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RE: First Long Road Trip

Sorry to say but unless you have a 3/4 ton SUV, a 36ft long trailer is WAY too much trailer for a 1/2 ton SUV. A good WDH isn't enough.
bikendan 05/10/21 01:15pm Towing
RE: Gros Veture Campground (or others) Grand Tetons NP

I looked at Coulter Bay and they are completely full. Which Colter Bay are you talking about. Colter Bay RV Park campground or the regular Colter Bay campground?
bikendan 05/05/21 01:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Tech recommends new Inverter (@ $2,500 to install)

why is this in the Towing forum?:h
bikendan 05/01/21 02:17am Tech Issues
RE: Ford as a tow vehicle

My 2011 Tahoe was one of the early AFM engines how can your 2011 Tahoe have one of the early AFM engines when my 2007 Avalanche had the 5.3 AFM, 4 years before yours.
bikendan 04/30/21 02:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: TravelStar 17CK

Looks like the FW tank drain.
bikendan 04/27/21 11:11am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

I towed a 3000 lb hybrid Kiwi trailer with a 2003 Honda Pilot 4wd. It was a great towing experience, even though I was extremely hard on the Pilot. It did everything I asked of it, and more. the OP is asking about a hybrid TOW VEHICLE, not a hybrid TT.
bikendan 04/26/21 02:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cleaning trim

All of the small plastic fittings on my Kodiak have turned black from pollutions or whatever. I've scrubbed them with a toothbrush and Comet with bleach and that has lightened them somewhat but not brought them back to white. Any suggestions, besides replacing every darned one of them? I used Totally Awesome from the Dollar Store, on my Roo. IMHO, it's road grime that discolored the white plastic parts.
bikendan 04/23/21 01:09pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: First Post - 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie - What can I pull??

I have a 1999 Dakota with payload of 1275. Why does a 13 year newer 1/2 ton ram only have 1600? Because of all the comfort items, options, etc. Yep, all that extra bling lowers payload.
bikendan 04/18/21 11:37am Beginning RVing
RE: First Post - 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie - What can I pull??

For those saying "just do it" and don't worry about the numbers, please remember that most people asking "can I tow this" don't have the years of towing experience that you do. And before they start ignoring the numbers they should understand the numbers and have more experience towing within those numbers before letting loose. Reminds me of my co-worker. Nice kid fresh outta college. Boss teaches him all the big equipment. The boss has been around for years and is well-versed on the equipment. New guy has never driven anything but his car and that for only about 5 years. One day, I walk in from the warehouse and see a massive hole in the wall to the breakroom. I ask what happened. The new guy did it trying to move a pallet out of the hallway. Apparently, the pallet was in the corner which had a support pillar in the middle of the space. He was trying to maneuver the forklift around the pillar to grab the pallet and miscalculated. I asked "why didn't you just use the hand jack to move the pallet?". He never thought of that. Because the boss, who had the experience and skill to operate the forklift in most any situation, never suggested that a smaller tool might be a better and safer tool in certain situations. Just because YOU have the experience and knowledge to tow more than the truck is rated for, doesn't mean everyone should be doing so by default. x2! Well said. Those that say "just do it" are almost always experienced towers and aren't taking in the fact that the vast majority of the "can i tow this" group, have never towed anything. Especially with all the new Covid RV owners this past year.
bikendan 04/17/21 12:28pm Beginning RVing
RE: RV parks around Chattanooga and Vicksburg

why is this in the Tech Issues section?:h
bikendan 04/16/21 02:54am Tech Issues
RE: First Post - 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie - What can I pull??

I'm screwed, huh? So although I can technically pull almost 10Klbs... the tongue weight alone screws me? That's because Payload Capacity is more important than Towing Capacity. Nearly all tow vehicles will run out of payload WAY before getting close to max towing capacity. And yes, 1180bs is not good, especially for a truck. The door sticker capacity was based on when it left the factory, as equipped. You're going to have to lower your expectations on traier size. Suggest that you look at a hybrid TT.
bikendan 04/14/21 11:10am Beginning RVing
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Hybrid Explorers can be bought reasonably equipped under $40k. A Powerboost F150 is close to $60k with little room room for discounts at the money. I don’t consider that “almost the same”. I got my 2016 Powerboost for under 27K with 60K miles on it... just sayin'... You are using the wrong name. You have an ECOboost, not the new hybrid POWERboost. That's why the title of this thread is "Hybrid towing".
bikendan 04/14/21 02:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: type of hitch

I have another question, but not solar. I just purchased (on order) a new gulfstream vintage cruiser 19ft ERD, single axel. Weights about 3000lb. I have been told that I shouldn't use a weight disbursement hitch (it could bend the frame) but I should use a sway type hitch. But I was also told that the wt disbursement hitch is ok as long as you stay within the weight limits of the trailer...Confused first, it's called a Weight Distribution Hitch. 2nd, what are you towing with? 3rd, DON'T use fictional dry weights. that trailer will have a GVWR of nearly 5000lbs. So need to know what you're towing with.
bikendan 04/13/21 03:02am Towing
RE: Battery price question...

Thanks again all. This is great info so I appreciate the conversation! I am pretty sold on 6V at this point as we do plan to boondocks more this spring / summer /fall than we ever have. I did more on-line digging and found the Sams club Duracell's at $89. Of course the nearest Sam's club is an hour away. Costco is our regular bulk warehouse at 10 min away and as stated mine has stopped stocking the Interstate. My in-laws have a Sams near them and a membership (again an hour from our house) so we will give it a shot next time we are down that way. Next challenge will be to find battery boxes that fit. Looks like a few nice ones on Amazon. Thanks again all! many Walmarts carry 6v GC2 battery boxes.
bikendan 04/13/21 02:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Wow, 6 months wait for a Chevy-Tahoe

Some one please tell me why almost every post in TOW VEHICLES is turned into a Tesla or electric car post. Neither are tow vehicles! It's because we have 2 or 3 members here, who are always promoting electric vehicles here. If you look at all the electric vehicle threads, almost all are started by these members.
bikendan 04/10/21 11:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stupid question about tires

So y'all can call me uneducated, stupid or whatever you like, but the 5th wheel we are looking at comes with nitrogen in the tires. Are there nitrogen pumps available? Can you mix it with air or just swap it over? Just seem weird to me. This is the biggest scam in the tire industry.
bikendan 04/07/21 10:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: What do you use for local travel once camped up?

Are you renting the rv and driving it back to your home area? I believe the OP is visiting from England so i doubt they'll be driving it to their home area.
bikendan 04/02/21 03:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Which one is really about camping?

I was just looking at "Newest" topics and saw these two, consecutively in the list: Watt Hrs vs Amp Hrs What are your campfire cooking essentials? I had just finished reading and trying to understand the first topic and my head was hurting. Then I saw the next topic and my pain went away! :) Am I the only one who has this problem? :) OH, I forgot, I'm asking for a friend. :S I never go to Newest Topics. I only go to sections I have interests in and pick which threads I want to read.
bikendan 03/24/21 11:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Toyota Sequoia vs Chevy Surburban

Until Toyota starts upping the miserable payload capacities of the Tundra, i'll never consider them.
bikendan 03/23/21 03:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best time to buy new?

Late fall or early winter. We've gotten great deals on our RVs then.
bikendan 03/22/21 09:51am Beginning RVing
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