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RE: Bad Ground wire taillights Dim

Didn't have 40 feet or so of wire either to connect to the battery. Use a long 120V extension cord as a jumper. Connect prongs to neg battery post, insert neg meter probe into female slot of cord. Check voltage on both sides of the bulb to see which leg has most of the voltage drop. To check a ground point use a sharp needle to puncture the ground wire insulation near the ground point and measure voltage to bat ground with current flowing. Also measure frame voltage to bat ground with current flowing. If the voltage drop is distributed over very long wire runs switch to leds to reduce current and voltage loss. Also works for dim halogen headlights. Looks like water stands in that area. Right, seal entry or drill a drain hole.
Wild Bill 888 10/11/19 02:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Conditioner in toy hauler keeps drawing more amps

The filter protects the cooling heat exchanger from dirt dust pollen etc., but there is an outside air exchanger that dumps the heat, that is less well protected. As air flow is restricted, temperature and pressure increases loading the compressor more. The most effective cleaning is with a medium velocity flow of water in the reverse direction of air flow. A high velocity flow will bend the fins over and plug the core.
Wild Bill 888 09/03/19 09:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford 460 motorhome running hot

If the plugs all look identical that rules out individual cylinder problems, rings, piston, valves, plug, plug wire, fuel injector. Your then looking for a problem that affects all the cylinders, fuel pressure, timing, cooling system. You mentioned you have an accurate remote temperature probe that is showing a high water discharge temperature from the engine. Can you move it to measure water inlet temperature, Radiator outlet temperature? A high reading, say above 170 when the outlet is 200, indicates a lack of air flow, fan clutch not working or bugs/dust clogging air channels, or a large fraction of water channels plugged resulting in high velocity flow in the remaining channels with little temperature drop. A low reading, say less than 150 with outlet of 200, indicates low water flow, closed thermostat, plugged up or broken water pump, inlet hose collapsed under suction. It may self regulate at 220 because system pressure inflates the collapsed hose. BTW, when my engine was running rough, not overheating, the problem was oil and dirt contamination on the timing pickup sensor and toothed wheel in the bottom of the distributor head. The clue was timing light jumping around randomly over 20 degrees.
Wild Bill 888 08/24/19 12:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford 460 motorhome running hot

My SPOUT plug was next to the ignition module on the driver side firewall. Winnebago conveniently mounted a fuse box over it, took weeks to find. It had enough slack wire to remount in a better location with better cooling.
Wild Bill 888 08/23/19 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford 460 motorhome running hot

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues. A few thoughts come to mind. Check all eight plugs, they should look identical light gray/tan, not burned/melted. While the plugs are out have somebody rock the crankshaft over top dead center and verify that it really is tdc. Set timing by the procedure with spout jumper out. Verify normal response with spout in. Have an assistant work the throttle while you watch the marks with a timing light. The timing should be stable, not bouncing around. Gradual throttle up under no load should produce a large advance, a momentary goose to full throttle should ****** the timing. My 93 460 has heat shields on the exhaust manifold, perhaps your yours were removed at some point. Try running with thermostat removed. Not a problem this time of year and you can cover part of the radiator if it runs too cold. Restricted fuel flow usually shows up as a misfire at full throttle and high rpm. It should run normal at moderate power. What gas mileage are you getting? Wow, is this a politically correct website, it won’t post the word ret@rd?
Wild Bill 888 08/22/19 08:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford 460 motorhome running hot

Double post
Wild Bill 888 08/22/19 07:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery acid crud on top of battery

Instead of grease get a longer lasting seal with100 % silicon rtv. Wait several hours for the battery to depressurize. Gently wash with a low velocity flow of water to avoid splashing. Remove cable, wash again, use high speed water to clean out cracks. Allow to dry completely, use compressed air if available. Apply a bead of silicone around the terminal. Wearing a rubber glove press the rtv into the plastic around the terminal to fill cracks. Apply another bead around the terminal and reinstall the cable. Allow to cure overnight before starting engine.
Wild Bill 888 08/21/19 11:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Atwood Water Heater Relay - Stuck Closed Again

