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RE: Colter Bay generator use

H,J,K,M,O are generator loops. Policies All nights are paid in full at the time of check-in. Early departures are non-refundable. The maximum stay permitted at Colter Bay Campground is 14 nights, and the maximum cumulative stay between all park campgrounds is 30 nights. Guests may check-in at 12 PM. Check-out is 11 AM. Maximum guests allowed per site (not including group sites) is six. Tent sites allow for up to one tents and two vehicles. Multiple or over-sized tents are only permitted in sites designated for multiple tents. RV sites allow for one RV (tow included) only. (For reference, 2 motorcycles = 1 vehicle) Quiet hours are 10pm - 7am. Generators are only permitted in loops H, J, K, M, and O between the hours of 8am and 10pm. Camping accommodations are pet-friendly. Please review Campground & National Park Pet Regulations. Wildlife activity is prevalent in the park. Please be familiar with food storage and wildlife safety guidelines. U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities can apply for an Access Pass / Senior Pass through the National Park Service Yep, we stayed in one of the generator loops. If i remember right, the generator loops are past the non-generator loops.
bikendan 01/27/22 12:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: F150 w/ 3.5L POWERboost towing experiences?

I’m looking to get a ‘22 F150 Lariat w/ the 3.5L Powerboost engine and Max Trailer tow package. For those of you that have a similar truck… How heavy is your travel trailer? What type of terrain to you tow on? Mountains? Hills? Flat? How does the truck perform? I can say that MY ( company truck ) is a 2019, F150 Platinum, 3.5L ecoboost, Max trailer Tow package.. I usually do not use it to tow as I also have a 2020 F350 that is my Tow vehicle, but when I have used it to tow my daughters 2021 Vibe 26RK with a dry weight of 6700... not scaled but I would bet its to around 8100???? Towed great.... Very comfortable truck The OP is asking about the POWERBOOST F150, not the regular Ecoboost. The Powerboost F150 is the hybrid version and has a electric motor, in addition to the 3.5 Ecoboost gas engine.
bikendan 01/27/22 12:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Idaho Campgrounds

Just be aware that Idaho State Parks charges non-residents double for campsites, at a numner of their campgrounds. We went to Farragut State Park and had to pay twice the price for a W/E campsite. We could have stayed at a waterfront full hookups site on Lake Coeur d'Alene, for less money.
bikendan 01/15/22 01:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electric Chevy Silverado Debut

Reference the Chevy Avalanche: They were made from 01-2013 and they sold 650K of them. Certainly not bad run. Minus the cladding issue of the early years, I thought they looked good. I get the impression the avalanche was quite a bit smaller. Hard to say. As well, I don’t think it had anywhere close to the 660 horsepower of the Silverado. Lotsa jam there. Smaller than what? Avys are full size 1/2 and 3/4 tons. Did not know that. Maybe I’m getting confused with that Honda that kinda looked like an avalanche. You are. The Avalanche was a full size Suburban with a truck bed. You must be thinking of the 1/4 ton Honda Ridgeline, which is based on the Honda Pilot. BIG difference between the two.
bikendan 01/09/22 01:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stop using AIOW please!

No matter how you don't want people using acronyms, it's only going to increase. With the past boom in RV sales, mainly by younger generations, acronyms on forums are only going to increase in usage, NOT decrease. I'm 67 years old and I hate typing. So I embrace the use of acronyms, especially because it is becoming more and more common. So better get used to it.
bikendan 01/09/22 01:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Freaking RV manufacturers

As far as I know, RV manufacturers don't make control boards!:h
bikendan 01/06/22 08:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing capacity

"one correction, 300 lbs of passengers are already accounted for in the payload capacity. Also some amount of hitch wt, maybe 100 lbs(?) is also accounted for." I don't think so... Payload usually does not include multiple passengers, just a 150# driver and half a tank of gas and does not address the WDH/weight. We do agree the OP has way more trailer than truck... :C Towing Capacity usually includes a 150lb driver and full fuel tank. Payload Capacity only includes the full fuel tank. The driver is considered as an Occupant and not factored into the Payload Capacity.
bikendan 01/02/22 12:40pm Towing
RE: The RV Demand Continues

Like I said it's a location thing. Come out to the PNW and try and find the most popular models. Several of the lots around me only have junker types like Salem Cruise Lites. All the big name brands are barely their like Montana, Cedar Creek, Solitude. Looks like the big dealers are getting the bulk while the smaller dealers are getting the left overs. Guessing it may be tough to get deliveries out to the west coast as well. Agree. Drove down the I5 corridor and most lots were low. I wonder how many of those full lots people are seeing, are full of ordered units finally arriving and others waiting on parts for repair.
bikendan 12/18/21 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: winter camping advice

What brand do you have if you dont mind We have used our current camper down to 2 degrees f, and we were nice and warm inside. We were in a boondocking spot for a couple of weeks, and could run a generator whenever we wanted. The only problem we had was we lost fresh water to the kitchen of our 5er for an hour or two with 35 mph plus winds. When I said we were nice and warm, you have to understand that our 5er is built and insulated better than most. I would not have tried that with a camper built in Indiana. I wanted to test ours, and my wife was game, knowing it might get miserable at some point, and it really didn't. The difference is, we had a house 45 minutes away that we could go to, you will not have that option. That changes everything. Whenever I have been to your area, you don't seem to get as cold as we do, but cold snaps can happen and change everything. If you looked at his signature, you'd see that they own a 2018 Arctic Fox trailer, which is one of the brands I recommended as a true 4 season trailer.
bikendan 12/09/21 01:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: winter camping advice

