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RE: Yellowstone roads closed!

Local News and bad news at that
agesilaus 06/13/22 05:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What's the real scoop on propane tank re-certification?

Many places recertify - its an inspection with a date written or etched on the tank. It's cheap - $20 or less. Best to find a propane supplier or a feed store (my local feed store does it). I have had all of my tanks recertified, they are that old... It's a visual inspection, no big deal. My local propane dealer did it for free if we got a refill. Not all dealers do it but just call one and if they do not then they will tell you who does. Don't waste all that money on a new tank.
agesilaus 06/13/22 01:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2022 campgrounds

It's hard to tell in my area. It's not summer here yet. Glad to hear that, we are headed up to the upper pen after Escapade in TN. Hopefully after black fly season
agesilaus 06/13/22 10:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2022 campgrounds

I haven't had any problems so far, but I didn't last year either. But we don't try to get spots we know are bound to fill like those next to popular national parks. Tho we did get three days in the Gros Venture cg in Grand Tetons at the last minute. Last year we did spend several weeks in Yellowstone. Once again I believe most of the parks being filled happen in NE and Cali camps. And on weekends nationally.
agesilaus 06/13/22 09:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hercules Vs Endurance Tires?

No opinion, someone did say Cooper is owned by Goodyear. I have Cooper AT3 on my truck and they have a very good reputation. GY is involved in a major recall of motorcoach tires that may have caused 8 deaths. A 12 ply tire would be expected to have a higher load rating than a 10 ply.
agesilaus 06/12/22 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: Discoverer AT3 XLT

OK when did you buy those Michelines? 4 years ago? Because multiple people are reporting that their Michelines are peeling at 20K and the sipes are vanishing.
agesilaus 06/11/22 05:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Garmin 890RV trouble and fix

Is there another way to update your Garmin without using express? The other useful feature of Express is it will tell you how many updates are waiting for your GPS - assuming you have registered it. And there was a new update to Express in May I believe. Bill True but that method is what rendered my Garmin inoperative other than showing a very basic map. Major highways only and no search functionality. I tried maybe 25 times to update the latest maps, and it would go thru the update download and install with reboot but never actually did the map update. I tried different areas and WiFi spots. One was excellent at -80 DB but nothing worked until the express. Since it took 8 hours I assume it completely rewrote all the software and maps. And the cell signal here is much weaker at -100 DB
agesilaus 06/11/22 11:13am Technology Corner
RE: Garmin 890RV trouble and fix

Yeah it was news to me, I watched a multi episode tutorial on the 890 on YT, when I bought the 890. It was good for the features but never mentioned Garmin Express.
agesilaus 06/11/22 07:37am Technology Corner
Garmin 890RV trouble and fix

We have a 890RV for more than a year and it has been mostly satisfactory and very useful. Several months ago it failed an update and has been braindead ever since. Nothing I tried would fix the problem including a reset to factory. I finally got on YouTube and searched and found that there is a pc software package that will repair glitches and do updates on most Garmin devices. Garmin Express It will update your unit and even seems to have some new cursors. No sitting in your vehicle trying to get it done just connect the Garmin to the computer via USB. It took and astounding 7-8 hours to fix mine but now it works again. Look in YouTube for videos
agesilaus 06/10/22 07:09pm Technology Corner
RE: If’s you’re headed North….

Commercial solar up there is just a scam and you would never see it if it was not for massive subsidies from governments. No solar at night of course, not during storms or those long cloudy days during winter. This means that for 1000 MWe for solar you must have 1000 MWe of traditional fossil or nuclear fuel powered plants standing by at all times to provide power when the clouds roll in or it gets dark. And those plants have to be kept running at minimal load (except for gas turbine units) because it takes hours to start a plant that is shut down. And that means you are paying a full crew of operators to staff that plant at all times. So actually you are just adding costs on top of the existing infrastructure not saving money. But when the greenies do not include that cost in their fake calculations of how much it costs to run these 'green' plants. Wind power is much worse. Power plants calculate how most power they produce vs theoretical max power output. Fossil and nuke plants run at about 85 to 90% of max output. The difference being time spent in maintenance periods. Wind power runs around 20% and solar I'm not sure about but must be less than 50% because of night and cloudy weather. Solar makes good sense to sites far from a power supply. RV's for example or remote buildings. Wind power never makes sense and never recovers it's true cost to construct and operate. Green power is ALWAYS most expensive that traditional power sources, ALWAYS.
agesilaus 06/07/22 07:31am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: If’s you’re headed North….

