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RE: Why diesels are most efficient around 1,800 rpm

I knew from the beginning that this had pissing contest written all over it. Carry on lol
azrving 10/20/20 07:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Germs while traveling

There is science and obviously science is good but just like anything else he who controls or funds the science controls the narrative. As I mentioned above a very small group of very wealthy people own the media. Its actually very dangerous for every one of us. An unbiased media is a watch dog for everyone. It’s crazy to trust what any of them are saying and now they are pushing the New Normal and a Great Socialist Reset. There may be an increase in RV sales but its only because of people not flying or not wanting to be in a hotel room. If the Reset and GND happen RVing will be over. Well travel will be over but more people will be living in RV’s
azrving 10/02/20 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Germs while traveling

Anyone want to take a guess at how This would effect RVing. It says wont go back to our “Carbon intensive” lifestyle. Sure seems like RV and carbon intensive go together. Its interesting how GW and CV merge together. Remember the ozone action days? That wasn’t scary enough
azrving 10/01/20 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Germs while traveling

This isn’t surprising either It takes time to see the results of the improper use of some products I couldn’t get the photo to work but its a post about kids with a strep infection on the face from mask use
azrving 10/01/20 01:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Germs while traveling

Germs don't have feet, they will not travel. Even before the "pandemic" I was aware of hidden germs. I use my pinky finger as that is a finger less likely to touch my eye, nose or mouth. Leaving the bathroom I never touch the door. I wait for a sucker to open it for me, or use my foot if the door opens out, or use my used paper towel to touch the handle, then toss the paper towel (the though of someones poo on the handle is my reason). On general doors I touch the lower part of the handle, you can typically see a lot of wear on the top as everyone touches there, but the bottom is like new, so would have been touched less. Door knobs that turn just have to be grabbed. Pick your politician, Trump or Nancy, both of them are on HCQ, that is both the cure and the vax, but has to be taken with Zinc (which is really what does the job). Take your vitamins and take a multi-mineral for good measure. Green Tea is also beneficial for helping the body fight off viruses. Flu shots will make you more vulnerable, so take extra caution if you fall into this. Alcohol sanitizer really does kill most germs within 20-30 seconds. Keep that with you instead of a clunky piece of metal, that will be infected on one end anyway... +1 Our immune systems depend on low level exposure to viruses in order to build up immunity. Help your immune system with proper nutritional supplements (as mentioned above), and be smart but not paranoid. I am actually worried this winter will be a severe cold & flu season because we quarantined healthy people and did not allow them to spread low level viruses over the summer - like normal. We skipped the opportunity to build up immunity during the months when Vitamin D was high, and that will probably bite us in the butt this winter. As for the OP's inquiry... It seems to me this device is more about virtue signalling than it is about preventing the spread of germs. "I care so much about you that I am using this tool to prevent the spread of my germs, you should do the same for me." I ran across the hook while looking at masks. The mask info says that it will not stop viruses. Thats like a mosquito and a chain link fence. I can understand the virtue signaling idea but I think its far more likely to be because people are scared for themselves and not worried about others. I haven’t done anything different and I never wear a mask and I’m not worried. Ive talked to HD, lowes, Academy, Grocery stores, Walmart, local hardware employees, the trash dump, feed store and the lady at the liquor store and have had two people know of someone who died . The lady at the liq store said an 82 yr old died at a local hospice and the guy at Academy said it was a relative of a friend of a friend . A friend of 30 years daughter works in a funeral home and said ALL the deaths were listed as cv. How could that be? Id say the cv is true just as the common cold is but probably actually accounts for an extremely small number of deaths. Im sorry to say that I believe just about nothing that msm brings us and that does include fox Its an extremely bad development in our country for all of us that 6 entities control 95 percent of the content. A free country needs unbiased information for the good of everyone. What did Eisenhower say? So the hook was surprising and interesting but Im not getting one.
azrving 10/01/20 01:24pm General RVing Issues
Germs while traveling

