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RE: Help!!! Frame broke

I figure our everyday camping gear with food and water exceeds 1,500. 1'500, that's a lot of gear. Once on a whim I took everything out of my trailer and weighed each item one by one (well I measured the utensils as a complete drawer etc) for a total of 263 pounds. So I can see where the OP truly didn't have that much stuff in the trailer. I would be very careful about getting the rig weighed if you don't have to...if everyone is in a pissing match and it shows up over the GVWR, both insurance and manufacture could point to that say it was all your fault. Getting it weighed is probably a moot point now. But I would still get it weighed so I know what's going on. If for some reason the scale says you are overloaded then throw the scale ticket away and move on. I always say to add 1200-1500 lbs to the dry weight because you will add more than what you think. Your 263lbs sounds awfully low! Completely off topic but what do you people carry that's so heavy? I was loaded for 5 people for 3 weeks and was under my 600# carrying capacity. I had a full fridge, full pantry, all my kitchen gear, and clothes and outdoor equipment for 3 weeks in temps from 28 to 110, plus my toolbox because we were going to be in some of the remotest country in the US. I did not have anything in the tanks so I can see being at 1200# if you're including large tanks that are full.
afidel 07/16/19 06:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Converter noise

A word of caution. When the nylon bearing begins to fail it will make noise. If it suddenly becomes quiet it is likely because the fan has frozen up. Fix it while it is still making noise. +1 on the recommendation above to replace it with a ball bearing fan. I've had better luck with fluid bearing fans, over the years I've lost a few dozen ball bearing fans but never a fluid bearing one. If you could find a fan with fully enclosed bearings that would probably work as well but I'm not sure how you'd shop for that.
afidel 07/14/19 11:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: What tools to take on 2 month trip?

Spare fuses for both TT and TV. (a couple of each size) Voltmeter A pack of screws for the cabinet hinges and other things(#6, #8, #10) Gorilla Glue grease A combo screwdriver that includes the various tips(square, star, slotted, phillips) channel locks pliers hammer large ratchet set that includes a 1/2" drive socket to fit lugnuts 1/2" drive torque wrench to torque lugnuts(100#) bottle jack(10 or 12 ton) cordless drill(for the TT stabilizer jacks) and bit to fit same a good air pressure gauge (you have a compressor) good voltage surge protection motor oil coolant(mixed 50/50) windshield washer fluid leveling blocks (I carry 2 sets of the orange ones) comfortable chairs beer and wine And most of this can be purchased at any Walmart, as needed. Carrying all that doesn't leave much room for anything else. Not sure where you camp but all 4 of my last 4 big trips I was 45 minutes to an hour to the nearest Walmart for most of the trip (sometimes farther like when we were going from White Sands to the North Rim). The only thing on that list that I don't carry is oil and coolant but we have the truck serviced before any big trips.
afidel 07/13/19 07:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Awning not working- Controller or motor?

You can get them on Ebay for $110, and it has a metal housing instead of a plastic one.
afidel 07/12/19 06:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Awning not working- Controller or motor?

Wow, the outside condenser fan that I took apart after 13 years outdoors 24x7 looked to be in better condition than that thing after 4 years. I wonder what kind of design flaw or cost optimization caused it to be so bad.
afidel 07/12/19 12:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Adjusting Weight Distribution Hitch

Here's the manual page for weight distribution setup.
afidel 07/08/19 08:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Picking up new camper

Nice looking unit. $8500 is about right for that unit, $20k new, 5 years old, they were probably hoping to sell it for closer to $10k but better to take the cash now then let it sit on the lot another 3-4 months, or worse have it on the books at the end of the year. Just think of how little they have the previous owner on trade-in if they could sell it to you for that and make a profit.
afidel 07/08/19 06:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Downsizing to TT

Is there even a trailer on the market under 4500 lbs with 2 slides? Nope, ~5500 is the minimum weight for a dual slide from what I can find on an advanced search on rvtrader and that's for a queen/muphy queen, big dinette slide and small kitchen slide, no real couch or recliners. It would be cool if you could for what they want in the weight and length they want but I can't see it being possible.
afidel 07/08/19 06:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Help what tongue weight F150

Take your payload, subtract the weight of all occupants, multiply by 5, that will give you roughly the GVWR of the trailer you can pull.
afidel 06/29/19 10:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do I need wt distribution and/or anti-sway bars?

The anti-sway on the Expedition is something that kicks in after things are getting out of control. Anti-sway devices on hitches help to prevent sway in the first place. Apples & Oranges. Yeah, after watching the videos of the 'anti-sway' system in action on a video from Mr. Truck I know I never want to experience it in real life. It was a horribly violent affair that I thought had as much chance of causing an accident as saving you from one, WAY better to stop it before it happens. Also at 7k pounds your almost for sure over what the receiver is rated for without weight distribution (generally 500# tongue weight)
afidel 06/29/19 11:08am Travel Trailers
RE: using a 2012 ridgeline for towing

I talked to a guy who had an RPOD and a Ridgeline (not sure of the year but it wasn't new) in 2016 and he was happy with the combination.
afidel 06/28/19 11:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: A/C on 20 amp

