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RE: Modify OR Access Easily Over cab Bed for the Older Camper

See if Happijac will fabricate one for you. https://happijac.com/bed-lifts.html
bobndot 01/18/21 07:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Door lock Trimark 30-1050/030-2650

this link is related to your model. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f120/how-to-remove-door-lock-177812.html
bobndot 01/17/21 02:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RVing in the winter

We have a Coachman Leprechaun MB319 and ours is cold when the outside temps get into the 30's. We get a lot of cold coming in around the slides especially if the wind is blowing. Downfall of a slide. Pull the slide in at night.
bobndot 01/17/21 02:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help! Onan 4K generator refuses to start and stay on

wopachop, I remember my dad using white gas for our camp stove and its shelf life was great. Doing what you mentioned using Coleman fuel would probably work for storing a generator during the non-use months due its long shelf life. You would not need to stabilize it. Getting that fuel into the and thru the carb and lines, I think would be good for a very long time. Others in the rv crowd talk about doing that.
bobndot 01/17/21 02:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help! Onan 4K generator refuses to start and stay on

bobndot 01/17/21 10:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Over-the-Cab TV

Thanks for the responses! Guess I'll be shopping for a 12-volt TV. Now I have to measure to see what size I can fit on the built in TV mount system. That's fine if you boondock most of the time and can only use 12v. However reception for a signal might be an issue. I also carry along my Sat Dish recvr and that's 110v, I need to carry a PSW inverter 150w to run it. That is a simple 12v plug-in SAMLEX PSW inverter which easily handles the 44 watt 411 recvr. Plus it handled my 28" tv at the same time. Yes it did use a little more of my battery power but I never ran out overnight . I charged up off my generator or alternator and solar during the day. I have always carried 3 or 4 12v batteries on board . In my current rv and my previous rv, I had 3 batteries and one was dedicated to my inverter, sat and tv which was a 28" 110v model. It was much cheaper to shop for a 110v tv rather than a 12v tv. You will have a wider selection.
bobndot 01/16/21 11:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2009 Thor Motor Coach Chateau Citation

If I were you, I would rent one and then take it from there. Don't just jump into something like this. It's a 2009 Sprinter which is out of warranty, expect to pay a lot of money to own it. It needs to be serviced at Specific dealerships. At 12 years old , yes , hire an rv inspector, a lot can happen to an rv over 12 years. These rvs can often leak and it has nothing to do with it being a Sprinter. Anyone can build poor quality coach on a good chassis or whatever chassis they choose. There is too much to learn before you buy. You might have to think about towing a car too. If you break down on the road it would certainly make life easier for you. A towing service might have an issue towing your rv while transporting you, 2 dogs plus a bird .
bobndot 01/16/21 09:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help! Onan 4K generator refuses to start and stay on

Blue smoke could be an overfilled oil res. I copied the following from another rv tech post onan 4000 The carb on 4KY has a seal washer on INSIDE of float bowl, where fuel solenoid fitting comes through hole in bottom of bowl. If you have bowl off carb., and are not careful, or don't know this washer is there, it is easy to lose it.Then carb will not work correctly, will overfuel, etc. Might be something to check out. (been Onan tech 20+ years) Another problem could be the fuel pump.
bobndot 01/15/21 05:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Add a front cabover window - has anyone done it?

Neither is mine, its a storage bin.:) The OP is looking to use it for sleeping and while a window offers a view outward as well as additional daylight its also a leak source , a cold spot in colder temps and has to be covered while in lighted rest areas. But like we both think, I would not add one in a cabover that already didn't have one.
bobndot 01/15/21 01:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Add a front cabover window - has anyone done it?

