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RE: Hooking up to a well

In Florida the county health dept does well water testing for free, so you may want to check on that before paying. Call them and see what sort of sample the want and since you are not in FL see if they do this. If not ask them to recommend a lab. Do not use Calgon or some other such testers. The big thing they will check besides basic chemistry is for coliform bacteria which will reveal if your well is too near a sewage source. I was an environmental chemist for 32 years and I have no idea why you would ask them about plumbing issues, aka expansion tank size. That's a question for the well driller to answer. Or just look on Youtube
agesilaus 08/23/19 01:23pm Full-time RVing
RE: Electric tongue jack. Good brand name?

OK we took our TT out on it's first long trip and soon came to dislike the no-name electric jack installed on the unit. Sometimes it would only lift the unit 4 to 6 inches and sometimes it would lift it much higher. No determinable reason for the erratic behavior. Also fooling around with the detachable foot was a PITA at each stop, getting the pin aligned with the holes and having to crawl around on the ground fooling with it. So when I got back home high on the work list was replacing that jack. And after some reasearch on Amazon I bought this Bulldog. It has a 21 inch lift, the foot retracts inside the jack tube and it is so far completely dependable. The foot is locked in with a pin but the tube is keyed and the holes are always lined up. I did have some folks recommend this jack but it didn't seem to offer anything for the extra cost to me.
agesilaus 08/23/19 11:33am Tech Issues
RE: Limitless 4G review

Sounds interesting
agesilaus 08/22/19 07:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Canyon de Chelly

Sorry I don't see a big distinction between NP and NM, Crators of the Moon has signs, so does Ft Castillo, Devils Tower, Dinosaur and so does Hovenweep along with just about every other one we've been to. I will say Grand Staircase and Alibiades are both de-signed. Grand Staircase because it just isn't developed at all. And neither was Alibiades when we last looked in there. But they are exceptions. No I didn't complain to the Rangers, we never saw one. And we were camped in Gallop and the sun was setting... And none of you really answered my questions. And furthermore I am not in any way interested in a guilt tour over something that happened in the 1800's. I haven't seen any Potato Famine tours or museums for example. Nor a tour over what happened in Magdeburg in 1631. Both of which could of injured my ancestress. Or any of a hundred or thousand other injustices over the past. Get over it and live your life. Oh and something just came to mind, I recall seeing the official Apache tribe website years ago which bitterly complained about the unjust reputation the peace loving Apaches were given. Don't know if it still is that way but any of you who ever visited the cemetery at Ft Apache might have a contrary view. More revisionisma and whining. So IMO the Navaho should run CdC the same way they do Monument Valley, as a Navaho concession since they obviously don't want to run it as a benefit to the American Nation.
agesilaus 08/22/19 07:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Canyon de Chelly

OK this may come off as a rant. But I was very put off by our brief visit to CdC. We got there mid-afternoon and had time to drive the rim drive and hike a couple trails. Unlike every other National Park that I can think of, there was virtually no signage. Can you recall walking out to a viewpoint in a NP and seeing not one sign telling you what you were looking at? Me neither. For example the Massacre Cave, hiked out the trail looked down into the canyon...ah where is the cave?? Why is it named Massacre Cave? What happened there. You'll never find out at the turnoff and trail. We did finally hike much further down the trail and finally saw a shallow overhang that might be called a cave, was that it? We'll never know. The only explanation I can see for this is that the locals are trying to force you to buy one of their expensive tours. Shame on the NPS for going along with this scheme. A day later we stopped at Hubbell Trading Post, all the rangers were locals. Nothing wrong with that except that they for the most part seemed to know nothing about the displays. I asked a couple of them what the farm equipment displayed did, they had no idea. Looked in the barn, there were a couple of youngish teens in Ranger uniforms lounging about on the hay bales. I had no idea that maybe a 14 or 15 year old could get a job as a uniformed ranger in the NPS.
agesilaus 08/22/19 05:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling through Canada with Dogs

We went thru getting the papers route before we went thru north of Glacier. The Canadian Border agent didn't want to see any papers and acted like he didn't know what we were talking about. Still you better have them with you. For us getting the 'papers' just meant going by our vet and having them print out their health records. That shows vaccinations, once we got to talk to someone it took 2 minutes max.
agesilaus 08/22/19 05:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska

We looked at doing the Mormon Trail which mostly follows the Oregon Trail at least in NE and WY. But it was very twisty following local 3 digit roads frequently and the stops, in NE didn't look at that interesting. Inadvertantly we have alreadt been to most of the WY parts of the trail when we spent a couple weeks in central WY a few yeears ago. So we did not do it. We've been to a number of L&C locations just traveling around the mountain west. It may be more interesting.
agesilaus 08/21/19 06:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Everyone said this would never work but France showed them