Amazon has a 40 amp solid state relay for $10. Remote mount on a convenient heat sink.
Wild Bill 888 08/20/19 02:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: AC issues,

Disconnect thermostat at the unit, clicking should stop. Jumper ac thermostat input, unit should run continuously. If so Chris is probably right. If not the problem is in the ac or its power supply.
Wild Bill 888 08/06/19 02:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Final troubleshooting for Ford 460 motorhome, advise?

No need to remove cat for a brief test, just loosen upstream bolts and break apart to create a small gap, say 1/4 to 3/8 inch. You may have to cut the bolts and replace with new. Try starting out in second gear, 2, and 1, and shifting from 1 to 2 at speed, there should be a big difference in acceleration and shift points. The transmission linkage may have been bent during engine removal.
Wild Bill 888 08/05/19 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Final troubleshooting for Ford 460 motorhome, advise?

Sounds similar to starting in second gear. Do you have the E4OD and do you get 3 shifts to high gear, not including torque converter lock ups that may feel like a gear change.
Wild Bill 888 08/04/19 11:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Oil Change Frequency

For small generators with no oil filter I change frequently and dump the slightly used oil in the car or motorhome with high quality filters.
Wild Bill 888 08/04/19 01:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Monitor choices

Here is a general tip for simplifying an installation and reducing voltage losses. You can often use the ground cable on the battery as a substitute shunt. Choose the length of wire with resistance equal to the shunt. Tap into the cable by simply screwing in a small brass screw at the correct length. Most units have current calibration capability that can compensate for variations.
Wild Bill 888 07/31/19 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: DeOxIT D100L An Opinion

Copper wire can be soldered to aluminum bus bar for a permanent very low resistance connection. Sand clean the aluminum surface. Tin the busbar with a thin film of fluxless low temperature aluminum solder. Melt a thick layer of 60/40 solder into the molten aluminum solder. Fan the copper strands out to cover the prepared area and tin them. Reheat the busbar and melt the copper wire into the prepared surface.
Wild Bill 888 07/27/19 02:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone recognize this wheel? Need to replac one.

Just buy two new wheels that are as similar as you can find. Then you can have matching wheels on each side and a spare wheel. Anybody who complains that they are not identical on both sides is probably too annoying to be around.
Wild Bill 888 07/24/19 05:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Model year differences

Check battery manufacturers date stamp, load test them.
Wild Bill 888 07/21/19 03:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Honda 2000 not drawing gas from aux fuel tank

Could also be leftover high volatility winter gas at high temp and high altitude.
Wild Bill 888 07/03/19 04:10am Tech Issues
RE: Dangerous?

When considering the risk of doing something you also have to consider the risk of doing something else instead. Having a modern maintenance free battery with catalytic combiners and a vent to tube inside your rv will not expose you to any harmful vapors during normal operation. The Energy released in a hydrogen explosion depends on the volume of hydrogen/oxygen mixture available. In a modern high density maintenance free battery that would be measured in cubic inches, in a battery compartment it will be cubic feet, three orders of magnitude more energy released. A traditional battery compartment under your bedroom could be more likely to kill you in your sleep.
Wild Bill 888 06/30/19 02:01pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C on 20 amp

Verify no other big loads on the circuit like a room ac.
Wild Bill 888 06/29/19 11:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Dangerous?

So, You build a battery box, the battery fails the box burns your overcome by smoke and die in your sleep, the trailer burns, the propane tank explodes, nothing left but ashes. Don’t use batteries, don’t drive don’t fly don’t ride a bicycle everything you do is dangerous, don’t do it. In the end you will die. Google “battery Vent tube”.
Wild Bill 888 06/29/19 11:13am Tech Issues
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