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RE: Toilet leak Around the handle any idea how to replace

Probably the worst high end toilet we have owned for the reason you are asking about. chevman retired from rving. x2. I think I have rebuilt mine around 3 times now. It's by far the worst toilet I have had in any of my RV's.
blofgren 02/22/23 09:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Not bad for 11 years and 240,000 miles.

Yes, she looks good! Like others have said, the GM 6.0L is not the most powerful gasser out there, but it is solid as an anvil. I have been watching for one in a CC SB 4x4, but they are hard to find not beat to cr@p and with a million miles on them.
blofgren 11/10/22 06:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordering a ‘23 Powerstroke

Being able to choose between 35 mph or 55 mph is good. If we were travelling together I think I’d want you behind me. I can tell you that you absolutely do not want to go down many of the mountain passes here in BC while fully loaded at 55 mph.....
blofgren 10/24/22 09:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordering a ‘23 Powerstroke

To further what Pbutler said, I’ve been shopping for the opposite recently. Need one in 2 months. Shortbed CC half ton. I’ve seen new HD Diesels and high end held tons are back to sticker price (as advertised), and the typical areas of the country with better pricing are now back to offering significant discounts off MSRP on mid level and base model 1/2 tons. Even some newer used 1/2 tons around here are not priced in the stratosphere anymore and they’re not flying off of Craigslist daily like they were. But most dipchits are still trying to get $70-90k for low mile newish diesels. LOL, I'm noticing the same thing here.
blofgren 10/21/22 10:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordering a ‘23 Powerstroke

I was towing in the mountains on the weekend and found the current Powerstroke’s poor torque rise to contribute to a negative towing experience. The engine looses rpm too quickly in the hills. I’d like to see 1200 lb ft of torque with about 505 HP. The other thing I found very annoying is the way my truck applies the wheel brakes on downhill grades while using cruise control. I found myself having to cancel cruise constantly to allow my truck to coast a bit on the downhill sections of road. The way cruise use to work was better. I had a new 2022 Powerstroke for a few days this spring when my work truck was in for service. The power of the truck was impressive, but the exhaust brake was not even close to being as strong as the one in my Ram/Cummins even when using tow/haul and manually downshifting the transmission. I find myself actually giving the Ram throttle at times going down mountain passes here in BC while towing, and never use the service brakes. I have even had people frantically flag me down on the road to tell me that my trailer brake lights are not working, but they do not realize that I am not using the brakes. :C
blofgren 10/21/22 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Ram Reveal

I leave my 15 mirrors UP (ANTLERS) because the spot mirrors work best in that position. My 01 I have towing mirrors and the spots work the same up or down so I run down unless towing. Personally I really like my 15 mirrors. x2; I leave my mirrors up too because they suck in the down position. Although they are pretty good like that, the towing mirrors on my 2012 F-150 are much better overall.
blofgren 10/10/22 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: B&W Companion question

X2 on pinning the handle open. It will release even though the jaws are still wrapped around the pin; I just had to do this on this past weekend when camping. I also agree with removing the pin right away afterwards; when hooking up to leave my hitch wouldn't latch until I realized that it was still pinned open....:S
blofgren 10/03/22 09:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I thought the RV market might be getting soft. I was wrong.

^To your point, I’m gonna put the boat up for sale too this weekend. Wrong time of year, but been considering upgrading anyways and now have friends with a new surf boat so we can mooch back some rides from them for a year if necessary. With these stupid high prices it’s silly to not cash out unless some extenuating circumstances or extreme emotional attachment. I’ve had $20k offers for the squarebody we redid as well. How often do you get unsolicited offers for a not rare semi restored vehicle that are for more $ than you have into them? Not often. And I’m not a good enough painter to claim it’s a $10k paint job…lol OK, now you've got me thinking about selling my trailer and boat again....but the divorce lawyer would cost me much more than what I would make off of them! :B
blofgren 09/20/22 08:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer sway milestone 377mb

Possibly a broken spring on the trailer. That's my vote, or spring perch. I'd investigate everything in the running gear including running each wheel up a ramp to see how the suspension and equalizer reacts. This is exactly how my trailer was acting when some welds on the insufficient side to side braces between the frame broke. It was so unstable from side to side it was scary to pull and I could see the axles moving from side to side when turning corners on the highway. I had a great fabricator install 3 - 6"x4" structural steel tubes welded between all 3 sets of spring perches and he reinforced them with 2" square steel tubes up to the frame in 6 spots complete with large square pads welded to the frame. He did a great job, and cinched the trailer corner to corner with come alongs to ensure that it was perfectly square before starting. The trailer is super stable now and tows better than it did when I bought it. OP, check your spring perches, frame, and springs, etc. I would bet that something is broken and causing this issue. Please let us know what you find.
blofgren 09/06/22 09:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bought a second truck.

Thanks for posting about the various engines; it was really informative. I always knew the 390 was a good engine, but clearly the 410 is superior, and the fact that it is mated to a 4 speed manual is just the cherry on top! I can only imagine how much fun it is to drive! :B That is really interesting that you can still get such random parts for that truck. And I agree, it looks great, but the engine bay looks fantastic! Such an awesome second life for both! :C
blofgren 09/02/22 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: B&W fail or Operator Error?

