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RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

If no out of state campers were allowed in state parks in Florida how much would “tourism” revenue go down? Precious little considering Disney, Universal Studio, Cape Canaveral, private parks and condos full of snowbirds, etc. Some of you seem to have the belief that as campers you’re integral to Florida’s survival and should have a vote in their affairs. I think you’re overestimating your value ($$$). Many people go camping and also go to Disney, Universal etc. Just because people camp doesn't mean they don't spend alot while there. Tourists are integral to Florida's survival. Campers are tourists and spend a decent chunk of change every year. But hey.. whatever.
Walaby 01/28/23 06:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

Any Florida resident out there can tell us what taxes go to subsidize the parks? I know you don't have an income tax. So, is it property taxes or sales taxes? Or more likely a combination at the bottom line off the revenue of the state? Assuming sales tax is a component, then out of state residents contribute to that tax base. Tourists flock to Florida's 663 miles of beaches and warm climate. Tourism, Florida's biggest industry, contributed $111.7 billion to the state's economy in 2016. While much of that money went to hotels and recreation, other sectors of the Florida economy get a big boost from out-of-towners. Visitors spent almost $16 billion on retail purchases as well. Using the average sales tax rate of 7%, that's 1.1B contributed to the tax base. Some of the more popular tourist spots, I suspect, have higher sales tax rate. From what I've seen/read with a little research, sales tax contributes 80% of the tax revenue for the state. So, I would think us non-residents who contribute to that tax base should have an input and receive some consideration. It's certainly a complicated question. How to implement, how to enforce, how to keep people from gaming the system, how to try to still support the huge tourism industry (which includes snowboarders) which is the state's number one industry. Mike
Walaby 01/28/23 07:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

I posted a few days ago with the comment that one hour should be long enough to allow florida residents time to book early. Some others stated it wouldn't make things easier for florida residents I disagree as you wouldn't be competing with the whole world. One other way would be to limit stays to 7 days. When I try to book during snowbird season most sites are book for the limit 14 days that tells me its most likely a snowbirder. I also standby my statement that the whole stay must be cancelled as well as a 50% fee. I also disagree that it would have much effect on folks seeking a warmer climate. I think I am one who said it wouldn't make things easier. What I was trying to convey, is for the popular sites, one hour likely would not appreciably increase your odds of getting a site. Yes, for sure, a Fla resident would get the site during that first hour, BUT if the popular sites say, have 2000 people trying to hit at the same time, and lets say for the sake of argument, half are non residents, the other have residents. Then what would be the odds that you get the site during that hour when 1000 people are hitting it? I suspect the numbers hitting the popular parks for online reservations are much more than than 2000, so it just furthers the point. I do agree, a Fla resident would get the spots in the first hour, but an individuals likelihood isn't appreciably improved. As far as effect on people looking for warmer climate, if the popular parks are all gone within the first hour, how can it NOT impact that segment of consumers? It's not like people are flocking down to boondock in the swamp. People come down to visit nice places, stay at nice parks, and enjoy themselves. If those places are effectively out of reach for them, because every day they log in after the first hour, and all sites are gone, then they will go elsewhere out of Florida. Mike
Walaby 01/27/23 10:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

No one is suggesting you can't use the state parks just that locals get first chance at the sites. Particularly for working class residents, it may be more of a challenge to hang out on line trying to work the reservations compared to a retired snowbird who has tons of time on their hands and lots of flexibility to switch parks if one is full. If Im a working non resident, can I have priority as well? I too have a challenge hanging out on line trying to make reservations. In fact, I think Im at more of a disadvantage because Im further away, and my "ones and zero's", have a longer travel time on the internet (grin). I struggle to see how this could be enforced. If the site asks for a copy of Florida drivers license, all I have to do is use my sister, and her info, and make reservation. I take her with me when we check in. She spends the night. Done. If sites are truly gone within seconds, as plasticmaster says, then I would say Florida residents still wouldn't have much of a better chance to get a reservation. Everyone is still hammering at the website trying to reserve a site. Maybe a small percentage of FL residents get a site that they might not have, but the majority will still miss out. I still say this is nothing but a feel good bill. Everyone will feel better because something has passed that gives a perception of favoring the residents but in reality, you will still have basically the same chance to get a spot as you do now. But if Florida wants to do this to feel good, at the expense and risk of impacting their billions of dollars in tourism, not much we on RV.net will be able to do about it. Mike
Walaby 01/25/23 04:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

I don't think it needs to be a month one hour would be enough. The popular parks/sites are gone within seconds. As far as only taking weekends that can't happen unless the site comes open then. I also think it should cost more to cancel sites at least 50 percent and require the hole reservation to be cancelled. If the popular sites are gone within seconds, then changing the rule will only make people feel better. They still won't get a spot, even if it's only Floridians that can apply for the first hour, day, week or month. This is really sounding like a feel good bill. See, I fought for you guys.. or, we passed a law to prioritize our citizens. Doesn't matter that the average camper still won't get a spot. Mike
Walaby 01/24/23 05:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

