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RE: Front bedroom height?

In the "FWIW" category... I'm 6'-3" and I can stand straight up in the front bedroom of our Grand Design 290BH. I have about 6" of headroom at the foot of the bed, but when I stand on the raised platform, that's also where the roof line starts to curve downward...which means I can't stand up straight. According to the manufacturer's literature, my unit has a height of 12'.
WTP-GC 07/14/19 07:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Campspreading

Typical inconsiderate ignorant people. Why I boondock 100% of the time. I dislike other humans near me. I have my space, you have yours, stay out of my space and my face. The story isn't about someone intruding into the space of the OP. I, perhaps more so than most, dislike people being near me and I love my "isolation". But we've experienced similar circumstances before and people who do this aren't always inconsiderate. You can run and play and party across the entire campground and in/out of adjacent empty sites and still not be a bother. We've camped in large groups before where our "spread" goes over 10-15 campsites. We do notify campground management that we're in a group, so if there's an empty site somewhere in our block, they should probably not put someone in that site if they can place them elsewhere. If it's full, we do our best to be considerate, but when 50 plus people are moving back and forth between our block of sites, it can difficult to not be a disturbance.
WTP-GC 07/13/19 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking into a 2017 Grand Design

Grand Design has an owners form. If you spend some time on it you'll see that GD is like every other brand in that some have issues and some don't. The owners forum is a great place to learn about GD. As said, some have issues and some don't...but what you'll see on the forum is that GD stands behind their products in a way that most others do not and their customer service is tremendous. We've had some problems with our rig, but they've been easy enough for us to fix ourselves without any hassle. The one time we had to call GD was due to a malfunctioning water heater. They sent out a new control board...no questions asked.
WTP-GC 07/07/19 05:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Traveling with the roof vent open

I've traveled with them open before (with vent covers). By themselves, just leaving them open doesn't do much good when traveling in the FL heat. But turn on the MaxxAir fan and open them...makes a noticeable difference.
WTP-GC 07/03/19 04:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Video of why 1/2 tons shouldn’t tow 5th wheels

OK, first off... I'm not a fan of half-tons towing 5er's. Like a political stance...you're not going to change my mind on that Next... I don't like this guys videos because he mainly just talks to talk, and you never see his face. Can't trust someone that's afraid to show their face LOL But really... Why do we keep hearing the same old tired statement that 5er's are ALWAYS going to be 20% to 25% pin weight? Maybe that's true for some models, and perhaps it was a good rule of thumb 10-20 years ago. But you see what they're doing with 5er's now...the way they move the axles forward? That's how they're making these things theoretically "half-ton" towable. But for such an "expert", why does this guy choose to make such statements when you can go straight to the manufacturer's website and see that the reported pin weight is 1,443 pounds?
WTP-GC 07/03/19 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: looking for guidance for a first timer :)

I am sure he means he bought, in the spring of this year, a 5th wheel that is a 2008 model. OK, fair enough. My brain must have inserted some words that confused me LOL If that's the case, then I apologize.
WTP-GC 07/02/19 03:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How about some common courtesy...

Big parks, small parks...state parks, "resorts"...free places...boondocking...WalMart parking lot... Having done all of those (except the WalMart lot), I can assure you that you stand the same liklihood of encountering an inconsiderate person at any of them. But, short of that person breaking the rules, your rights of peace and comfort don't trump his rights of peace and comfort.
WTP-GC 07/02/19 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: looking for guidance for a first timer :)

In 11 years, you still don't know what you're doing????????
WTP-GC 07/02/19 04:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How about some common courtesy...

Common courtesy, common sense and customer service are mostly terms from a bygone era. Midnightsadie is correct, you can't fix stupid. Now let's not allow this to turn into a millennial vs baby-boomer thread... Knock on wood, but I've never had an issue with a neighbor's generator noise. But I often camp around people from the "bygone era" who are considerably annoying. How about an older guy who left a big, bright work-light hanging on a tree all night (at least till he got home from the bar at whatever hour). Or older folks who insist on bringing a barking dog with them everywhere they go? I've camped next to elderly folks who can keep a party alive up till 2 or 3 AM, carrying on, playing music. So, it ain't just the youngins that lack courtesy. That is a personality trait that ALL generations can either possess or not.
WTP-GC 07/02/19 04:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Survey-- City Water vs pump

Every time you press any button... Which one is the "any" button..............
WTP-GC 06/27/19 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: 1/2 Ton Towable 5th Wheel

