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RE: Jacked your to house batteries

and edited out completely now...
ajriding 09/01/21 11:15am Tech Issues
RE: Streak remover

IDK if it will work on a 5th wheeler, but on a trailer this topic was discussed thoroughly very recently. Did you search the forum?
ajriding 09/01/21 11:06am Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

0.5 volts to keep it running, barely, and that low you can see the fan blade bouncing between the magnets. 0.8 to move it from a stop. 4 volts is super quiet, no blade noise, and 6 volts is still lower than low speed, but seems fast enough to move enough air to keep heat from building up. At 6 you start to hear the air, there is always some fan bearing noise. 4 volts would be a good sleeping speed since it is very quiet, a huge bonus. The other one would not run so slow, it would stop before the fan got this slow. So, this buys me a much bigger safety margin if I leave it on low and the batts get drained down super low. If batt is going to be 0.5 volts at the controller then I have much bigger issues than a $13 pot. I do not have an amp meter to measure so low, mine measures up to 50 amps, so would not be good for small numbers, it is a needle. Also, side question.. what is difference in having the switch or controller on the neg side vs the positive side (other than ability to turn off the wire current)? Is this controller switching the neg side? Maybe just so if it does burn out that the full 12v can still flow through? I know an on/off switch means nothing to the fan, but the control on neg or pos side, is that different?
ajriding 09/01/21 11:01am Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

This one I got and now installed PWM eBay one Works the same, even has OFF function, and does not ring. I looked at the other controllers, but that this is the same case means the holes will line up with the old holes where I had it mounted, and being all enclosed and contained is just what I needed as opposed to having a pot that needs to be mounted somewhere.
ajriding 08/31/21 12:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding scissor jacks for side to side leveling

Assuming you have a twin axle trailer? You also said jacks, not stabilizers. Jacks can and will and are made to lift the trailer. We are not talking about stabilizers. I lift the frame at the axle point. I used a bottle neck hydro jack, not scissors jack. For a dual axle I put the jack between the axles under the frame if possible, or as close to the axle as I can get if in front or behind the axles. This does not put any new stresses on the frame and lifts the frame at about where the axles hold the frame anyway. Or easier to just lift the axle, not the frame. One axle is fine and will not damage the frame, body, or door or bend anything. Your trailer goes on one axle all the time driving it around (one of 4 wheels unloaded anyway). I do this only in extreme situations if I have to park off level and my other leveling method is too short. Parking on ramps or boards or rocks is much preferred to me. It is easier than crawling around with a jack.
ajriding 08/31/21 10:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Roaches ugh!

Only two? Palmetto bugs only visit, they tend to go back outside after they lurk. Two is not a big deal. You are hardly infested. Glue traps made for mice also catch these bugs. I catch more palmetto bugs than mice with glue. The misters are pretty toxic to humans also, if you don't mind poison in your living area then the mister will do the trick.
ajriding 08/31/21 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

no gdtrailer, I havent found a computer fan like that. I see plenty of 70 cfm fans that are 1/15th of the FF's ability. Where do I find such a powerful comp fan? Im not going to put a 70cfm fan in place of a 1200 one.
ajriding 08/29/21 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

yea, the computer fans are great, but not for replacing the way more powerful FF motor. Maybe using one to blow air in from a window would help move air out the roof vent and that could be a compromise solution. I have a second vent that is not FF but also not covered bc the solar panels are right there and I cannot shade the panels and cannot really leave the vent open all day and be gone due to the constant haarp rains all the time getting inside. I ordered that controller in the link and will drill out some vent holes to help cool it. Hopefully the ringing of this one is out of my hearing range too
ajriding 08/29/21 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

From my Victron BMV-712. The FF does have brushes, but not user serviceable. Quite frankly the Fantastic Fans, like most RV appliances, are total junk designed in the 1980s. Agree, it is amazing how little air the ten blades actually move for such a large motor and fast fan speed... I often wonder if the FF was originally designed as a blender instead of a fan. Was your 0,9A reading on a speed equal to the Low setting? Im interested what it is on the speed where the fan barely has enough power to turn, it has to be much lower than 0.9.. 3A on high, 2.3A on medium and 1.9A on low. PWM 3A, ,,,1.6 and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0.9A I also realized that my electric fridge only pulls 3-4 amps, and it only runs some of the time, so the fan on high would be the biggest drawdown on batts. wow. Even with the fan pulling 1 amp it will still be the biggest draw since it runs all the time vs fridge running a fraction.
ajriding 08/28/21 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

