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RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

I don’t mind people flushing their black tank after dumping. The trigger for me is when they start shooting the breeze with someone, or have some complicated dump hose packing method that takes forever. Last time we went camping there were some ladies in an RV in front of us. They kept talking to each other which slowed down the process, then they get in their rig and it just sits there. Finally got out of my truck and walked up to their window to see them talking. Did the universal WTF sign language by putting both my arms up in the air. They just looked at me like they had no clue there were 10 RV’s waiting behind them. Cleaning the black tank bothers me the least. I think this is where a good host comes in and sort of runs the show. keep people moving along.
ZINGERLITE 02/15/21 05:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Ev charging in camps expectation of availability, cost

If a CG owner wants to cater to EV's. Install charging stations. Just a couple in a convenient location and charge a profit producing rate. There does not need to be charging ability at each camp site. How do CG's that allow golf carts deal with charging them? This would be how to do it. We have a similar station at work. you plug it in and then go move your car a couple hours later to let someone else use it. Just put in a couple charging stations in near the office. go back and get your car at lunch and your good to go. I think this would work until they become more main stream. This way you don't have to upgrade every campsite and you can still cater to the electric car crowd. Charge a fee for charging.
ZINGERLITE 02/12/21 10:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

Yes, dump-rinse-go if a line behind you. If you are alone, YES thoroughly rinse the tanks. Yes, you don't have to rinse the tanks every time.... EXCEPT if it is mid summer and you camper will be sitting for weeks / months until the next trip. I am able to rinse my tanks on my property, so if we aren't going out again for a couple or more weeks I thoroughly rinse and sanitize the black tank. In mid-August, that black tank, even though quickly "rinsed" at a dump station, can very much stink up the camper. If you need to really rinse out and sanitize the tanks, in Connecticut a lot of the state parks that have dump stations (not many do, you need to check in advance) will allow you to dump and rinse to your heart's content for the price of one overnight campsite. Yea, it is expensive, but if you need to do it.... I have had to do that a couple times for various reasons - the nice thing about that is if you can go to the dump station in the middle of the week when it is empty you can take all the time you want. A lot of private campgrounds will allow you to dump and rinse, usually for 1/2 the price of a campsite - but can vary greatly so call ahead and check. We usually wait to dump when leaving on a Sunday afternoon until the last minute. We've found that most people have breakfast, packup, and go to the dump station - everyone seems to arrive at the same time. Yes, you can go first thing in the morning, but I like to have a leisurely breakfast. If you wait until the last minute usually the dump line is small or empty, not always, but usually. Also, when dumping when there is a long line, don't start dumping and then go sit in your truck or camper. I usually hang out by the tank, checking constantly for when it is done, so I can rinse the line quickly and get going. Think about when or if you are waiting in line to dump, and the person dumping is nowhere to be seen for awhile. Just a small thing, but if people behind you see you there doing "something", it can be a little less annoying to wait. If you really need to take the time to rinse (long distance camping trip, camper going into storage, etc) tell the person waiting behind you. Grumpy people can be just grumpy, but at least you let them know it will be a little extra time - and if they see you "working" (as I say above) instead of relaxing in your camper it may make them a bit more understanding. These are tips and ideas coming from me. You will figure out your own routine, and experience your own adventures at the dump station. Then you also can come back here and tell dump station stories! I like that advice. Its like when the boss is walking around the shop. grab a wrench and it looks like your doing something. You just need a "prop" lol. Act busy!
ZINGERLITE 02/04/21 09:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

If there is someone in line behind you dump and move on. If you want to super maintain your black water tank - fine - but do it on your own time. Thats the meat and potatos of it. You'll do just fine!
ZINGERLITE 02/04/21 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

avoid the dump stations after mid morning on holiday weekends. They line will be long and full of rookies that will take forever. I always try to get out of there early on those weekends. Those lines are full of people that don't regularly camp. either they haven't established an efficient routine or they just don't care. I think labor day is the big one. For alot of people they winterize, dump/flush the tanks and take it straight to storage for the winter. For them its now or never. It just seems like those guys wait until the lines good an long to get going. No hustle in their step lol. I think the best way is when there's a line is to do what you need to do with purpose. while your waiting in line locate your stinky slinky, have your gloves at the ready an necessary compartments open. When i pack up at the campsite i try to think ahead. think of the next things i need and pack those last. My gloves and tupperware with my elbow extension go right at the front of the storage compartment. Hand sanitizer and/or wipes on the center console of the truck. Pull the black, pull the gray, rinse the hose and hit the road.
ZINGERLITE 02/03/21 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch Systems - Thoughts?

