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RE: Ever hear of this camping company? Harvest Host

I was a member of Boondockers Welcome for a number of years and hosted quite a few campers over that time in my backyard. Always thought it was a better deal than Harvest Hosts (at least for me). But then Boondockers Welcome sold out to Harvest Hosts and HH quickly cancelled the Lifetime membership credits that I'd acquired with BW and now want me to join their organization for an annual fee. No thanks - cancelled my account that they'd transferred from BW to HH. HH seems more interested in having paying members camp at places of business who can offer some dry camping spots, unlike BW which allowed individuals to host others and for campers to find individuals willing to host them for a night or two. Members paid a small annual fee to use the resources and hosts paid nothing and acquired lifetime credits for hosting.
bob_nestor 10/11/21 08:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Jeep Wrangler ReadyBrake Elite II Setup

I did the same with my 2011 2dr Wrangler (same color too), but in addition I installed a CoolTech wire harness. That allowed me to use the Jeep's brake, turn and clearance lights running off my RV. I did also install a battery cutoff in the Jeep, but was told by a Jeep Engineer that wasn't necessary for the 2011.
bob_nestor 08/02/21 06:30am Dinghy Towing
RE: My prediction for the future..

The original prediction posted here may be true but only time will tell. Since most people buying RVs finance them and try to get low payments with the longest terms possible, may are already "under water" before they drive it off the Dealer's lot. When they go to sell they expect to make a little something rather than loosing a whole lot, so they tend to hold out for close to their asking prices. That may find many of them spiraling into bankruptcy or repossession. No matter what scenario plays out, with a glut of RVs on the used market it signals some hard times ahead for the manufacturers as they try to compete with the "slightly used" market.
bob_nestor 06/26/21 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: I hate roundabouts -- but maybe I am wrong

I suspect the "studies" that were done showing roundabouts are safer probably compare them to 4-way stops but don't take into consideration that most drivers don't know how to navigate either one. Roundabouts are even more confusing to these drivers so they go slower thru them, stop and wait for everyone in the circle to clear out before entering or stop in the roundabout to allow others the chance to enter. Seems the the biggest selling point for many though is "it's just like what the enlightened countries of Europe use", so we need to have them too. The problem with many though is they aren't built large enough to accommodate more than two or three vehicles at any one time, so their benefit, even with knowledgeable drives, is marginal at best. Maybe the real solution (other than driver education) is to go back to the 4-way stop replacing the stop signs with red lights that allow one vehicle at a time to proceed, rotating the green light around the intersection.
bob_nestor 06/17/21 01:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: Propane Firepit Restrictions - West Coast

Seems like the rules on fires cover a lot of territory and are open to interpretation by campers, authorities and a lot of those self-appointed who think they know everything about anything and go out of their way to tell you that. My solution is simple - I built an LED fire pit in a small bucket. Puts out all the ambience of a real campfire (flickering flames and all) without the heat or danger of starting a real fire, it can be totally extinguished by just unplugging, can easily run off the inverter when boondocking and as an added benefit there's no smoke, fumes or hot ash that always seems to follow some people with real campfires. The only downside is it can't roast hot dogs or do S'mores.
bob_nestor 06/04/21 01:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mopar wiring harness on 2020 Wrangler

I used the CoolTech harness on my 2011 2dr JK and will be putting this one on my 202 2dr JK Cool Tech 2018-up JK wire harness
bob_nestor 05/11/21 12:44pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Black oil in propane line?

All my QD's (3) are pointed straight down. The tiny amount of oil is just passed along to the BBQ or what ever and in 16 years has never been an issue. I suspect it depends on when and where you get your propane filled as to how much of a risk you run about getting too much oil in the load. I've got a 3 year old RV that I bought new and after the second year I had to replace the gas regulator because it had fouled up with oil in the lines. (At that point I'd probably only had the tank refilled about 3 times too.) I know a number of others who have had the same problem and some now even carry spare regulators, although I think that's an over-reaction to the problem.
bob_nestor 03/26/21 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Replace Mobley

I've had a Mobley in my RV for the last couple of years and don't have any problems with 2 hour time limit shutdown. But as I recall that was the default setting in the Mobley after some update that AT&T did a while back. To reset it to no time limit requires you to log into your Mobley as System Administrator and change the time limit to unlimited. The instruction booklet that came with my Mobley tells you how to log in as Admin and do this. BTW, my Mobley has been powered up in my RV since my last camping trip and I just checked it - it's still up and running fine.
bob_nestor 03/10/21 01:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Spring Break West Texas?

