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RE: Onan Genset won't stay running fixed

FlightSystems makes great products, excellent warranty and customer service. been using their voltage regulators, control boards, diagnostic equipment for years. Onan, Kohler, Generac, and others, if F.S. makes what I need, I get it from them.
bounder39zman 09/15/19 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan gas generator want start

yes...as above post states; how about a model/spec./ser no.? Back to basics; if internal combustion engine has air/fuel, compression, spark (at right time) then should run. have to determine what is missing. check fuel to carb, spark at plug, etc.
bounder39zman 09/11/19 06:33pm Tech Issues
RE: My Onan Generator is Vexing me!

you have a 2 cylinder engine....replace the other spark plug if the one you pulled looked bad.I find NGK3432 work best (BPR4EY). Onan says gap should be .025
bounder39zman 09/09/19 06:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Yet another Onan running like **** thread. HELP!

I have attempted to clean/rebuild dozens of these carbs, with mixed results. some work great...some never quite run right. But just in case you missed this, there is a soft metal seal ring INSIDE the bowl, that seals the bowl to the venturi tube. It is easily lost when disassembling bowl from carb. it will run like **** without it. It will overfuel badly. Otherwise, OP's suggestions to replace the carb probably only thing to do at this point.
bounder39zman 09/09/19 06:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Generac GP3000i/Craftsman CMXGIAC3000 Inverter Generators

through the years, Generac has manufactured most of Craftsman/Sears portable generators. Looks like those to are "cousins" for sure.
bounder39zman 09/06/19 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator not powering motorhome

above replies are all good, and should be checked out. If there is no generator receptacle, the you have an ATS (automatic transfer switch) to handle switching between the landline and generator. Typically, the generator commands the switch (will switch to generator power if available) but defaults to landline if no generator power available
bounder39zman 09/05/19 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator keeps shutting off

deal with this all the time. When gen shuts off, place couple paper towels under carb, open bowl drain screw, see if much fuel comes out. If only couple drops, or none, then either fuel pump is getting hot and quits pumping, or control board is getting overheated, and quits sending power to fuel pump. Usually displays fault code 36, but have seen other fault codes if control board is problem. There is third condition that will cause these symptoms, that being hot air is being recirculating to air intake and gen temperature in housing is getting so hot that gas is boiling in fuel line and carb, causing shut down. This problem seems to be much more common last couple years, and I can't prove it, but I think fuel boiling point is lower than used to be with the crappy fuel we have to use these days
bounder39zman 09/05/19 07:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 5000 Emerald Plus?

There are numerous causes of symptoms you described. As OP's have noted, the "run " relay on control board have to latch in to power ignition and fuel pump. As you crank over with starter, the ignition and fuel pump are directly powered. The run relay on control board has to "see" 120 volts being produced to energize. So most common cause of shutting off when you release starter switch is 120volts not being produced by gen. Common causes: rotor field brushes stuck or slip rings corroded/dirty, voltage regulator failed (very common), control board not "flashing" field when cranking, or...worst case ...open or shorted winding in rotor or stator. Bad LOP switch or low oil pressure will cause this problem, but sounds like you covered that. The field brushes are located in stator housing behind air cleaner (have to remove air filter housing to access)
bounder39zman 09/01/19 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan Microquiet 4000 Won't Turn Off

What is the full model and spec number of your genny.(so I know which control board it uses) Onan starts and stops by switching grounds to control board. the center terminal or common terminal on the switches is grounded. So if unit starts ok, you know that the ground circuit is ok. If it will not shut down from either switch location, then likely problem is control board. another possibility is that the "kill" wire to ignition magneto has come loose, preventing the control board and both switches from stopping the engine
bounder39zman 08/30/19 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Shutdown - Weid Event

I may have missed this, but do you have a gas, diesel, what KW generator? Remember that utility line (shore cable) is disconnected from coach by transfer switch when genny is running. (assuming genny c/b's are on )
bounder39zman 08/22/19 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 5500 fuel pump not priming

sounds like you need a pump. ONAN p/n A047N929. is easy to change. All posts about aging fuel lines are possible; but it acts like the pump quits pumping when it warms up....very common problem. See it frequently, fuel pumps are my most sold part. are you getting a fault code when shuts off? should be a "36" but other codes possible.
bounder39zman 08/19/19 04:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Generac Generator 75D Problems

