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RE: Portable grill/stove

I've been using a Blackstone Griddle for about four years now. Originally had a 36" unit that I used both at home and camping. It was a beast to move around though and the only place we could store it was under the dinette and it was a VERY tight fit and very awkward to load and unload. This summer for our road trip we elected to buy a 22" unit to be more portable. It also has a lid and a stand with adjustable legs making it easier to setup in camp. I've only used it at the home so far but I'm quite pleased with it. However, I was actually surprised how large even the 22" unit is. For portability sake, I might have gone with the 17" if I had the chance to compare side by side. We do usually go camping with family so having the larger surface area is good for us but if I was full timing and it was just two to four people, the 17" would be the way to go. In regards to it's use, it makes cooking SO much easier. I love not dealing with flairups and excessive smoke. Yes, there is splatter from your cooking oil so long utensils are highly suggested. Once you get a good seasoning on the surface, you can cook without fear or sticking. It also cooks a lot of food fast in my opinion. Whereas a BBQ has not spots and cool spots depending on how close to the flame, the griddle does a much better job at distributing the heat. That means your cooking area is literally edge to edge. For purchasing, Amazon has them but I think Walmart actually has a better price on them. Well worth the cost. One last thing... The griddle surface is heavy. If you transport it while on top of the bottom portion, you need to support the Griddle piece where the four small pegs mate with the bottom part. I failed to do this on my 36" unit and the weight of the griddle was enough to bend the thinner metal on the bottom gas assembly when it was being bounced around in our cargo trailer. The 17" unit might not be heavy enough to have the same problem but worth adding a piece of cardboard between the two pieces while on the road to avoid the issue all together.
adamis 06/27/20 09:40am Truck Campers
RE: Carseat Advice for Quad Cab Truck

Easy google search straight from the chp website: Current California Law: Children under 2 years of age shall ride in a rear-facing car seat unless the child weighs 40 or more pounds OR is 40 or more inches tall. The child shall be secured in a manner that complies with the height and weight limits specified by the manufacturer of the car seat. (California Vehicle Code Section 27360.) Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat. Children who are 8 years of age OR have reached 4’9” in height may be secured by a booster seat, but at a minimum must be secured by a safety belt. (California Vehicle Code Section 27363.) Passengers who are 16 years of age and over are subject to California's Mandatory Seat Belt law. Frequently Asked Questions At what age can my child ride in the front seat of my vehicle? ?California law requires all children 8 years of age or younger ride in the rear seat of a vehicle. There are special circumstances which provide exemption from the law. Your child may ride in the front seat if: Your vehicle has no rear seats. Rear seats are side-facing jump seats. Child safety restraints must never be placed on side-facing vehicle seats. The rear seats are rear-facing seats. The child restraint system cannot be properly installed in the rear seat. For example, your vehicle has lap belts only in the back seat, but there are lap and shoulder belts in the front seat. Your child is 5 and weighs 45 pounds and must ride in a booster seat. The booster seat must be used with a lap and shoulder belt; therefore your child may ride in the front seat. Children under age 7 occupy all rear seats. Medical reason (written by the pediatrician) requires that child not be restrained in the back seat. All children are safer in the back seat, ask another adult to ride with the child in the back. It is strongly recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that all children ride in the back seat of a vehicle until 13 years of age. Thanks Mellow, that is the type of info I was looking for. Reading through the owner's manual it looked like all I had to do was disarm the passenger airbag. Then I realized, I don't have a way to do that in my truck. What I found out is that crew cab trucks don't come with a way to disable the airbag as apparently they assume riding in the back is the only option you would consider. While I appreciate the government trying to keep everyone safe from life, I think removing the disable switch goes to far.
adamis 06/23/20 09:47am Truck Campers
Carseat Advice for Quad Cab Truck