Hello, We need to use a camper in northern Michigan over this winter while we build our home. We are trying to buy an "artic" version and likely wont use the water lines (I'll have jugs of water for flushing the toilet). Will the onboard furnace be enough to warm the eunit in most cases in winter ? I'm very hesitant to leave my wife/cats alone in the trailer out of fear of a fire. I was wondering if electric baseboard heaters would work as well. Any advice, experieces would be welcome Just realize that there are only a few manufacturers that make a true 4-season RV, such as Arctic Fox and Outdoors RV. Having an "Arctic" package doesn't make it 4-season, only just 3-season at best. These packages are marketing gimmicks that usually only provide heat to the holding tanks. They rarely include increased insulation. Unfortunately you are behind the 8-ball starting this so late.
bikendan 12/08/21 12:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Nissan for a tow vehicle

Although the Titan is a strong tower, the 5.6 engine is the worse gas guzzler in the 1/2 ton market. And the payload capacities are among the lowest. Finally they have the oldest technology of the 1/2 tons. I have a friend who owned one and it got terrible gas mileage. He was always complaining about it.
bikendan 12/02/21 01:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

I do like that Champion and people have said very good things about it. My only concern would be the noise level at 61db. That's a bit on the louder side of "quiet" generators. I believe the Westinghouse and Cummins portable and similar variants are rated at 52DB. Because DB are a logarithmic scale the difference in 9DB should be fairly significant. Of course the way they are measured could be different (distance from generator and % load) That is one other minor detail that makes me question if the Westinghouse and "Cummins" could truly be low quality. Generally the low quality and "cheap" generators are loud. 52DB is pretty impressively quiet. I think I would pretty quickly jump on the Champion if it were quieter, but I might sacrifice volume for reliability. Matt Which Champion model are you referring to, that has a 61db noise rating?
bikendan 11/30/21 12:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

The Cummins and Westinghouse generators are the same generator made in China. Only differences are color and decals. Since Cummins is still in business, warranty service is probably better. The Westinghouse brand name was bought by a Chinese corporation to sell various products. Just like the Bell and Howell name or the Kodak name.
bikendan 11/27/21 09:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: KOA Installing EV Chargers

I would think that there would definitely be a charge (no pun intended) for using the EV chargers. After all it is KOA. Yep, (K)eep (O)n (A)dding!
bikendan 11/26/21 03:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: bad luck for this family

Shamrock is down at the bottom as far as quality. And sitting in a a field unused isn’t any good either. Combine that with cold weather where you can’t test many of the systems before a several thousand mile trip and you get this story. Research and preparedness goes a long way. Actually Shamrock hybrids(twin of the Rockwood Roo)are one of the top 3 hybrid brands out there. There is no higher quality hybrid, than Jayco and Roo/Shamrock. And Jayco stopped making hybrids last year. So now, Shamrock/Roo hybrids are the highest quality hybrids made.
bikendan 11/25/21 11:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Recommendations for an RV resort in Arizona?

If looking for an RV Resort with amenities near a metro area for January, you need to be hitting the phones now. Most metro area RV parks resorts are booked a year or more in advance and often with seasonal returning guest. Especially since the Canadian border has opened. We're currently in a resort near the California/Arizona border and the flood of Canadian RVers has been huge here. We arrived October 8th and pretty much had much of the facility to ourselves. Now the constant stream has quickly ended the solitude. They are joyous at being able to head to the Southwest. And they all say they're not leaving until March/April.
bikendan 11/19/21 02:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best generator

Solar panels... very quiet.Very true...you can't even hear the air/con blower going because it's not.Many do have this curious obsession with air conditioning. Hey if you are happy to sleep in 95F and high humidity, you are a better man than I. Also, we have had park power go out in those conditions, so grid power is a far from perfect solution. Can you throw $10k at a solar system and get part time air/con, sure but a lot simpler and more reliable to just get a generator. THIS!:C
bikendan 11/13/21 12:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: has Forest River upgraded their furniture covering

2018 Rockwood 2606WS ... the faux leather junk on both the couch and the dinette has begun to disintegrate, pieces of covering littering floor. From what I"ve read elsewhere, 1000s of people have this issue, and are solving various expensive ways. Does anyone know if FR upgraded their furniture to make it more durable or is it still all junk? FR gets their furniture from the same suppliers, that the rest of the RV Industry does. FR doesn't make couches, they get them from a supplier, just like every other RV manufacturer.
bikendan 11/10/21 11:40am Tech Issues
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

I used to have 2 Honda 2k gensets. If I didn't run them once a month they got gummed up. I don't run them that much. After messing with them a few times I sold them and bought one that I can drain the gas out of the carb. It runs my AC or my electric fireplace. $399 at Sams. Love it What $400 inverter generator can run an a/c?
bikendan 11/08/21 11:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Quality Hybrid Manufacturers

Looks like Starcraft dropped all their hybrid models too. Well, Jayco owns Starcraft so it would have followed suit.
bikendan 11/05/21 02:24pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
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