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RE: 5er accidents

I'm in agreement that RV dealers need to be held liable if they sell a rig to someone they =know= will be towing with a truck that's simply not meant for hauling something that size. Doubly liable if they actually set up the truck for the customer. There =are= the occasional dealers that will refuse to sell a trailer to someone if their truck's too small. With FWs, =tow= ratings mean almost nothing; it's =payload= that's the controlling factor. Lyle While I agree there's dealers that will sell anyone anything to make a buck, isn't it the consumer who should be held accountable? Or maybe it should be the truck manufacturer, because after all, they show a Toyota Tundra pulling a Space Shuttle. Mike
Walaby 09/09/21 03:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

I've been keeping mine in the carry bag for several years now with no negative effect. yes, I have the slight tacky residue but it hasn't transferred over to the carry bag. Whatever works though Mike
Walaby 09/09/21 03:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

I clean my after each use. And especially before I pack up to move on. Not that hard. Why would you want to pack a dirty/greasy top? Mike
Walaby 09/08/21 07:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Use Both Lanes Until Merge Point"

Yes, the lane is technically "open until it's not", but the reason for the signs are to alert you that the lane will end in "x" feet and as a result of that warning, it is expected that one will merge when it is safe to do so, and not at the end of the lane. I have never seen a sign that says keep going and then merge at this point (at the end). Mike
Walaby 09/06/21 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: "Use Both Lanes Until Merge Point"

I've not seen a "Use both lanes" or a "merge here" sign. I do see lane ends in "x feet" If Im with my RV and I see that, I merge when it's safe to do so, not wait until the end. I don't have enough faith in fellow drivers to allow this zipper effect to actually happen towing a 40 ft trailer. Mike
Walaby 09/04/21 04:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Use Both Lanes Until Merge Point"

Since this is a RV site, I hope none of you merge at the last point with your RV. Although I suspect there are a few who would. Mike
Walaby 09/04/21 12:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Atlanta

Travel trailers can go through I-75. I've done it both ways with my 5er. Straight through on I-75 and then the bypass. Done both bypasses (East and West). If you can't avoid Atlanta entirely, I would just go through in middle of the day, straight on I-75. Stay in second lane from right, as several right lanes end up being exit only. My 5er is 40 foot. Mike
Walaby 08/28/21 08:01am Roads and Routes
RE: Scary moment towing my 5er around Denver last week

I think the reason you have no idea is because there's no conceivable guideline that would prevent something as stupid as this from happening. MikeToo fast for conditions, consecutive lane changes, using the median, unsafe lane change, failure to maintain minimum speed, turn signals?. I think only three violations to move up to a misdemeanor of reckless driving. The question dealt with how to devise tighter controls to restrict who gets a license. Has nothing to do with how many violations this person committed. To device tighter controls on who can have a drivers license, you would have to predict stupidity. Mike
Walaby 08/22/21 09:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Scary moment towing my 5er around Denver last week

I do think we should demand tighter controls on who gets and keeps a drivers license. yep, that's what we need allright. more govt. red tape and regulations. :S bumpy Ya , that would be crappy saving life’s :R please summarize exactly what controls you would impose that would have prevented this incident. If a patrol man/sheriff, etc. would have seen this occur I would assume the driver would be cited for reckless driving. but again, how do you test for stupidity? bumpy No idea , my point was just the fact of why not have some better guidelines, anything would be an improvement over who gets a drivers license , it’s pretty clear many do not belong behind the wheel , and get people killed . I agree it’s tough to regulate. I'll go out on a limb and say you'd have to devise a test to somehow predict someone is going to be an idiot. It's easy to say "there ought to be a law"... much more difficult to figure out what that law should be. Last I checked we don't have machines to predict stupidity in the future. I think the reason you have no idea is because there's no conceivable guideline that would prevent something as stupid as this from happening. Mike
Walaby 08/22/21 05:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Scary moment towing my 5er around Denver last week