Sorry solar works much better at lower latitudes. Florida, Texas, Arizona and so on make sense for solar panels. Minnesota, Maine and all of Canada so not: "In northern latitudes, because because the angle of impact is less direct than it is at the equator, it is spread over a greater surface area and therefore you get a less concentrated energy output per unit area"
agesilaus 06/06/22 01:53pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tip for getting film off the back of double sided tape

Good tip, thanks. Doesn't work for label tape but my last purchase has length wise split backing and very easy to remove. All tape should be made this way. I agree 100% and do not understand why they all do not make the tape that way
agesilaus 06/05/22 01:24pm RV Lifestyle
Tip for getting film off the back of double sided tape

It works! Tip He uses some special comb but I found a regular comb with fine and coarse teeth works, just use the coarse tines. I scribe a shallow cut into the film with a sharp knife tip, just thru the film. Then use the comb to separate the film at the cut line. Don't carry the cut all the way across, and then you can peel both sides of the cut.
agesilaus 06/05/22 09:17am RV Lifestyle
RE: How do you in the S/E handle high humidity inside your rig?

Has he tried a dehumidifier, you have to provide a way to drain the water so maybe set it up next to a sink or in the shower with the door proped open. Need power 24X7. Our homebase is a few hours away but not on a canal, but 80+% humidity is high enough. No mold tho.
agesilaus 06/03/22 08:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Florida State Parks Early Reservation

Here we go again, a snowbird talking about how Florida would fall off the face of the earth without snowbird money. I’m so sick of hearing that song. Yeah there are over 20,000,000 people in the state. Probably at least 1,000,000 want to camp in our state parks. And those parklands are bought with dedicated taxes here. And are rated number one in the country. I've lost track of all the new parks, if never heard of some like Shangra La SP. There is no doubt that snowbird money helps support the parks but the people living here would fill them up w/o the snowbirds. The natives should get priority, maybe reserve 1/3 of the slots until 2 weeks before the open date for that slot.
agesilaus 05/30/22 06:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Back on the road again. And Florida Parks reservations

God willing we are going to be back on the road again after being stuck here since mid November. My wife's father passed on at 95. Then the ahh bad step mother started kicking up trouble about land jointly owned. $600 wasted on a lawyer.Then my F350 burned and the insurance company took months to pay up, then the wife's Toyota was hit by some women who swerved out of her lane and hit it. Parts shortages kept in the shop for 8 weeks! But now we are go on Tuesday, just a shot shake down to a nearby FS camp, then Eastbank COE followed by Silver Springs SP. Speaking of FL Parks they have the best parks but a terrible reservation system. I had to lie about my address to register, even tho I used to registered. And even when it works it makes the rec.gov system look good. That's the system they tossed out to bring this abomination in. Anyway appoints back here then off to TN and the Escapade. Then north to the Upper Peninsula and MN north country, tentatively
agesilaus 05/29/22 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Time to replace front electric Jack

If you have to replace it after the above, not all jacks have the same bolt pattern. A new one may need some drilling to fit.
agesilaus 05/28/22 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: Florida State Parks Early Reservation

First there are bots that people use to grab sites, there is a fee attached to use these. I probably should not mention this since it will encourage people to use them. Second FL Parks are very popular and hard to reserve Third the FL Park reservation system seems to be ...ah fouled up. We tried to reserve a spot at a local park, Pad length 30 feet site length 61 feet. the website showed openings. But we could not log in since the software insisted that our address was not in the official US list of addresses. A big surprise since we have been getting mail there for 30 years. Tried a neighbors address, same response. Called the reservation phone number, the women there was adamant those sites were tents only?! Drove out to the park and looked at those sites, they had RV's in them. The sites are dirt, no pads, and plenty long enough. And wide enough to park truck next to the RV which is 30 feet long. Gave up.
agesilaus 05/27/22 08:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Not one but two blowouts

We moved to LT (truck tires) and have had zero problems since
agesilaus 05/25/22 08:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RAM spare tire tool

I got a Dorman spare tool kit, there was a 30 inch extension rod but the shipping time was too long. I'll crank the spare down today or tomorrow and lube everything. Thanks for the replies Dorman tool
agesilaus 05/24/22 10:05am Tow Vehicles
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