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RE: Old 1972 DC light bulb

ok, Ill toss in trash then. I thought it would blow if put in a 120
ajriding 02/18/20 04:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where window when sleeping?

What kind of wall framing exists in the areas you want to put this window? That's going to be the primary determining factor when locating it. The wall is uniform all down the side, so is not a factor. There is framing, but spaces between all the framing to put a window. This is the other side, but same window. Frameless tinted so hard to see against the black. On the other side, where bed is the window is towards the back (head meant to be near back) https://photouploads.com/images/E6wR.jpg This is the camper I really need. Off-road clearance (until I rip the axle off or shred the tires), toy hauler layout, very narrow to be aero when towed by mid-size truck - 5 ft wide, low (5 ft interior) so more aero, but is now cross between teardrop style and something you can stand in.Yet, all the ammenaties packed in.
ajriding 02/18/20 12:16pm Toy Haulers
Old 1972 DC light bulb

I am tearing this shroud apart and going to just use the fan box. It has a light bulb the size of a house lamp, but it is DC! It works
ajriding 02/18/20 11:55am General RVing Issues
RE: How many Miles Expected on PW Excel?

I had a 1995 E series van chassis with the 460 V-8. It was pushing 300,000 when I got hit and totaled. The motor ran perfect and trans was good. regular maintenance was always done on the vehicle. The camper was probably 13,000 lbs weight. 49,000 is nothing. These Fords will not see issues until well after 130,000 miles. The camper build is typically junky, but it should hold up the life of the vehicle. You will need to do regular maintenance on it also, especially re-caulking the roof seams and exterior seams with LAP sealant every year or two. If this has never been done then likely a good chance some water leaks have occurred. Not a death sentence, but you want to know what is happening. Some leaks are easy to repair, some are so big you just assume drive it off a cliff as to repair it.
ajriding 02/16/20 09:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance Denying Claims

My transmission went out on my 30 year old car. I have insurance but they will not pay for a new transmission. Can I sue? STUPID question. BUT, I am curious what this crack is. The description makes no sense, any photos? Sounds like a crack in the outer paneling which would barely cost the deductible to repair (though I know RV shops charge huge amounts for simple things)
ajriding 02/16/20 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower

Some water pumps are adjustable. You can adjust the pressure. Unless you are talking about when you use city water, then maybe you can just turn up the water pressure on the pump and get the flow you desire. I adjust mine super low to save water in the tank.
ajriding 02/16/20 09:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Newbie Pre Purchase Questions

I had a Ram, though diesel so had way more power, but same truck chassis basically. People literally pull 30,000 lbs with those trucks on the 2500 chassis. Your gas engine will not do that, but stopping and driving is the important part. If you are under the rated limit then check that box and move on. 1500 probably lesser brakes than the 2500 so do not think you can handle the same weight as the big boy truck. You will need a weight distribution hitch of course. Many post on those, more than you can stand to read and 100's of opinions. You are new to campers? You are the typical suckers possibly. You think you need the biggest and most luxurious camper you can afford as if you will be living in this parked at a campground the rest of your lives. People often regret getting a big camper and talk about downsizing but have so much money invested in the behemoth that they do not want to lose that investment money by selling so quick... Go rent a couple of times and see what you like. Having a big tt means it is a big thing to take it out. You start to calculate how much it will cost in gas and is it worth it or just get a hotel this time instead. Big campers will not fit a lot of places if you like to go to non-campground destinations. Small campers are easy. just hook and go. Not as big of a deal on the gas budget. Easy to drive. Easy to manuever. Does not take up any more space than another vehicle so it parks easier. I have never met anyone (though there are plenty ppl here Im sure that would) who say, "gee, wish I have gotten a bigger trailer..." Unless you have a big family, then I say seriously consider NOT getting a big camper. Will you spend all your vacation in the tt, or will it just be a home base that you go see and do things? For some, the tt is just a place to sleep, eat, shower and get ready for new adventures, not a place to spend your vacation sitting in looking out the window. Just some thoughts of wisdom I have heard from veteran campers. Opinions will differ.
ajriding 02/16/20 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: It has been 6 yrs since we sold our TT--back looking again!

