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RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

Realistically, one needs to drive 20-30k miles a year to truly pay for a diesel these days in a reasonable time frame, IE 3-5 yrs. I'll disagree with the conventional wisdom a bit here. You don't pay the whole diesel premium every time you trade, it's mostly a 1 time hit. If you stay diesel on every truck you get after the first the payback numbers change quite a bit. Based on my numbers, and most other larger commercial users, one needs to drive 150K miles minimum to pay off ANY diesel vs gas. Used to be 60-80K miles. Most are wanting an ROI in the 3-5 year relm, so my 20-30K min mile useage is about on target. Where I work, we just switched off to gas rigs vs diesel rigs. We're doing 5 year leas turn arounds, with 30-40K miles a year useage. My paying for one personally is out the door. as I am not driving like I used to for business purposes, no depreciation etc. Takes a long time to payoff an $8K difference, even with an increase in trade. If you want one get one, reality, you will never get it paid for per say if you do not drive the wheels off of it! Even a gas one this is true. marty
blt2ski 08/14/19 09:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

Realistically, one needs to drive 20-30k miles a year to truly pay for a diesel these days in a reasonable time frame, IE 3-5 yrs. If you can go longer to get an ROI, great. A turbo/super charger is great on ANY motor, be it gas or diesel at elevations higher than 5000 ft. As non forced induction motors lose 2-3% HP per 1000' if elevation. At 5000' you are down 15% HP! Yes one will notice this.....Good or bad is up to you. Realty, ANY of the 300+HP motors, geared properly, enough payload for your needs will motivate upwards of 20,000 lbs fine! Marty
blt2ski 08/14/19 10:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires

I too have had good luck thru the years with Cooper tires. As noted, like all bigger brands, they have made for _______ along with their own. I have yet to have tread, interior separations, unlike the big M that everyone sees to push. Marty
blt2ski 08/14/19 09:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hauling dirt/rock with bed rails?

Glad somebody explained bed rail part! I've hauled an unknown guessable quantity of material in pickups doing landscaping over 40 years.....prefer spray in liner to.protect bed..... Hence why I would not set myself up for a 5w! I've out 3-4 loads of stuff in my bed in a day! Marty
blt2ski 08/12/19 09:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing speed

SOme states like Washington, have two interstate limits in "SOME" areas. IE 70 in lower population/fewer exit/on ramp areas, FOR rigs UNDER 10K gvw, NOT towing. If over 10K gvw, and/or towing, then max 60mph or in some area's, like downtown Seattle, 55, parts of Tacoma in a construction zone 50mph..... I find 60-62 is nice on cruise. As noted, 65+, clobbers mpg's, yeah we are not supposed to worry about them.....reality, some of us do like to get the best mpg, for a given speed area driving etc. If you have a dually, or ANY SW pickup with a license over 10K gvw, your limit towing or not is 60 mph! Marty
blt2ski 08/07/19 05:37pm Towing
RE: My 2008 F-250 (a little rant)

Looking at some of the same things with 2000 GM C2500! 19 years, 140K HARD hauling towing miles...... Altho a new one that has the ability to get double the MPG would be nice! 11-12 mpg is not fun1 Marty
blt2ski 08/07/19 05:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Break Out Another Thousand....

I thought the Break Out Another Thousand was for me boat!.....oh wait, that's TEN Thousand for me boat, Thousand for me truck...... Marty
blt2ski 07/31/19 11:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with GM 1 ton extended passenger van (Savana/Express)

The above point about the older Burb and newer van, the van has a 6sp trans, with a 4.1 in low gear, the Burb had 4.1 in axel, BUT, had a 2.48 in trans. Wider spacing in the gears, and a few less HP and torque. That said, the 3.42 geared van is probably a better gearing setup with the 6 sp! than the 4.10 geared 4 sp auto overall. Marty
blt2ski 07/30/19 11:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with GM 1 ton extended passenger van (Savana/Express)

