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RE: no noise generators

There are actually some RV manufacturers who are now looking into building units without generators and replacing them with lithium-ion batteries, DC powered A/C units and utilizing the secondary high output chassis alternator for faster battery recharge. Phoenix Cruiser is building a prototype on their TRX model which I don't think they have a customer for just yet, or at least they didn't the last time I chatted with them.
bob_nestor 08/21/22 03:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Broken Macerator - Tank Full

Had the same problem on my 2010 Roadtrek. Not sure how the 2012 is plumbed, but on my 2010 I was able to remove the macerator pump and repair it without having to drain the full black and gray tanks first. The most likely problem with the macerator is that the rubber impeller has sheared the drive keyway from the motor shaft. It's a pretty simple and inexpensive fix to replace the impeller which can be purchased off Amazon.
bob_nestor 08/21/22 07:40am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Assessing RV Value

What is the most reliable way to assess the value of my RV? I am wanting to sell mt TT and upgrade to a 5th Wheel.The 1st dealership was really lowballing the value of my trade-in. I would prefer to not get hosed with my 1st RV upgrade but what I've seen so far is not promising. You'd probably get the best price selling 3rd party but that requires finding the right buyer, advertising yourself, and handling the paperwork as well as the risks involved in the payment process. Second best is probably selling via consignment sale. You do pay a percentage of the sale price for the service, but they handle all the advertising, cleanup, repairs, paperwork, etc. Probably the worst option is to trade it into a dealer as they're trying to make money on the traded in unit as well as the new unit they'll be selling to you. Since you're in Texas, have you considered doing a consignment sale with PPL Motorhomes. They take a percentage of the sale price, but handle all the advertising and paperwork. When you take the RV in to them they'll tell you what similar units have been selling for, but you have the opportunity to set the price to whatever you want to. And when it does sell you'll get your money very quickly. I did sell my last RV thru PPL and recommended it to a friend who did the same. We were both pleased the the outcomes.
bob_nestor 08/03/22 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Ford F-150 and Four Wheel Camper Make Alaska Run

Slowly getting better. But they need a significant breakthrough in technology before they will really be ready to be workhorses. To say nothing of the improvements that will be needed in the electrical grid and the technology used to put energy into that grid. Making the trip up or down the Alaska Highway today with a diesel powered vehicle can be "challenging" due to the spacing of diesel fueling stations, especially for those who never learned about "driving on the top half of the tank". And that's during the summer tourist season - making the trip in the winter is even harder as many stations are closed then.
bob_nestor 07/27/22 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Easy Start By Micro Air

From other postings I've seen where people have tested running their A/C off batteries and they are reporting that you can get about 1 hr of run time for each 200aH of battery. I wonder how long it will be before RV manufacturers start offering an option of placing Lithium-Ion (or sodium) batteries in the generator bay, installing an inverter at least 2800W, wiring all the 110v outlets and appliances in the RV thru the inverter, and putting Soft Starts in the A/C. And with Lithium or sodium batteries, installing the second high-output alternator in the chassis in addition to as much solar as then can fit on the roof. While recently researching for my next RV I found one that I liked which I thought could be built this way quite easily to match my camping style. (I'm not looking to run the A/C on batteries other then when I'm traveling, hence the second alternator. Plus future battery technology may improve well beyond where it is now.) I figured I could replace the generator with about 1200aH of Lithium batteries (pricey, but doable). When I contacted the manufacturer with my requested changes, they flatly refused - said the generator couldn't be eliminated and they'd never wire the A/C and microwave thru the inverter. Reluctantly crossed them off my list and moved to other manufacturers.
bob_nestor 07/20/22 08:21am Tech Issues
RE: Consumer Cellular advice

Consumer Cellular may be great if most of your calls are outgoing. What they don't tell you (or it's in the fine print) is incoming calls are counted against you and most are rounded up to the nearest minute. That's fine for calls from people you want to hear from, but it can kill all your savings if you're the target of a lot of SPAM calls like telemarketers, car warranty scams, political advertising and money donation organizations.
bob_nestor 07/12/22 05:56am Technology Corner
RE: Best cell phone provider?

About the cheapest service out there is Visible. It is owned by Verizon thus it uses Verizon towers. If you join their Party Pay plan the total cost is $25/month for unlimited everything including hotspot use. Their cheapest phone is $50. You may be able to use your present phone. https://www.visible.com/ But is Visible's service, like all 3rd party resellers, deprioritized? The other problem with most MVNOs is that they don't do roaming off the host network. If you sign up for AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile you do pay a bit more, but they'll roam onto competitor services. My cell phone supports multiple SIMs, so what I did was sign up with AT&T which mainly works most places I go. Then because I have Comcast internet at home I was eligible to get Comcast phone service for about $15/mo which runs on Verizon and put that in my phone as a second SIM service. Now I \have both AT&T and Verizon service on the same phone and it uses whichever service provides the best connection.
bob_nestor 06/28/22 09:42am Technology Corner
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

GoDucks you just don't understand how the system works---plenty of people getting paid to stay home. Complete nonsense and has no bearing on this topic. We're at full employment and many hourly folks still work more than one job. The government has six different official measures of unemployment - U1 thru U6. Pick the one that supports the story you like. Probably a better measure is the labor participation rate since it measures the percentage of people capable of working who are actually working and paying taxes. That number has declined. The real question I think people should be asking is how can the unemployment rate DECLINE with an increasing population when there are fewer people employed now than when the unemployment rate was higher?
bob_nestor 06/26/22 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2008 Roadtrek Versatile 190 mystery battery

State WHERE your Chassis battery and your COACH battery are located. Also Brand of chassis. Mercedes or Ford. Mercedes can have 2 chassis batteries. One under the front hood on drivers side and the other under the drivers seat floor board. Then the coach battery is located in the rear area, under the chassis by the hitch. Doug I believe that Roadtrek only used Mercedes and Chevy chassis in 2008 and the Versatile 190 was Chevy 3500 based, as was my 2010 210 Popular. (PleasureWay used Mercedes and Ford mainly with a mirror image floor plan to Roadtrek.) The coach batteries are located on the passenger side in a pull out drawer rear of the side entrance door. The chassis battery is located in the engine compartment. For what it's worth I saw the same "issue" with my 210 Popular and ever located where the phantom power was coming from.
bob_nestor 06/25/22 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Don't let your guard down, Covid is still out there...