"Fiberglass construction"? What does that mean? There is wood construction with fiberglass panel outer walls. In some opinions that looks way better than the corrugated aluminum outer walls.This is not fiberglass construction. Fiberglass construction is a camper that looks like a burrito on wheels or a white airstream-looking camper, a true fiberglass construction, Sometimes instead of wood construction it will be aluminum studs. I have walked a lot of junk yards looking for parts and seen a lot or wrecked, damaged, delapadated and falling apart campers, both motorhomes and tt. I would not sweat too much about wood or aluminum studs or how close or far apart they are. The walls are held up by the interior build-outs (counters, cabinets, inner walls etc). They are all junky, but hold up just fine for regular driving down the road or when parked. They are built to minimal standards of durability.
ajriding 02/16/20 08:44am Travel Trailers
RE: NEED HELP MECHANICAL ISSUE (possibly transmission)

Many here might be able to help with vehicle diagnosis issues, but for magnitudes more help... If you want to get serious about finding answers and finding people who have had the exact same issues then find a DODGE Van or truck forum! There is absolutely nothing unique about a transmission on an RV compared to the same transmission on the same chassis in the regular van or truck configuration. The RV is just built on a stripped down van chassis. Vans and trucks often use the exact same motor and trans. Truck guys on a truck forum will be more likely to know and help you, they are way more likely to be mechanics than van owners, and the truck forums are more active. You should be able to just browse a truck or van forum for Dodge and find the answer has already been discussed. Camper forums will be helpful for camper issues like toilets, batteries, roof leaks and such. Go to a vehicle forum for vehicle issues.
ajriding 02/16/20 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: ??? MOLD ??? Damp Area. ??? SOLUTION ???

Do you have mold? You are from Socal so i am guessing not after just a short in in PNW... Mold is bad, and Black Mold is very bad - you will be the sick ones if you get black mold, but if you are living in it then highly unlikely to get mold. Mold usually happens when the RV is closed up for a long time. As stated, keep air circulating especially in those compartments and behind the walls or wherever there is an air cavity. On mine I will open the access door and run the exhaust fan to force air through the wall cavity spaces and the space where the water tank and utilities are (I open that up too). That keeps it from getting a musty odor. If you do not have that odor, then you should not have the mold. Heating the RV will raise temps and lower humidity because hot air can hold more moisture without the air being humid.
ajriding 02/15/20 06:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Question, Securing TC to the truck

I have seen small TCs bolt to the bed from inside and you access the bolts or turnbuckles through a trap door hatch, so these would be unseen, but for a full size TC it would almost certainly be the standard outside tiedown points. My first TC was a popup, lightweight and low. The PO said he did not secure it down as he just assume it take a tumble off the truck if anything serious happened. He felt it was a liability. He was the liability, but apparently he made some trips without fail. I drove it 30,000 miles with very large straps holding it to my nerf bars on the front. No issues. Tiedown nylon straps will hold it in, but how secure is another story. Under normal stresses the straps are fine, but in a situation they might let go. Crossing the straps in an X pattern will not hold anything, that would tend to pull the camper left or right and help it to flip out.
ajriding 02/15/20 06:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Roof Sealing

spam post so obvious. agree, who cannot search for something? moderator, remove wasteful post?
ajriding 02/13/20 09:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative Generator For our campers

no even worth my time to read the rest of the post. Dumb item. run away
ajriding 02/13/20 08:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar and Charger into one?

