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RE: Vintage Gas Prices

Around 1967 I was driving my VW Bug to school and ran out of gas. Luckily I was on a hill so I coasted into a station and filled up my 10 gallon tank. Gave the attendant $3 and got a few cents in change.
aftermath 07/03/22 08:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Traveling with Propane on

To the OP, yes,run with the propane on. No needed precautions provided your fridge is in good working order. How do you know the fridge is "on"? Aside from all the lights and such you can always go outside, open the panel and feel the heat being generated in the exhaust tube surrounding the pilot light. I have found this thread reassuring as the vast majority confirms the safety in running with the fridge on. I will only turn mine off when on a ferry. Haven't traveled through any tunnels that require it. I don't turn it off while fueling up either. The odds of a mishap are approaching zero. Fumes? Of course there are fumes at gas stations but even a spilled gallon of gas on the floor would not produce enough concentration to ignite some 25 feet away. Over the years I have asked, pleaded actually, for anyone to produce any proof of a fire caused by a fridge running on propane while moving down the road. So far.....zero cases. I did see some photos of motor homes burning on the side of the road but upon closer look, they were fires started in the front of the rig, up where you find the engine. One sent in a story of a guy in a van conversion who was filling his gas tank that was right next to the fridge compartment. The old guy lost control of the hose and sprayed the side of the van with gas thus ingniting the whole thing. Really? That has been the best anyone could come up with. Lets just say that someone does produce a single case of this issue. Out of millions of trips if one ended in a terrible fire, would that keep you from turning if the fridge? I mean, if you are that concerned about possible accidents you probably shouldn't drive on a highway. Lots can, and often does go wrong there.
aftermath 07/03/22 08:01am General RVing Issues
RE: trailer suspension

I bought a 2020 gulfstream vintage crusier single axle and towing it with my 2021 Ford 150. My queston is: Is it practical to upgrade the trailer suspension for a smoother ride and/or sway? and if so, what would someone recommend? Thanks...Vincent Vincent, so now you have had all the ideas one can consume. I will simply say, your trailer will be fine. It is important to look at the tires though. Check the Load Range against the weight of the trailer and air them up as needed. If the load range is just slightly above the weigh of the trailer air the tires to the max. Load the trailer avoiding putting heavy items at the back. Better to have more weight on the tongue. BUT...get a good WD hitch with built in sway control and get it dialed in as per manufacturer's recommendations. Trailer sway is something to be avoided.
aftermath 07/02/22 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Hybrid tow vehicle?

Toyota is coming out with a hybrid Tundra with plenty of power to tow 7K loads. I believe that the F-150 also has something in the works. This years Tundra has an Ecoboost wannabe set up with a turbo charged V-6. I think mileage is a big focus as companies move forward. Of course, all these improvements come with rather large costs.
aftermath 06/27/22 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: I know I wandered off...

Yes, it is sad. Pups are not dead, only on life support. I had one for many years and both of my daughters and their families still have 'em. I liked reading through the posts, reliving our great times and even occasionally offering up some advice. I suppose it is a sign of the times.
aftermath 05/11/22 08:24am Folding Trailers
RE: best brake controller 09 f150

He has an '09 truck. I doubt it came with an integrated controller. A built in one is better, as far as looks and not taking up space under the dash, but that is based on having a good one. I purchased my second Tundra (a 2017)partly because they finally went with an integrated BC. It was a real piece, a timed controller that was almost impossible to dial in. I replaced it with my old P2 and it is great. I also found an adapter that allowed me to install the P2 in the dash where the OEM controller went. My suggestion: Get a Prodigy and search for an adapter so it will be a plug and play situation. I had no problem doing this myself and I am a regular sort of guy when it comes to fixing things.
aftermath 05/04/22 08:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Putty or butyl tape?