IF I could have gotten a 4wd 3500 extended van, I would have over a crew cab for my family of 6. I towed to the local mountains and used my TT as a ski hut more than I did in the summer months. So 4wd was a must to get thru the upwards of 3-5' of snow it snowed a few times over a weekend, getting stuck at pass as it was closed due to avalanche danger etc...... FOr what you are doing, a G80 rig is as dang near as equal as an open diff 4wd! There are a few things about 4wd that make it nicer, but having had multiple rwd G80 rigs, dang near unstoppable in there own right. I drive a work 9500gvwr vans with 14' boxes, bassically a 15 passenger version. I have a transit now, a Sprinter before. I'd take the sprinter with 5 years and 180+K miles over this POS transit I have now. The shorter wb makes it ride worst IMHO. Put a load in the back, you have many lbs taken off the FA, vs the longer WB of the sprinter was better. I think you will find a GM will ride much like the sprinter did from my standpoint. I would suggest one, but feel the 6.0/6 sp will be a better power/drivetrain than the 200/400 6 cyl diesel in the Sprinter. If you were towing a smaller trailer, say 6-8000 lbs, then yes, but it would be slower than the GM van. Marty
blt2ski 07/30/19 11:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: no sway weight distribution hitches

As others have said, sounds like you are using a band aid, when you need a tu ternicut As noted, figure out why the trailer is swaying, fix the cause, not the effect, IE sway! Marty
blt2ski 07/26/19 09:23pm Towing
RE: When is a WDH neccessary

I found on my crew cab LB trucks, once I had removed 450-500 lbs, steering got goofy, front wheels started locking up when braking, especially on the white sidewalks paint strips. This took OVER 1500 lbs of HW on these trucks with 8500 lb springs, about 1500 with 6400 lb rear springs. With this said.....my TT, 6-7000 on axle 750-900 HW only removed 60-120 max off the FA with these trucks. What I noticed, is more side to side rocking with no bars, less with just a WD system, even LESS with a Reese Dual Cam. Reality, if your trailer will not pull straight etc without bars, figure out why, fix issue, then install bars. If your high requires bars at 500 lbs, you don't want to use them, buy and install a hitch with engineer specs to your needs. That's what I do and did to rigs! Their is more than one way to skin a cat per say! :-) Marty
blt2ski 07/25/19 10:32am Towing
RE: Looking for a tow vehicle for boat

In the burb, the ONLY difference between a 6.0 @ 8.1 is the motor! Possibly a 10.5" f2f rear axle vs a 9.5 SF. It's this way in early pickups. Reality, a warranty item only trucks your looking at are out of warranty. Legal standpoint, gcwr, even the gvwr and gawr from the manufacture have no Legal meaning! As noted, a 6.0/454/8.1 with the 4l80e/th400/4l85e derivative are pretty poor when it comes to steeper grades. Around a max of 16% at 20000 lbs. Where as the newest version, granted a bitt more torque, but the 6 so trans is way lower in gearing, so over 30% gradability. More than my 05 max by 5%!!!! Marty
blt2ski 07/23/19 01:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for a tow vehicle for boat

Ummmm, If you just need to get the boat to a launch place 10 miles away, ANY 8 lug truck from ANY brand with a motor that is 200hp or over, will get you their safe and sanely! Especially if only on roads that have a max speed of 35-45 mph. Get on an interstate for a long time, you will want a few more ponies behind you. With that said, even an older 454, 460 BB V8 would do the trick. Or an early 7.3 V8, be it a turbo or cough IDI non turbo version! B5.9, my old 6.5td would pull a 12K trailer, but have to admit, with 185 hp, not fast, but had a 5 sp manual, 4.10 gears, 385 lb ft of torque, I went slow, but never stalled it out on steeper grades, like a local boat ramp that is in the mid teen% range! Reality is, you just need ANY truck that will handle payload, chassis wise a 12K trailer......For me, that is 12K/2 = ANY rig with a RGAWR of 6000 lbs or more! Marty
blt2ski 07/22/19 09:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I go back to OEM size tires?

2007 Suburban 2500's came with 6.5" width wheels. An LT265/75R16 requires a 7" wide wheel minimum. Using a narrow wheel tends to make the vehicle follow the ruts in the road and makes it sensitive to cross winds. If true, that's certainly strange. Trucks came with 8" wide wheels even 30+ years ago when they came with 235mm tires. I agree that proper wheel width is a consideration I'd take into account. I had two SW 3500s, ran 265s on stock rims, did not like it vs a 7.5" rim. If one looks at tire load charts, you lose about 200 lb of capacity with narrower rims. Marty
blt2ski 07/22/19 09:45am Towing
RE: Should I go back to OEM size tires?