Another item on my todo list for our summer road trip is swapping out the center console for a jumpseat so we can seat six of us. We have two adults, two teenagers and two twin babies. My wife believes that the best and only legal configuration for seating is the two carseats in the back seat on the sides with her in the middle and the teens up front with me. While this will work, I believe a more optimal solution is too put the carseats in the middle of the front jump seat and middle of the back seat. That leaves my wife in the passenger front seat and the teens in their usual positions in left and right in the back. The problem is, I'm not certain what the legal requirements are. What I have read is that putting a child up front doesn't appear to be against the law, just not recommended and any airbags should be disabled. The irony here is that given the amount of mass of the truck, the ~8feet of frame and engine, I honestly think the middle seats front and back are the SAFEST position for the babies to be in. I see much more likelyhood for harm to come from a side impact (though heaven forbid my wife and I and the teens would be at risk there). So, my two questions I am hoping for some help with... 1. Is there a law that actually mandates carseats must be in the back for pickups? If so and you know the reference, please cite. 2. Does the 7.3 Super Duty driver and passenger airbags deploy enough impact to a carseat in the center?
adamis 06/22/20 10:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Dropping Camper at KOA campground?

Access through the Eastern portion of the park is currently closed. Apparently the Indian tribe is denying access through their land because of the virus. Additionally the red busses have all been canceled for the year also due to the virus. That leaves the western approach only at this point.
adamis 06/21/20 05:27pm Truck Campers
Dropping Camper at KOA campground?

On our road trip one of our destinations is glacier National Park. Because we were so late in planning this trip, we are staying outside of the park at a nearby KOA. Not our first choice but for our needs on this trip, KOA will suffice. So that said, one of the major features of Glacier is the drive over the sun road. Reading up it looks like there is a 21ft length restriction in place. My truck is just under this but with the camper I exceed the length by a couple of feet. We considered just renting a van for the one day we are in the park just to make it easy for us. However a two day rental will be close to $300. It seems a bit of a waste to drop that much coin when I already have the truck. So, being that we are staying at a KOA, does anyone have any experience dropping the camper at these places? Is there a policy against it or will it be just dependent on each location?
adamis 06/21/20 10:27am Truck Campers
RE: Dually spacers for beach carry truck camper

I've been hitting Pismo Beach for the last couple of years. Usually going every four to five months up till this point. I agree with others, if you are not going far and your going slow, you will be fine. I'm actually surprised by those that are airing down to only 30psi. I'm around 15 psi usually. However my strategy for Pismo is to time the tide so I can drive in on hard sand. I deflate the tires using the deflators previously mentioned. I then check each tire and reinflate if necessary back up to 15 psi. At that point I head down the beach towards the mile marker where we turn in to head up the small hill and find a place to camp. In the many times I've been there, I've only gotten stuck once and that was the first time when I aired down to about 30psi. Now, I don't have four wheel drive so that's likely why others are successful at 30psi while I'm going to 15psi. That being said, I'm towing the truck, camper and 16ft trailer with three toys on the back. I'm sure I'll get stuck in the future but I'm genuinely impressed with just how much I've been able to drive in the sand without 4wd. Slow and steady is all it takes. If your spin your wheels you are digging a hole. If your hopping up and down, get out and push the sand away from your tires. You just need to get enough momentum to get on top of the sand (kind of like how a boat has to plane on the surface of the water). Other suggestions... Bring a shovel so you can dig if you need to. Also, have a tow strap available in case you do get stuck. Just about anyone with a truck will get great pleasure pulling you out (maybe for the cost of a beer) but if you don't have a rope between the two of you, your not going to get far.
adamis 06/20/20 10:14pm Truck Campers
Who's hitting the road this summer?

