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RE: Leaf Spring Replacement

you need to rotate the light bulbs in your tow vehicle too. lol, is this a serious post? those springs will go millions of miles with no issues. The bigger issue with leaf springs is that they tend to sag over time, so storing the trailer on blocks where the wheels do not touch the ground (the springs are fully extended and unweighted), is something you could do for taking care of it. Still this is not necessary
ajriding 02/12/21 10:11am Travel Trailers
RE: FOB keys and theft

all you people talking about tinfoil hats, just dont do anything. Let them steal yours not mine. This is like arguing that identity theft is a tinfoil hat conspircy and calling ppl names for being careful wow, just wow. a faraday bag is about $10 on eBay, your tinfoil hat would work too as long as you completly wrap it, which is hard to do with foil. These vehicles get stolen then driven quickly into a shipping container and shipped overseas. Stolen vehicles are rarely recovered for this reason. Professionals move them quick. Now, your little neighborhood thief might get caught, but not the crime rings. Best solution is to install a kill switch. A lot (or very few) of ppl put a switch on the fuel pump wire, no gas no go... In no way is this post meant to discuss, rather just to keep people aware that there a vulnerabilities with their vehicles and to take care. There is nothing to discuss. FOB can be faked/spoofed and your vehicle can be stolen just like that. For the thief with the tech it is childs play.
ajriding 02/12/21 10:06am Tech Issues
FOB keys and theft

Keep those in a faraday bag or case when not in use. New vehicles only need the key close to the car, then when FOB is close the door will open and the push-button start will crank the engine and unlock the wheel. Thieves can amplify your FOB signal (which always broadcast), and send it to your vehicle while you are away and just like that they are driving off. Or they can clone your FOB signal and duplicate it. Faraday bags will block the signal, and are around $10 on eBay.
ajriding 02/10/21 05:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

Couple notes to reply above -so called diesel heaters also have gasoline version. . Please note that they DO NOT have a gasoline option. The chinese written ads DO say gasoline, but by "gasoline" they mean "fuel" which they really mean "diesel". Don't blow yourself up putting gasoline in a diesel heater just because their English is terrible. Coleman has a dual fuel small gas camping stove that uses white gas and unleaded. The unleaded makes a mess and puts out a lot of soot and stinks. Based on my experience on that, even if there was a gasoline burning heater, I would not want to use it. Diesel is about as volitle as cooking oil, very similar, but gasoline and gasoline fumes are extremely flamable.
ajriding 02/10/21 05:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

The little cheapo china diesel heaters will be quieter and use less electricity. There is an issue with a clicking noise with the fuel pump unless you can mount the pump somewhere where it cannot be heard. Click is similar to the piezo ignition click of a furnace. The down side is these heaters will need cleaning from time to time. The best solution is a small inverter generator, a quiet one, located a few feet away and run an electric heater or two, the 2nd being for basement, and maybe an electric bed warmer. Otherwise the propane furnace that does have a loud fan is a really good heater. It does use a lot of electricity for the fan, and at zero deg it would run all the time almost, so with long winter nights you would need some amp hours for sure. The Buddy heaters do just put a lot of moisture into the air and at zero cracking windows is not as ideal as it is at 50. Eventually anyone will get used to normal sounds. I never did with the heater as I did not run it enough to get used to it, but every night all the time.... well thats your call alone. I would explore the ear plugs route and try it at home before looking at expensive solutions each with their own downsides...
ajriding 02/08/21 12:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Oil in Propane

Odd one... What kind of oil exactly did it seem like? motor oil? cooking oil? or just a black ooze? There is no reason oil should be in a propane tank. If there is oil then I can't see how it would matter. The propane comes out of the tank as a gas, and if there is oil in that tank it should not vaporize and come out with the propane gas. Oil in the copper tubing on the camper carrying the propane should not matter either. It should settle out or just stick to the walls and never make it to the appliances. If oil somehow made it to the burners then what would it do? burn? I suspect your oil could be a deteriorting rubber hose. As for the question, how to flush a tank... It will be cheaper to just get a new tank. I assume you have a 30 lb tank, not an exchangeable 20 lb bbq tank. You cannot flush it. A qualified propane tank business will be able to remove the nozzle and then have full access to the inside of the tank, or maybe they have an easier method. Flushing your plumbing system? No need that I am aware of unless it is full oil quarts of oil, and if that is the case you have some serious problems that cannot be solved with advice.
ajriding 02/07/21 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Perfect stealth truck camper / s

