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RE: 2021 F-150 Brake Controller problems

In terms of troubleshooting, my trailer (not that old, 2016) worked flawlessly with my old truck and Prodigy P3. As soon as I switched to the new truck I had problems. I assumed it was trailer/brakes related. Took it to a trailer mechanic (not an RV shop), he had a once over everything, tested it and gave it a 100% clean bill of health. My 7 pin is in good shape. So that is what led me to it being a truck issue. Others on that forum have done similar exercises, and many have brand new trailers. So while agree, much can go wrong in this "system" of truck/trailer, I am fairly confident it's the truck and some sort of software issue. My hunch, unverified, is that the resistance threshold for the truck knowing a trailer is connected is too low. And it's bumping in and out of thinking the trailer is there or not.
a-d-s 10/13/21 09:21am Tow Vehicles
2021 F-150 Brake Controller problems

Long version of what is going on for a bunch of us is here: https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/trailer-brake-not-working.3039/ Short version is that there is an intermittent issue with the TBC not working either at the start of the trip of randomly part way through. It's not the trailer as many of us have had them checked out thoroughly, and the issues are common. Just wanted to get as much visibility to this problem and a potential solutions, other than Ford getting off their butts and figuring it out! It's really frustrating as I love everything about this truck otherwise!
a-d-s 10/12/21 05:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: another scale thread

That 2772 lbs first pass is a very heavy number for even the F150HDPP rear axle. Hell my 2500 Dodge/Cummins 2wd quad cab NV5600 short bed rear axle is just 108 lbs heavier. You must carry lots of "stuff" in the bed and back of the trucks cab. I think it's pretty normal, RA was 2222 lbs straight from the dealer with me (200 lbs) and a full tank of gas. I have since added running boards, line-X, an overhead rack for kayaks. At the time the bed had two camp chairs, a folding table, three bikes and some other random odds and ends.
a-d-s 07/24/21 09:54pm Towing
another scale thread

Who doesn't like digesting more scale numbers!? Setting up my new 2021 F-150 HDPP (7850 GVWR, 2536 lbs yellow sticker). TT is a Coleman 262BH, 7600 GVWR, 30' bumper to ball. Hitch is a Reese Dual Cam, 1200 lb bars First pass, truck only (mostly ready to camp, missing about 200 lbs of people and another 200 lbs of stuff in the bed. - TV Front axle = 3410 lbs - TV Rear axle = 2772 lbs - TV total = 6182 Second pass, TT hitched, no weight dist (bars in bed) - TV Front axle = 2992 - TV Rear axle = 4290 - TT axles = 6358 - TV total = 7282 Third pass, TT hitched, WD bars attached. - TV Front axle = 3212 - TV Rear axle = 3828 - TT axles = 6490 - TV total = 7040 Fourth pass, adjusted the hitch head a bit further back in attempt to transfer more weight to the FA: - TV Front axle = 3388 - TV Rear axle = 3586 - TT axles = 6600 - TV total = 6974 Lastly, checked the TW with my Sherline scale it was around 1000 lbs. I am happy to get the weight on the TV front axle back to almost what it was without the TT. I think that is success. I drove it to the scales in the "Third pass" config and home int he "Fourth pass" config and both felt good. Also happy that I have roughly 800 lbs to work with on the TV payload. A few thoughts / questions: - if I add up the TV/TT numbers for the three full passes, they are 13,640 13530 and 13574 each, that is probably within the errors of the scale I think (?). - I am pretty sure my tongue weight is roughy 1000 lbs, seeing as I verified with the tongue scale, and the second pass with no bars added 1100 lbs to the TV total. However why does that drop when the bars are attached. The numbers say that weight is transferred back to the TT, is that expected? If I think about the angle of the TT being more level I can see that, vs when it's nosed down with no bars attached. - I am slightly nosed down overall with the bars attached by 2" end to end on the TT. To the eye it looks level, but I might move up one set of holes on the shank if I get motivated before the next trip, or not. By the way, the truck is awesome, so much power and so smooth compared to the old 2500HD Silverado gasser!
a-d-s 07/22/21 11:46pm Towing
RE: Reese ballmount nut replacement

Update, in case anyone else is in the same situation: I ended up just buying the Reese 58133 hardware replacement kit ($46 CDN on Amazon.ca). Normal HW or Auto parts stores around here don't carry grade 8 above 1/2". I found them at a specialty fastener supplier, but they will only sell in bags, not as one offs, so by the time you look at the costs, it's about the same as getting the kit. Which also comes with the serated spacers to set the ball angle, not neccesary to replace but why not for similar price.
a-d-s 06/09/21 12:00pm Towing
RE: Reese ballmount nut replacement

