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RE: How do I get a colder freezer?

Yes, so you have problems with the fridge as stated above. Inside the fridge part you see the big aluminum fins. Just insulate those, not all, but start insulating a few. These are what takes the cold from the freezer and makes the fridge cool. If you insulate a few fins then there will be less transfer of heat (cold in this situation in laymans terms). Maybe as easy as cutting some foam insulation and sticking it between the fins on a few. trial and error will get you to desired temps. This does not fix the issue causing your problem, but is a work-a-round in a bind.
ajriding 08/03/20 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

Lap sealant comes in self-leveling and regular. The self-leveling should run down into crevaces and such with no need to brush on. The tape is a good idea. St clair is made up, but a location was required when registering, even for those who prefer more private internet security...
ajriding 08/01/20 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV kitchen sink

Do you have a P-trap or another type of trap under the sink, like a "concession trailer" trap? Does the water eventually slowly drain out or does it stay? Your in-line valve is one of those one-way valves under the counter to let air into the pipe, but not out, common valves in houses and RVs... Sounds like the issues is after the "in-line" valve. Even though your snake made it through you could still have a blockage that just filled back in after the snake was removed. Try snake again and really work it and spin it in every section. The valve others are talking about is unfamiliar to me so that could be it too, I cant help there. Try a garden hose with trigger nozzle, spray water down the drain and this might do more than the plunger did. Risky, but it might dislodge anything. keep a hand or a towel over top so nothing sprays back in your face. use short quick burst of spray at a time.
ajriding 08/01/20 09:20am Tech Issues
RE: Converting a enclosed trailer to a RV TT

lol, those are opinions not facts, but that's you being you.
ajriding 08/01/20 09:12am Travel Trailers
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

I have done water damage repair on several campers. Just a small amount of water will ruin a wall or roof. My plan is to touch up the dicor once. I do not layer and layer it on a spot, after a spot has been touched up then the 2nd time I will scrape it off and start from bare. It scrapes off so easy with a scraper. Being paranoid about water damage is good. Water means death and is why RV's typically die. Water damage is the majority of problems in RVs. A friend kept layering on silicone and it looked like an ice cave formation, but still leaked. Silicone is a disaster as it is hard to scrape off and layering it on just made the leaks more of a labryrinth I have used Eterna bound. If you over-lap the tape then that area will leak. Use Dicore where it overlaps as the tape will never fill in the tiny right angles the tape makes on its edges. Use dicore everywhere the tape meets or overlaps, then it will work and likely not leak. Dicor is easy because it can just be scrapped off and redone, where Tape makes a mess to redo. Tape has its uses.
ajriding 08/01/20 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Kind of a dumb question, but I'm new

What truck do you have? You do need to get a hitch. There is no reason to "match" a hitch to a trailer, this is non-sense. The only reason to match would be if you were to get a really heavy trailer and need a heavy-duty hitch, but unlikely, and that's why I say non-sense. Class III (3) are what typically comes on a truck, or what is typically installed and will work for most all tt's out there. Look at the class V hitches as they are the most robust and really not that much more expensive. Get your hitch from U-Haul. Yes, really. If you are having to pay someone to do it then U-Haul offers really good prices. They are in business to rent trailers, not sell hitches, so more important that you have a hitch so you can rent their trailers, which is their business... Or Etrailer.com has great prices on hitches if you will install yourself. Shipping is cheap/free. You can check rockauto.com also as their auto parts prices are amazing. Check craigslist for used hitches, that is the cheapest, but again, you will be installing yourself. Self-install is sometimes really easy, but sometimes can be harder work, just depends on the truck. Check ebay. Wait to get the WD hitch until you have the trailer. Some compatibility issues might arise. You will need a shank and ball so you can tow, but having a ball that is not part of the clumsy WD hitch is quite useful if you ever need to tow something else, so is a good investment, again, check for used ones. Probably lots in your area... If your truck has auto adjusting air bag suspension then the WD hitch is not needed to "level" the truck, but WD is good for spreading the weight to the front axle, so still can be considered. For a heavy trailer then a WD hitch is good, but for a lighter trailer it might not be needed at all. You will know as soon as the trailer is dropped on the hitch. Wait until you actually do a tow before considering sway control. You do not always need sway control as many trailers do not sway. Just having the WD system is sometimes enough of a friction resistance to limit sway, but some trailers/drivers/trucks just do not sway. Why spend money for something you do not need just because some forum guys panic. Sway can arise from improperly loaded trailers. Too much weight behind the trailer axle can cause sway, so proper loading should be followed.
ajriding 08/01/20 08:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Which is better 60 amp converter or 1000 watt inverter

