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RE: Timbrens vs Stableloads

I have both, if I was to chose which one was the most beneficial it would be the lower Stable Loads. They reduce sway and help level out my truck. I later added the Timbrens for additional support while towing. Can you talk more about the difference with just the lower SL and then after adding the Timbrens? Thanks.
billtex 07/27/20 09:58am Truck Campers
RE: Timbrens vs Stableloads

I have had two trucks. The first was a 2010 Ram 2500. I added Rancho shocks and airbags. The airbags were a serious disappointment. They added lots of sway even at low psi. They leaked and after a couple of years one bag developed a tear and had to be replaced. I had to put the Rancho shocks on a high settings to reduce sway which then made the ride harsh. I gave up with the airbags, added Supersprings and was able to reduce the settings on the shocks. Supersprings also cured the sway issue. My second truck is a 2018 Ram 3500. It handled the load marginally well except I could not drive at night without blinding oncoming drivers. I added Timbrens for a quick, low cost solution. The ride is still a bit mushy, but OK. If I decide on a further upgrade, I would not bother with the shocks, but I would consider Supersprings. They should help stiffen the suspension and reduce the rear sag even more. Supersprings fix the primary issue and considering what you get and the effect, they are very low cost. You can also save even more by installing them yourself. If not installation cost should be low. They merely bolt on with shackles. They can also be adjusted and they are progressive so they have relatively little effect on driving without the camper. I suppose you could achieve the same by having a spring shop add an extra leaf spring. The expense would be more and you would have to rely on the spring shop to select a suitable additional spring. Thx. We had bags and supersprings on our previous (3/4 ton) truck. I won’t use bags again either. The SS are great for a 3/4 ton. I don’t need them for the 1 ton. I can’t say if it was the bags or the SS on the last truck, but it rode like a cement mixer when unladen. Even with 2-3 psi in the bags. The ride was awful. The SS definitely helped with the load. I am hoping to retain the stock (plush) unladen ride this time around!
billtex 07/27/20 09:55am Truck Campers
RE: Airbags not working with overloads

And now to close the loop... I put 500 miles on the truck camper over the weekend and was very happy with how it ran. Still experimenting with the pressures but it seemed like 65-85 was the best for highway and then I was dropping down to 45 for city driving. I had no bottoming out, even on 81 in PA which is good enough for me. There may be some shock upgrades in the future but for now I will drive it as-is and put some more miles on the setup. Every rig is different. Experimenting will help you find the settings just right for you. I will say-that is very high psi. But if it works-it works! Safe travels.
billtex 07/27/20 09:50am Truck Campers
RE: Timbrens vs Stableloads

Thanks all, I am trying to keep suspension mods to the new SRW F350 much more straight forward than the last truck. I am hoping to pick the one mod that gets us there, Cal-you are too funny! Airbags will not be on the list this time... Safe travels, Bill
billtex 07/26/20 07:13pm Truck Campers
Timbrens vs Stableloads

Hi all, hope everyone is have a good summer. I have not yet decided what mods I will do to the new F350 but am still favoring lower Stableloads to reduce sag. I like this approach as they enhance OE suspension and do not effect unladen ride. I just got back from a week and my buddy I was camping with has timbrens on his F350. The way they are setup the Timbrens are in contact but his upper overload are not yet touching. This did not seem right to me? Why take the OE suspension out of play? Seems to me it makes more sense to enhance the OE suspension not over ride it?! He seems pretty happy with his setup (2003?) which he has been running for many years. He is also not the type of Guy to obsess over these things... Is this how timbrens are supposed to be setup? Am I missing something? Has anyone tired both Stableloads and Timbrens for comparison? BTW; totally impressed with the new Ford gasser after our first trip. Very pleased with power and economy after 14 years in a diesel. The 6.2 and ten speed averaged > 11 mpg and had NO issues with power in the mountains of NH. These new gassers with ten speed trannys are impressive,
billtex 07/26/20 07:20am Truck Campers
RE: Brands That Can Be Used Off The Truck