I own a "half-ton towable" unit. Funny thing is that it weighs (in all regards) about the same as my previous rig which is not marketed as "half-ton towable". So is this mostly a marketing gimmick...IMHO, yes. I would not wish to tow my 5er with a half-ton truck, plain and simple. We can talk all day about weights and payload and tail wagging and everything in between, but in the reality, some rigs just work better than others. Folks can add up the weights and go across scales and get scientific about things...or you can just overdo it, load up what you want, and go have fun. In all of my extensive towing life, I've never put more than a few seconds of thought into the combined weights of anything. When you know that you know that you're covered, it's a lot easier to enjoy life.
WTP-GC 06/26/19 04:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

I have no problem being told no. I DO have a problem being ignored, or worse, being told that you will show up at a certain time and then you don't bother. Newsflash, my time is just as important as yours, if not more so. That statement shows a strong sense of entitlement. You don't like being ignored? Well, how does your rights of attention trump my rights of not being bothered? In this case, the customer calls the contractor, not the other way around. Should I feel a required to respond to something that I didn't request? That's really no different than a spam call or junk mail. Your time is absolutely not important than my time...and vice versa. Wow, seriously? Sense of entitlement? Your rights of "not being bothered"? "Something you didn't request"? Am I missing something here, or are you actually saying that a contractor doesn't want anyone to contact them for work? Then how do they get their customers in the first place in order to stay in business? Do they not have advertisements? A business/phone # listed online? So you consider someone who sees an ad and calls, to be spam or junk mail? I'm really confused as to what business considers every potential customer who calls "spam/junk". Keep in mind that if your particular business does NOT advertise and relies on either word of mouth or you actually going out and soliciting for business only (which seems to be the case for you), then I wouldn't be cold calling you in the first place, would I? I see absolutely no "sense of entitlement" in expecting a business owner that is advertising for work to actually answer/return the calls of those who he is actively pursuing. I also see no "sense of entitlement" in expecting someone to actually show up when and where they said they would. You see a "sense of entitlement" from that????:? At 57 years old, I'm well aware of the fact that some businesses want customers and some evidently don't; and I'm perfectly willing to give them exactly what they "want". You're cherry-picking a statement to create an incorrect narrative. If I do electrical work and you call me and leave a message saying you want to have a deck built, there's no rule, law or moral obligation I have to return your call. My business is actually better suited if I focus on calls related to electrical work. Once I call all those potential customers back, if I have time and I remember, then maybe I'll call you back to decline the work. Perhaps you're better than most and you don't call people for jobs outside their trade, but (as already mentioned in this thread) walk a mile in our boots and see how many calls you get that are absolutely of no interest. No, I don't advertise, and yes, I work in a very specific field. But thanks to contractor listing aggregating services, I frequently get calls from people who want something done that I don't do. Imagine getting this call: "Hello, ABC Electric" -Yes, I need a new roof "Sir I don't do that type of work" -What do you do then? "I do electrical work" -For remodels? Or new houses? "Doesn't matter, I don't do roofs" -Do you know someone that does? "No" -Who should I call then" "I don't know" -But you're a contractor, don't you know someone "No" -Well what happened is a tree fell on my roof and I told the neighbor that they needed to get that tree taken down but they didn't listen... "Click" -Well that was rude, guess I'll never call him again... And listen, if you tell someone you'll be there or that you'll do something, then honor your word. I never disagreed that that notion.
WTP-GC 06/25/19 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Survey-- City Water vs pump

100% tank all the time. Unlike others, no bad experience...but I've ready of plenty other bad experiences, so that's enough for me. Pressure is better (more consistent) running on the pump anyway. Every evening, I top off the tank.
WTP-GC 06/25/19 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: NADA Pricing versus Actual

Most of those "inflated" prices are a direct reflection of what the seller owes. A 15 year loan on a $30K trailer at 6% interest sounded good when you were being dazzled by the RV lifestyle at the dealership. 3 or 4 years later when you still owe most of the original principal...it don't sound so good anymore.
WTP-GC 06/25/19 04:34am General RVing Issues
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

In 2001 we had a large addition put on our old farm house. In 2017 we had some major storm damage to the inside and outside of the house. Contractor that did the addition told me "we don't do insurance claims, we are only doing new construction or new additions". They lost my business and referral forever. Really? Are you not going to refer a plumber because he doesn't want to do your electrical work? Yes I know it's not quite the same but insurance work can be a entirely different animal and there are companies that specialize in that type of work. You cannot penalize some for not wanting do it. Dan This is the perfect example of how some customers refused to be or become satisfied. The customer in this case has an unreasonable expectation of services which they feel entitled to. Its the same thing as if a mechanic added a stereo to your old beater car 20 years ago, but now the same mechanic doesn't want to do body work on your brand new Tesla. 16 year later, you call a company to ask if they do something entirely different than your first experience and they turn you down? I surely don't understand why you'd be upset. When I first started in business, I'd take almost any job in my field, even those that didn't have much profit. Now, about 12 years later, I wouldn't even give those same jobs the time of day. Its not worth my time or effort anymore. So does that mean that when the economy turns, I'll be hurtin? Maybe, maybe not, but it won't be because I chose to quit doing tiny projects in order to focus on larger, higher profit jobs.
WTP-GC 06/21/19 10:11am General RVing Issues