Sounds like a cooling problem. Are you checking coolant level at rad pressure cap, rather than just visibly looking at overflow tank? The cap is under a small flap, just above control panel of gen; one screw holds it in place. Check the cooling fan blower belt, make sure lots of cooling air coming out at the bottom of set. The end panel of this set is usualiy easy to remove, take a dozen or so 1/4 bolts out.Then you can visibly check belts, etc. The oil pressure switch is readily accessible, in cyl head near front of head. The hi water temp switch not so...it is around on other side of head near thermostat. The control panel also has a overspeed shutdown function, very sensitive, can be adjusted, if you remove odd shaped plate on left side of gen, gives you access to control board and voltage regulator
bounder39zman 08/09/19 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Oil Change Frequency

Onan dealer/cert. tech here 30 + yrs. As OP's have said, oil is cheap. 150 hours on your genny is equivalent of 6000 miles on your vehicle. And remember, this is basically a lawn mower engine. So yes, Onan says 150 hr,or annually, but personally, I do 100 hrs or less on gasoline; 150 hrs on diesels. In my part of country (Southeast), 15W-40 works great year round for both air cooled gasoline units and diesels.
bounder39zman 08/05/19 04:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan hot hot hot

I run a mobile generator shop (in the South!), and fight this battle all summer long with Onan HGJAB and HGJAE (commercial version). Several things going on here. 1) fuel pumps get hot and quit pumping, will usually display fault code "36", Control board circuit that powers fuel pump gets so hot it quits sending power to pump, again shows code "36". The gasoline we have now seems to have a lower vapor point, so it is "boiling in gen compartment and carburetor (i.e. vapor lock!). Onan ( Indiana Distributor) has designed and made available several kits to install and deflect hot discharge air away from the cooling air intake. This has helped in a number of cases, and seems to be best solution, short of moving to Alaska. The EFI versions do much better, as fuel is under high pressure from the supply pump, but they too seem to run very hot in high ambient temps.
bounder39zman 07/27/19 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator Help - Blue Smoke

agree with OP's, simple oil change can do wonders. We use 15W-40 in all the air cooled gas generators, and diesels as well. Onan ships all the new generator sets with 15W-40. I like Shell Rotella, but use lots of Valvoline Blue and Delvac too. Recommend an oil change, then run for about 8 hours with as much load as you can without tripping c/b's The Kohler sets were good, smooth running units, 'tho not nearly as popular as the Onan's.
bounder39zman 06/27/19 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: elec test help on Onan gen

have seen this problem numerous times, most often on Onan 4KY (Microlite/Microquiet) . Usually caused by battery voltage dropping under load of starter motor, due to high resistance in cable connections, or weak capacity of battery . what is causing starter to "engage-disengage" is starter relay contacts closing, then dropping out (opening) due to low voltage. corrosion in cable terminals where terminal/lug connects to cable can be an "unseen" problem
bounder39zman 06/08/19 10:06pm Tech Issues
RE: @#$%^& onan starter

hopefully you get correct part with that part number. that is old, superceded number. current Onan part number is 191-2416. Good luck with that repair. The older Onan Marquis series generators were great units, imho.
bounder39zman 05/28/19 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: RVs and the NEC

Authority having jurisdiction, i.e. City, county, state etc
bounder39zman 05/22/19 12:38pm Tech Issues
RE: $3150 to service Onan 7k and replace ignition coils!

OK..fault code 47 is an ignition fault code. the control board is not "seeing" one or the other ignition coils. could be as simple as a unplugged wire, or a bad coil. I have had shop towels or paper towels get sucked up into the air intake, and dislodge wire off coil. So looks like you probably have bad coil, disconnected wire to coil, or possibly bad control board.. And , from experience, dont lay shop towels or paper towels near air intake....
bounder39zman 05/11/19 12:10pm Tech Issues
RE: $3150 to service Onan 7k and replace ignition coils!

Part you called fan shroud, I referred to as flywheel cover. either term ok. Might give Careco Gen Serv, in Fort Mill, SC, only 1-1/2 to 2 hrs from you a call. I need to look up code 47, don't remember specifics of that code,
bounder39zman 05/10/19 07:31pm Tech Issues
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