Did Big Bend at Spring Break one year before COVID - never again! The place was packed with college students. Almost no sites were available. Always do Big Bend over Christmas and this year it was showing "full" on both the web site and on entrance to the park, but over half the spaces were unoccupied because of the requirement for "social distancing" I guess. They've also pretty much eliminated the non-reservation sites so a reservation is needed and unless you book about six months ahead of time you'll probably be out of luck. We did book our Christmas reservations as soon as we could but weren't able to get the spots we normally get every year because there was such a crowd waiting to hit the "send" button on their computers when reservations opened up. BTW, Davis Mountains State Park is a nice place to stay if visiting the McDonald Observatory, but some of the same problems getting into State Parks because of COVID. Need reservations, need to be made WAY ahead of time, and the parks are usually almost empty because of the COVID restriction hysteria.
bob_nestor 02/19/21 03:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Comparing 3 Class Bs

Thank you for your helpful advice and support. These three were listed as class Bs and I knew the GulfStream wasn't, but I thought the Kodiak was, until I looked closer. (And I still think the Chinook is a Class B - or maybe B+?) Anyway - appreciate the responses. The Kodiak is still top of my list. Looks perfect for me. I'll have it checked out and ask a lot of questions. Thanks! By RVIA rules, they are all Class C because none of them were built inside a vehicle that came from the factory as a van. I don't believe that Chinook ever built any Class B's, but they did great small Class C rigs. I was sad when they went broke. There is actually no such thing as a B+ - that is just salesman hype because they think it sounds better than calling what it is... A Class C minus the bed over the cab. But it is still a C. Sigh, so here we go again with the pointless never-ending argument about what the RV Classes are and how salesmen, dealers and manufacturers are all "wrong" if they mis-identify their RVs as B's, C's, B+'s, C-'s, RUV's, Super-C's, etc because RVIA doesn't recognize those terms. Reminds me of the time I owned a Roadtrek 210 which was sold as a Class B and recognized by RVIA as a Class B. I pulled into a campground that didn't allow "van conversions" and the gal at the counter insisted my RV wasn't a Class B motorhome but was in fact a "van conversion". Didn't see anyone from RVIA show up and argue with her and her definition though, so I just left for another campground. RVIA Classes are nothing more than general guidelines which may or may not apply to any specific model of RV produced.
bob_nestor 01/19/21 10:11am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Using a Cellular Tablet?

Why pay for two cell plans? Go for the less expensive WiFi only version of the Tablet and use your cell phone as a hot spot for it. That way you only have to pay for one cell plan.
bob_nestor 01/12/21 02:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Traveling to Alaakska later ths year or next.

The last Canadian press release I saw on this recently seemed to say they really think the borders will remain closed thru 2021. If so, the other choices are to fly and rent an RV there or ship your RV from Seattle to Anchorage. At that point you *may* be allowed to drive it back thru Canada to return to the Lower 48. Previously this has been allowed to let US Citizens return to their homes - if they have proof that their destination is their primary home. That could always change though, and some who have made the trip this way say it was the worse experience they've even had on the Alaska Highway - you're given a short time for transit, can't visit anything or anyplace along the way and are only allowed to stop for fuel or short stays where you're required to remain in your RV. Bad economic times for Alaska which relies on tourism, fishing and the gas & oil industry. (The population is declining as people are leaving too.) With the borders closed tourism is in the dumps and with the low energy prices and fracking in the Lower 49 the oil industry is on life support there.
bob_nestor 01/12/21 07:59am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Chevy Spark

Thought Chevy and Ford were getting out of the car business and there weren't going to be any 2021 Chevy cars. Did have an RVer stay with me via Boondockers Welcome and they flat towed a manual Chevy Spark and said they never had any problems. Based on that I looked at and bought a 2019 Spark but it was a CVT automatic. The Chevy documentation indicated it was flat towable, but I questioned that and had the dealer verify. They came back with a different story that only the manual was flat towable. I did buy the automatic and trailered it to Alaska and later drove it back to Texas. It was a fun little car that wasn't a race car or capable of doing 0-60 in under 5 secs, but I never felt it was underpowered for what it was. I ended up trading it in on a new Wrangler after selling my old Wrangler to a friend in Alaska. I might have to look at a 2021 manual Spark.
bob_nestor 01/02/21 06:10am Dinghy Towing
RE: summer in a national forest

LOL....an RVnet classic. I guess some assume the entire country has been locked down at home, or working from home, and no one has been going out in the bad scary world every day for the last 9 months to earn a living? Yeah, it's pretty pathetic when someone posts an opportunity allowing others the freedom to decide for themselves if they want to avail themselves of it, then a bunch of nay-sayers jump all over it trying to shut it down, scare people away from it just to enforce their own narrow view of the world. It's like the novel "1984" has come to life and we're living it.
bob_nestor 12/15/20 06:04am Workamping Forum
RE: radio unit upgrade?