It's about time Florida did the same. Residents pay for the parks via taxes and should be able to use them. There are plenty of commercial campgrounds to accommodate visitors from other states. To put it in perspective, there are only 3600 campsites in the state park system, that people are trying to reserve and there are well over 100,000 commercial campsites that those visitors can use. Well alrighty then. Sounds like at least one resident doesn't want low life out of towners to visit their precious state parks. Im at least grateful that your lawmakers don't ban out of state visitors from your state parks. I will continue to use your state parks as long as I can make a reservation, and when I can't, I reckon I'll just take my tourism dollars elsewhere. The price of your 100,000 commercial campsites can be over the top. Why? Because they can? And if people didn't pay it, they wouldn't be sold out. Trust me, these RV parks are equally hard to get reservations at during the winter. Is that the real reason for the complaints? That Floridians don't want to pay the higher cost at RV resorts, so lets force our visitors to do that? I don't know what other states do the same thing. I don't believe Georgia does, and there are a lot of nice places to hang out here in Georgia and we don't discriminate. If residents have a month head start on reservations, then I think it will likely all but eliminate out of state visitors going to the top state parks. If those parks are truly sold out the vast majority of the time, then a handful of lucky Floridians will have an extra shot, but the majority of your residents will likely still not be able to take advantage. Then what will they complain about? It is as complicated or as simple as you want to make it. Simple is everyone is treated equally and fairly. Complicated is trying to implement some sort of favoritism process which will favor a few, but still impact the masses. Then someone will change it again to avoid some segment of society pitching a fit... Lather, rinse, repeat. Then someone will dream up a solution to treat everyone fairly and not discriminate. Mike
Walaby 01/24/23 05:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fifth Wheel toppers

If you have a helping hand, they aren't hard to install. etrailer.com has some good videos on how to measure to get the right length, how to install etc.. I purchased mine from etrailer and highly recommend them. Had one with shipping damage. Took pic and they sent a new one right away. As far as installs, agree with fj12ryder... look around for an independent RV repair shop, or a mobile rv repair. It took me about half a day to install 4. Mike
Walaby 01/23/23 07:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

I agree with Plasticmaster. When Im at Florida state parks, the majority of campers have Florida tags. My impression is Floridians are competing against other Floridians, and some out of state campers. I don't know that changing the rules to allow residents to make reservations before non-residents will do much to actually change what happens at the popular parks. I can understand the sentiment that locals, paying taxes that support the parks, should get priority, but tourism is the number one business for Florida, is it not? How do you think this rule will impact tourism? Popular parks will remain popular and still be just as difficult to get in, in my opinion. Mike
Walaby 01/23/23 04:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

Even if the sewer connection is two hoses away you can “walk” the contents down the hose from the rig to the sewer connection. In all my years of owning parks I never saw a guest crawling under their rig to walk the contents of a sewer hose from on side of the rig to the other. Actually, I did it once at a park (near Disney), where we wanted to park the opposite direction so doors faced our friends. I asked and they said okay. I have also done it several times when dumping at my house. It's not easy, but doable if careful. It helps if you have a cap for your hose. I just capped it and crawled under and moved it to the other side, then walked it to the sewer connection. Mike
Walaby 01/10/23 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

I'm up early, really early. If the nose LEDs are still on I leave a polite note on the offending windshield. It's actually worked a time or two. Somebody mentioned a deaf eye. That's not how it goes 'bro. :B I get if someone has super bright lights that shine in your window, but if it's not impacting you, why even care? Mike
Walaby 01/09/23 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

I asked them why they were treating me like that and how come they were so nice to me the night before when I "saved them" from the bat. They apologized and said they didn't recognize me and said they would have been nicer if they had known it was me. I suggested that they try being nice to everyone all the time until the customer gives them a reason to treat them otherwise. This broke the spell and they went back to being their snotty selves again. Some people shouldn't work with the public. I just don't get people like that. They must have a generally unhappy life, and want to make sure everyone they encounter has an equally unhappy life (or moment in time). I will never understand that behavior. Mike
Walaby 01/09/23 06:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

