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RE: Reddog1 "Wayne"

Sad to hear. Lost a BIL to pancreatic cancer a few years ago. RIP Reddog1.
Z-Peller 07/02/20 09:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Happijac

Do you mean the camper batteries are new, or the remote batteries?.... my jacks quit working one time and remote did strange things. I tried the cord plugged into the jack control box and still would not work. I replaced the remote control battery and that turned out to be the problem. Everything worked fine after that.
Z-Peller 06/24/20 10:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot carpeted ceilings -clean, remove, cover?

I wouldn't be in a big hurry to steam clean. Material is glued to Luan with contact cement. On my 2002 BF I washed the roof one time without having a vent completely shut by accident and shot water down the vent. It caused a lot of brown staining a couple of inches out from vent trim on inside ceiling. I'm pretty sure the brown stains bled thru from the wet Luan wood... I left it for months trying to figure out what I should do, then wife said maybe try using Oxi-Clean laundry stain remover on it. I pulled the plastic trim off then used an Oxi-Clean spray bottle to wet material, then right away used a small sponge to work it so I wouldn't pull loops out of the fuzzy material like a brush might. I had my wet/dry shop vac there too and sucked the cleaner out of the material after working it. I went over it twice and later when it dried completely there was no trace of a stain or that the area of fuzzy stuff had been worked on...only thing I would be careful about is if the whole ceiling is too dirty then the cleaned area might show as a whiter patch.
Z-Peller 06/23/20 03:39pm Truck Campers
RE: How to I Set up my Portable Solar Panel

I am buying a portable solar panel. Do I just plug it in or is there more to it? Look at buying a solar charging kit or suitcase solar charging kit. It will come with a controller already attached and 10 feet or so of wire. You may have to adapt the solar wire connector to be compatible with plugging in to your trailer solar receptacle.....
Z-Peller 06/11/20 11:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Happijac Help

When you pulled the jack apart and greased etc, did you pull off the cinch spring and check the roller bearing in there?... use emery cloth to clean up the thrust block sufaces and washer the bearing runs on?...I have also had to emery cloth rust from the hand crank barrel and bore when it is apart..
Z-Peller 06/11/20 01:26am Truck Campers
RE: Rear View Camera

Mine is wireless partner to my Garmin GPS. Wired it to my Lic plate light so is active with parking lights on. Is useful going down the road to see if someone is tucked in tight behind you out of mirrors view, but most useful in busy parking lots to make sure someone hasn't walked across behind camper as you start to backup.
Z-Peller 06/07/20 02:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Canadian “snow bird” numbers?

Maybe StatsCan?...when we came home Mar18, among questions asked by CBSA at Peace Arch border crossing was : Q. How long in USA? A. Since Jan 4. Q. Do you do this often? A. Yes, 14 years. Q. Consecutively? A. Yes. Q. Are you returning home earlier than usual? A. Yes
Z-Peller 04/10/20 12:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bigfoot 25C10.6E door strut size

On my previous BF the strut was on the top of the door, but on this one it is on the bottom so not sure if same length. Sticker on mine says "Signature Series Gas Springs" made by "Newport Engineering Associates Inc"..... www.mygassprings.com Their website shows a whole bunch of models...mine is: part# SX200P...12" closed/ 20" open. Hope this helps
Z-Peller 03/31/20 10:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot 25C10.6E door strut size

Top of door or bottom?...why not email Grant at Bigfoot with year of your camper and ask him.
Z-Peller 03/28/20 06:33pm Truck Campers
RE: 2WD or 4X4 for a truck camper

Not sure what you are saying is incorrect since you seem to be agreeing with me. . I didn’t say LEO could figure it out, but it’s the rule any way. Signs are also mostly for commercial vehicles which our passenger trucks aren’t in many states. Just trying to clarify GVW versus GVWR is all....many people get it wrong it seems..... I carry chains in season so that I am legal in places that say chains must be carried (my GVWR is well over 10,000 though like most of the newer 3500/350 duallies, but I am just a non commercial pickup truck hauling an RV camper so interpretation of the chains law would depend on the LEO and circumstances at the time I guess )..
Z-Peller 10/25/19 03:38pm Truck Campers
RE: 2WD or 4X4 for a truck camper