Interesting. Two conflicting reports, but good topics. FWC, how did you get the Amp numbers? Yes, 10AH seems to be significant. In reality, not 10 hours, but from about 4pm to 10 am is 16 hours for us solar users who might be stuck in camper in bad weather. 16aH, or on a cloudy day it could be 24 aH and very little solar charging happening... Thus, the reasons for my interest to eek out every last wave of electrons... For the daytime, when I am gone and just want vent to run, I would run it on absolute lowest possible speed, so less than half the speed of what the Low setting is, so yes, a computer fan would work too, but easier to put in the controller than wire in another fan and deal with it. Keep in mind I have a DC fridge and the batts are already about 7 years old, so already running a clip fan all night is noticeable difference in voltage when I wake up. I want to avoid any deep discharge of the battery so I never go too low and I want batts to live as long as possible, yet I want to have the fan run when I want it. I didnt know the FF has brushes, that's good to know if it ever stops.
ajriding 08/28/21 09:34am Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

No, just two issues that really matter. 1. Wasting electricity on the heating element-looking thing (wasting time talking about whether it is a heating element or a resistor), and 2. what controller is most efficient. Heating up a coil might be a small amount of power in your mind, but do that all night long using a battery that is powering other things might just be enough to run the battery too low after a few cloudy days in a row. Run the battery too low and you got bigger problems than unrelated post. It's all about the battery. Not everyone understands this. I know some people hop campground hook-up to campground hook-up, but others require everything from a battery set-up. Instead of guessing, one day I might wire in an amp meter and actually measure the difference between High speed (no resistor), Medium and Low speed. Eventually someone on forum will have already done this. I appreciate the guess on how much power the settings might use.
ajriding 08/27/21 03:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

ok. good points. I dont think my fan is worn in any way. The noise is a ringing, not a mechanical issue. The controller I showed , as I mentioned, is similar, and I am not able to find anywhere the exact controller online anywhere to be able to look at its specifications... It might operate in the human ear range and be audible. The FF has coils that act like a heating element to burn off power. However you want to exactly define what a heating element is or not does not matter bc in the end it still is doing the same thing, heating up a wire at the expense of power. I thought I used words to give clues that this is not important nor something that matters or needs further discussion. What I keep try to say politely is that I dont really care if you call it this or that. Nothing changed now that you defined it. It is hard to write on a forum post something that can both be understood and polite, I tried. Now lets stop with the heater analysis....
ajriding 08/27/21 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Alternators - what are your thoughts?

OP, yea, you are way off. Let's just start over. You really don't need to pre-anything anything. There is no alternator that will run an AC unit, and fewer AC units that run off of DC anyway, and a worse idea is to use an inverter to "fix" this... AC will cool the camper down quick enough, or just crank up that generator at the second to last stop and pre-cool with ordinary means. Unless you drive all day you can even just turn the fridge off for the drive. OR the camper battery will run the AC element on the fridge a few hours, though not ideal, and the vehicle will supplement this. Many just use propane while driving for the fridge. My propane never gets turned off on trips, drive or parked, unless I am changing tanks on a single. Others will wet their pants at the mere mention of doing this. 130 amps is, or used to be, called an ambulance alternator, and provides plenty of power for all their lights and medical equipment just fine, even before LED lighting. You have between 90 to 130 amp alternator already. Your real issue/problem is the tiny little wires going to your trailer feeding it 12 volts. Fix this and many issues are solved. Do a Forum Search for how to on this topic. Don't pre heat or pre cool. Just suck it up.
ajriding 08/26/21 06:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

The PWM things have big heat sinks, so are producing heat. Most everything electrical dissipates some wattage in the form of heat, even if it's 1/10th of a watt. There is no free lunch here. It can be such a small amount that the properly designed component in a properly designed circuit doesn't heat up enough to notice, if at all. The MOSFET transistors have heat sinks because they are capable of passing 15A at 95% duty cycle. That's probably about 8 watts. The controller is designed to handle worse case. But you are only drawing 3 amps or less. The transistors might dissipate a watt or less with the fan running full speed. When you slow it down that wattage dissipation goes down. That's the beauty of a PWM controller. If your knob is turned down half way you are using 50% power, creating less heat. Thanks for the answer... This is more the discussion I am interested in. So, the heat sink on a PWM is to keep the electronics cool, not to burn off heat in any way to reduce fan speed... Sounds like the pwm is the way to go for efficiency at least. The one I had did make noise, and I have heard others mention the ringing noise from the pulses, so might not be a bedtime item... At night I can just use a clip fan. Also, a heating element is a resistor, thats why it works. The FF uses these "things" to waste electricity. I don't have an amp meter to test how much though.
ajriding 08/26/21 05:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