I've been reading this thread since the Wapiti started it. I actually am on his side through this. There undoubtedly has to be some level of discretion when enforcing the rules. Heck, police officers have discretion over varying degrees of infractions, certainly the business owner can as well. I would be willing to bet Wapiti has enforced his fair share of violations. I doubt he lets his guests just run rampant without a care in the world. He asked for suggestions on how to handle things better and zero input (as he says). Problem is, how many campground owners would actually SEE a speeder ripping through the campground? If seen first hand, I'd say no tolerance. But if a guest complains, and you confront said violator and he says no I wasn't.. I was maybe doing 15 in the 10MPH, then what? Lord knows I have checked myself doing 15 in a 10 in a campground and Im sure most everyone here has as well. Same with the incessant dog barking. Violator can just disagree and say "no, my dog didn't bark. So, unless the campground owner, or camp host has first hand knowledge, then what? Take the word of the complainer over the violator? What if the complainer was mad at the violator for some other reason? He looked at my wife wrong? He left his porch light on after 1000... whatever. If I were the business owner, I would handle this he said/she said with discretion. Odds are the violator probably will adjust his behavior knowing someone is watching. I will freely admit that at times, I may have inadvertently violated a rule or two. Yes, my responsibility to read the rules, so Im responsible. If I did inadvertently (like even 20MPH in a 10MPH zone), I would be grateful for the discretion. Now, if multiple witnesses saw me flying around the campground then I deserve what I get. Mike
Walaby 01/08/23 08:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

Great list. I laughed out loud and then shared with my wife. Unfortunately, while I did laugh, many of those are not really laughing matters, more sad, but probably very truthful experiences. BTW - Once I discovered the posting reservation process, I love it. I have mine set to start at top of page 2. Mike
Walaby 01/04/23 05:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Not bad for 11 years and 240,000 miles.

Maybe Likes to Tow should focus on towing? Just sayin Love the old truck and camper pics. Reminds me of the one my dad had with his 72 Ford long bed. I loved that truck. Mike
Walaby 12/24/22 01:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 24 feet versus 26' dilemma, have to decide fast

Im sure you'll do fine. Just take your time and pay attention. Im sure if people knew how I jumped into TT/5er towing they'd have a heart attack and tell me I was bound to kill either myself or some unsuspecting motorist. As long as you remember you're in a larger vehicle and you need more time to make sure things are clear, etc, you should be fine. 24/26 foot should easily be manageable, even for a newbie. Heck, they turn school bus drivers loose after a few hours of training. Mike
Walaby 12/21/22 12:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Campground close to Atlanta

Check the Corps of Engineers campgrounds. Not sure about pull through a but many of their sites are 70+ ft. If you are going between now and Mar they may be closed. There are several near Atlanta depending on definition of near. Mike
Walaby 12/16/22 08:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Overloaded or wrong truck?

RCMAN46 said: "What transmission did you have to have replaced?" I had a very slight amount of weeping on my AISIN so I decided to have them reseal it under warranty. The Trans guy at the Dealer has a great rep in the Valley. Bottom line he rarely touched an AISIN and assumed like many other trans you could simply split it and replace the gasket. WRONG!!! He actually ordered a new gasket and did the seal a second time tested it and all was well. I get 45 miles from home when the "trans too hot" appears and lost most all power. Upon further investigation by the tech he said the proper procedure was to remove the trans and have tail upright separate and add new gasket and re assemble. The Dealer turned it in on my Warranty and as I said I had to tell them my weights I was towing along with my receipts for fluid and filter changes. I wish I had just left the slight seepage, oh well! I do have a 2 year 100k additional warranty now. So the dealer performed the work improperly, which resulted in damage, and they filed it under the warranty. I know/am sure it's done all the time, but that's just plain wrong. Dealer should have sucked it up because they basically got paid by the warranty department to fix their screw up, not a failed part. Wonder what they would have done if the warranty department said they wouldn't cover it, for whatever reason. Since you had to demonstrate you stayed within all specs, had fluid changes on schedule etc, Im pretty positive they never told warranty department it was THEIR screw up. Mike
Walaby 12/15/22 03:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gulf coast trip

Okay.. so, you asked for recommendations, and people gave them and the response is thanks but you've done your own research? So, why post and ask for recommendations? How about sharing what YOU decided? Interesting. Mike
Walaby 11/04/22 07:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Theft at a State park.......

Don’t let staying in a State Park give you a false sense of security, I was at the State Park in Lake Havasu in my truck camper, full hook ups, I unplugged my power cable but left my expensive surge protector locked to the electrical post, went around town, came back and the surge protector was gone! I complained to the front desk they asked around and then the Ranger came by with my surge protector! He said the “help” had thought I was gone and took it for safe keeping in case I would return. They didn’t check if I was there another night, which I was, they kept it in their shed, not the front desk, where I would have gone. I told the Ranger I was going to call the City Police and he wanted no part of that, so they credited me with my entire stay for free. Don’t trust anyone or any place…. So someone did a good deed and you became a male Karen over the deal...pathetic...I thought the same thing. I would have been thankful someone was trying to get it back to me. Same same. I would have thanked them for securing it and grateful I got it back. Sorry egarant, but I think your reaction is a tad over the top. Okay, maybe more than a tad.... Mike
Walaby 11/04/22 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Gulf coast trip

Gulf State Park. Been there probably half a dozen times. Great state park. Another trip planned there in October of next year Mike
Walaby 10/27/22 07:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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