Solar has it uses in the right circumstance. Like on top of my RV. But it will never replace traditional fossil fuel, hydroelectric or nuclear power. The sun doesn't shine 24 hours a day unless you put your panels in orbit. And sometimes the sun doesn't shine for weeks on end in some parts of the world. I think that article mentioned that they have 45 days a year of clear sunny skies where they put that solar road in.... And just what expert said "we would never fly?", not an engineer is my guess.
agesilaus 08/21/19 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Hydraulic jack

That's interesting, the info about floor jacks. I've seen what you are talking about but never figured out what the problem was. One tool everyone should carry is one of these Gorilla wrench, which will remove those lug nuts that the tire shop overtightened with their impact wrench.
agesilaus 08/21/19 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Hydraulic jack

Actually they used the bottle jack, I stupidly used the floor jack. And I'm sure they are all made in China, that gray one just made a point of it in the write up. And heh I found one made in the USA a little pricy tho. But gets great reviews.
agesilaus 08/20/19 03:13pm Tech Issues
Everyone said this would never work but France showed them

Solar Road ....heh. They must have paid off the engineers is all I can say and everyone else with common sense.
agesilaus 08/20/19 02:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hydraulic jack

and about four pieces of two/by four and a square piece of plywood 12x12. might never use them but there easy to store away. Ditto on that bottle jacks tend to sink into soft ground.
agesilaus 08/20/19 02:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Hydraulic jack

Here they are: Amazon Personally I'd get a 12 ton, this is a piece of gear where over capacity is no problem. And you may want to jack up other things. The Torin I can vouch for we have two. Make sure the jack gives enough lift, that gray chinese jack for example does not list the lift of the jack. The Torin 12 ton does 7.5 to 11 inches. These jacks are available in Lowes and Walmart. I learned the hard way about bottle jacks when we got a flat on Hwy 2 in MT. At least 10 years ago. The jack I used was a floor jack which jacked the small trailer up OK. But when my son started to remove the tire it dropped the trailer. So use a bottle jack and also jack stands once you have it jacked up. We had a trip to the next town's emergency room where they X-Rayed my sons hand. That's after a local stopped and jacked the trailer up with his bottle jack. I made sure to get a bottle jack at the next opportunity.
agesilaus 08/20/19 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Good Sam - what's in it for the campgrounds?

That's true, angry users are much more likely to post a review than happy ones. I recall a rule of thumb from my long ago business law class: one angry customer will undo the good will of 19 happy ones. Anyway that's why I read online reviews with care to try to get a balanced judgement.
agesilaus 08/20/19 02:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Escapees?

I joined the day before yesterday and got my signin info yesterday.
agesilaus 08/20/19 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam - what's in it for the campgrounds?

I halfway think that the big book could make something of a comeback. We were doing some boondocking with no signal for the phones and of course no WIFI. I prefer to look ahead on our next planned road segment using Campgroundreviews or that free public cg site and generally drag some potential stops into a text file on my desktop. I found that it is getting very difficult to find open WIFI spots in town anymore so we used the big book to fill in those spots. WIFI security is up everywhere. I have to say that my new, not very impressive, notebook may have caused a lot of this trouble. It was hard to connect to WIFI using it and it randomly turns off WIFI all together driving the wife mad. It has one of those hybrid SSD/HDD drives and when I got home the HDD part is gone just vanished.
agesilaus 08/19/19 07:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery or no battery????????

Your lights are all 12V I'm not sure they will work w/o a battery even when hooked up. Plus you will eventually want to stop at a rest area or somesuch to make lunch or do something else.
agesilaus 08/19/19 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: Escapees?

I'm going to sign up this morning.
agesilaus 08/19/19 07:28am General RVing Issues
RE: My 350/3500 is just too big to fit between the lines!

Rarely see that with an SRW. But not unusual for DRWs in tight parking lots. TRue to a point but some parking spots are to short as well as too narrow. I get it that most spots were not designed for my dually's width, but some cannot accommodate the length either. Often I will occupy two spot due to length. Oh yeah, I generally try to find two spots nose to nose and pull all the way thru to the opposite spot. That's to avoid backing out when I leave. That's not so bad since I added a backup camera but I still would rather pull out forward. But anyway stopping the truck at the end of the lines often leaves 3 ft or so in the back space. Again the parking lot designers are sort of at fault. Of course they are trying to squeeze in as many spaces as possible. The city planning department has told them they need X number of spaces for a certain store size. So they try to minimize the space used for the parking lot. Thus the spaces are not intended for trucks. And possibly the city defines how much space constitutes one parking spot, so many square ft.
agesilaus 08/18/19 07:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My 350/3500 is just too big to fit between the lines!

Some of these parking lots are not laid out with HD trucks in mind, I think they are thinking more on the line of Prius. So I have no compunction about taking up two spaces. Trying to fit in one leaves about a foot on each side of the truck, not enough to open the doors. I do try to park in the outer reaches of the lot tho.
agesilaus 08/18/19 07:08pm Tow Vehicles
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