Guess those Covid vaccinations and boosters really work. :) Laughing - I don't get flu shots and have avoided the COVID shots and boosters, masks and camped with friends who had and recovered from COVID. I finally did catch something that appeared to be COVID, but took two hits of Ivermectin and was back on my feet within a few days. It will never be eliminated since it crosses animal species, so we either need to learn to live with it or curl up under the bedcovers and die.
bob_nestor 06/14/22 03:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

All good answers. My RV came standard with a single 100w panel and a 10A in-line fuse. I had it upgraded at the factory to 3 100w panels, but someone forgot to change the fuse so I was constantly having to replace it. I contacted the factory and they confirmed the fuse should have been a 30A with the extra panels they had installed. (It is already wired for the optional panels.) Since the fuse is located in an inconvenient place, I replaced it with a Bussman CB221-30 (from Amazon) which trips on over-current, then after a period of time, resets itself. Haven't have a problem with solar since then.
bob_nestor 05/12/22 05:43am Tech Issues
RE: Planning a trip to Alaska sometime 2023

Some (not all) of the border States have a version of an enhanced driver's license that, up until COVID, could be used to cross the border. Not sure if that's still the case after COVID though. Since you're trying to get into Canada it's all up to their authorities. Getting back into the US (if you're a citizen or hold a valid Green Card) isn't as difficult but is much, much easier with a Passport or Passcard. The best advice is to get a US Passport and for an additional small fee, the Passcard. The Passcard can be used for land crossings, but a Passort was still required if traveling into the country by air or cruise ship the last time I traveled over, around and thru Canada.
bob_nestor 05/10/22 07:50am Roads and Routes
RE: Finding a 3500 series truck to test drive....

Seriously, I would make the effort and have the death wobble fixed. On my old 2004, it was ball joints, replaced them, no more wobble. As for reliability, I would take any 5.9 Cummins before any GM or Ford. Ford feels like driving a brick, GM's seats are like milk crates. I haven't driven a GM but I've driven two recent model year Super Duty diesels, an F-250 and an F-350 and honestly I didn't like the way either one drove very well. They felt very isolated from the road, the steering had no feel to it and the turning radius sucked. They're nice trucks and are certainly faster than my Cummins, and they shifted better. Roomier back seat too which matters to me with 3 kids. I'd definitely buy a new Ram CTD over the Super Duty again if I had a do-over, though. GM, I don't know - the current models look pretty nice on paper. I'm not a big Ford fan but I did own two 2004 E350 based RVs. One had the problem of absolutely no road feel at all - it was like driving a video game. The other drove perfectly fine. An engineer friend of mine who had worked for Ford at one time told me the drive systems used were "fly-by-wire" and a simple adjustment to the firmware could solve the problem which could be done by any Ford Dealer who serviced trucks. Got rid of the bad one before doing that though.
bob_nestor 04/10/22 07:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rip off prices from RV Dealers

We both purchased the new valve system from a reputable dealership in the area for $56 with tax and installed it ourselves. When I get home I see the same valve is for sale on Amazon for $9.99 with free shipping. I know these dealers need to make a profit to maintain their store but this much of a mark up is outrageous. You could have continued your camping trip without a working toilet and fixed it when you got home. But that probably wasn't considered an acceptable option, so you paid for the convenience and availability of the part when you needed it. And yes, similar if not identical parts may be available on Amazon or eBay at much lower prices with "free" shipping, but you have to be careful because many of them ship directly from factories in China and can take weeks before they arrive. One way or another there are costs involved - time, money, convenience, etc.
bob_nestor 03/28/22 03:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Delivery on new F350

I've heard that the manufacturers are prioritizing commercial vehicle builds over consumer models, probably because they have fewer options and because they address the larger markets for them.
bob_nestor 03/10/22 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Interstate rest area stops

Visited an uncle in New York State a few years ago and his neighbor was a Police Officer who came by to say hi. He asked me where I stayed at night when I was on the road, and I told him I pulled into Rest Areas for a few hours of sleep. He told me it was illegal to camp in New York Rest Areas and I told him I didn't have any beer in the camper and camping without beer was just sleeping outside. The next evening he stopped by with a couple of cold beers.
bob_nestor 03/08/22 07:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Lost Cruise Control

Had this happen to me on a Ford E350 RV that I owned. Turned out to be a loose connection in the wire harness under the dash that contained the cruise control wires.
bob_nestor 03/01/22 06:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ever hear of this camping company? Harvest Host

I was a member of Boondockers Welcome for a number of years and hosted quite a few campers over that time in my backyard. Always thought it was a better deal than Harvest Hosts (at least for me). But then Boondockers Welcome sold out to Harvest Hosts and HH quickly cancelled the Lifetime membership credits that I'd acquired with BW and now want me to join their organization for an annual fee. No thanks - cancelled my account that they'd transferred from BW to HH. HH seems more interested in having paying members camp at places of business who can offer some dry camping spots, unlike BW which allowed individuals to host others and for campers to find individuals willing to host them for a night or two. Members paid a small annual fee to use the resources and hosts paid nothing and acquired lifetime credits for hosting.
bob_nestor 10/11/21 08:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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