Does anyone use one of THESEin their travels? If the hook touches the germs wouldn’t you have to sanitize it or throw it away? How fast can the germs travel up the hook? I’ve been missing out on all this stuff so Im probably lucky to be alive. I never knew!
azrving 09/27/20 04:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: What truck do I need to pull this trailer

2014 3500 CTD Aisin 3:42 pulling 12,500 FW and 3000 lb utility trailer. Its had a few recalls but zero problems 110,000 miles. When stepping on it to merge it just pulls and pulls. It gets 9 to 10 most of the time and around 18 in town county combined. At 70 mph on a long easy ride 23 If I stayed out of the big mountains and run east to west On something like US 10 I might consider a gas model Its all great with a diesel unless something goes wrong with it. Filters and oil add up but overall mpg is good
azrving 09/27/20 02:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rubber roof repair-is this OK?

If its absolutely not leaking, leave it. Its easy to keep an eye on the dicor when doing all the rest of it.
azrving 09/27/20 02:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

I was stuck near denver in November years back with temps dropping to 7 at night. The furnace ran all the time and burned almost 30 pounds a day. I also ran an electric cube heater and another electric heater at night under the rig. I had boxed in the tank area under the rig with celotex panels from hd. I also had the silver bubble wrap on all the windows and a blanket over the door. Luckily when i headed south the roads were clear. There is no way in the world I’d pull an rv on ice or snow covered roads. I don’t know what each state uses for deicing their roads but I can’t imagine any of it thats good for the underside of an RV. This is a run of the mill poorly insulated RV so higher quality could help
azrving 09/05/20 06:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Cracked frame Heartland/Lippert - Warranty but no help!

Short cut and just find a good weldor and have him start welding all the cracks then start laying in reinforcement.
azrving 08/28/20 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Hauling generator on upcoming trip

This is strictly for the OP and not for argumentation. I have almost exactly the setup he is considering and have made several trips to Colorado without any problems. I do use the generator to cool off the trailer for about half an hour before lunch stops and night time stops, and I do use the generator for brief periods of time in off-grid campsites. To OP: note the 30 amp connection from our home base and the comparable 30 amp cables on the hitch carrier. Note how short and direct a distance I can connect from the generator into the 30 amp connection to the trailer. I bought this used generator, the hitch carrier, and the wiring from a friend with the same trailer model as ours when he stopped RV travel. http://dw4u.net/Gen.JPG width=640 Moderator edit to re-size picture to forum recommended limit of 640px maximum, width. Hard to beat a Honda. I’ve got about 1200 hours on mine with it only needing a battery and regular oil changes and valve check
azrving 08/28/20 08:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hauling generator on upcoming trip

The weight shouldn’t be a problem out back. Of course the rack needs to be substantial even to hold the weight. The worst thing that happens when on the back is the shaking. Thats how bike racks and stuff get torn off. The weight of what is back there cant be too great for the structure but you want to control the shaking or wiping action. When i hauled bicycles on mine in put a ss loop mount on the back of the FW for bungees along with fastening to the reinforced roof ladder. So it has to be bullet proof when its hanging out there. If it falls off and tumbles around it may be trash but more importantly is that it doesn’t kill someone. So after picturing myself talking to a lawyer and sitting in court and having just spent what would probably amount to two new ATVs I put it in the back of the truck. I have a Honda 3000 so its heavy and not getting moved around. I bolted it to the truck bed in front of my hitch. I ran 10 gauge cable from my transfer switch in the basement Up under the overhang and up to the generator Also have about a 25’ extension cord that lets me pull up to the pin box with the front of the truck. That puts the noise away from the truck My son uses his honda 3000 handi in his truck bed with a heavy chain and he can start it when standing next to the truck bed. Id look at the genny to see if there is an easy way to get just one bolt to go through the truck bed It takes two people to do it but it also takes two people with tools to remove it. Most of the generators that are stolen are the easiest fruit to pick. Its also good to have anything in the bed well secured so there is less chance of projectiles if in an accident
azrving 08/28/20 01:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: BEWARE Keystone Hideout

You should have investigated how bad rv’s are before buying it. Now this many years later you are here wanting a bandwagon? Please, you’ve gotten off easy if this is your main problem. Lol
azrving 08/25/20 08:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Forest River Flagstaff frame