I would say operator error also. One time I hitched up and forgot to close the front cargo hatch, so I had to unhitch. The handle on my BW would not stay open due to the pressure of the kingpin on the jaws, so I pinned it open. I pulled ahead, closed the hatch and re-connected. I raised the landing gear and pulled ahead a couple inches so that I could remove the wheel chocks. On my way back to the truck I was horrified to see the handle still pinned in the open position! I got away really lucky and won’t make that mistake ever again! I had to pin the handle open on my B&W once to hold the jaws open in order to unhook as well. With my previous hitch, I had the hitch pinned open while trying to hook up and could not figure out why it would not latch after a few tries. When I "reset" and looked over everything again I was shocked to see my mistake. Bad things can happen when in autopilot...
blofgren 08/29/22 09:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How safe is etransfer - selling big items?

In the case of something not very expensive, like an engine, I'm not sure why he couldn't pay the balance in loonies. I mean, what is it, a couple grand, tops? But good luck getting a real world review of online funds transfers from a group of senior citizens.... :B
blofgren 08/26/22 10:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: New 3.0 Duramax Info

Thanks for posting; this looks great! Does anyone know if they plan on installing this in the Yukon/Tahoe platforms? That may be our future SUV if that is the case. The DPF location is certainly interesting. It would eliminate the theft problem of them though. GM already offers the 3.0 Duramax in the Tahoe/Yukon. Better get one now before they obsolete them. Yes, I've seen several of them, but are they installing this new version in them?
blofgren 08/25/22 09:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Where to get Replacement Wheel Bearings -Old Camper

Look real close at edge of bearing. Most times there is a name and number. If can't find that, take the races to a trailer parts/repair shop. Note; if you don't tell the bearing it is going on a RV, it will never know. Much more likely to get what you need from a shop that does not fix toilets and stoves. You are looking for trailer parts, not RV parts. This and I love the sense of humor! I am fortunate to have a trailer suspension/running gear shop about 10 minutes from my home and they are experts in identifying and providing the right parts.
blofgren 08/22/22 09:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mattresses, what’s your recommendation and why?

We need a new one too. We had ours custom made several years ago and it was great at the time, but we both find it too soft now and we end up with super sore lower backs, which is miserable. I guess things change as we age....:B We are thinking of buying a new queen mattress from Costco, but haven't fully decided yet. Watching this thread with interest.
blofgren 08/22/22 09:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Hitch

B&W 20k Companion without a doubt. I got one earlier this year after having several different hitches in the past and it is by far the best hitch I have ever had. It is super heavy duty, easy to use, and has no chucking at all. I honestly wish I had bought one years ago.
blofgren 08/22/22 08:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 3.0 Duramax Info

Thanks for posting; this looks great! Does anyone know if they plan on installing this in the Yukon/Tahoe platforms? That may be our future SUV if that is the case. The DPF location is certainly interesting. It would eliminate the theft problem of them though.
blofgren 08/22/22 08:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck.

That engine looks and sounds good. I totally agree. Thanks once again for the great posts! The bolt post was very interesting and informative. How does the new engine compare to the old one for power? Does it have more low end torque?
blofgren 08/22/22 08:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 6.7 with spun connecting rod bearing

New turbo is part of the oil system...bearings metal shavings could have damaged. That's all good except there is no reason to replace the turbo when you have a nice big oil filter that filters all of the oil that enters the bearings or turbo. Now if they wanted to replace the oil pump; that's a different story... I guess it would depend on the path the oil takes with regards to the turbo, bearings and filter. I am less annoyed with the turbo replacement since it's difficult to remove on the 6.7 and a preemptive approach is not a bad thing. My bigger issue is the doubling of the engine price. As far as repairing the engine; the same replace over repair sentiment was also offered by two local private shops. Not enough meat for over bore and over-sized pistons. The engine isn't exactly a real heavy duty diesel. The other issue is getting Ford to do a root cause analysis. There hasn't been a determination to this point on why the bearing cooked...nor has the engine been torn down...of course this is because they already know why... I'd love to buy an engine and install, but at this point considering the cab is lifted off the truck and engine is already removed, I may be stuck with Ford in perpetual limbo. This is not a great way to keep a loyal customer. Ya, all engine oil is filtered before it sees any engine parts except the oil pump. In any event it would be a good idea for you to listen to this video about the 6.7 Ford diesel. This guy really knows his stuff and sees a ton of these engines and will talk about the various failure points. It's really good to see all of the failure points of this engine that he talks about. If you just want to see to part where he talks about "seeing a ton of bearing failure" just go to 42:42 and see what he has to say. I would watch the whole video if I were you though because this guy is very informative. Anyway, good luck and I hope you get past this so you can take your RV out for a little time off. Watch that video and you might think twice about buying one of these trucks, or it may make you run out and dump the one you already have this afternoon lol. Yikes! :E
blofgren 08/16/22 09:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford vs. Ram vs. GM Diesel HP/TQ Ratings

I am a hardcore Cummins fan, owned several of every generation since 1993-first gen. I have a 2021 3500 HO Aisin, there is plenty of room for improvement. The Cummins and the exhaust brake are flawless, the transmission not so much. The Aisin isn't terrible, just not the ultimate transmission so many make it out to be. My 2017 with the 68 RFE wasn't really much worse when towing 15K plus. I don't know if that's saying a lot about the 68 RFE or little about the Aisin. I am the odd minority that wants a manual transmission, I never had a complaint about any of the manual trucks I owned. I would jump all over a quality manual transmission option, I know those days are past and probably never see that option again in a new diesel pickup. Sorry to hear that you're not happy with your transmission. I do love my G56 manual transmission, and it is really good with the double disc Southbend clutch.
blofgren 07/18/22 09:24pm Tow Vehicles
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