Cabovers are for sleeping. Sleeping occurs when your eyes are closed, therefore you really don't need a window. When you wake up, take the elevator down to the lower mezzanine and look out the windows that are already there. If you insist on moving forward with the idea and you don't know what you are doing, I would go to a reputable body shop with fiberglass experience. Windows need to weep away water which requires correct installation. Think about the alternative if you don't get the correct info here.
bobndot 01/15/21 11:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Over-the-Cab TV

Ron, https://www.rvpartscountry.com/Continu-Us-40-Touring-Series-LED-HDTV-_p_38541.html Continu-Us 40" Touring Series LED HDTV Display Type: LED Size: 40 Inch Mounting Type: Wall Mount Voltage Rating: 12 Volt Wattage Rating: 65 Watt Audio Output: Yes Horizontal Viewing Angle: 178 Degree Vertical Viewing Angle: 178 Degree With DC Power Cord: Yes With USB Port: Yes With Remote Control: Yes •USB File Play: Allows Guests To Play MP3 And View JPG Files, As Well As Charge Mobile Devices •Auto Power-Off: Allows The TV To Turn Off After A Selectable Period Of Inactivity •Power On And Off Scheduler: Sets Recurring Time For The TV To Power On And Off •Energy-Saving Features: Auto Power-Off, Less Than 1 Watt In Standby Mode, Low Power LED, No Signal Power-Off •Ultra-Slim Cabinet: Thin Cabinet, Reduced Weight, Set Lays Closer To The Wall When Mounted •VESA Mount Pattern: Wall-Mount Your TV Using Standard Mounts •USB Cloning Capable: Allows Duplication Of TV Configuration For Easy Installation •Limited 1 Year Replacement Warranty
bobndot 01/14/21 06:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Over-the-Cab TV

The replacement tv type will depend on how you use your rv. If you’re hooked up in CG’s with power you can use any tv. If you boondock it would be best for you to shop around for a 12 volt model. My 40” is a 12 volt model but uses 65 watts. I installed a 3rd agm battery specifically for the tv and sat recvr. If you can get by with a smaller tv it would be beneficial while boondocking. When / if you mount it using a swing pivot mount, i would add a web strap or two to secure it to the wall. Snug it up to prevent bouncing, i have seen a few rip off the wall mounts. Sometimes you have to mount some plywood onto the wall using a lot of screws with spacers , then bolt the mount to the wood. The spacers on the screws allow you the needed clearance to install the nuts for the bolts.
bobndot 01/14/21 02:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Electric scooter instead of Toad?

Has anybody bought an electric scooter or similar to get around locally on? It doesn't have to be a full sized motorcycle, some sort of 1-person device is fine. Any suggestions? I'm getting the feeling you have no experience at all riding a 2 wheels motor vehicle ? If that's the case, you need to treat riding a 20mph electric scooter the same as a full size MC. You need to take a rider safety course, then make a decision if you want to go forward. I would think you can rent a machine while taking a course. Money well spent ! ;)
bobndot 01/13/21 11:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changing Spare Tire

I added a 7’ 2x4 to that list because i’m always playing in snow country. I found it a lot safer and easier to go to the opposite side of the rv and hammer the long 2x4 to free a stuck wheel rather than reach under the flat side where you have a shorter and less powerful stroke. I spray the wheel then sledge-hammer it. If the jack collapses while you are hammering at least you wont be underneath it.
bobndot 01/11/21 11:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best tire inflator for dually tires

I think this is the best inflator and accessories I’ve ever had. The compressor is auto-shutoff, meaning you can use closed air chucks just like a real compressor, and it will shutoff when the hose pressurizes to the cutoff pressure. The dually extension is very well designed, and is all I use to inflate my truck tires. It comes with enough hose to reach your trailer tires as well. Yeah, it’s not cheap. Buy once, cry once. Viair 400P-RV https://i.imgur.com/rcXEDiBl.jpg :):) X2. Yes expensive , but it works and thats what i need being a boondocker 20 miles from a paved road. Very powerful. Its the best i have ever used. Parts of it get very hot, let it cool off for a couple of minutes before you pack it up.
bobndot 01/11/21 06:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Forrester 2151SLE

