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RE: RV Cell booster

Omnidirectional is never going to give you as much of a gain as a directional, it's physics since you're limited on transmit power. You can get omnis up to about 6dB which isn't nothing, but yagis can be up to about 24dB which a massive difference since dB is logarithmic (powers of 10).
afidel 10/05/22 07:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Ordering a ‘23 Powerstroke

How many of you are going to be willing to pay an extra $1500 (just a guess) for a high output Powerstroke? Did Ford up and hire a bucnh of ex Ram guys and now all cornfused or what the hay is going on? NVM the absolute mystery of the new 6.8 gasser, to either fit in between where the 6.2 left off and the 7.3 takes over? Or is it too going to be a HOE and smaller displacement but more snort than Godzilla? (kinda like the Hellcat is smaller than the base sRT) Now this whole deezul thing... Are you guys implying that Frod is going to downgrade the "standard" Flowerjoke to a milquetoast 370/850 and offer that in light duty models with a HOE upgrade? Or are y'all completely confused and the HOE will be the standard in all the light duties with the detuned version for Med Duty use, as it is currently (the transgender F450 pickup that is rated like a 350 but bigger but not as big as a real F450, not withstanding)? The 6.8 is all about supply chain management, by replacing the 6.2 with with an engine that shares 95% components with the 7.3 they are vastly simplifying the supply chain and making it so they only have to keep one engine family updated going forward.
afidel 10/04/22 11:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Not enough room

I use the RV Pumps at FlyingJ whenever possible. I know they may not be the lowest price but I have rarely been trapped. It makes finding gas less stressful for me. Some like the one in Rock Hill SC aren't very well setup. If you pull into them from the street you're making a relatively tight left turn on exit with the stupid massive bollard on the right just waiting to cause a tail strike on your blind side. If I had known I would have gone around and approached from the store side, but the entire point of having RV lanes is supposed to be making it easier, not more difficult and stressful to pull out of.
afidel 10/03/22 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Storing My Diesel Truck Over Winter Advice

One thing to think about is if you can you might want to wait till temps start to go down to fill it up the last time, below ~10F #2 diesel sold in the summer can help or form waxy crystals, #1 winter diesel won't do that, even half and half should be good to -5F.
afidel 09/30/22 09:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal

The 6.8L is interesting in that it's going to make the 7.3 much less popular in the pickup segment but by using common parts with the 7.3 it will significantly lower the cost for the 7.3 which will still be used in the F450 chassis cab up to the F750 which means Ford might end up in total with higher profit margins. It'll also be easier to manage the supply chain for what are essentially 2 versions of the same engine with the 10R100 likely being done for the same reasons, eliminating the 6R100 transmission and the associated supply chain simplifies and cheapens the parts bin.
afidel 09/28/22 05:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal

Disappointed they didn't bring PowerBoost to the SuperDuty this year, it's a feature I'd love to have in my next truck but I won't be buying another half ton, next truck will be a 1T SRW. The F150 PowerBoost benefits are really limited to city driving and there's really no advantage with towing IMO. Not into it for the hybrid aspect, I'm into it for having a 7kW inverter generator with a muffler that will keep noise to about 40dB and a huge fuel tank.
afidel 09/28/22 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Load Range F Tires

Yeah, the 10 ply/E rated 16" LT tires I have on my truck can carry 3,417 pounds so easily enough for the load described and from everything I've seen LT tires are made significantly better than ST tires.
afidel 09/27/22 10:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: looking for campground in NE New Jersey

Beaver Pond campground in NY would appear to be the closest at 15 miles and 27 minutes. Only a few RV sites and max length of 30'.
afidel 09/27/22 09:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal

Disappointed they didn't bring PowerBoost to the SuperDuty this year, it's a feature I'd love to have in my next truck but I won't be buying another half ton, next truck will be a 1T SRW.
afidel 09/27/22 09:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do Some Travel Trailers Have Levelling Jacks?