I think it’s pretty safe to say most TC’s can be used off the truck. The question may be which ones can be used with full tanks off the truck. A little research with the Mfr should get this information. Our Eagle Cap specifically says in the literature it can be used off the truck with full tanks and we have done so many times. It is true there have been tanks that have sheared their holding straps. Like anything, once they get old-a little preventive inspection/maintenance is a good idea.
billtex 07/21/20 05:47am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone with the Ford 6.2 Carrying TC

Any updates from those with the 6.6/10speed? Or anyone with the 7.2? 6.6 only comes with 6 speed tranny. GM is behind the 8 ball on this. Ford 6.2 and 7.3 come with ten speed trannys.
billtex 07/09/20 09:23am Truck Campers
RE: Insurance Coverage facts wanted:

I was broad sided a couple of years ago loaded up heading north on a week long trip. Mid morning, light traffic, 3 lane highway. Came out of no where and bounced off my drivers side. Several witnesses stopped to provide witness to State Trooper. The camper jacks actually prevented any damage to the truck, but they were damaged. My Allstate insurance handled everything. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NONE. I was driving 3/4 ton diesel at the time. Let’s just say I ran heavy and knew it. Hope this helps.
billtex 07/07/20 08:52am Truck Campers
RE: Reddog1 "Wayne"

RIP Reddog. A valuable member here for sure. Nice to see some of the old timers come out and post again as a gesture of respect. God bless to all in these crazy times...
billtex 07/02/20 07:44pm Truck Campers
RE: you like Torklift StableLoads? / Upper, lower or BOTH?

Thanks-great input. I had a good conversation with TL the other day. I will be going with lower SL’s first and see how that goes. I can add uppers later if needed. Thx to All. You'll be drilling your springs? I'll be curious to hear how that goes. Yeah. Not excited about that part. I will “rent” their drill fixture.
billtex 06/30/20 07:38am Truck Campers
RE: you like Torklift StableLoads? / Upper, lower or BOTH?

I had the uppers for years and they ended up degrading. So when I got new uppers I took the plunge and got the lowers too. I was shocked at the difference the lowers made. I haven't experience porpoising at all since adding them. Sway is lessened significantly and washboard roads are not as terrible. I wish I hadn't waited years to get the lowers. edit: Oh and I forgot about the sag. I would forget to adjust my headlights when I put the camper on and people would flash me their brights. Not anymore. Thanks-great input. I had a good conversation with TL the other day. I will be going with lower SL’s first and see how that goes. I can add uppers later if needed. Thx to All.
billtex 06/29/20 06:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Turnbuckle ?

If convenience is your goal both HJ and TL can be retrofitted with their handles , quick loads and derringer respectively . Thx Bob, I will look into this “upgrade”.
billtex 06/28/20 11:07am Truck Campers
RE: Turnbuckle ?

If I understand your analysis, no, quite the opposite, once you find your happy (tension) place, you then slide the o-ring to 1/4" below the housing, this will help you monitor how your positioned ,as opposed to how you were when you departed. It's real simple to hook the bottom in the tie-down & twist them. On my last trip a walk-by visual made me aware that TC shifted a bit, because one front o-ring was down 1/2". Couldn't tell by doing a front or back visual but a measurement confirmed it. We were traveling the hills and dales of routes 40 and 50 through OH., WV.,MD.,VA.,and the coast. Lots of 10-15 mph switchbacks so I was watching them pretty closely. Harder to keep an eye on stuff like that with the chains. 50, The Loneliest Road & 40, America's Main Street are just as beautiful as the Blue Ridge up in the mountains. Inspired me enough to plan a trip on my motorcycle this fall, if this Covid s_ _ t ever goes away, if not we'll carry our hotel. Hope this helps. Agreed. But it seems it will take just as many turns/“un-turns” to install or remove them? IOW; I don’t see any less work with the HJ system.
billtex 06/27/20 08:11pm Truck Campers
RE: More Upper SL ?’s

I don't get flashed as much for hi beams. I didn't put to many miles on without them so hard to tell, but, I feel like I have more control when cornering. Did raising the rear change the weight on the front axle? Thx.
billtex 06/24/20 08:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Turnbuckle ?