My dash cam comes on when the truck starts, and when the memory gets full, it overwrites the oldest image. That's how most work. Easy to install as long as you can find a keyed 12v source close enough to the dash cam. or, some come with cigarette lighter adapter. Mike
Walaby 08/22/21 05:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Scary moment towing my 5er around Denver last week

I do think we should demand tighter controls on who gets and keeps a drivers license. No, we just need the idiots to weed themselves out through attrition. Mike
Walaby 08/21/21 05:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just experienced our first Non-refundable campground

Next time you encounter a no refund policy reservation...... ask if you could an extra 10% in advance to have the possibility of a refund.To an owner that would scream we want to stay at a different park but can’t get a reservation. Therefore we are booking with you as a backup, But we will be checking with the other park daily to see if they have a cancellation and then we will exercise that cancellation clause, you will refund our 10% larger deposit and you will be collecting 10% more of ZERO. (Less the credit card fees for both the deposit and the refund) Yup... and if I were the owner and had a no refund policy, I'd say "sure, you can add 10% and I will give you the option to cancel and get a 10% refund. Mike
Walaby 08/14/21 12:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any use for portable 30a EMS on 50a Trailer?

Only if plugged into 30 amps Even if plugged into 30 Amp, the hard wired EMS would still work. Mike
Walaby 08/14/21 12:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Any use for portable 30a EMS on 50a Trailer?

Only to give to a fellow RVer that you see might not have a 30A EMS.. Or to sell Mike
Walaby 08/14/21 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: Just experienced our first Non-refundable campground

Since the campground that had the no refund policy was not directly affected by the wildfire, I don't think the act of god excuse is valid. Granted, the reason he had the reservation was because he was stopping overnight on the way and now did not have a reason to keep his reservation. I don't see that as the campgrounds issue. I have made reservations with a no refund policy. Knew it up front, decided the risk was worth it, and I have had to cancel before. Usually, the campground will let you change for a date in the future. At least the one in Florida that I had to cancel at the last minute allowed me to transfer reservation to same time the next year. Suppose you could try that route. What's the negative review going to say? Campground has a no refund policy and they wouldn't give me my money back when I canceled? If I read a review like that, I'd chalk it up to sour grapes and it wouldn't affect my decision one bit. It would be nice if they made an exception, but since their policy is pretty clear, and you knew it, I guess it is what it is. Mike
Walaby 08/12/21 08:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can I rent your RV?

Just tell them you don't enter into business arrangements with friends and you won't rent to them because you don't want to jeopardize friendship. Or simply say No, as you said, you don't need to explain yourself. Our thoughts don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Mike
Walaby 08/03/21 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Least expensive EZ-Pass

I second (or third) the Florida Sunpass which works in all EZ Pass locations. $15.00 for the transponder, don't have to be a Fla resident, no monthly charge. I use it periodically here in Georgia (around Atlanta), and have used it twice in Fla over the past 5 years or so. Mike
Walaby 08/02/21 04:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rec Pro RV furniture

Sounds good. Only thing to be aware of, if the recliners you are getting for free are the leather ones, you'll be back looking at Rec Pro or other solutions in a couple years max. Mike
Walaby 07/19/21 06:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winegard 360 replacement

Just looked at the Rayzar. Max receiver capability of one? Does that mean only one TV can receive/tune the input and any other TV's connected can only view the channel that the primary TV is on? Not sure I like that. We have two TV's in our RV and do have occasions to use both. Mike
Walaby 07/18/21 08:08am Technology Corner
RE: Possible Canada boarder opening mid August

Uniform vaccine identification program will never work in my opinion. Nor should we want it (also my opinion). What's to stop "the world" from using that process for other things. Slippery slope to world policing. I think the vaccine cards we get when we get our vaccine should be enough to prove vaccine. Sure, someone can maybe buy a fake one, but the number of people who would do that would be small. I hope the border opens up soon. Tourism has taken a big hit, and the industry can use the relief. And PackerBacker - hope you get to see your RV soon. Hope it held up to the elements for the past two years. Mike
Walaby 07/17/21 07:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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