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RE: OTA antenna, Sling TV, DVR+

I have two chatty DVR's so I can record in one room, play back in the other, What are Chatty DVR's ?
az99 07/28/15 05:26am Technology Corner
RE: ATT GoPhone ----Anything Better??

X2 on only getting any of those pay as you go phone plans using the VERIZON NETWORKS.. Any other networks will be a hit or a miss when you get off the beaten paths... Roy KenThat is odd. When we are off the beaten path my wife's Verizon rarely works and my ATT has a strong signal. In fact even when on the beaten path or at home ATT is the winner.
az99 07/28/15 05:11am Technology Corner
RE: Rand McNally RVND 7710 7-Inch GPS vs. Garmin

I have the earlier Exite unit that does not have the Rand software in it. The GPS does not have the problems you described so it is likely the Rand software. The GPS in mine has some oddities but is no worse than a TomTom or Garmin for accuracy. I do like the Exite for the other Infotainment functions.
az99 07/27/15 04:58am Technology Corner
RE: Winegard Trav'ler Portable Setup?

Spark- Keep us posted on your use of this setup. I am betting the wife and kids will setup the Trav'ler in this manner less than 10 times. I have one (I roof mounted it). I am certainly no weakling but that thing is way too heavy,big and clumsy to use as a portable. Roller cart or no. Good Luck
az99 07/25/15 05:39am Technology Corner
RE: Flat towing Ford Focus

Sounds like you convinced yourself against the Elite. Good Luck. We were totally leaning toward the Elite and then read some other posts about it. The posts were not glowing and also not bad. Some liked it some did not. We were disappointed that the monitor in the Motor Home was wired and only gave you a single led to say the brakes are on or off. The problem was that it was connected to the Elite and only told you if the Elite was asking for brakes, if the proper slack was not in the cable connection you might not have brakes! There was also no way to make any kind of adjustments from the RV for things like sensativity. The adjustments were made by stopping, getting out, and adjusting the cable by hand. Also, our RV dealer and car dealer had never installed a cable controlled braking system. The unit we chose uses a two way wireless monitor and adjustment system, and the RV dealer was very familiar with the installation process.Like I said, you convinced yourself the Elite was not for you. I got mine several years ago, adjusted the cable once and threw away the worthless warning light. I and many others on this and other RV forums would use nothing else. Good Luck with all the expensive bells and whistles. You probably better check into a remote TPMS for the toad also. :)
az99 07/25/15 05:28am Dinghy Towing
RE: Winnebago Infortainment GPS unit

Thank you for the replies. I'll see if upgrading the SD card helps. Otherwise, a call to Xite Solutions may be in order.Be sure when you call to ask for the guy that is the expert on that unit. He is very knowledgeable. It sounds like a problem with your unit. I could say quite a few bad or odd things about the Exite unit I have but what your describing is not one of them.
az99 07/20/15 05:20am Technology Corner
RE: Flat towing Ford Focus

Sounds like you convinced yourself against the Elite. Good Luck.
az99 07/14/15 03:02pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Ford focus key

i can't remove the key unless its in parkYou can in Neutral after you disconnect the battery.
az99 07/14/15 02:58pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Ford focus key

It would serve no purpose other than unlock the door.
az99 07/11/15 11:19am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2014 Ford Focus auto transmission

I tow a 2014 Focus. The battery disconnect is grossly blown out of proportion on this and other forums. I flipped the battery around in the case by installing a longer positive cable. It takes all of 10 seconds to remove or reinstall the negative cable at the battery. It takes less than 2 minutes to reset the time, date etc. on the radio. You simply put it in Neutral, the display says "READY", disconnect the battery and tow. It is a great car to tow and drive when you get there.
az99 07/11/15 11:12am Dinghy Towing
RE: Flat towing Ford Focus

Take it to a Mom and Pop auto repair shop and get the Ready Brute Elite installed. $4,000 is CRAZY.
az99 07/11/15 11:04am Dinghy Towing
RE: Trav'ler Manual Mode 72 Sat

I tried it again today. Mine will not lock on 72. I ordered the parts for change over to Sk-1000. I will work on it more after I change it. Bill- Which LNB does Winegard use to lock on the sat in manual mode? I assume the center one (119) of the SK-1000 since it does not skew the dish in manual.
az99 07/09/15 04:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Trav'ler Manual Mode 72 Sat

As an aside, if Winegard would support EA on the SK1000 there would be no need for this discussion. Personally, I'm tired of dragging a portable around in case I need EA for whatever reason. Winegard really has their heads in the sand on this one. They say that there is no need or demand for it. Yet Dish is only doing installs of EA as far south as Fla.(for at least 2 years) because of the issues with WA blockage. Many areas in the Northeast don't even have HD locals available on WA anymore. Unless you always camp at Walmart, EA is a necessity in the NE.
az99 07/08/15 07:10am Technology Corner
RE: RV route ap?

But as has already been mentioned, the definition of parkway is not consistent throughout the states. For example, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (MD 295) is a high-speed interstate-quality road that at one time had a no-trucks restriction, but I don't believe that even exists anymore.Last time I went past it still had no trucks signage.
az99 07/08/15 07:03am Technology Corner
RE: Trav'ler Manual Mode 72 Sat

Bill- Will it hurt anything to change my control box to the SK1000 but leave the 3005 reflector on to try it?
az99 07/08/15 04:31am Technology Corner
RE: Trav'ler Manual Mode 72 Sat

No, the software in your 3005 will likely never find 72. I don't believe that a consumer update is available either.So if the SK-1000 is capable of manually getting 72, it is odd that in their specs it only shows 61.5 as an option in manual. What is the problem with getting the 72 sat? It is available on their portables.
az99 07/08/15 04:28am Technology Corner
RE: stock trading

ScottTrade. I have done very well on my own. I don't need to pay someone $75 to sell and $75 to buy when I can do it my own for $7 buy and $7 sell.X2
az99 07/08/15 04:21am Around the Campfire
RE: OTA antenna at home

I made the Bow Tie version as a test before buying a 'real one'. It picked up everything around me. I bought the cheapest I could find, $17 and it works great.Link doesn't work.
az99 07/07/15 11:06am Technology Corner
RE: Trav'ler Manual Mode 72 Sat

Why not just change the antenna parts over to Dish?Because it would not work for me with the WA only that they have. I need EA so I use a portable. So you are saying that if my SK-3005 is switched over to a Sk-1000 I will be able to get 72 in the manual mode? I found this while looking for the model # on the Winegard web site under specs for the SK-1000 - Satellites Acquired: 110°, 119°, 129° (61.5° Manual Only)
az99 07/07/15 04:40am Technology Corner
RE: Trav'ler Manual Mode 72 Sat

I have the Trav'ler for DirecTv. I switched to Dish and was trying to get the 72 sat manually. Where we are the standard setup of WA at 110,119,129 is worthless. The EA sats at 61.5 and 72.7 are what is needed to clear the trees. 61.5 works manually but 72 just keeps searching. 72 is really the only sat we need as locals are on OTA. Bill- has Winegard changed something? You were in on the discussion last year about this. I have been using a portable for Dish EA as I don't want to convert my Travl'er to Dish since it only gets WA sats.
az99 07/06/15 05:25am Technology Corner
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