It’s GVW not GVWR. Back to my point of needing a truck without truck camper, law or not, almost all trucks are under 10K GVW unless you are hauling a significant load. Sorry, but that is not correct.... GVW =Gross Vehicle Weight. This is what my vehicle weighs at any given time according to how it is loaded. This is not known by anyone without driving over a scale. GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is what is on the manufacturer door post sticker weight rating for my vehicle. This is the rating posted on the road signs. This would be the only reference figures a LEO could use. They have no way of knowing my GVW unless they had a portable road scale.
Z-Peller 10/25/19 12:09pm Truck Campers
RE: 2WD or 4X4 for a truck camper

Well, honestly, I travelled all over BC, Texas, Alaska, east to Newfoundland, many trips to Arizona, all with camper on 2 w/d truck, and never an issue. Drove in snow at times too.....however, this was never off road travel....When I bought a trailer I decided I might need 4x4 just for backing into some soft ground camping spots, or towing in snow if I got caught getting over a pass....this proved to be a good thing as 4x4 did save my butt a couple of times with the trailer.....now I into a camper again with 4x4 truck and honestly, only use it for climbing up onto blocks when leveling at camping spot.
Z-Peller 10/25/19 11:50am Truck Campers
RE: Half of one of the trailer's LED brake/signal light is out

Bad LED's...I just had the same problem with 3 yrs old Bargman....I bought their replacement LED light module....easy to replace..take out 2 screws to pull module off and snip 3 wires ...crimp connect new unit wires on and remount. ....if it is a retrofit unit that replaced 1156 bulbs, then even easier to replace as no wire snipping involved. An 1156 bulb base comes attached to module wires...Take the faulty module out to check which kind before buying new one.
Z-Peller 10/20/19 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Why aren't Truck Campers popular in W. Pa.?

Looks like a bulge above the propane compartment. Could be de- bonding of the fiberglass to the insulation. Stress point for the cab over. Good eye! I didn’t notice it when I posted. That is a reflection or photo aberition....enlarge and look closely, the apparent distortion runs right down thru the aluminum propane door....I have owned three dfferent Bigfoots' since 2002 and never a problem with molded fiberglass shell.
Z-Peller 10/19/19 11:36am Truck Campers
RE: Just a thought on truck campers place here

Z-Peller 10/17/19 11:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Seat belts in a camper?

Yes, was done back in the day....Others will chime in from different States, but as far as I know nowdays it is totally illegal to have anyone in a truck camper when it is moving.
Z-Peller 10/17/19 05:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Just a thought on truck campers place here

I think a lot of the problem is with the definition of the word "camper"... if you go to the trailer forum many people refer to their rig as a "camper" ....no folks, it is a trailer, and a camper is a totally different rig. A "camper" by definition on this Open Roads forum is a rig hauled in the box of a truck and does not have any wheels. Truck Campers have their own forum on here for that reason.
Z-Peller 10/17/19 09:42am Truck Campers
RE: Class A electrical system setup - no dealer guidance

When you are plugged in to shore power most rigs have a "converter" wired into the system that keeps your batteries charged. When you are using "inverter" for 110v power, you must switch off the "converter" breaker on 110v breaker panel, otherwise you have the "inverter" using up battery power running the "converter" which is a battery charger. Big time loosing proposition. Will run your batteries down very rapidly. Sounds like this is what is happening to you in addition to other things mentioned....
Z-Peller 10/15/19 11:09am Tech Issues
RE: Sealing underside edge of counter top

I used Elmers waterproof wood glue. Put it on my fingers and smeared it onto bare wood under edge of counter top working it in good. I let it dry then did a second coat.
Z-Peller 10/08/19 09:57am General RVing Issues
RE: How to add bleach to fresh water tank

Pump your water bleach solution into your fresh tank using your winterizing system. Any RV winterizing system I have seen is on the suction line between water tank and pump, and bypasses the fresh water tank suction..winterizing valve closes water tank suction line and opens pigtail suction line to jug of pink stuff.
Z-Peller 10/05/19 02:18pm General RVing Issues
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