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RE: Smallest RV anyone has full timed in?

One in a Scamp 14, Two in a Scamp 16 is about the smallest I've met. I'm sure there's some crazy couple out there living in a teardrop =) Personally I just bought a 33' 7" trailer to see if the wife and I can live in under 35' when we start full timing at least part of the year in 4 years when our youngest graduates.
afidel 12/07/20 09:29pm Full-time RVing
RE: Three Season Trailer to Four Season Trailer

If you're going to be stationary for the winter where it's actually cold see if you can get the propane company to rent/give you a 120 gallon tank, in most jurisdictions that's the largest that can be placed right near a dwelling, so while it's only 2x dual 30s it's easier and cheaper for them to refill so you'll still likely come out ahead.
afidel 12/04/20 11:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Three Season Trailer to Four Season Trailer

I don't have a 4 seasons trailer, but if that was a requirement for me I would do my research very carefully. There are a few manufacturers who have actually taken the time, effort, and money to fully test their designs using a cold testing facility, but the vast, vast majority just add a sealed underbelly and a pipe off the furnace and throw a 4 seasons label on the trailer.
afidel 12/04/20 06:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: what kind of trailer is this?

I'd ask over at tin can tourist, it's likely someone there would know even with the fairly poor photo.
afidel 12/02/20 01:16am Travel Trailers
RE: RV navigation (Device or app)

Waze for direction, Google maps for navigating (ie finding gas stations, restaurants, etc while on the trip). Rvtripwizard or Furkot for planning the trip. The one time I wish I had had the RV specific app was getting from CT to the marina in Jersey City. The only reasonable way to do that and stay legal is to take the upper deck of the GWB (propane restrictions on all other tunnels and bridges) and avoid all parkways. Google maps was trying to fight me every step of the way which added to an already fairly stressful drive. The RV safe map bundled with RVLife app I found to be too frustrating so I don't use it even though I'm already paying for it with trip wizard. I probably will the next time I find myself in the NYC area, but otherwise I don't sweat it too much, it probably helps that I'm only 11' 2" tall which fits almost anywhere that's not super obvious.
afidel 12/02/20 12:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Getting close to a TT

This RV won’t fit in many state and federal campgrounds. If that’s ok with you, it looks nice. At 35' it will fit in at least some sites at 85% of federal and state campgrounds. You might need to book well ahead and do a bit more research but it shouldn't limit them too much. Now over 35' and you start to get a bit more limited, about 4-5% fewer campgrounds per foot of additional length. It's actually why my next trailer is going to be around 35', I want to figure out if the wife and I can live in that length or if we'll need to figure out a different strategy for when I hope to go full time in a bit over 4 years (need to get the younger one graduated).
afidel 11/27/20 08:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: wheel balancers

I know JD at Big Truck Big RV liked them on his F450, said it really smoothed out the ride with those big commercial tires. Video
afidel 11/24/20 09:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1/2 ton towing

General advice, cut at least 2,000 pounds from that dry weight and 2' from that length for a better towing experience with a half ton. /Going to check out a 5,900 pound 34' trailer as soon as we can setup a date with the dealer. //My truck is nearly identical specs, though a worse rear end ///This is about the biggest we're considering
afidel 11/23/20 09:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: It’s the little things! Gravel Pad for my TT!!

Mice are not as happy about running across a gravel parking area as they are grass so it will help keep the mice out of the camper too Trust me, this is actually very true. Yeah, we get field mice in the house every year, in 4 years of having the trailer on gravel we've yet to have a mouse problem. /Knock on wood
afidel 11/23/20 02:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Undercarriage Storage

Make sure it's fastened securely to the frame. It sounds like a good idea if it's done right. I would use real bolts and nylock nuts with holes drilled in the flange of the I-beam. If you have a channel beam place a metal strap (home made U bolt) over the channel. I have lost a stinky hose holder and hose when self-taping screws came out on a bumpy road. If you drill into a I-beam, do not drill the flange. What nonsense is this? A few holes isn't going to weaken an I beam, especially once filled with a bolt. Connecting through the flange is a standard part of steel beam construction.
afidel 10/27/20 04:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Andersen hitch doesn't suit, any other recommendations?

Any of the 3 you mentioned will do well, they're all available in appropriate weight ratings and pretty well regarded. The one thing I'll note is that the Equalizer head is not able to accommodate different weight bars so if there's a chance you'll downsize in the future keep that in mind (though honestly it's more of a consideration for those that are likely to move up in the future, I think a much smaller percentage of owners downsize significantly)
afidel 10/13/20 10:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winterizing TT for 1st time and have a ??? about the toilet.

The cleaning system, hook a hose to the outside hookup and it sprays out the black tank. The water left is in the bottom of the black tank not the bowl. Does the water ever completely drain from the black tank? Im sure im over thinking this but im sure rv antifreeze will just mix with any water residue..... Honestly. NEVER leave the black tank completely empty, always leave a couple gallons of water in it to keep it from drying out, and causing a septic smell. I leave about 4 gal in mine with tankchem in there. and there is no need to put antifreeze in there. Freeze damage only occurs when there is no room for the water to expand, once it starts to freeze. If you have 5 gal in a 30 gal tank. There is plenty of room for expansion. If you have 5 gallons then your outlet pipe is likely full and when that freezes there's nowhere for it to expand to. I'd put antifreeze in, a few dollars to avoid having a burst pipe seems like cheap insurance. I say that as someone who blows out their lines because I use my trailer for extended trips well after winterizing up north and the one time I used pink stuff on there supply side my whole family hated the residual flavor even after 60 gallons was flushed through the system.
afidel 10/12/20 12:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Accident with tow vehicle right before big camping trip?