If it is a camper, then you likely have a device onboard that does charge the batteries when plugged into shoreline. It is usually a "converter", which converts 120 household current to 12 volt DC current. The cheapest of ones will put out 13.6 volts DC current, a float charge, to the battery, so when you are using DC appliances there is a lot of converter DC power to run them and the battery does not get discharged. If you need more "amps" than the converter can supply then the battery will deplete, but big amp draws are usually temporary, so the discharge will be short-lived and minimal. Your fridge might be able to run off of DC power, and possible that the converter cannot supply enough juice for that, but it just depends on your power supply, if you are plugged in the fridge should be running on household 120 current and not 12v DC anyway. The solar is a totally different system unrelated to the converter. Both solar and converter will put electricity into the batteries, think of it as having two glasses of water and both pour water into a bucket of water that has a leak and constantly needs more water. I do not know, but I suspect that an inverter charger would be like an inverter generator. An inverter generator makes AC current, that is turned to DC current, and the inverter turns the DC current back into AC current. This is done so the generator can run at different rpm's but still put out the same 120 volts of AC household power. Maybe an inverter charger goes through these hoops so it will put out CLEAN power. Many campgrounds have very dirty electricity. Sometimes the electricity is too low, or sometimes there might be surges because the electrical system is wired so poorly and the entire campground is on the same power feed and demanding lots of power for fridges and AC units. The inverter thing could be a way to filter out dirty electricity, anyone want to chime in? This is just my guess to get the conversation moving... There are DC to DC chargers that use a similar concept also.
ajriding 07/31/20 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Simple extension cord

Or, pull the cover off the fridge outside door, unplug the fridge from the wall outlet and plug in your fridge to the extension cord. You will only have power to the fridge, but that is all you are wanting while you stay inside a house...
ajriding 07/29/20 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Which is better 60 amp converter or 1000 watt inverter

apples to apples if he is talking about inverter-chargers compared to converter chargers. Nobody knows what he is talking about as he is as confused as the rest of us. A little more detail might help you get your answer
ajriding 07/29/20 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Recommend a TT (rough roads, no campgrounds)

I have a cargo camper. Learned a lot. I lifted the body 10 inches by removing the 4 inch drop axle and put a straight axle on and mounting the springs on top of the axle. This gives me more clearance than the truck has and I have never dragged the trailer, came close but havent yet, and if it does no biggie to drag a little bit. sleeping 6 is a big order, and I bet a temporary situation. Make it for 3 or 4 and have the other 2 or 3 able to fit, but not build that part in. You could, if money no object, put a roof-top tent up there and that'll add 2-3 more sleepers. This removes and sells as used when you no longer have 6. I'm all for converting a cargo trailer. This is by far my favorite of the 6 motorhomes or campers or truck campers that I have owned. Simple, rugged, stealthy, useful and custom built for me.
ajriding 07/29/20 05:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: More water needed....

