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RE: Looking for feedback on restricted workamper options

Im not a workcamper, but those I've talked to, at least here in the Southeast, tend to stay for 90 days or so. Some less. Some even more than that. I would think you could find someone willing to do that. Mike
Walaby 05/04/21 07:47am Workamping Forum
RE: PullRite Super Glide hitch question

Ok... I didn't know they made the Superglide in 2010 or so. Thought that was a newer hitch, but know I see on their website they have the traditional series and the ISR series. Looks like prior to 2008 require Conventional Grease 2008-2009 uses something called Slip Plate After Dec 2009 to current calls for WD40 Like I said.. didn't realize the Superglide was that old. Mike
Walaby 05/03/21 08:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: PullRite Super Glide hitch question

Interesting JIMLIN because PullRite recommends WD40. Page 6 of users manual When storing the SuperGlide hitch, you should be sure that the Fifth Wheel Plate parts and Way Tubes are lubricated with WD-40 to ****** the formation of rust. Cover the entire assembly to prevent accumulation of dirt, grime, or rust. To protect against rust and to enhance the ease of turning on the Way Tubes, a light oil (WD-40 or a 3-in-1 oil) should be applied to the Way Tubes’ top and inward facing sides and between the front and rear openings in the Plastic Wear Plates positioned around the Turntable/Cam Arm Shaft. The PullRite Superglide is my first, and currently only, 5er hitch, and I love it. It's pretty **** heavy though. Mike
Walaby 05/02/21 08:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rv-ers prefer Duramax?

Just within eyeshot of my campground are 4 Fords, three Rams and one Chevy. Mike
Walaby 05/01/21 01:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailering

Guess this post also doesn't mean much to OP, since it's been two days and he hasn't responded back on it. Mike
Walaby 04/21/21 01:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Significant impact on RVing!!

Agree with 2112, the GOV owes me my SS, I pay into medicare, so I feel they owe me something for that. Getting this discount, or any discount for that matter, is not a right, and Im not owed it. At best it's a privilege and a gift, that can easily erode or disappear. I served 22 years in the military, so they also owe me my military retirement. I feel they reneged on my "free" healthcare for life, but clearly I have far far cheaper insurance than the average American. For those who say they are owed because they've been paying in for a long time, that, to me, is just ridiculous. Mike
Walaby 04/17/21 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Washington state bans new gas light vehicle sales as of 2030

Grew up in Washington, back before it became infested with idiot politicians and others from the liberal states to the south. Have family still living there. Brother will leave as soon as he retires. Sister kinda stuck. Sorry state of affairs. Doubt I will be able to return other than a short visit in my lifetime unfortunately. It is (or was) a beautiful state. I just couldn't live there with the current politics. Mike
Walaby 04/15/21 06:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hyperinflating RV prices and people who pay any price

Supply and Demand. People want them and are willing to pay for it. Problem will be the inevitable loss when many of these people find out they really don't like Camping/RVing/Glamping. I will bet 80-90+ percent of people who purchased, did so on the 30 year (or more) payment plan, and have no idea what they got into. Look ma, it's only $250 a month!
Walaby 03/22/21 05:47pm Truck Campers
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

I'd sure like to get an update from the OP. Mike
Walaby 03/14/21 11:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Star Link

Im 61 and I do play some video games. Can't keep up with my grandson on Call of Duty or Fortnight though. Mike
Walaby 03/08/21 02:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

I signed up for it. I just purchased 7 acres of land in a rural area that does not have any internet options except for Hughes.Net. DSL only available for people who have it today. Planning on building a house and hoping to move out there by end of the year. So, hoping Starlink will be available here by then. May not be perfect, but will be better than 2-3 bars of cell service with a hotspot. Mike
Walaby 03/07/21 04:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Resuming Rving... ideas dealing with Covid.