my insurance company in case of accident provides a "like kind" vehicle if that's what I want. So, if it was my 3/4 diesel crew cab, that's what they would provide. Are you sure? I explicitly asked my agent to look for a carrier and plan that would cover a vehicle capable of towing and he was not able to find one, his recommendation was to self-insure for the eventuality that I might have a breakdown or accident while on the road far from home. You can tell who his carrier is and what the policy says by telepathy? This is the stupid thread of the week thread. Right from the get go. I asked a question to prompt him to make sure his coverage is what he thinks it is. I specifically asked my independent agent, who is a family friend, to look for such coverage and he came up blank. I'm not saying that it's impossible that such a policy exists somewhere, but I know that many people think they have coverage which they do not have. If he's read the fine print and is confident that his policy does have such coverage then I for one would love to know who it is with because I would investigate if that carrier and plan are available in my state as it's something I specifically shopped for.
afidel 10/08/20 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: New to all this..

Water lines in exterior walls??? What keeps them from freezing? Not many electrical lines in exterior walls, if there are any there should be an outlet of some sort in the area. Nothing keeps them from freezing, that's why you have to winterize a trailer, as far as electrical, they run it wherever they please, watch a video on how RVs are made, there's no code like in residential housing so they run them in flooring, ceiling, and outside walls.
afidel 10/05/20 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: sway bar instructions

Me thinks that the mentioned issue/condition is strictly for the add-on friction sway bars and has nothing to do with all those popular and expensive hitches with anti-sway built in. The condition is that sway mechanisms keep the truck and trailer in line. When the tire traction is not great enough to overcome the resistance of the sway mechanism, skidding when turning will result. It does not matter what brand, style or price point is involved.Strictly speaking, I can't argue. I just don't think it's a thing with those "expensive" hitches, while there are various warnings when using the add-on anti-sway bar. This is confusing-at least in my mind..... I have an Equal-I-zer with 4 point sway control which uses friction at 4 points to address any sway issues. I do not understand how the effect of the systems are different. In other words, how can one system using friction be safe in slippery conditions, and another not? Since they both work to keep the trailer and the truck in line using the same principle, how can they be different? An email from Equal-I-zer tells me that it is not an issue, but they gave no explanation about how their system works in any conditions, while others are not safe and should be removed. Physics was always one of my best subjects, but I can't get my head around this one. Any engineers out there that can shed some light on this for me? My guess is that while the Equalizer resists slipping, it will eventually slip, likely well before the truck is to lose traction. It's basically the same reason you have to take off a friction sway bar but don't have to remove the Equalizer when backing into a spot, you'll get the classic pop and groan but the bar will slip on the plate.
afidel 09/29/20 11:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Slide out stuck closed?

I'd extend the slide and look at the first few dozen teeth of the rack towards the outside of slide, it sounds like a broken or missing tooth.
afidel 09/28/20 11:16am Travel Trailers
RE: New truck - but its lifted and towing

Do you know your loaded hitch weight? If not assume ~1,000 pounds. Compare that plus whatever people and cargo you'll have in the truck against the payload of a power wagon (~1500) and you'll get an idea of how urgently you need to remove the lift.
afidel 09/28/20 11:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Accident with tow vehicle right before big camping trip?

my insurance company in case of accident provides a "like kind" vehicle if that's what I want. So, if it was my 3/4 diesel crew cab, that's what they would provide. Are you sure? I explicitly asked my agent to look for a carrier and plan that would cover a vehicle capable of towing and he was not able to find one, his recommendation was to self-insure for the eventuality that I might have a breakdown or accident while on the road far from home.
afidel 09/25/20 09:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Accident with tow vehicle right before big camping trip?

Enterprise truck rental (NOT regular Enterprise locations!) will let you tow with a 2500 or 3500 rental. They're the only national chain other than U-haul that explicitly allows it in their contact, and unlike U-haul they rent crew cabs so you can take the family. If you have the ability to setup a business account Herc and United rentals are also options. As far as insurance coverage, no mine does not have nearly a high enough daily limit on rental coverage to get a truck, though I could probably just do it and cover the difference.
afidel 09/25/20 08:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Watch those glass stove tops.

Found out later she had large chilli pot on back burner. I'm certain this directed a lot of heat towards glass top.....big pots up front. X2! Thermal shock (extreme fast high temperature changes). Same thing as sitting a very hot Pyrex glass baking dish from the oven on a room temperature metal stove top.. You can do it, but eventually the Pyrex vessel will fail from thermal shock and when it fails it will be a spectacular event! My Mom lost a few Pyrex baking dishes that way. I treat ANY glassware with care concerning very quick temperature change extremes, even Corelle dishes (which are nothing more than dishes made from Pyrex and are amazingly hearty) are not exempt from Thermal shock (DW has broken a few Corelle dishes that way). I learned that lesson well in freshman college chemistry lab. We were doing an experiment where we had to evaporate a solution into a watch glass. Trying to get every bit of precipitate onto the glass I hit the side of the beaker with the Bunson burner, flame leaped up and hit the watch glass which contained ice to help the precipitation. The watch glass shattered instantly, the ice fell, hit the boiling hot beaker, it shattered, and suddenly there's glass and boiling hot water flying everywhere at about 300mph. Definitely emphasized the point about why you ALWAYS wear your PPE in the chem lab, even when working with the most bland on materials. Thanks to gloves, apron, safety goggles nobody was hurt, but it could have been a different story if the TA wasn't very serious about enforcing safety protocols.
afidel 09/16/20 12:22am Travel Trailers
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