Very cool 4x4 lifted Class-C. It is tall already so not ideal to add to the roof weight, and we assume you go off-road some where top heavy is even less desirable? I think the roof would hold the weight if spread out like you say, but you will be stressing the walls while driving, forcing them to hold straight while the water pushes side to side... I would be weary. Trailers are prob out of the question bc you go off-road. Look into getting a front hitch and use carry trays to carry water bladders there. Some trays fold up so when not needed will be less obtrusive. This will help on some trails. You can do the same on the rear hitch. If you need to fold the trays to get down a rough trail then jugs work better as those can be stuck inside while you drive down the trail, but a giant bladder will be un-moveable. Most hitches can handle 300-400 lbs. I have a front hitch on my truck and love the expanded ability to carry things, usually a generator for me, and it is also a great tow point when you get stuck. Also, no woman wants this advice, but maybe for you... I use kids shampoo when camping, it suds up way less and is much easier to rinse out. Raking as much of the suds out of the hair before rinsing will make it quicker to rinse too. Of course, you know, let the hair rinse be what rinses off the body initially. One rinsed dish/pot full of water gets poured into the next pot to wash. I can shower every day, prep two meals per day, wash dishes all on one gallon of water per day, and I get dirty when camping and playing, so is legit shower cleaning... You will have to minimize your water to save water for her. Sounds like she is at her limit for water saving. ** I just looked at your pic again. You have a custom front bumper, it might have a receiver already, but otherwise just weld one in. Looks like solar on the front of roof so you are talking about the bladder near the rear, which is behind the axles, not ideal. You could consider moving the AC unit to the rear vent roof hole (is the bedroom area?), and putting the water bladder smack dab center of the RV so you are not leveraging weight behind the wheels... lot of work to do this though And you have stock size tires, so guessing not a lot of off-roading going on?
ajriding 07/29/20 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: DC power issue after installing inverter

So, on your pic, the battery is on the left, the charger on the right? The middle breaker is the charger feeding in and the top and bottom breakers are the battery feeding out. You should have power on all 6 terminals all the time. These are self-resetting circuit breakers that trip when over-loaded then will reset when they literally cool off. I think there is metal that melts when hot (overloaded) and when it becomes liquid do not make contact across the terminals, but when solid again does make contact, or something like that... The top and bottom circuit breakers are redundant, and could also be wired into one bigger circuit breaker together, nothing special is going on. The charger is probably fused internally so it might not even need a circuit breaker as pictured. Glad you figured it out. Label everything now before you forget the details.
ajriding 07/29/20 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Recommend a TT (rough roads, no campgrounds)

The off-road trailers are nice, but super spensive... People drag their tt's down rough roads all the time, go slow and it will make it. Though, tt's are not built well, and will suffer eventually. Dual axles will go down rough surfaces better than single How far are you driving down said road? Sleeping 6 and having something small enough to fit down a jeep road is not too realistic. People make cargo-campers for this type of use. The cargo trailer is built tough and will not fall apart like a camper trailer will, but you either have to build yourself or get something someone else built specifically for their needs that may or may not be suited for yours.
ajriding 07/28/20 10:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Parking on Slopped Drivery

No Problem! You just need to buy a trailer that is not too long for the spot. The trailer DOES NOT need to be level for storage, it only needs to be level for running the propane refrigerator, so you will not be able to pre-cool the fridge when it is on this angle. I guess you could put it in the street for a day to pre-run the fridge? Of course you will need to block the tires so it will not roll down. Having the trailer on a slope will be good for getting rid of rain water and preventing it from pooling on the roof. If the rear of the trailer will drag then look into getting some little steel wheels made for dragging rear ends - as long as the angle is only slight the wheels will work (like if the trailer only needs to lift an inch or two to make it, where the tires still are on the ground, but just the suspension is lifted a little). People drag the rear of trailers all the time, you can see evidence in those gas station driveways that have huge bumps.
ajriding 07/28/20 09:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Keeping water out of revoltuon mh engine air intake

side note: water into the engine is not so bad. Mechanics, and myself, used to clean the cylinders and valves by spraying water into th eintake to give the insides a steam bath. There are engine systems out there that use a fine mist of water sprayed into the intake to help with economy. The water turns to steam, expands and helps spread the fuel particles out over the piston head to give a more powerful burn. These systems are expensive so not widely used. The downside is water getting past the piston rings and into the crank case oil. I used to spray clean mine right before an oil change just in case. Wet paper filters is a big issue, but it sounds like you have the right idea to jerry rig something to keep the water away.
ajriding 07/26/20 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: DC power issue after installing inverter