I love my husky center-line. Its the torsion bar style. No chains. Once i got it dialed in its been great!
ZINGERLITE 01/29/21 05:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Wall mount electric heater

Lots of good info already. It sounds like i should ditch the analog thermostat for a digital one and try again.
ZINGERLITE 01/14/21 07:05am General RVing Issues
Wall mount electric heater

Does anyone run a wall mount electric heater? What about the ones that look like a glade plug in? We've got an 18' travel trailer we'd like to keep warm in the spring/fall. The Gas furnace is just too powerful in my opinion. Its either 75/80 degrees inside or off. The campers too small for the gas furnace. It warms it up nice and quick when we want it warm. At 2am we wake up in a sauna. The last couple seasons ive been using a cheap duraflame heater i picked up for $20 or so at TSC. It works well but its always in the way. Something on the wall would be great as an 18' camper has its own storage issues. Just curious if anyone else has this problem. Input is appreciated.
ZINGERLITE 01/14/21 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Waste Tote Recommendations

Better than a tote tank is a sewer bladder. Higher capacity and more easily transferred to the dump station. Problem is getting the company’s attention to make one: Better than a turd hearse - sewer bladder I have a friend who made his own and another who uses an Aquatank freshwater bladder. This is the first ive ever heard of it refered to as a "turd hearse" and i've been laughing for 20min now.
ZINGERLITE 01/13/21 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Station Observations

Just as much fun as watching a busy boat launch. :) I used to waterski at least 3x per week during the summer. One the weekends I sat at a friends house across from the state park ramp. Didn't dare turn it into a drinking game, we'd be toast in an hour. The neighborhood private launch was steep, narrow, and literally a canyon down to the water. Not sure who I disliked more, the guy that used the literally canyon walls to let the trailer tires skid back on to the ramp, making it muddy, or the guy who didn't stop and let the water drain off a bit before soaking the ramp, which was shaded by trees... slippery algae growth. Ex wife and I had a routine anywhere but home, she couldn't see over the top of the tailgate to back the trailer up. Any other ramp she could handle. She'd put the trailer in the water, and I'd drive on the trailer and off we'd be. 15 seconds at most. One holiday weekend at her parent's cottage, we did our usual routine that we had done dozens of times before, she backed the trailer up, I drove the mostly flat bottom boat onto the carpeted trailer bunks, and honked the horn for her to pull out. Except this time, her speed across the cement bars that made up the ramp hit the natural frequency of the trailer suspension, and the boat slid off the trailer... right in the middle of the ramp, on a holiday weekend. How the mighty can fall :) I worked for a boat yard years ago. Ive had my own boats forever too. not a boat trailer novice. I go to pick up a customers boat and the lady running the private boat ramp "you forgot your saftey chain". I sort of rolled my eyes as i hooked it on just to not hear her complain. sure enough i pulled the trailer out and the 30yr old winch cable snapped and the boat rolled back about 2 feet. her nagging saved my a** lol. we had to shove the boat forward once we pulled it out. luckily it was a roller trailer. or maybe thats why it moved? lol it can happen to the best of us lol.
ZINGERLITE 12/03/20 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: travel during covid

I think camping by nature is socially distancing. I don't go to hang out with people at the camp ground. We had to cancel one trip due to the campground being closed during a stay at home order and another due to not having vacation time left. Work made us get to 0hrs during lockdown. other than that we camped a bunch. i had fridays off all summer so every weekend was a 3 day weekend. We used the camper a ton, the boat a ton and i got alot of house projects completed this year. we had a great summer all while doing the socially distance thing. Wear the mask, sanitize your hands and carry on with you life. You can care about other people and live your life at the same time!
ZINGERLITE 11/06/20 05:40am General RVing Issues
RE: How fuel stabilizers work...or not

Pouring anything over 87 in any unmodified lawn mower style air cooled engine is a waste of your money and potentially damaging to it. Running a higher octane than required won't damage an engine. It just wastes your money. If its not knocking on 87 there's no need to go higher. As for ethanol, just don't buy more than you'll burn in a month. fill up the boat/rv with rec fuel on the last tank of the year and you'll be fine.
ZINGERLITE 11/03/20 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT?