I replaced the factory in-dash unit in my 2010 Chevy 3500 based RV with a Kenwood/Garmin unit that had GPS, HD and SirrusXM (no Apple CarPlay or Android Audio at that time). It was simple to find a unit and all the cables necessary. Also replaced the in-dash unit in my 2016 Sprinter based RV with a very similar unit. A bit more difficult to find the cables since the Germans use different connectors, but I finally found everything I needed. A bit more difficult to do in newer vehicles like my 2020 Jeep since many manufacturers have less space available behind the dash so one needed to find a half-depth unit. That wasn't an issue when I did the replacement in my 2011 Jeep though.
bob_nestor 12/09/20 10:26am Technology Corner
RE: Latest Dish News Blackout ???

Not really sure how Nexstar thinks they're in a good position here, although I'm not defending Dish or Direct in these annual fights. I have Dish and live in the Dallas area but about 30+ miles from most of the transmission towers. Yes I can get *most* of the local channels OTA, but reception isn't rock solid. But on Dish all they offer are the primary local digital channels and none of the secondary channels, i.e. I can get 4.1 on Dish but not 4.2. So I'm not getting all the locals in the Dish/Nextstar agreement. Given that the broadcast range on the digital channels is so pathetic compared to the old analog, Nexstar looses a large broadcast audience by dropping Dish and by not including the secondary channels in their Dish contract. Audience size relates directly to what the broadcaster can charge and get for commercials, so a smaller broadcast range would seem to hurt Nexstar the most. Now Nexgen or ATSC 3.0 should change all that by combining OTA with Internet reception, but so far it hasn't gone completely mainstream. It is available in my area, but there are very few new TVs supporting it yet.
bob_nestor 12/06/20 03:29pm Technology Corner
RE: New Service Animal Ruling

Wish the rules were also applied in other areas as well. It's really annoying to be told I must wear a face mask when entering a store for "health reasons", but then allow people to take the non-service pets into those same stores in clear violation of health code regulations. Worse yet is seeing someone plot a lap dog into a grocery cart while doing their food shopping.
bob_nestor 12/02/20 06:59pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Portable Smoker Ideas??

I have a Traveler Country Smoker. It's the smallest I could find that would easily fit into the space available in my RV, but it has a fairly large cooking surface (about 12x13 in). It does use 110v to run the igniter and fan but it can be run on an inverter. The power draw was too much for my RV inverter, but since the igniter is the big power draw and only runs during startup it can be disabled. This is actually recommended or suggested by the manufacturer when doing dry camping or tailgating with the unit. Doing this requires manually starting the pellets and I use a small butane torch for that. After that the inverter in my RV supplies power to run the fan. I've dry camped and smoked meats with this setup and the power draw is so minimal that my solar panels more than keep up with the power needs. One modification I made to the unit was to install a small switch on the back to disable the igniter circuit so I can use it dry camping or enable it when I have power. That saves me having to remove the side panel and unplug the igniter when dry camping.
bob_nestor 11/13/20 05:52pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: LP hose needed

For just about anything needed for propane (high or low pressure) and natural gas fittings, hoses and adapters try: Calore Equipment
bob_nestor 11/12/20 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: CDN Snowbirds getting their RV's across....

I really do not understand why people act this way. The selfishness just drives me 'round the bend. Gary Well, rules allowing one to fly into the US but not drive into the US are a big part of the problem - unless you've absolutely convinced that the COVID virus only hitches rides on land based vehicles, not planes. I used to have this "discussion" with Security over their rules when I worked in Defense. Kept trying to get them to see that their massive set of rules defining what I could and couldn't do were like a picket fence and all they did was let me know what things they'd be looking for to determine if I'd violated Security. There was almost always a way to accomplish something that didn't violate their rules but was in fact a violation of the intent of their rules that they'd never discover.
bob_nestor 11/11/20 10:12am General RVing Issues
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