What happens when battery power is too low to move the fan and the PWM is sending out power still? Harm to fan? Harm to controller? That could be a problem. A quality controller would use a low voltage dropout regulator to protect itself from this. The one you pointed to can regulate down to 10 volts. It could heat up below that. You will have some line loss depending on what wire you use. A battery voltage below 11.5V (just my guess) might create 10V at the controller. Why not try the one you pointed to on eBay? It's $13 delivered. 25KHz switching frequency so it shouldn't be noisy, rated for 10A and has a power switch. I assume you already have the wires located where you want it on the wall. Did you run 16awg wire? Wires being too small/long could be a problem. The eBay link one is the closest to what I have, same plastic case (no vent holes), so it will fit right in. I will have to go investigate what wire. Most of the wire run is big wire, and I do not own any smaller than 18g, but if it is 18 then it is just a small section... However, running fan on a low output speed my guess is 18g wire is not coming into play here. What Im worried is that I forgot and left the fan on overnight, on a low speed, just fast enough to keep running, and maybe the batteries, 7 yrs old now, got a little lower over night and the fan stopped running, but was getting power sent to it, and sent through the controller still. I know from audio that when this sort of thing happens to a speaker you can melt the voice coils, low-power can hurt a speaker more than too much. (weak signal to a two-way speaker and the smaller speaker takes all the power, not the big speaker... I wont get into details). So, I am not sure if it was my fault and I melted something with a non-running fan, or it the controller just died naturally. I dont want to blame the vax if it was truly a natural death sort of thing...
ajriding 08/26/21 10:03am Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

Hmm, ok. I guess how hot the coil resistor in the FF gets determines how much waste there is. IDK. The PWM I have has no holes for ventilation to move the heat out. What happens when battery power is too low to move the fan and the PWM is sending out power still? Harm to fan? Harm to controller? I guess I will just get a PWM but one with vent holes this time.
ajriding 08/25/21 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

mindless is when people just look up "speed controller" and post a bunch of links, none that are relevant usually. That Guide to put a controller in is nice, but not anything to do with what I want - to have a controller that uses less energy at lower speeds. I have my controller feeding the FF, so have control on a wall, not at the fan. I can always put controller at max and run the FF normally. I set FF on High and control the speed by using the controller. The PWM things have big heat sinks, so are producing heat. IDK beyond that, so am asking any electrical geeks out there who might know
ajriding 08/25/21 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Fan Speed Control

The Fantastic fan used to use a literal heating element I call it, which looks like a coil spring element you would see on an electric heater. The Low setting uses two springs. Im not looking for that or any resistor device that just waste electricity. If you have actual knowledge and a link that is fine, but amazing how many people read a post, know nothing at all about the topic, spend 3 seconds on a search and post as if they are now experts, and think that is all that is to it, still knowing nothing at all about the topic. Nobody is interested in that. Tiny amounts of electricity are what camper batteries have, so yes, I am worried about tiny amounts of electricity.
ajriding 08/24/21 09:11pm Tech Issues
Fan Speed Control

Im looking for a fan speed control. Please dont post your internet search results here. Anyone, including me, can do a search and find mindless stuff. I am looking for specific knowledge, thanks The Fantastic fan has 3 speed. High, but the Low and Med are regulated with a heating element, so running low save no electricity, and might even use more. I would like to wire in a speed control that uses less energy at lower speeds (that doesn't just burn off electricity in the form of heat to reduce current to the fan). I have a PWM controller that worked fine. I let it run all night on a low setting with no issues, and today I left it on a few hours on a higher speed (less than full though), and went back to find it burned out, and hot. The default setting if something happens is to just put out full power, so the fan was running on high. When it worked it makes a ringing sound at the fan. I cannot find the exact match, but it was similar to this one on eBay, same case at least. IDK why it burned out, it is rated at 8 amps, and the FF is about 2. So, Im trying to figure out what controller will do what I want. I have another controller, but it has a really big heat sink, so I assume it will waste power making a lot of heat.
ajriding 08/24/21 06:04pm Tech Issues
RE: champion generator mount

I made one. For a smaller gen, but similar ideas can apply. Previous Forum Post https://photouploads.com/images/EQMk.jpg width=500 The pic hosting site is down as of time of posting for maint, but will be up soon, I know you cant see pics, give it a few mins... I chose this route as a chain is very very easy for a thief to cut, bolt cutters being a stable of thieves. Mine can be broken, but takes different methods and tools and I tried to make it more difficult to steal. It is only a $600 gen, so not that lucrative for re-sale anyway.
ajriding 07/14/21 10:18am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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