This should work (plugging into the shoreline extension plug) BUT BUT BUT you must flip the circuit breaker to the converter/charger to off, and also switch the breaker to the refrigerator to off (or just unplug it from the outlet), and do not try to run the Air conditioner. The battery can supply electric to the circuit breaker panel just fine, the issue is that there are things that need more power than the inverter/battery can supply. I do not think there is a feedback loop created with the battery supplying the charger that is trying to supply the battery, someone correct me if wrong. If older tech, then the charger is a big transformer, so will not short or anything, but if all new electronics then I do not know details how it would work. The battery is a big absorber of electrical currents so should handle what is thrown at it in this case. To do this safely you need to isolate the outlets that can be used with the inverter from the outlets and devices that cannot be run or that you do not want to run off the inverter. You need a switch that chooses A or B where A is shoreline and B is inverter. B will just supply the chosen outlets while A will supply everything (both the chosen outlets and the things chosen not to run off inverter). Of just keep the inverter out of the electrical system, run an extension cord from it into a power strip and plug in there.
ajriding 07/26/20 01:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Outside shower conversion to faucet?

You can put a sink faucet head on instead of the shower head. Any household sink head from hardware store will fit. The ones that have the hose extension on the faucet. All the fittings are the same on RV as in a house kitchen. All you need to do is put the cradle in a position where the faucet aims where you want it.
ajriding 07/26/20 08:39am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Cracker Barrel

Get there late and leave early, while CB is closed and you can park anywhere you want. The challenge is finding an level enough spot. If you want b'fast and you need to move to the store next door's lot then just move when u get up before the morning rush
ajriding 07/26/20 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Inverter ?

No way to know the answer. need more info... Inverters are usually turned on manually. Keeping them on all the time still uses electricity even if nothing is using the inverter for power, inverter draws power just being on, so keep it off until needed. The way to know if it comes on automatically is to do a test. If it comes on then it is auto, if it needs to be turned on then it is manual. It is just that simple. The following is assuuming yo have some soleniod switches, not a box that does it all electronically: Automatic switches are typical for letting the "camper" choose to use generator power or to use household/shore power. Typically the default setting is for the electricity (120 household current, not 12v DC) to choose the generator setting, but when plugged into power the "switch" will choose shoreline power. Only one can be chosen and the reason is so that the generator does not get fed voltage when the camper is plugged into shoreline power (which would burn it up). There is no reason an auto switch cannot be used to select inverter over another source of power. Any two sources of 120 household current can be wired into the selector switch and the switch will "prefer" one over the other depending which is connected to the "preferred" location. To do 3 power sources you would have a switch that selects shoreline or generator, then you would have a switch that selects generator or inverter. The first switch would prefer shoreline power (or maybe prefer generator), and the 2nd switch would prefer generator (or shoreline). So if no shoreline power but there was generator power then it would switch to the generator side, but if the generator goes off (and the inverter is on) that 2nd switch would switch to the inverter. If inverter is turned off then the switch would go back to the generator setting even if gen is off, and the 1st switch would go back to shoreline even if there is no shoreline power - those are the default settings. Also, the inverter would need to be isolated from the AC unit and the refrigerator 120v circuit. Possible to keep the fridge on 120, but most likely you would want to save the batteries and use propane for the fridge as the fridge would kill batts pretty quick. Better to use 12v DC if you have to run the fridge off batteries, but that is just slightly better, it will still kill batteries... So the AC circuit will need to be on the shoreline/generator side of the switch in order to isolate it from the inverter. I'd have to ponder how to wire this for auto switches... I had a camper set up to use all 3 voltage sources, but it was all manual. The circuit breaker was paired up to only have generator on while shore was off or it would turn gen off if shore was on. The inverter was on a switch that the outlets went through, but not the AC or fridge... Unlikely you have such an elaborate system, but keep that in mind when looking your system over.
ajriding 07/26/20 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: Water hose threads...

I don't think you are supposed to use a SAFE hose for a nice taste, but rather that it is not supposed to leach out petro-chemicals as bad as the garden hoses. I had a friend, when he was 19, worked for auto sales lot. He helped the mechanics at times and he would wash his hands in Benzine. Everything was fine and dandy until that day he was diagnosed with leukemia. Dad grew up eating food cooked in aluminum pots and pans, all was just fine until dementia got him. Lots of cancer stories can be told, fine and dandy all along, no problems, then got sick. With all the things we cannot avoid in the world it would be wise to avoid the things we can easily avoid.
ajriding 07/23/20 09:21am General RVing Issues
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