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RE: Cabinet work

That is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks Scott
biggjb 01/30/20 10:52am Truck Campers
Cabinet work

Hello I'm currently doing some cabinet work and I'm trying to source that small rubber tubing being used the hide the very small cracks. Thanks
biggjb 01/30/20 09:20am Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

I first want to thank everyone who gave me advice. I was so confused with the converter and the fact that the 12v system was intact as well as the 120v system. However, with the converter turn on and the battery disconnected, the converter should have operated the 12v system but it did not. I therefore thought there was a problem with 12v circuit board. I then removed it completely, pulled the board out and then rewired. While I was rewiring it, I check all the fuses. The fuses for the individual circuits were good. When I checked the two 30A fuses to protect from reverse polarity, then were burnt. These were the only fuses I did not check. I always thought the problem was the TC. When I replaced the two 30A fuses the converter started to charge the battery and when I disconnected the battery, the converter ran the 12v as well. Just to say I did not check the most obvious problem first. Thanks everyone for helping.
biggjb 01/04/20 02:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

Ticki2 I disconnected the battery and converter on the panel and there was no continuity. I then connected the converter back to the panel and turned the converter on and the voltage coming from the converter was 13.65. however, just for giggles I checked for a voltage drop across both positive lugs of the converter and battery. There was a voltage drop of 13.65 volts. This made no sense so I tested it several times and it came out the same each time. As for charging my battery I also have a 130 watt solar panel which kept the battery charged.
biggjb 01/02/20 04:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

The 'blue' wire mentioned was the lead from the old Mag. converter to the circuit board. The new P/D converter lead isnt blue, Mine was black, (current units may be red?). Would be outlined in instructions. Assume you changed the board https://i.imgur.com/ILUmniB.jpg Ya if no 12v when plugged in and battery off, something is disconnected. Trying to see how you could have 12v to fuse panel yet not charge. possibly battery connected to the converter terminal on board? AnEv942, I had a seconded look at your wiring and noticed that it appears to have black wire attached to the battery positive post on the DC circuit board. If this is the case were does that black wire originate?
biggjb 12/31/19 01:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

my 2 cents- with battery on and camper AC connected, converter on- multimeter should show converter voltage at both battery & converter positive lugs. With converter turned off (breaker) you should see battery voltage at both terminals. If converter voltage shows at battery board terminal, Id pull the battery cable lead from converter at battery and check voltage there-should see converter voltage from converter on cable. Pulling battery lead at board terminal should see battery voltage on cable. For some reason (short of converter malfunction) with what so far has been related- makes me think some how cable from battery is one way, only sending battery power to converter but power cant travel back. I cant see how that's possible unless whatever was added as disconnect has that function? Everything that others are saying is correct and it should be simple to check. What I am wondering is if there is not another cut off on the line to the battery maybe to isolate it, maybe even a switch on the battery terminal. Can you follow the wires from the charger to the battery all the way or do they disappear behind a wall someplace? If you have zero 12v working when inverter is off then something is shut off. I would run two lines from the charger to the battery across the floor and then see what happens. This would tell you if it is the lines that are installed. Many old units did not have a battery, they only ran the 12v when they were plugged in or from the truck. There was a break in the weather it's now +1 Celsius and I was able to get into the TC. With the converter turned off I hooked the battery directly to converter. I then turned on the converter and checked the voltage across the converter and it was 13.5 volts. The voltage across the battery was 13.0 volts. I then put a load on the battery and the voltage dropped to 12.7 volts, however, the voltage across the converter remained at 13.5 volts. This process would remove any wiring concerns and should test just the converter...I hope? Is the converter at fault? I also checked the battery wires from the fuse box and it is connected to directly to the truck plug. There is a fuse between the truck plug and the fuse box but connecting the battery directly to the converter should have bypassed that fuse. I don't want to buy another converter at +$200 if I can help it. Any further advice?
biggjb 12/31/19 01:38pm Truck Campers
Parts for Dometic Fridge

Hello, I have an old Fleetwood TC with an old 1999 Dometic RM 3663 fridge. I have searched for a replacement door light switch which turns the light on when the door is opened. I have found the following webpage https://www.thedometicguy.com/rm-3663/ but they did not have the switch. I was wondering if anyone else was able to find parts for older TC and if they could give me some advice.
biggjb 12/30/19 01:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

AnEv942. The last part of your makes perfect sense. I should put a real 35A fuse in the battery line as perhaps the current fuse only allows current from battery to converter.
biggjb 12/21/19 06:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