Yes, Lippert makes two different leveling systems for travel trailers. The first one looks like stabilizer jacks on steroids. https://store.lci1.com/rv-leveling-systems The second is for heavier trailers and is an adaptation of their 4 point electric system for lighter fifth wheels (I can't find it on their site but I've seen YouTube videos of partners/influencers who had it installed on their trailer as part of the partnership program)
afidel 09/25/22 10:26am Travel Trailers
RE: New smartphone direct-to-Starlink satellite service

The SOS feature is enough that I'm going to spring for an iPhone 14 for the wife to replace her original SE. I was going to get her a 2022 SE but if I use it even once it's worth the few hundred dollars extra.
afidel 09/20/22 09:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Space Storms Destroy Elon Musk's Starlink Satellites

It was disclosed 5 days after the launch (Feb 3rd and Feb 8th), they lightened the next load and now know that if there's a flare they need to drop payload weight a bit. Overall between older test units, failed units, deorbit tests, SpaceX has lost/decommissioned 314 of 3,347 launched. They've lost more satellites in the last few years than the rest of the world combined has launched if you exclude cubesats, and other than the high loss rate from that batch it's mostly according to plan. Heck, they were launching sats knowing they were obsolete before they were built because eventually they need laser links to relay signals from the polar regions and far ocean locations to land based connection points to offer service to the lucrative airline and maritime markets.
afidel 09/20/22 09:47pm Technology Corner
RE: November travel

You might get some snow but it's unlikely to accumulate. My birthday is just before Halloween and historically the first snow in NE Ohio generally hits between my birthday and the second weekend in November, but it's almost always a big lot of nothing that barely sticks to the grass let alone the roads. The last decade it's only snowed twice in that window, I've gone camping my birthday weekend more years than not since we got our first trailer 6 years ago. What you might have some trouble with is finding campgrounds to stay at, many places in the North close at the end of October. Your best bet is state campgrounds where you probably won't have water but you'll have electric and access to a dump station.
afidel 09/20/22 09:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Heater problem on new used RV

If it's the thermostat then pick up a battery powered Honeywell, they work well with the 12V power source in RVs, I've upgraded the thermostat in both of my trailers to Honeywells and they're much better than what ships with the RV (had to swap the AC control board in the current one to remove the "smart" thermostat control but it was worth it since it's saved me at least 3x what the thermostat and control board cost in energy savings)
afidel 09/20/22 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

I use exchanges when my backup (former grill) tanks expire as it's cheaper than recertifying a tank. I also had to do a swap when all the retail refill places near me were out of propane a few years ago, it was cheaper to do a swap than drive 20+ miles to get a refill.
afidel 09/19/22 11:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mini Split A.C. in their fiver

Average RV AC has an EER of 6, 120V mini-splits are 12-13 so yes, they're about twice as efficient. They also can be had in models that work as heat pumps well below freezing which does not exist as an RV unit.
afidel 09/17/22 11:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: a plea for more cool weather sites for migratory travelers

Castle Mound has at least some 50A sites, I checked for the first weekend in December and the first site I clicked on was 50A. 50A is a big deal for me as I can run enough electric heat to use my trailer year round here in NE Ohio with 50A, not so much on 30A (technically my hookup at home is 30Ax2 so a 30A plus a 20A might work but if the pedastal has both it probably also has 50A). As far as CoE parks, all the ones around here close way early, week after Labor Day for Ohio and PA.
afidel 09/16/22 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: current diesel fuel pricing

Huh, just checked gas buddy and the spread on diesel between stations is $1.50 vs the spread on regular gas at $0.50. At the station with the best price on diesel it's $4.49 vs $3.39 for regular. As far as heating oil is concerned, in 2020 residential use was about 3B gallons, about 1/4th of what it was in the late 70s and a much smaller percentage of the total distillate useage, though it's still a concern in the NE and NY in particular as refineries have to tune for it during the leadup and during the winter months.
afidel 09/15/22 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: a plea for more cool weather sites for migratory travelers

Btw if that's too far, Black River State Forest in Wisconsin is open year round. There are many options.
afidel 09/15/22 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: a plea for more cool weather sites for migratory travelers

Try state and local parks, generally you won't have water north of the Mason-Dixon but you can get electric. The Iowa state parks become first come first served after 10/31 and water won't generally be available, but you can get electric. Clear Lake State Park would appear to be on your way as an example.
afidel 09/15/22 05:13pm General RVing Issues
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