Once you set them, and set the o-ring, 9 outta 10 times there good to go for me. You mark them for position on truck, RF, RR, LF, LR. I remove my LF for easier fuel door access. Bigger door with DEF. I also put a few scratches in my old truck with the wrenches, fortunately it was silver so only I saw them. I think what you are saying is you can get a consistent tensile force by returning to your mark each time you tighten them? Consistency is maybe the one advantage I can see over turnbuckles/chains. But it looks like you will be “turning” just as much? Is this correct?
billtex 06/24/20 08:09pm Truck Campers
More Upper SL ?’s

Has anyone found that using upper SL’s to reduce rear sag has had any effect on front axle weight? Thx, Bill
billtex 06/24/20 07:11pm Truck Campers
Turnbuckle ?

I have always been old school using TL original spring loads, turn buckles and chains. The camper tends to stay loaded on truck for months so the turnbuckles have never been an issue. I do however have a full set of HJ original spring loads that I have never used. I dusted them off tonight as I was setting up the new truck. I have to be honest; I don’t see any advantage to these versus the chains/turnbuckles. Seems to me these would be just as much work (rotating to achieve proper tension). Am I missing something? Who’s using HJ originals? Who’s using original TL’s? Thx, Bill
billtex 06/24/20 07:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Air bag question and suspension in general I guess

Bringing this back up as I now have real weights for the boat. Gross trailer weight 6100lbs Tongue weight 480 lbs. Truck with camper, 3/4 tank of fuel, me and 2 boys. Front Axle 4400 Rear Axle 5580 GAWR Front 4670 Rear 6084. I'm right at limits for gawr with the boat hitched. My understanding is tongue weight would lighten a bit if I extended the tongue which may not be good. The tongue weight right now is just at the lower end of recommended %. Seems like overload springs, a super hitch and a super hitch truss extension are likely in my future. The 15" extra long ball mount is only rated to 6000 lbs. Sounds good. A tire upgrade may be in your future. I extended the tongue on one of our boat trailers. The extension allowed me to tow with the TC on and not use a hitch extension. So it was a bit of a trade off. I did need to crawl under the camper to engage/dis-engage the trailer which was a PIA. You are correct about tongue weight; too lite and you may get some sway. Tires are good. They are 10 ply, 3750 per tire. Thankfully. Extending the tongue would have been so much easier and cost effective. I need to rule that out before placing an order for the super hitch. Then your RAWR = 7500#. Try extending the hitch, or just moving the winch post. I would experiment with the boat/trailer loading before spending the $ on a super hitch. It worked for me with the Classic Whaler we had at that time.
billtex 06/22/20 06:10am Truck Campers
RE: you like Torklift StableLoads? / Upper, lower or BOTH?

I have them, and they don't engage or otherwise affect the ride when unloaded. If they did, I would contact TL. That is my understanding of how they SHOULD work. Are some Folks just not setting them up correctly? Do some suspension designs not allow this? Thx, Bill
billtex 06/21/20 07:01pm Truck Campers
RE: you like Torklift StableLoads? / Upper, lower or BOTH?

Reviving this thread. Finally got my Talons for the new truck (lots of delays-on my end-due to COVID, etc). Will load up this week and hit the scales. I anticipate upper SL’s as there is about 4” sag with the Eagle Cap on the new F350. I am confused though. I have never run upper SL’s and i am hearing some folks say they do engage when unloaded and other’s say the ride is harsh even unloaded. My goal is to not effect unladen ride. Why do some Folks have engagement when unloaded? Did they not set the upper SL’s correctly? Did they not trim them? Just eye balling the F350 looks like I will have ~ 2” before the upper SL’s engage. So why the different opinions on upper SL’s? Thx, Bill
billtex 06/21/20 10:01am Truck Campers
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