The 'blue' wire mentioned was the lead from the old Mag. converter to the circuit board. The new P/D converter lead isnt blue, Mine was black, (current units may be red?). Would be outlined in instructions. Assume you changed the board https://i.imgur.com/ILUmniB.jpg Ya if no 12v when plugged in and battery off, something is disconnected. Trying to see how you could have 12v to fuse panel yet not charge. possibly battery lead connected to the converter terminal on board? Your installation is very similar to mine. The lead wire on my board is black as well as you can see in my photo https://i.imgur.com/5BjK2x7l.jpg and yes I did change the board. My only concern is the positive wire from the battery. I will have another look at it tomorrow.
biggjb 12/18/19 08:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

Time2roll I actually bought my PD4635VL from Best Converter to replace my Magnetek 6336 and Randy tried to helped me but he suggested there was a problem with the wiring in my TC.
biggjb 12/18/19 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

As far as I know... generally the battery and converter connect to the 12v distribution panel at some main terminal or larger main fuse. Did you replace an old magnetek with a relay? If so I believe there is an extra blue wire to connect in the mix to get power to the battery. I actually did replace an old Magnetek with a Progressive Dynamic. I followed the direction exactly and it did not mention any blue wire. perhaps I need to look again
biggjb 12/18/19 03:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Converter will not charge batteries

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and they all make sense. However, when I read Ticki2 comments it made me think back and it would appear that the converter was never connected to the 12v system. As one of the jobs of the converter is to provide 12v DC power to the 12v system and when the battery is disconnected and the converter powered up, the 12v system in the TC does not work. Also as advised I removed the fuse from the battery circuit and it is called "ShortStopII" and it is rated for 40A, which concerns me as the TC is rated for 35A. Also I checked the fuse and it is fine. I think I will need to bite the bullet and pull the converter back out and potentially rewire the battery circuit directly to the converter.
biggjb 12/18/19 01:45pm Truck Campers
Converter will not charge batteries

Hello, I need some advice. I purchased an old TC and on my first trip I realised the batteries were not charging when hooked up to shore power. My previous TC's converter always hummed when it was plugged to shore power, however, this one did not. I checked the connections at the converter and found the converter output was zero. I then replaced it with a Progressive Dynamic 35Amp converter. Once plugged into shore power I saw all the light blinking and check the battery connection to the converter and it showed the voltage from the battery. I then checked the output of converter and it showed 14.4 volts. Good I thought. Then after my next trip I realised again the converter was not charging the batteries. I checked on this blog and someone suggested there must be a blown fuse between the batteries and the converter. I then found the fuse and it appeared good. No change though, the converter still will not charge the batteries. I then did the following. With the battery disconnect the 12volt system doesn'twork. I used my voltmeter and checked the connectivity across the neg and positive of the battery connection on the converter and the resistance is zero. I also checked across the neg and positive of the converter and it too has a resistance of zero. I am no electrician but the resistance across the Positive and Negative terminal on the battery side of the converter and between the Positive and Negative side of the converter should not be zero but should be 1. I am at a loss as to what the problem is...any suggestions?
biggjb 12/18/19 07:57am Truck Campers
RE: Rubber roof confusion

biggjb, The existing roof on your 1999 Fleetwood Elkhorn is EPDM, if that was the question. Which for partial replacement I'd stay with same material. Though only because any other material, caulk etc, would need to be compatible with both if different used. All the EPDM Ive seen or used is black beyond the white top layer. Thanks AnEv942. This was part of my concern. I have removed about 8 feet of the front in my repairs and it was very time consuming and difficult to remove the old membrane. A procedure I do not want to do again for the remainder of the camper. My intent, correctly or not, is to replace the membrane I removed and place a strip of EPDM tape over the joint. I was also going to treat the old roof to protect it. I am hoping to get another 5 years out of the camper.
biggjb 06/20/19 01:49pm Truck Campers
Rubber roof confusion

I am in the middle of repairs on my TC and have removed a portion of the rubber roof due to holes and damage. I also repaired the roof and replaced the OSB with plywood. I am replacing only this portion of the rubber roof and am going to buy enough rubber roof to cover it. my confusion is when I go to various websites they state either EPDM or TPO material. Are they both the same with the same physical properties? Also, if they are different I am not sure which one would be better for the TC roof. Camping World sells rubber roof cleaner and repair kits. Can these products be used on both the EPDM and TPO material? Thanks in advance as I am coming close to finishing my TC.
biggjb 06/15/19 07:32am Truck Campers
Structural repair and replacement of rotten wood

Hello all. I am still doing structural repair on my 1999 Fleetwood Elkhorn. I am currently working on the front portion of the cabover and there is a 2x3 which runs the full width of the TC and some of it is rotten. There is 2 foot portion on the driver side which has extensive rot, however, the remainder is in fairly good shape with only portions that have a little dry rot. I have read in various other messages where they used Minwax wood hardner along with Minwax wood filler to repair the dry rot. My question is at what point should I just replace the wood? using the wood hardner and wood filler is a much simpler repair but if I replace the entire 2x3 would it not be stronger.
biggjb 04/10/19 06:06pm Truck Campers
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