I like the plumbing, thats about it. Lot's of examples of how not to do a build. All that detail work with the copper, then he just puts a garbage box for cabinets? 15 tons? wow! I think an F250 or RAM could have done the same thing and he could have driven it more. At what point should you consider that $2,000 craigslist used trailer and a $1,500 truck verses the military vehicle that Autozone does not carry parts for? This build is all passion, no logic.
ajriding 01/31/21 10:31am Truck Campers
RE: Autosocks (chain replacements) Experience

How many miles are they good for? I think these are just for your situation you used them for, to get out of a spot, not so much for miles of driving. When out in the woods and walking across a slippery granite-bottom stream cross in your sock feet, not barefoot or in shoes, the traction in socks is amazing, like Spiderman feet! I assume the tire sock is similar.
ajriding 01/31/21 10:19am Truck Campers
RE: mobile LTE modem question

LTE is 4G, which is worse for your body tissue than 3G but not anywhere near as bad as 5G. Put that 4G modem right on your tummy as close to vital organs as possible, you won't have anything to worry about in a couple of years...
ajriding 01/25/21 07:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Powering a electric winch

Its been said. Connect to the "other" battery. The wire connecting the two 12 volt batteries is plenty big to carry current. Ground? For what? connect to pos and neg terminals, and use a circuit breaker, which should have come with winch. Diesels have two batteries, yes for cranking power, but also for glo-plugs if it has that, which draw a lot of power. I have forgotten what year truck you have by now. Do not try to connect a pos to one battery and a neg to the other battery, it will work, but you will be a laughing stock at the mud bog.
ajriding 01/25/21 07:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 Intake Manifold replacement

I have same gen and just replaced the carb. Can you explain exactly which bolt is the issue? The one on top at paper towel, or the one on the bottom that has threads poking out of intake piece, but no bolt head? If the lower one, then maybe you can work a nut onto the threads instead of trying to put new bolt through it. You will have to carefully clean the end of the bolt or just be really lucky that a nut will thread on. DO NOT cross-thread it though. If I remember maybe that lower bolt was threaded in from the right side, and the one on the back side was from the left, as you can see the bolt head, but I am probably mistaken.. I assume though, that it is the top, as the lower part does not need to be messed with for a simple carb change. You should e able to just extract any broken pieces. You could literally make it work with a c-clam to hold the carb on, this just needs to be airtight so intake is not sucking air in after the carb.
ajriding 01/23/21 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Is this doable or am I overlooking something??

Lantley, what does that plug accomplish exactly? look like it is just a exterior mounted male plug that has a female extension cord on it You could get a 240 plug pigtail that seperates into two phases, run your camper 120 volt on one phase, and the heater on another phase by using the extension cord you mentioned. Or, as mentioned, just turn off heater when you run microwave. NASA spent huge amounts of money inventing a ball point pen that will write in the zero-gravity of outer space. Russia just uses pencils. Don't over-think stuff.
ajriding 01/18/21 05:14pm Tech Issues
RE: solar

At some point you have to do math and see how much all the batteries and solar panels will cost, and how much a propane fridge that needs little to no electricity to run cost. Cost in propane to run a propane fridge: negligible . Cost of batteries if you run resi fridge all the time and wear out batteries quickly? Replacement cost of batteries that you wore out? How often to replace the batteries that are quickly wearing out? Don't forget about the Danfoss 24/12 volt or 120 household voltage (which converts to 24 for fridge) compressor refrigerators (typically in chest configurations).
ajriding 01/18/21 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Skylight/roof repair

So, using the Dicor you covered 6 inches, the same girth as you did with flexseal? Did you dicore over the screws too? I can't imagine Dicore Lap sealant not working. I suspect user error, so curious what your method was. Dicore is good for RVs since it is a good idea to re-do this every few years anyway. Dicore is easy to remove and re-apply. Sounds like by a few years the flexseal will deteriorate so can be cleaned away with a small wisk broom at least.
ajriding 01/10/21 06:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: What do you do?