With all of the virus stuff, I am certain we are all tired of being stuck at home by now. I've been stir crazy for months now and ready to hot the road. In the midst of planning my own summer time road trip with the family, I've been wondering what type of crowds I should expect at National Parks and campgrounds. My initial thought was it would be a low traffic season with people wanting to avoid others but I've started to hear some rumours that places are already very busy after reopening. So, how many of you are looking at traveling this summer and what changes are you making because of the virus / restrictions?
adamis 06/14/20 11:22am Truck Campers
RE: Question for Super Duty Owners with Jump Seat

I think I figured out what the issue is. Not confirmed but the seat I purchased is not from a crew cab truck but just a regular cab. I am guessing that for those trucks, the seat belt is attached to the back wall of the truck since it is readily available. I didn't see any way to easily adapt so I sucked up the cost and purchased another seat, double checked to make certain it had a shoulder belt on it. I will now attempt to return or resell the seat I purchased.
adamis 06/13/20 08:00am Truck Campers
Question for Super Duty Owners with Jump Seat

I'm getting ready to swap out my center console for a jump seat to accomodate all six of us for our road trip. I already have a jump seat from a 2018 to 2020 Super Duty truck. I purchased this seat. The seat arrived and it looks like it is supposed to have a shoulder harness judging by the belt configuration and amount of extra belt I have. However, I'm not sure how this is supposed to work with the seat. There is no guide to keep the shoulder belt in place near the head rest. Looking at various photos on the web, I see that Jump Seats from 2012 to 2017 appear to have a shoulder harness integrated into the seat itself, like this. From what I gather, Ford moved away from the integrated seat belt to a new style but I can't find any pictures showing how it is supposed to be installed. If you have a Super Duty with the JumpSeat and don't mind sharing photos of how the shoulder harness works like the seat I have, I would greatly appreciate it.
adamis 06/12/20 12:06am Truck Campers
RE: Closest to Pantry Conversion any Good Examples?

I parted out lance and have hardware with double-sided baskets and slide-out track available. Pm me if that might work for you. Takes over a foot width. Thanks for the offer but I think I will be busting out the table saw for this project.
adamis 06/03/20 02:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Closest to Pantry Conversion any Good Examples?

Thanks for the pics guys, that will get me somthing to work with.
adamis 06/03/20 11:37am Truck Campers
Closest to Pantry Conversion any Good Examples?

On our Bigfoot 2500, we have two cabinets that can be used for either a pantry or a closet. We currently have shelves in both for pantry space and kitchen storage. The issue we face is the cabinettes are so deep that any meaningful organization is difficult and lots of space gets wasted vertically. I've been talking to the Mrs about adding pull out drawers that would give better access and hopefully allow for better optimization of storage. Before I start on this endevour, I was wondering if there were others who had gone down this path already that might have some pictures and advice to share.
adamis 06/03/20 08:10am Truck Campers
RE: F250 Payload Capacity

Grab the popcorn indeed. These discussions are great when they come up every couple of months. Nothing seems to get a good lively discussion going more than weight capacity of a truck. To YellowLighting... There are lots of good opinions on both sides of the argument here. Do your research and go with what you feel comfortable with in the end. My own two cents... Yup, you could get an SRW and worry about the weight police, tire ratings, axle ratings, whether you can afford to bring that extra piece of equipment, telling the Mrs to leave the kitchen sink or the ironing board behind (not kidding, actually had a family friend who's wife packed a full size ironing board for a trip they were taking in a station wagon). Or, get a dually and don't stress about the rest. I would venture to guess that many of the people who have an SRW probably bought the truck long before they thought about buying a camper. Keeping the truck made financial or emotional sense and as BigFootFord has proven, with the right upgrades you can go hundreds of thousands of miles worry free. On the otherhand... If you are still in the market for a truck and if you really intend to put a LOT of miles on it with the camper then skip the SRW and go for the dually. About the only two negatives I can think of for a dually are the higher operating cost (2 extra tires) and the higher upfront cost. What you get in return is a truck designed specifically to carry your expected payload without a lot of upgrades and peace of mind having an extra tire in case of a rear blowout. When it comes to registration fees, register it as an RV (if allowed) if you intend to keep the camper on full time (or remove it but don't have a need to carry payload) and that will knock a lot off your fees.
adamis 06/02/20 05:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Mattress Size & Thickness Recommendations (Bigfoot 2500)