Are you using any kind of extension cord to plug in? If so, make sure it's a beefy cord and not just your everyday orange one that's 50' long! If you do, you'll lose a lot of volts and it will get hot pretty quick. If you are connecting directly from the 30a trailer cable to the adapter to the outlet, you should be fine as long as you don't run anything more than a few lights.. No water heater on electric, no fridge on electric, no microwave and no hair dryers for sure!! Good luck! Mitch 50' of 16 gauge wire @120V with 18A of current is only 7V of drop, add the 1V of drop from 25' of 10 gauge RV cord and you're still at 112V, plenty. You'd only have a problem if the source voltage was 115V in which case you'd be close to the minimum for most motors. Step up a few dollars to a 12 gauge extension cord and you're under 4V of total drop which should be plenty even at 115V source.
afidel 06/28/19 11:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Suburban water heater won't get hot

Um, I was following the guide from the manufacturer. Part came in today, now have 13V on the right side of both switches and the water heater is working correctly.
afidel 06/28/19 04:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Free 1996 35’ Gulfstream Innsbrook.. worth it?

Honestly, if you're willing to put that amount of time in and have the skills you're much better off building from scratch. Perhaps take the trailer and grab the AC, heater, and fridge if it works and build your own from the frame up. You'll send up with a trailer that's superior to basically anything you can buy (and certainly better than having up a rotted out old trailer) for not a lot more money.
afidel 06/27/19 10:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: bottle jacks for stabilization?

In accordance with the three new trailers that I have had over the years, they all say to not raise the trailer with the stabilizers. They are strictly for stabilization and you could bend the frame. I think you might be making a mistake raising the wheels off the ground with bottle jacks under the frame. Just my thoughts ! Guy If he's placing the jack on the frame where the axle attaches there's exactly the same force on the frame as if it were on the tire because the weight is normally transferred from the frame to the shackles then to the axle and finally the tires. Lifting with the stab jacks isn't recommended because they're out at the corners as far from where the axle attaches and so at probably the weakest points on the frame, lifting there will potentially result in a bowed frame. Personally I've found that turning the stab jacks into a pyramid with BAL lock arms (similar to JT Strong arms) is sufficient to make my trailer plenty stable and is a bit safer than having the trailer resting on just 3 points.
afidel 06/27/19 10:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Low height trailer

Is it 7' exactly? The reason I ask is the Aliner Ascape is 6'4" interior with a 7' 5" exterior height.
afidel 06/25/19 09:57pm Travel Trailers
Suburban water heater won't get hot

Solved this one myself but figure I'd post here in case anyone else has a similar problem. If your Suburban water heater will light, stay fired, but won't get the water hot it's the thermostat. If running on propane check for +12-14V on the input of both the thermostat and the over temp relief switch, if they're both present but there's no voltage on the output side of the thermostat then it's dead. The thermostat is behind the reset panel and looks like this: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgTeB8tUjecatw0oD3tSuhCdSuXaNg11n_xVBv47eQVUpx-tp2 Check for voltage on the side with the spade connectors referenced to the case and then opposite that on connectors connected to the commoning rod. Btw there's a part of the startup sequence where there's no voltage on the input side so if you don't get a reading wait 15-30 seconds and try again.
afidel 06/25/19 08:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wow! Dealer Comments!

While looking for a replacement for my last TT, I stopped at this national chain and got a great price on the unit that I wanted. When we were walking back to the sales office, the salesman informed me that the add ons included $1000 delivery, $200 for battery and box, $100 for a full LP tank or $250 for 2 full LP tanks, $300 for paperwork, I stopped listening and turned around and walked out the door. I bought a similar model (also Forest River but different brand) I just about fell off my chair when the salesman informed me that the price on the information sheet sitting on the counter of the TT included everything except tax and license. I had my wife go back to the dealer to look at the TT, while talking to her, the salesman informed us that they would also add an electric tongue jack at no cost, we signed the paperwork on the spot. When I fired up the furnace a couple of months later and discovered that it did not work, I contacted the dealer and he said bring it in. They fixed it the same day, let it run overnight, and I picked it up the next day. No hassle, no ****, no charge. When I buy my next TT, guess who will get my business? The dealer could not buy the kind of advertising that he gets from me. Several friends have bought from him with the same type of service. Please name the good dealer, as much as forums like to highlight the bad dealers and salesmen we should also bring up those who treat us well and drive a fair bargain.
afidel 06/24/19 09:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help with new TT list

The Mesa Ridge and Imagine stand out to me based on the reputation of the manufacturers, if either is carried by a dealer you like then I'd move them to the front of the list.
afidel 06/21/19 01:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle

Usually the cargo carrying capacity of the tow vehicle is the killer. My Tundra was well within the CVW of the trailer, but with only 1,387 in cargo capacity, the truck I was alway a few hundred over every time we towed. The Expedition Max has pretty good capacity, even the nicely optioned one I saw at the auto show had 1700+ pounds, but that's probably not enough for a family of 6 and such a heavy trailer. Over 7k pounds is either max half ton or 3/4 ton territory when you run the numbers. Trailer at 8k pounds and 13% tongue weight is 1,100 pounds after you add weight distribution, 4 kids at 80 pounds each is 320 which leaves <300 for Dad, Mom, and everything else in the tow. The other problem is going to be rear axle capacity, with 1,100 on the receiver and a full passenger compartment you'll probably be well over but it's hard to know without actually doing a CAT scale.
afidel 06/18/19 08:07pm Travel Trailers
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