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RE: Tires and Wheels

Well, Given that the 19.5's aren't going to work on the beach, I cancelled the order and I'm back to the drawing board. I wanted to go that route for some extra safety but the #4080 option does still give me at least #500 headroom when fully loaded. I definitely want to upgrade the wheels from the OEM. I've looked at the Methods and the American Force. Near as I can tell the stock rims are 8"x18" with an offset of +40mm (taken from wheel-size.com) for my LT275/70R18 OEMs. The Method MR305 NV HD are and 18"x9" with an +18mm offset with 5.7" spacing. From what I've gathered in research: An 9" rim with +18 offset means the mounting surface of the rim is about .7" into the front half of the wheel. That means back spacing would be 4.5 + .7 = 5.2". That's a .5" off from the spec. Any flaws in my logic so far? I can't find the spacing value for the current OEM rims so I don't know how to reason about the 5.75" spacing on the Methods but I'll try my math again. I'm guessing at the OEM back spacing to be: An 8" rim with +40 offset means the mounting surface of the rim is about 1.6" into the front half of the wheel. So the backspacing would be 4 + 1.6 = 5.6". It seems like these rims would work and not cause an spacing issues in the wheel well. Thanks again for all of the help. OE steelies are a great choice too. Should be rated higher than OE aluminum wheels.
billtex 02/22/21 05:47am Truck Campers
RE: Palomino SS 1251 Pop-Up on 1/2 Ton Pickup

We are hoping for some feedback only from members who have experience with this specific camper on their 1/2 ton truck. Reading comprehension not a strong suit here...
billtex 02/21/21 06:44am Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

I’m going into a dealership this weekend to view a 2018 NL 8-11 the description sort of didn’t fit NL’s 2018 brochure. It has the U shaped dinette but they stated it was sportsmen and an extra dry bath which is a different model, and I don’t think the sportsmen came with U shaped dinette. But maybe since this was made for a rental company it’s sort of a bastard model. Please crowd source a good hard bargaining strategy for me. Again, thank you for all your feedback, it’s been very informative and I’ve gained a lot of perspective I never would have had I not started posting in the forums. The TC was a rental unit, it has no ladder mounted, I already gave away the thought that I sort of liked the fact that it didnt have a ladder, unfortunately. I don’t think there are any awnings on the TC and I’m sure that many a euro tourists has performed lurid acts and discharged bodily fluids all over the inside the camper. Any pointers on were to focus my inspection and bargaining tips would be greatly appreciated. Best, F350 Are you in Canada? Don’t see many TC rentals in US. Anyway, being so new there shouldn’t be much damage-unless it was in an accident. So look for obvious physical damage, leaks, and check all the appliances. As far as bargaining-in this climate? Good luck. You’ll be lucky if its not sold before you get there! If it was used you might ask if they will throw in any tie downs they had. You can add awning and ladder later. Good luck!
billtex 02/19/21 05:35am Truck Campers
RE: 910DB owners

We looked at 910DBS seriously before getting our current EC. We are big fans of AMLRV. I really liked the floor plan of the 910DBS, the only issue was the dinette bed was longer in the EC. Our (then teenage) Son was not getting any smaller so we went with the EC which had a longer dinette bed. Still think the 910DBS is a very nice floor plan.
billtex 02/18/21 06:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Adventurer 901sb

We have had two AMLRV truck campers and have only good to say about them. We currently run an Eagle Cap 850 SB camper on a LB truck and wouldn’t have it any other way. The extra storage is invaluable. If they let us post pics here I would. PM me your email and we can talk more/send pics. Bill
billtex 02/17/21 07:36pm Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