I know this is an old thread but we are now looking to purchase. Found this mattress on Amazon that looks to meet our needs I think. Has anyone purchased this brand before and any thoughts?
adamis 06/02/20 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Looks like I was confusing people as I had not updated my map I linked in my orignal post based off the changes I've made. Here is the updated map here. Since Grand Canyon and Vegas are out, the idea is to cross the desert country with just one stop that would keep us in the heat. By shortening the route this way, it also gives us more time to shorten travel days on other parts of the trip. So far the stops I'm thinking of include: 1. Lundy Lake Campground, CA 2. Iron Horse RV Park, Elko, NV 3. Cloverleaf Campground, ID 4. Signal Mountain Campground, Grand Teton 5. Yellowstone Campground TBD for availability From that point, I have not worked out a route up to Glacier National Park but I suspect there will be at least one if not two stops along the way. Any good suggestions? The issue we are going to have are finding camp sites in the National Parks that have sites available. It does appear that there is a large selection of first come first serve availability in Yellowstone so that helps but looks like you need to get there early as they fill up fast. What happens if you just cannot get a campsite at one of the campgrounds? Are there overflow lots that you can crash at or are you literally forced to drive hours till you get out of the park and can find some National Forest to boondock on?
adamis 05/30/20 04:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Don't you have Las Vegas on this route? Since we are not doing the Grand canyon any longer we won't be swinging by Vegas either. The idea for Vegas was to stay at the Circus Circus RV park but in July it will be 115 degrees and there is no AC in the converted cargo trailer our girls would be staying in. Looking at either the KOA in Ely, NV or the Iron Horse RV Park (preferred since it has a pool) in Elko NV as our stop followed by a stop at Cloverleaf Campground, ID. This gives us just one night where we will be in the heat and since there is a pool available, the older kids might not complain as much.
adamis 05/29/20 11:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

So it looks like Grand Canyon will for sure be out, just too far and the temps aren't right for the kids. Now the thought is to leave Gilroy, CA and head through Yosemite. Was hoping to stay the night in or near the park but looks like reservations are all taken so most likely we will stay at Silver Lake the first night. This is now where I am stuck. From Silver Lake to the Grand Tetons it is 814 miles via the most direct option. Way too many miles to do in one or two days so we need two places to stop at night along the way. Because of the heat, probably should go with RV parks that have full hookups so we can run the AC. Are there any good suggestions for route and places to stay (RV Parks or Campgrounds) between Silver Lake, CA and Jackson Wy?
adamis 05/29/20 05:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

You mean Jacksonhole right? Ah, yes, sorry, Jacksonhole.
adamis 05/22/20 10:10am Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Thanks all for the suggestions. I appreciate all of the positive "do it" support. In today's era, finding a week of time between kids activities is hard enough, so getting three weeks is practically an impossibility. It may not be the ideal amount of time to do something this epic, but it is probably as good as we will ever get. I am looking at probably dropping the Grand Caynon in order to allot more time to the rest of the trip. As much as I really want to get that experience (never been myself even though I lived in Vegas for four years) I just don't think this would be the right trip to try to do it. I am coming to this conclusion because it looks like the park is only open for the day right now anyway and because we have the babies, we won't be in the position to do much more than take pictures from the rim. Doing any sort of hiking will be out of the question. Additionally, because we would be going in the summer and our older girls would be relegated to our converted cargo trailer, they would be enduring the heat which they won't be too happy with. It is also a park that is close enough to us that we probably could pick up on a week long vacation. So now we might actually put Yosemite back in and then head North up 395 then cutting east towards the Grand Tetons. Any good scenic routes to take from Reno to Jacksonville?
adamis 05/21/20 04:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. Does anyone have a good campground suggestions for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon?
adamis 05/18/20 10:15am Truck Campers
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