Hard to believe how long it took to build the electrical system. https://photouploads.com/images/E6XC.jpg The batteries are two 6-golf in a box. The box is self contained and vented, varnished and will be painted one day. I used two bolts to get the power through the box. https://photouploads.com/images/E6Xh.jpg The metal bracket that is almost painted yellow spanning the styrofoam is the spare tire bracket for the outside (no structure on the nose so made this) https://photouploads.com/images/E6XY.jpg I turned box around to show how the vent works, but this https://photouploads.com/images/E6Xt.jpg is the vent system, is a sink drain piece with a lip and a radiator hose section that fits perfectly over. The thin stained piece of wood has a hole cut in it the exact diameter as the black pipe. I used 4 screws and held it to the box (mount not pictured) Still need to add water pump and plumbing, but most electrical is done. I am waiting for parts to put the 100w panels on the roof, so still have to run solar wire to a controller to the batteries. I have a 20w panel to a controller to that small exit sign battery just for the brakes (it was there before the conversion, so I decided good to keep it in case I remove camper batteries for some reason). Breaker box has Gen/City power select and breakers for Air Con, outlets, converter and spare. Fused DC block. Alternator goes through a DC breaker (100 amps) so I can choose to turn it off on a sunny day. I will add another breaker between battery and converter soon. I think, since the converter does not send power to the battery, that I can just use a fused circuit and send power to battery if I want to charge it that way. I do not think this would cause any issues. This will connect the converter power to the battery, as is the converter only powers the camper as mentioned above post. That's no biggie, but when I switch back to battery there will be power going to the converter switch (switched to BATT) and power going out to fuse block which would be connected to the battery, or the battery connected to it sending power to the switch too. I think, electrically, either is the same - just power going from batt to the switch… Or am I missing something critical?
ajriding 02/13/20 08:30pm Tech Issues
RE: 2000 Smoke and CO Alarms

Aren't propane and CO monitors on the floor and smoke at the ceiling? How do you have a combo?
ajriding 02/12/20 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: Great new electrical connectors

The Wago is not a twist and pull, not sure where that came from. There is a lever than clamps down and the wire is stuck until the lever gets pulled up, which takes quite a bit of prompting to do - should never unhook by itself. If you look at any DIY forum long enough you figure out that individuals are not bound by any code. Following a code will be safer, but code is not the only safe way. Individuals can take their own risk and judgment for what will work and be safe, right or wrong, the layman does not read 1,000 page code book to connect two wires together. This is a tired comment to keep bringing up every time someone works on their RV. Feel free to suggest a better way, but stop with the code references
ajriding 02/12/20 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: Upcoming 2021 Arctic Fox Changes

My window slides, but I never use it since there is no screen. My truck does not have a slide window. I think the TC slide is to get access to the truck, but not many owners will crawl through and fewer want to put weather seal between the two and rub off all the truck paint. "Leaks" is a lame excuse, in reality, few want or need it and is a feature that is near the bottom of the list and a good place to save a few bucks for something few use… The smaller btu AC is a good move, TCs have such small cubic feet that it takes little to cool them down. My 9,200 cooled TC down in minutes in hot summer and compressor did not have to cycle that much.
ajriding 02/12/20 08:32am Truck Campers
RE: Which side should rough wiring for roof ac be on?

Good to know solid wire should not crack. Maybe I was mis-informed, or have dated info. I have never seen cracked wire either. Despite any code, I would not think a heavy extension cord would be more fragile than a solid wire clanking around inside an RV wall. Im not sure what the issue would be, but it will be a lot cheaper to use house wire than expensive stranded wire…
ajriding 02/11/20 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Great new electrical connectors

I feel dumpy for just now knowing about it. A friend said he had a bunch of extra I could have. (His dad was an engineer of sorts, so he gets a lot of cool ideas). This will simplify life so much. Ebay had 60 for only $13, thats 13 cents each if I did math right. https://photouploads.com/images/E6gP.png
ajriding 02/11/20 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: frsh water tank

Also, maybe the city water pressure is too high and causing the valves to leak? A pressure regulator is a safe thing to have for these plastic water systems in RVs to protect against high city pressure.
ajriding 02/10/20 02:46pm Travel Trailers
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