These are all excellent points. I am considering brand new Northstars. Also, in terms of blocks to get the camper high enough, I was looking at these : Camco FasTen 2x2 RV Leveling Block For Single Tir... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T36IQJO/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_glt_fabc_D7N66G18D1VRNWF2RXPK?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I was thinking that I could also use them in the parking lot at work for the truck tire level as well. In the meantime I cannot buy anything until the correct torklift tie down arrives in the mail and I install them. dont waist money on thoes for loading and unloading they wont hold up to the weight of camper jacks on them. just figure out how much more hight you need then either use a cinder block with wood on top or just build good heavy duty wood blocks out of scrap 2x4's Steve Right. I don’t think OP plans to unload in the hospital parking lot? Use the cinder blocks at home. We seldom unload when using the TC, pretty much unload only at home.
billtex 02/16/21 06:35pm Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

The 8-11 was here near me but I think the company moved it to Sacramento, I see a camper there now that looks the same, it does not have a ladder on it. It listed for the same price. The price is extremely high. I’m not really in a hurry though. Here is a good question, will a dealership let you test load and drive a camper around in your truck? I feel like paying higher prices would be worth it if you could test drive it. They’re listing the 2018 NL 8-11 for $34,999. I don’t know anyone who has ever been able to test drive a TC on their truck. There are a lot of details that go into setting up the truck/camper combo (tie downs, etc) You might as k the dealer if they have a truck you might be able to test drive. You are overthinking this. F350 + NL = great setup. Go buy it before it’s gone.
billtex 02/16/21 06:11am Truck Campers
RE: Tires and Wheels

Did you know you can get LR 129 E rated at 4080# ea? I am not a fan of 19.5’’s. If you are that concerned you should get dually.
billtex 02/15/21 06:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Covering a truck camper AFTER a snow?

Why keep the snow off? The question we’re going to answer today, is “Is it safe to leave the snow piled up on the roof of my RV?”. When we asked this question last winter, our resident expert said, “Absolutely not”. Leaving snow on the roof of your RV could cause severe roof damage. Any amount of snow beyond a couple of inches is reason for concern. Snow weighs approximately 12 lbs per square inch. With fluctuations in temperature, you may even have ice build up beneath the snow. The melting (which causes water to run into cracks, etc.) and then re-freezing (causing expansion) can wreak havoc on your RV. You could end up with leaks through your vents and seals and if it were to sit all winter, the spring time could bring you a very unpleasant surprise. The safest bet is to keep it covered, but we understand that isn’t always an option for everyone. If your RV must be exposed to the elements, it is advisable to keep the snow off as best you can by using a soft snow rake with an extendable handle Snow weighs approximately 12 lbs per square inch? That can't possibly be right. I guess it might depend on how many cubic inches are stacked up on top of that square inch. Zulu That’s idahosnow. It’s different.
billtex 02/13/21 06:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Covering a truck camper AFTER a snow?

Kind of had same situation here. New cover arrived late, after first snow. I covered it. These things are made to be outdoors so shouldn’t hurt anything. I am pretty sure that initial snow has melted under the cover from sun light and just run off. Cover will keep any new snow off going forward. Not best situation, but what are you going to do?!
billtex 02/12/21 07:12pm Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

Thanks again for all the feedback- I received my Torklift hardware today and thankfully I realized that the seller website(not manufacturer) had auto selected the incorrect hardware. There is a question that asks if the buyer has a step to get inside the cab. My vehicle does so I answers yes to this question. However Torklift noted that the step is only significant if it runs farther back than the cab. What a close call. Anyway, I’ve been. Paying closer attention to detail now and I learned that my vehicle despite being lifted 6” is fairly built for weight. It has: 6 leaf, 3600# rated rear springs, air bags, sway bars, Rough Country performance 2.2 shocks, and E rated tires. I wanted to reply to this post to quiz anyone with knowledge on NorthernLite 8-11, sportsmen edition which I’ve located surprisingly close to my house. It’s pricey but I have been rethinking my decision based on resale both before and after Highway’ Runners post about going nicer. That and going light too, given my lift. Does anybody’s out there have a northern lite 8-11 on a lifted vehicle? Once again, thanks for all the support. DeltaBravo- I will be sleeping in the truck camper during the daytime in a busy parking lot in an area that can get hot in the summer. NL= nice campers. You will want hard side for the quiet!
billtex 02/12/21 01:15pm Truck Campers
RE: New Ford 7.3 Gas