Wow, pretty strong statements here. I like working with the putty tape better. I picked up some butyl tape by mistake once and found it difficult to work with. Went back to the trailer supply store and got good information about the benefits and advantages of both types. For my application, on both my trailer and older tent trailer, the putty was actually better. I do like the advice to "use what was there" before. I can't remember what the guy told me but it had to do with possible staining and black streaks on fiberglass siding. Again, talk to someone in the know.
aftermath 04/13/22 08:49am Travel Trailers
RE: A Quick Question

KKELLER14K, I too like gizmos and my level mate pro is the best thing ever. That said, I don't go out and buy a gizmo just for the idea of buying something. We have wonderful trailers these days. Indoor bathrooms and showers. Hot water heat, stoves and refrigerators that can run when you are out in the woods. I particularly like the automatic switch over feature on the double propane tanks. This little "gizmo" comes with the trailer! Open both valves and then pay attention. After you have camped for awhile, you will know about how long a tank will last. Check the indicator and when it turns red, it is time to fill the empty tank. I do not switch the valve until I remove the tank to get it filled. You will be drawing propane from the full tank and the indicator will still show red. The red reminds me to fill it up soon. Some say it is no problem to get out of bed during the cold dark night to go out and open the valve. Well, I would consider it a huge issue. Of course, if you never pay attention to things, this would make sense.
aftermath 03/30/22 09:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Norcold fridge..green light blinking every ten seconds or so

Bob, I think this is a standard absorption fridge that runs on 120 or gas. It "runs" on gas but needs battery power to operate the board and the spark to ignite the gas when needed. Years ago there were 12 volt fridges and I am assuming this is not what he has. Today they have electric only fridges but since this is a gas/electric fridge, he doesn't have one of those either.
aftermath 03/19/22 04:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Level Mate Pro Questions

I have had mine for two seasons now and haven't had any trouble connecting or using it. Mine is in my Airstream, full aluminum trouble maker. I have the battery version and I am very serious about turning it off after each use. We pull in to the campsite, I go in and turn on the LMP, park it and then as we set up, I turn it off. My battery easily lasts through the season. I am a strong believer of the KISS principle.
aftermath 01/19/22 03:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

12V compressor fridges are fantastic, but so are absorption units. It all depends on use. So, lets be fair here and agree that they both work well for your intended purpose. When making the point of compressor superiority it usually gets quickly followed with discussions of enhanced battery banks, large solar units and the use of portable generators. Well, many of us don't have much in the way of the first two but likely we do have a generator. I have an older Airstream. A few years back Airstream went with 12V fridges. Solar options became more popular and there were lots of discussions about fancy batteries. I also "feel" that most RVers are the type that use full hookups the vast majority of time. For these reasons, a compressor fridge is indeed a better option. For me, not so much. We do a lot of camping without hookups and we manage just fine. Fridge always works and if we don't need the furnace we can go days without using the generator. Again, both units are really good. So, let us argue the benefits and please try to avoid inflammatory statements like lugging around propane tanks to run your fridge. My word. Are you lugging around propane tanks to cook your food?
aftermath 01/16/22 11:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Ins and outs of DNA testing

... Fantasies,what ifs,and high adventure,was a topic of conversation around the campfire. I started doing family tracing in the early eighties,and that nugget was the first one to come crashing down. ... This is something to think about before you get involved in DNA testing. Before I tell our story just remember that these companies are doing this to make money. They offer up "free" or "reasonable" fees to get started. Once links show up it is very normal to want to follow up. If you are doing a family tree you really do need to follow up and then you will notice extra fees to get to the next step. Don't be surprised by this. We all have a family fantasy and many people really don't want to change this. We have found that a grandfather who was a hard working immigrant was actually a crook who did time in a penitentiary, a father that produced and unknown to us sibling and another cousin with a surprise father. Personally I found all of this to be interesting and enlightening but others considered it an affront to their beliefs and wanted to hear none of it. So beware, it can indeed open some wounds and challenge not only your belief system but also can do harm to some of your current family relationships.
aftermath 01/10/22 10:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Mystery Battery Draw While Parked UPDATE