You'll notice some, as you have effectively made a 4.10 geared rig a 3.95, a 3.73 a 3.55 geared rig. Also the 245 tires are about 5 lbs less weight than 265's. At least I noticed the difference in my 88 k3500 with a TBI 454/TH400/3.73, and my 96 K3500 with a 6.5TD/NV4500/4.10 gears. My 02 on subject! marty
blt2ski 07/20/19 05:15pm Towing
RE: Weight distribution systems, which one is best?

The best one is the one adjusted correctly, with trailer balanced etc correctly.....The worst, even if a Hensley, the one not setup correctly, with a trailer that is setup so it will fishtail sway on its own, or equal issue that the bar system in use, Will mask or hide an incorrectly set up trailer. One should be able to pull a given trailer with out bars at 60+ mph etc using finger tips steering. Now add bars for added safety. If you can not pull trailer using ONLY finger tips on wheel, you have issues bars will not fix or solve! Marty
blt2ski 07/20/19 09:13am Towing
RE: Which comes first, the trailer or the hitch system?

Bikeden has correct answer. Find trailer first. Then truck with payload to handle HW, people quantity and their weights, animals, canoe, kayak, orv's, generator, firwiod, crossed toolbox/fuel tank etc. One may find they need 3000 lbs of payload towing a 6-7000 lb trailer as I was, with 4 adult sized teens. I needed a 3500 crew cab to tow a trailer most 15 series trucks could do! Even the smallest of 6cylinders could pull it. Not saying you would be fastest rig on road..... Marty
blt2ski 07/18/19 06:50am Towing
RE: Which comes first, the trailer or the hitch system?

I will not, from experience agree with Barney's comment, 700 lbs will remove the same weight off the FA, no matter the rig! I changed out a set of 6400 lb springs, for 8400 on an older SW 3500 I had, amount removed from FA dropped 100+ lbs with higher capacity springs! This was with 1500 lbs of HW mind you! 650-700 lbs of HW on same truck with 6400 lb springs, removed a whopping 60-80 lbs. So the formula to get amount removed is not linear as some say. Rear spring capacity, soft or firmer springs will effect how much is removed from front axle. The more you squat, the more weight is removed. Hence why trucks are usually asset high. Not sure if a dual cam is still around, I like the one I have for my TT long since ad. I will agree, an all in one is better. Marty
blt2ski 07/17/19 11:00pm Towing
RE: 2018 GMC Sierra Towing

A leveling kit could be a drop of RA too. Then loaded, rear squats more in either case, pulling more weight off of FA. Grits swag of 3' of distance to hitch from RA, is probably off by 1 if not 2'. I've usually measured 5' or so in my GM trucks. Any way, as noted, a few variables that effect Handling have not been mentioned. Hard to say what the whole issue is. Co you kcal through front end alignment into issue, depending on leveling kit, bad shocks, axle alignment on trailer...... Marty
blt2ski 07/17/19 10:46pm Towing
RE: Gas TV for a year long trip

WHERE did he say he was looking at NEW twucks of ANY sort! Only USED was mentioned. So the 7.3 with a 10 sp auto, is not an options from what I see! That said, 6-12% grades......those are a piece of cake, try some of the 15-25% grades in off highway situations! Interstates a easy! its in the camp grounds, local roads, roads down and back up river canyons etc that you can not make it up due to too low of gearing etc. Be it a gas or diesel! With that said, get the best truck you can find, and head out! It will generally speaking take at todays prices of the difference, fuel cost etc, over 120K miles to pay for said diesel. How fast will you get to that said break even point? Yes, ANY motor with a turbo/supercharger on it, will be better at elevations above 5000', otherwise, yes, you will lose 2-3% of the sea level advertised HP per 1000' of elevations. so at 10K', you are down 30%! How long, will you be up that high to really care per say?!?!?! Marty
blt2ski 07/12/19 09:42pm Tow Vehicles
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