I like to go find complete strangers from far away parts and if they have a good campfire then go meet and chat and learn new things or talk about old things. I bring wood with me. I have met a lot of interesting people, and I never see them again.
ajriding 01/10/21 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Any confessions? (Stuck in the mud)

St George UT area, aka Zion, the dirt is clay, and when wet is slicker than snot and no traction and not enough rock or sand in the mix to get any traction. A heavy rig like that has no chance, and we assume no locking diffs either... Why post this?
ajriding 01/09/21 01:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Traveling in the winter with a TT

Depends... If all pipes are inside and not on a cold steel frame or open to the outside then they will stay liquid for a while depending how insulated and warm the trailer is. Maybe you can blow the pipes out so there is less to freeze in them. This is really the best solution. The water heater should be fine, it is insulated on the outside but the inner part is not, where the flame burns is a u-shaped tube that is open to the outside world. Maybe put cardboard inside the access door to close of the draft. It might not matter at all on a day drive, esp if the water is hot or warm to start with. Keep the faucets open. they can still freeze, but this gives the displaced water an exit. Usually pipes can freeze and not see any damage, it is just annoying having no water while they thaw out. Sometimes pipes break. Your water tank wont freeze, and if it does will not break, at worst it gets a little slushy at the top.
ajriding 12/19/20 11:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Receiver Bike Racks

That CURT 18085 is just not what a bike enthusiast would use. You want the kind that does have a tray, but where the arms hold the tires and only the tires, not the frame. One thing in common to all bikes is they have a front wheel and a rear wheel, so tire "arms" will hold any bike. That sad guy who worked at a bike shop for 30 years, demonstrates that don't trust everyone who works there. No, is not "elitist" to recommend a quality rack over a junky one. Good racks are good racks, bad ones are bad. My "resume" far exceeds that forum poster guy and my advice is to look for the best rack for the money you are wanting to spend. I have seen a lot of junky bike racks doing poorly at their job on the back of RVs, and have seen quality ones. Even if you have a $12 walmark bike a good quality rack will still be more enjoyable and easier to use and much more functional.
ajriding 12/19/20 10:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Receiver Bike Racks

no, lol. You are at the completely wrong forum. Check the cycling forums. pinkbike dot com or many others Im sure... If you want a truly great bike rack then look at your local bicycle shops. The people who ride bikes all the time will know what a good rack is versus the crappy one you found on an RV search. Huge quality difference and huge performance difference from a walmark/rv store rack to a bike shop quality one.
ajriding 12/17/20 09:39am General RVing Issues
RE: 12 volt Refrigerators

Our new trailer came with a Norcold 12v 8 cu ft fridge. Seems pretty nice for an entry-level trailer like ours. I’m running 2- 6v interstates with about 100 and change usable aH. ... I’ll be getting some solar this summer, bu here in the PNW we can sometimes be in the trees so we need a backup plan. When we ski there is only a few hours of direct sun (on sunny days) but it would still probably help. Also skiing, we tend to run the generator a lot anyways watching movies etc. Get solar asap. It is great u can go 3 days on batts, but you are accelerating the damage to the batteries by not putting at least some charge on them during the day. Everytime you run the batts down they die a little. In the summer with good sun you should be able to have the batts charged back everyday. Do your power things early so you can go to bed with a full charge; charge phone or laptop in the morning so panels can resupply the batts still. Eventually those same batts will go one day before they are dead.
ajriding 12/17/20 09:28am Travel Trailers
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