What type of payload rating are you seeing for F350 SRW Lariat with the 7.3/ 4.30 gear combination? I’d like to get rid of my class C MH and get a non-slide TC. I really like what I read about the new Lance 960 or Cirrus 920 or AF865. All of these will push 3000 plus dry weight. Doable with the 7.3 SRW? Welcome back. Somewhere ~ 4500 lbs. You’ll be fine, i am running a Eagle Cap 850 which is heavier than any of the campers you listed. Truck handles it fine and is under RAWR. The new ten speeds are sweet.
billtex 02/11/21 05:27am Truck Campers
RE: New Ford 7.3 Gas

I pulled out the Truck Camper Specification sheet for both trucks: 2013 RAM 4,784 lbs 2021 FORD 5,071 lbs So the FORD gains me overal 666 lbs in cargo capacity which includes 287 lbs of truck camper carrying capacity That is due Ford switching in 2017 to aluminum beds and heat-treated frames, what saved about 500lb from truck weight. Nothing to do with engine. Talking about huge HP in newer engines - you can't use it if you can't cool it. Gas engines produce about twice the heat diesels do. FYI the entire truck body, not just the bed is made of aluminum. I was shocked on how light the hood was compared to my RAM. Yep. Ford took the weight savings from the body and put it in the chassis. Our new gasser is 600# heavier than our previous diesel. They new chassis handles the TC weight much better. The aluminum tail gate-with old man step-unfortunately is much heavier also. I dread removing it each season.
billtex 02/10/21 10:14am Truck Campers
RE: Air bag question

Assuming the rest of your OE suspension is still in place you should be good to go. That 5th wheel “hardware” did you a favor. Air bags suck for hauling TC’s.
billtex 02/09/21 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Timbrens,airbags!

Bags will certainly level the load. However they introduce a number of handling issues. I’ll never do air bags again for hauling a TC. Much better options available today.
billtex 02/02/21 06:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford 6.2 gas vs 7.3 gas highway gas milage

I will be picking up a new 2021 Ford F-350 dually 4x4 in less than two weeks. It will have the 7.3 gas with 4.30 rear end. I will be putting an 2013 Eagle Cap 950 on it. I is too bad, and always the case, that aftermarket shocks/sway-bars are not available this early in the model year. I will update the forum as to how this truck performs. This truck will be replacing a 2013 RAM 3500 4x4 dually. Sweet. I doubt you will need any suspension mods. Payload on that truck is crazy! Of all the mods I have done, sway bar was the least effective. You should be fine.
billtex 02/02/21 05:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Timbrens,airbags!

Wondering what would work best for leveling the truck. It’s not bad but I do have vehicles flashing their lights at me at night. Put a set of stableloads on truck but that didn’t seem to help...leaning toward airbags. Did you add upper or lower SL’s?
billtex 02/02/21 12:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Roadside Breakdown

Good Sam has been responsive the couple of times we needed them (not for the TC). They will tow any vehicle anywhere in the US which is great. Once my Wife ran down car battery, another time she hit a pot hole, they came within one hour. If you need to tow TC be sure you ask for a low boy, just tell them you have a small motor home. They probably won’t understand TC.
billtex 02/02/21 05:37am Truck Campers
RE: Black frp sheets.

Lowes is showing black FRP in stock. $54/sheet,
billtex 02/01/21 08:20am Truck Campers
RE: 2020 northern lite 811 exle wetbath

Might have to put the fuse in the under hood panel to separate truck from camper. I know this was true in older GM’s.
billtex 01/31/21 06:50pm Truck Campers
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