Thanks for the advice. It's got the six marks and a triangle on the head. Google tells me that it's a grade 8, close tolerance bolt. Don't think I'm going to find that at a generic hardware store. I'll call around to see suppliers we use at work.
a-d-s 05/31/21 09:21pm Towing
Reese ballmount nut replacement

I rounded off the nuts getting them off my old hitch and need to replace. Do I replace with zinc plated or galvanized? Here is the Reese kit but they don't say what type they are: https://www.reese-hitches.com/products/Bolt_On_Fastener_Kit,58133 Thanks!
a-d-s 05/28/21 10:31pm Towing
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

Yep had the axle weights flipped. Re: the LRC tires, I believe they would be fine too. It's really a personal decision (as tires always are). I like the added stiffness of the 10-ply and tire performance...it's not about load rating. I have always found OEM tires to be crappy performance wise (rain, snow etc.). On a car you can just run them out and put good tires on, but towing with the family, I like the comfort of knowing what I have. I now have an image of Grit Dog beating the **** out of work trucks. I may know a few people like that!
a-d-s 05/21/21 11:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

Went for a drive tonight and hit some scales. It comes in at 5368 lbs (3146 lbs RA, 2222 lbs FA), so that leaves 2482 lbs for payload. Seems about right as the LRE tires are about 15 lbs heavier a corner. This was with a full load of gas and a few odds and ends in the truck.
a-d-s 05/20/21 11:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

^ Nice rig! Congrats! But shame on Ford for using literally the schittiest, lowest load rated tires humanly possible, especially on a HDPP truck! They literally shoed it with tires that will be right at max load +/-, at the stated payload spec. (Unless that sticker is wrong and it gots better tires than the sticker says) Haha, you prob can't see in the pic, but I had the dealer swap them with Falken Wildpeak AT3W Load Range E tires. I was really happy with them on my old truck and I didn't want to mess around with LRC tires. They look way better too! Anyone in the Vancouver area want to buy those OEM tires, they are on craigslist - they come free with Grit Dog's seal of approval!
a-d-s 05/20/21 11:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

Well it's in! Payload is as expected. With only a few hundred miles on it, I can say it has exceeded my expectations. Maybe that is on account of reading way too many forums on all the little obscure issues some people have. Or maybe it's because I am coming from a 2008 2500...the ride in this is soooo much better. The power is ridiculous, even though I haven't really goosed it yet, still in the break in period. First tow in just over a month from now! https://i.imgur.com/BWKBaj7.jpg height=480 width=640 https://i.imgur.com/7fQNkEU.jpg height=480 width=613
a-d-s 05/20/21 05:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

That's good news!
a-d-s 04/03/21 11:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

Yes lucky indeed, although I did purposefully order it with minimal options. Anything that can be added later (bed liner, running boards etc.) I will do after it arrives. I've heard stories that trucks are built and sitting there awaiting some trivial option or accessory. Well computer chips are hardly what I would describe as some trivial option, but ok we'll go with that! Computer chips are definitely causing a major issue. However, there have been shortages of certain accessories. I know GM stopped allowing orders with certain running boards, certain floor mats, etc. When I ordered my GMC in November, they were not going to build until March if I stayed with color matching wheel openings. That is why I have black. While chips for Sat-Nav are a problem, I have also heard things like wheel well liners, work-surface and running boards are causing delays.
a-d-s 04/01/21 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

Yes lucky indeed, although I did purposefully order it with minimal options. Anything that can be added later (bed liner, running boards etc.) I will do after it arrives. I've heard stories that trucks are built and sitting there awaiting some trivial option or accessory.
a-d-s 03/31/21 04:29pm Tow Vehicles
The Unicorn has almost landed!!

Mostly been posting over on the f150gen14 forums lately, but thought I'd share my good news. My 2021 F-150 HDPP has now been built and in transit, set for an Apr/26 delivery. The fancy new Ford VIN/Payload site confirms my yellow sticker will be 2536 lbs, about 30lbs over what I thought based on the order guide. We'll see if that holds true. Might be a bit tight to do the break in and get it all setup for my first trip in May. It will be painful to use the old truck, but that's life.
a-d-s 03/31/21 04:12pm Tow Vehicles
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