Cracks me up seeing people driving in their cars alone with masks on. The dimwits don't seem to understand that these cloth masks really on provide a modicum of protection for others around the mask wearer. The dishrag over your nose and mouth does ZERO to keep you from inhaling the virus. Other than wearing masks when entering a public area (store etc), and working from home still, my routine and actions have been largely unchanged. We still go out to eat with friends of ours on the weekend, we still go RVing. I have sanitizer with me I use after pumping gas and after being in the restaurant. But, other than that, life is pretty much unaffected. Mike
Walaby 03/06/21 05:57pm Family Camping
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

I would think that since no HOA was established when the developer gave up his interest in the community, the covenants are no longer effective or enforceable. There MUST be an organization in place that contains in its bylaws or articles of incorporation, the stated covenants in question. Consequently, no HOA in place, no enforceable restrictions. ryoung There you go thinking... Before I dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house, I would talk to a lawyer like OP said he was going to do, or maybe has. I can't imagine going up in front of a judge and saying "Judge, the guys on RV.NET said it would be okay and the covenants are not enforceable. Something tells me that wouldn't go over very well (grin) Mike
Walaby 03/01/21 06:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Resuming Rving... ideas dealing with Covid.

RVing provides a great opportunity to socially distance etc.. perhaps even better than what you can do living at home. You have to get gas to do your local whatevers, so follow the same precautions when gassing up on the road. You have to get groceries etc while at home, so just follow the same protocols while on your trip, and try to stock up as much as possible before you leave. Other than that, you are essentially (or can be) isolated, which is a great thing. I would just do what has worked for you, and keep that up while on the road. Mike
Walaby 03/01/21 01:16pm Family Camping
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

I've tried the swoop/scoop but have never been able to make it work. Dedmiston, reading how you did it, I might have been doing it a little wrong. My issue has always been my TV is too close to the curb after completing the swoop. I'll have to try it again a little slower this time around. Mike
Walaby 02/26/21 03:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: The Horrible RV Magazine

Don't expect a response, and don't expect anything to change. Mike
Walaby 02/26/21 12:22pm Good Sam Club
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

Some good advice here. I'll just add 1. Take it slow 2. Don't sweat it if you miss the mark. Just patiently start over. My last camping trip, it was like I totally forgot how to back up. No matter what I did, the trailer didn't cooperate. It was in an easy back in slot with no obstacles but it took me forever to get in. Afterwards our camping buddies and I had a great laugh. Some times it just be like that. Mike
Walaby 02/26/21 05:52am Travel Trailers
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

Im just mildly curious. Did OP actually go to the neighbor and say "hey, Im thinking of buying this place, and I have an RV... Do you have a problem with that"? I guess I assume something like that transpired. Otherwise, why would she even comment or know he has an RV? Or, OP, did you see the CC&R and then ask the neighbor? Either way, I guess it's good you found out before you bought the place. With the CC&R written the way you describe, I wouldn't have even gotten to the point of considering it personally. Mike
Walaby 02/22/21 09:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Reservation blues - UPDATED

If I were to summarize, you are upset because someone reserved your site when you chose not to? How is someone on line supposed to know not to book an open site because you are there and wanted to keep it? If you wanted to stay there why didn't you just book it yourself? Maybe I am missing something. Yeah, I think your missing something. I believe he said reservations could only be made 3 days out. He found his site open, took it for two days, tried to make the reservation for day 3 through 12 (remember, reservations 3 days out), and someone had already reserved it. I don't think he's "upset" or mad. He's got the reservation for day 4 through whatever, and hoping he can convince the person who has it for one day to take another spot. If I were that person, and there were open spots that I could fit into near it, I'd switch no problem. Different story if that was the only site open I could fit in. And I wouldn't accept your money Oldman.. I'd just consider it an act of kindness that is far to rare in today's society unfortunately. Mike
Walaby 02/21/21 07:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Why is 5th wheel standard vs Gooseneck?

Reese Goosebox weighs about 225lbs. My Pullrite Superglide weighs nearly 300, but I know other 5th wheel hitches weigh less than 300, so weight difference is probably overall minimal. Of course, if Goosebox REPLACES existing pinbox (which Im guessing it does), then weight differential is greater. I believe the Reese Goosebox is the only gooseneck that Lippert will not void the warranty if you use. Ease of hookup is another Im sure, but how much harder is it to hook up a gooseneck than it is to hook up a bumper pull TT? In terms of why INDUSTRY went this way, Im sure it had to do with the frame stresses and the ability for manufacturers to use cheaper pin boxes, and not have to worry about compatibility. If a buyer wants a different pinbox, they will ask for it and pay for it accordingly. Mike
Walaby 02/19/21 12:44pm Fifth-Wheels
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