I just employ a few rat snakes. Took a propane tank out to refill a while back and found a huge one coiled up behind it. I left him alone and wished him happy a happy, mice-filled life.
WTP-GC 06/21/19 04:55am General RVing Issues
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

I have no problem being told no. I DO have a problem being ignored, or worse, being told that you will show up at a certain time and then you don't bother. Newsflash, my time is just as important as yours, if not more so. That statement shows a strong sense of entitlement. You don't like being ignored? Well, how does your rights of attention trump my rights of not being bothered? In this case, the customer calls the contractor, not the other way around. Should I feel a required to respond to something that I didn't request? That's really no different than a spam call or junk mail. Your time is absolutely not important than my time...and vice versa. There seems to be a common theme in this thread that when the economy turns, somehow those people who didn't return calls will be hurting. However, when the economy turns, it effects everyone...contractor and customer. During these times, the customer's budget will also be looking for the most competitive price. Money has a funny way of convincing people to do things that they once said they wouldn't do on an Internet forum. Depsite all the back and forth, it should be noted that there is a plethora of contractor types, from those who do only service work to those who only work when they are selected through a dog and pony show. Not everyone is on call 24/7 and not everyone relies on referrals, word of mouth, or websites testimonials for work. I do a lot of work for clients that have never heard of me, but I pursued them and their work and put on a good showing. I've never made a house call or sent a service truck to fix a problem. So my line of work is somewhat unique...which is why I don't entertain cold calls.
WTP-GC 06/21/19 04:50am General RVing Issues
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

Here's my take: I worked out of my house doing civil engineering for a number of years. Some good years, some lean years. But I never ignored a potential customer; I always gave them the courtesy of taking their call/listening to them. If they called, I answered, even if I had to tell them I was currently swamped and couldn't do their job, but "keep me in mind for any future work". The result was that when the economy turned sour, I still had customers. It's not apples to apples, even with other sectors of the same industry. There was a time when I also worked out of my house doing a similar job. During that time, I recevied few calls and requests through the day. It was easy to give every caller all the attention I could. Fast forward to a different time when the nature of business changes and the calls coming in are more than an office of secretaries could reasonably manage. You have to give your attention to current customers needs and worry about potential customers some other time. Turning down work or just simple ignoring potential customers is something that makes me cringe. But I have to do it in order to effectively run my business. I work in a very particular market, but because my company name has the word "construction" in it, I get calls from people looking for work in all markets. Come build a deck, need pricing on a roof, looking for someone to remodel a gas station or pave a parking lot. Sorry folks, leave a message and maybe I'll call you back.
WTP-GC 06/20/19 04:34am General RVing Issues
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

That sword plays both ways, just because you're super busy, don't waste my time by quoting 3x the cost of the job because you're busy, or you think I can pay that much. As said before and which is pretty much common knowledge...good contractors are busy. The pricing structure of good contractors is based at least partially on their current workload. Its always best to get quotes, but if you have 3 contractors give you a price within 10% of each other and one guy who's half what everyone else is...avoid him.
WTP-GC 06/19/19 01:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

As a contractor, I don't intentionally ignore any current or potential customer. Folks can rant and rave because they "didn't get a call back" or the contractor didn't show up on the exact time and/or day they promised, but that has come to mean very little to me. Truth be told, we're so busy that I don't often answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. Leave me a message, I'll check it and determine the level of urgency. Maybe I don't call back because I respect your time to and don't want to call you at 9 or 10 PM, which may be the soonest opportunity I have. As demonstration of this, most days my "recent calls" on just my cell phone is so full that it doesn't even show the calls received earlier in the morning. Always keep in mind that the customer has a role to play too. If I truly want something, I'm going to be persistent. Remember, you're calling me to request my services...I'm not calling you to request work. Sorry if that all sounds a little arrogant, but good contractors are BUSY right now. We have to manage our time and resources accordingly. I like to be able to shut down work at the end of the day and go home to my family. I like having a life outside of work.
WTP-GC 06/19/19 08:02am General RVing Issues
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