearest exit/rest area. Generally speaking, I think there's really no limit to the amount of small things you could carry along. If you have a small tool box that you take anyway, just make it sure its 100% full to the brim of anything you could think of. In other words, if you have a 10x20 box, it takes up the same amount of space if its empty or full.
WTP-GC 03/28/19 02:07pm General RVing Issues
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