There have been several posts over the years on broken frames on various models. Its common for them to manufacture a frame rail to imitate an “I” beam. They are now where near as strong as a real i beam and often develop cracks or tear chunks out around suspension components etc. Some are so pathetic that you could lay in reinforcements throughout the whole frame. Cheaper cheaper cheaper and after that cut a little more and make it even cheaper, oh wait, I mean more profitable
azrving 08/25/20 03:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving a 5th wheel from Florida to New York State

First thing is hoping your wife does well. The pullrite plate should come off Your pinbox easily. Ive even gone the other direction and bolted plates on my pullrite hitch so it didn’t slide and pulled a standard pinbox FW. You might start with Craigslist but it can vary from terrible to fantastic. As mentioned you may find rv dealers etc who could haul it.
azrving 08/25/20 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need tires on my Ram Tow Vehicle.

Oem Firestone Transforce went 40k. Michelin Defender LTX went 67k Tell me your secret. My OEM Transforce HTs were shot after 24K miles. I towed a lot on those tires and the main thing i would say is that they were never in real hot temps, speeds 65 or less and not overloaded. I was going to try and drive them even farther but I noticed areas of separation with chunks of rubber coming off.
azrving 08/25/20 03:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: What's your battery setup on your travel trailer?

This is on a FW but its the same with a TT or FW since the main issue is where to put the batteries. 6 GC2 from sams. 1000 watts of tilting solar and a Honda 3000. I also installed an Progressive 50 amp converter. I have also used an “Quick charger” brand 50 AMP. At times ive used an 30 amp power supply from Meanwell. The FW originally had three GP24 batteries in a compartment at the right rear corner. I cut the original tray out and made it deeper. The GC2 is too tall to fit through the door so i put four of them in the tray and jack it up into the cavity and bolt it in The other two GC2 are in a rack under the FW about in the center and behind the rear axle.
azrving 08/23/20 09:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone towing small trailer with Acadia, traverse??

I had a traverse with 5200. I bought a used TT that was about 4200 lb. it felt maxed out and drank fuel like crazy so I went back to tge dealer for a real reaming on the lease turn in and bought a 1500 pickup with 9700 rating and it pulled it well.
azrving 08/22/20 01:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A/C couldn't keep up. Help?

AC cant drop the temp 45 degrees. Maybe 20 at best if well insulated etc
azrving 08/20/20 09:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Painful just to look at lol

With the complete lack of tire deflection on those pieces of wood/rocks, there has to be something else supporting it. There also has to be something other than a "picnic table and trees" to keep it from going into the creek, or it would've already rolled off those "blocks". Would've been nice of the OP to actually post a pic that gives the whole story, rather than just a single piece of the puzzle, allowing him and everyone else to feign outrage; "OMG!". But where's the fun in that, right? There is no automatic lift leveling system. It was sitting on what you are looking at in the pic. There was about a 6” diameter rock behind the rear tire on the other side. The landing gear leg on the far side was on dirt and the one on the side of the creative leveling was on a substantial wood pad. Its not terribly steep but im using wood chocks on both sides of my rig. Thats the whole story. I didn’t go over on their side and do a full photo shoot and documentary interview. Lol The rock over to the left was behind the left tire https://i.imgur.com/odKsvM2l.jpgNo offense meant, sorry if that's how you took it. I was simply referring to the complete lack of tire deflection on those tiny surfaces. On your further description, I would guess that the landing gear legs on both sides (unmentioned and unseen in the original picture) were likely taking up most of the weight, along with the tongue jack or tow vehicle.:) Oh ok, The full weight of the rigs is on those tires and blocks. Well, not all of the weight because some is on the front legs just like an FW RV. When I say landing gear I mean the front lift legs. I always say that tires are taken for granted and are an absolutely incredible product when we consider what they go through. Its just the sight of that incredible amount of pressure with that type of blocking. Maybe its no big deal or maybe it ends up being the tire that just wasn’t able to last as long as the others.
azrving 08/20/20 06:34pm General RVing Issues
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