Here is what I was told by my local Acura dealer mechanic. We had a new RDX that needed a battery replacement within the first two years. We parked it in our locked garage each night and usually did not lock it up. He said that when just sitting there, many sensors are still functioning like the proximity sensors. He told us to lock it each night, thus turning some of the sensors off, thus protecting the battery. I really don't know if this is true or not but we always lock the car and the truck each time we leave. People typically drive their vehicles EVERY day, so charging occurs regularly. When you park one that isn't driven much, this really can become an issue. I hardly drive my truck, it sits for long periods of time.
aftermath 01/10/22 10:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Chevy Silverado Debut

I'll let all the guinea pigs figure this EV thing out, until then I'll be buying and using ICE vehicles, no questions about what to expect with them...heck, I might not even live long enough to even have a chance at using an EV. I agree with this. I also appreciate the clear statement that is a simple truth and not overflowing with negativism. I am excited for the future of EVs and it is indeed interesting to see the truck market getting involved. They have a long way to go, especially if you want to pull a trailer like all of us do. Right now, in all honesty, many half tons are used for going to the dump, picking up a small load of building materials so you can build that dog house you needed to build a long time ago. They seldom go off road, they have 4 doors and plush interiors. This crowd will be the first to use the new technology. There will come a day when they improve the range and then they will really take over. So, until that day, let us not rip the new technology, it is good for a start. I think my grandkids will all be driving them.
aftermath 01/07/22 03:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck of the Year

OK, here is another one...First though I am a guy who believes that electric vehicles are the thing of the future. Problem is, that future is still a long ways off, especially for anything long distance. If I were commuting to work every day in a big city I would probably own one. Right now it all comes down to marketing. The more people willing to buy an EV, the more sales which make more cars and so on. In our local paper this morning they had a story about EVs, and mentioned Ford's "Frunk" F-150 that is coming soon. Yes, Frunk, as the battery will be in the frame, the motors located at the 4 wheels which leaves plenty of space under the hood for a "frunk". They said that they have 200,000 pre-orders and will not take any more at this time. WOW, what interest, what a great truck this should be! Then, I read that you could pre-order one with a $100 refundable deposit. Talk about marketing.
aftermath 12/15/21 07:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck of the Year

Whoops Here it is
aftermath 12/14/21 08:37am Tow Vehicles
Truck of the Year

If you haven't heard...
aftermath 12/14/21 08:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sailun Recall

From everything I have read or heard, Sailun makes good, really good tires. Over the years there seems to be a continuing war over "China Bombs". I have always believed that it is the company who stands behind the tire that is more important than where it is made. Here is a case in point. Place of Manufacture So, am I missing something? After reading through more of this link I saw where most major manufactures produce tires in China. Michelin is one.
aftermath 12/13/21 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: New GMC 2500 Wont Engage Trailer Brakes

Paroled, I have been where you are and I feel for you. Since the GMC crowd say their controlers are very good, I would fight with the company for a solution. You can even ask for a new truck if it gets to that point. That said, I had a P2 controller on my first Tundra and it was great. I moved up(?) to a 2017 Tundra with a built in controller and it was terrible. It was a timed controller and after meeting with Toyota, writing letters and making phone calls they told me it had been tested and that it was performing to standards which was all true. I still had my controller, found an in dash bracket and You Tube video and installed it myself. It is still working and working well.
aftermath 12/12/21 08:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can't imagine a world without internal combustion engines

Deep breath, ICEs will not disappear anytime soon. We might see (notice) a change in proportion but they will be here for as long as I live, along with my children and I will even say my grandchildren. Things will be different, and probably much better by then. I am still reeling from the loss of my lawn dart game! And then, they took all the lead out of gasoline. Well, we all know what kind of mess that caused. No, no changes for me....Things were better a long time ago. There was a movement for a KETO diet. It was a diet that the cavemen ate and was supposed to be far better for you. Of course the life expectancy of a cave man wasn't so high, but that didn't slow them down.....
aftermath 12/11/21 12:44pm Around the Campfire
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