I have the non slide version, a 2350LE Sunseeker. From TT to rv , expect to hear things clanging around inside the rv when you drive. You do not hear all that when towing a TT. It takes a little bit of work to tweak it. Its rv #11 for us and we really love this rv. FR and our dealer had an established positive reputation that allowed them to work together to resolve all minor issues. That's a big plus. It has Azdel walls if that matters to you. It also has VG R-values, it's a very warm rv. Of course your slide model may be a little different. Less R-value in a slide. It also cools off very well using the 15k AC unit at a 99F humid temp. ***ask where the slide breakers and motor are located in case you need to swap it out one day. Ask how to swap out the slide motor, some are very difficult. I always carried a spare, slide motor, freshwater water pump and LP regulator. They can often be transferred between rvs. **ask how to manually retract your model of outside awning. It can be a tad difficult to operate one these class C's with the awning and slide stuck in the 'out' position. :) Our option upgrades . Serta pillowtop mattress, which is perfect being that we spend 1/3 of our life there. We also upgraded to a porcelain toilet , where it seems like we spend another 1/3 of our life. 100 watt solar panel on roof plus another 100w as a portable system. Battery Isolator Manger: Its not just an isolator. Located behind an access panel at the entry steps , my unit has a BIM to keep the coach and chassis batteries charged while driving. It alternates the 20 minute charge time from one bank to the other. While plugged into shore power and the cut-off switch turned 'ON' both banks will charge in the same manner using shore power or the generator. Otherwise the chassis batt will die off in a week or so. That's the reason they installed an emergency start switch under the drivers seat. It activates the coach bank., so you can start the rv **to use the generator, I 'do not' have a transfer switch, I have to physically plug into the 30amp power inlet located in the rear most compartment on the drivers side. Just in case you start the gennny and you have no power...plug it in or switch on the transfer switch. I added a 100w solar panel that keeps all my batts charged 24/7. It has fully heated water system and easy access heated water pump and by-pass system. The freshwater tank that is under the bed is heated as well as below the sinks. The raised floor in the bed/bath area allows heat to travel E/W from the area below the bed to the bathroom sink. It makes a good 'snowbird' rv from NY to FL. Make sure you work into the deal a real good positive caster alignment on an E450 front end. The dealers do not align them when they get them on their lot. I had to spend a few thousand on suspension upgrades to get my Ford to handle better. I would buy it on a GM if possible. The U dinette is ok for meals but if you want to sit and watch tv or a movie, You might want to look into a dinette mod or set of recliners that will fit in the slide.
bobndot 01/09/21 12:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What are your opinions on the new Ekko ?

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts. I'm on the same page re: the cost and its a 2 person rv. I wonder how easy it would be to overload the rear axle by over packing that huge rear full width compartment ? In one the YouTube videos that's available , I like the insulated cab separator that has a pass-thru zipper . During the winter that cab would probably be the cold spot in this rv and that could cause limited use of those two driver/passenger seats while parked. Good point on the ground clearance. Looking under the rv, the generator is the lowest sitting component. I guess being that its AWD and a true 4x4 with transfer case, it was designed as a ski vehicle for better traction on flatter roads, parking lots or a sloped campsite. I read somewhere that a lift kit was offered or in the making but it has not been decided if it will be a dealer item or a Winnebago option. The jury might still be out on that one. By the time you get into that expense the $15k Quigley 4x4 conversion makeover doesn't seem so expensive anymore :). The freshwater tank is actually visible from the underside of the Ekko. It is housed in a 1.5" insulated box that I 'think' gets heat from the inside, under the passenger side bed. Happy and Healthy to all, thank you, Bob
bobndot 01/01/21 08:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: GVWR (lbs/kgs) 14500

Equally import if towing a trailer , take your trailer to a scale and know what the real loaded for a trip tongue weight is. A lot of people get a big surprise by how much their trailer tongue weight really is.
bobndot 01/01/21 07:35am Class C Motorhomes
What are your opinions on the new Ekko ?

It has an interesting wet/dry bath idea where the sink is attached to a RH hinged panel that swings to the right to cover the toilet, keeping that area dry while offering a separate shower area. Shower head and controls are hidden behind the movable wall. Youtubes are avl to do a walk thru. Winnebago AWD ‘Ekko’
bobndot 12/30/20 07:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changing Spare Tire

Don't think just about your self :C if everyone practiced that, we would all be in a better place.
bobndot 12/29/20 10:04am Class C Motorhomes
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