Am i the only one who hates the big rectangle tow mirrors? i guess if you live with them every day you'd get used to them but man are they obnoxious driving around town. they take up the whole window. you could run cars over in parking lots on accident lol. I've had various jobs over the years where ive had to drive a shop truck for an errand and i hate them. I've also hauled pontoons for a living in the past. Im no novice. I tow a 20' trailer with stock 06 Silverado mirrors and haven't had any issues where i thought i needed a bigger mirror. just my .02 cents!
ZINGERLITE 10/30/20 07:42am Beginning RVing
RE: How to winterize batteries on the TT?

Make sure they are fully charged and then just unhook them or turn the battery switch off if you have one. I used to work for a boat yard and when we winterized boats we'd just make sure they were charged and unhook them. We only removed them at customers request. I've never had an issue leaving them on the camper or in the boat. If its your batterys time it's its time. leaving it in the cold or on the concrete won't matter. Old wives tails lol.
ZINGERLITE 10/21/20 07:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

While its not a big issue i think speed differential in norther Michigan is kind of annoying. I like to Cruise at 70 with the camper hooked up. Its comfortable to me, trucks stable, transmission isn't always shifting up and down. Its a good speed and i can keep'er moving. Michigan last year or so raised the speed limit to 75 in some parts. 65 on state highways as well. It gave everyone a green light to go 85/90. While its great with a snowmobile trailer or even no load. you can really fly. Not so great cruising at 70 with a trailer. Your going to fast for semi's and to slow for the left lane. when you come up on slower traffic you get stuck with a line of 30' cars cruising past you in the left lane at 85/90 for a few miles. makes it aggravating to try and pass slower traffic quickly. Not a big deal breaker but annoying some times. usually on long trips.
ZINGERLITE 10/20/20 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: How often..

on the side of the freeway in a angry panic! When they need to be replaced obviously!
ZINGERLITE 10/19/20 05:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Got camper inspected at camping world. Big mistake

Makes me glad I am in Texas. Lights work? Yep. Tire tread good? Yep. $7 please. Takes longer to enter it in the computer and print the report for registration than the actual inspection. We dont even need that in michigan. half of the trailers on the road have 20yr old tires, no lights and maybe a good plate. MAYBE lol.
ZINGERLITE 10/08/20 06:30am Travel Trailers
RE: One night stays and black/grey tanks

That or use the community bathhouse for your needs. This is what we do. For the once a day you need to #2 just use the campground rest rooms. our 18' camper is to small for that stink lol.
ZINGERLITE 10/01/20 08:11am Beginning RVing
RE: Winterizing Travel Trailer

Id say blow it out then run antifreeze through it. It takes 20min and only cost a few dollars. Cheap insurance. then you don't have to worry about it when your 1000mi away and hear about a cold snap in colorado.
ZINGERLITE 09/29/20 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do most parks check/copy your ID? (Victims of ID theft)

Campground is near the last place I would worry. Besides your cell phone, your onstar, your computer habits your credit and debit card ,your fuel card and any other loyalty card you may have are dumping every thing there is to know about you in to the big system. Costco,Wal mart and their affiliates and vendors, not only know that you spent $59.33 last Tuesday and 7:05, but they also know that you bought Hanes boxer brief's/3pk in size xxl 54 to 66 and a 60ct pack of depends. We have had cards compromised a couple of times, yet suffered no loss, just angst and inconvenience. The trains already left the station with "AI" its pretty crazy. there's a new "social dilemma" documentary i think everyone should watch. I think the only people not contributing to the "big system" are the people in remote Alaska that have never been anywhere near the internet or a smart phone. Everythings tracked. how fast or slow you scroll past an image on a google search is logged. Not much we can do about it other than watch it happen.
ZINGERLITE 09/28/20 10:02am Beginning RVing
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