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RE: Cat Scale Results

You're fine. Carry on. Enjoy the ride.
bpounds 05/24/19 10:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping or Glamping?

I'm offended by calling a photography tour a "safari". Should be called a Glasari. But I'm okay with a 40' class A "camping" at Wallyworld. The reality is, we've made up names like glamping because others criticize how we choose to camp. All :W of course.
bpounds 05/24/19 08:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping or Glamping?

In conversation, we call it camping. Calling it anything else just turns into an unnecessary discussion of the differences. Even though I am disgusted by how spoiled all of us have become.
bpounds 05/22/19 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Routing Solar Wires Through Fridge Vent

I found the fridge vent was nowhere near where my CC or my batteries were, and it would have involved a lot more wire fishing than it would to just drill a hole through the roof. Once you get over the fear and decide to just drill, your options open up wide. Some will scoff at this, but below is what I did. I used sheathed cable (solar and UV rated), which avoids a leak path that you would have between two individual conductors. Just drilled a hole a little bit bigger than the width of the sheath. This one is next to a sewer vent, but that's just because that is in a partition wall and I followed that path to the basement. It could have been anywhere. It was a short easy wire fish job. Formed what is called a drip loop, then slathered it all up with Dicor, including securing it to prevent flexing in the wind. No box needed. Just off to the left in this pic is the first MC4 connector. I might have to hit it with more Dicor in the future, but we should all be up there inspecting all the roof penetrations yearly anyway, so it's just one more of those. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/IiY-kzLWCWCxoQluI14wBTq3snuG3PMUsVN6mKbKfedPIrgOkxG9-Z4GB6agOG4ZYf1A_MY1OvCV8kKcxajrhKpF_LGdFV9RfJKLOFNzlOpW4QgZ7nP4P-Z2SuzHINfPBMrmzpE16hIL2ydsgY760fsMp0gJ-Ik8QSX8I4k3jZ4bXp_2OipfCRnizaFsbW7Ie159qTeWGqsf1eu7nqPKZ7nOIvPaGJ7WRpnahVhFRUxC5I9sMoK7Jgq3qPMAUSIb6AbvDLRxkxDN_VX1bTW3i4MM-dcmfdAQdpoBN_Y6dDg1YvfB6dbqJ9OfoucoRCYLbWebYokEe_GVlTqkszRyQz2EW2pon_nG-akqmvKy98pq48Z81BQb37ZGh4aAGbhJFsm2ansZZM5Pc8RyllLL8NJhpgWgn1OFmg1Tm21gixeyDVB8_uyLNFEYDnF0tuK77obVn1RXRMYhwiV_epLP2Usz75O_wemob93QoP2ltuxXf20766ZXnx6ARy5b8T-IyAkHDYVOmHdeE244-vE-gxoxYkjZCCHiNoyWEmb3Sx2iZNyulckBeq9mhoMge5qEbMQ-dlLoHFZQ6VTsLnFsxKofb4c1uoSYWE8hJW0_7kD65rO9rjJxMq_T7RfaCLw1G5ZRLTVv1NQikPs9duPOoTTBXIsRZPhR4dKHbn72U5BhyWKoxskp0T1c0DCGCr5MxceU8BRbg8tJLlBFlPNJ8aN2=w1102-h826-no width=640
bpounds 05/21/19 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Screen door latch: don't make this mistake, like I did

BTW, what has the world come to, when a screen door latch is considered a "Tech Issue"? ;)
bpounds 05/10/19 04:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Screen door latch: don't make this mistake, like I did

Plenty of us have broken those little buggers. I notice your replacement wasn't exactly right to fit the existing holes. My wife broke the last one. Being a good guy, I just laughed it off. I was able to buy an exact match on Amazon, and they were so cheap I bought a spare. Just in case, you know, I might be the one who breaks it next time.
bpounds 05/10/19 04:26pm Tech Issues
RE: One thing you use ALL the time?

We use our oven a lot. Don't bake a lot at home, too many carbs in most baked stuff, so when we travel we mostly throw healthy diet to the wind. Anything Krusteaz sells is good for this cowboy.
bpounds 05/01/19 04:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bees in my 5th Wheel

It could be worse: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2825507/Terrified-driver-discovers-10-FOOT-nest-containing-350-000-wasps-camper-van.html Just burn it down!!!
bpounds 04/28/19 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Water tank size.... What would you do?

So you think 10 gallons per person per day is too much? Doesn't matter what we think. It's your camp. We use around half that. Some folks use even less.
bpounds 04/26/19 10:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water tank size.... What would you do?

Another 20 gals. would only extend your camping by one day... You obviously don't boondock much.
bpounds 04/26/19 12:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water tank size.... What would you do?

I would verify the pickup tube extends to the bottom. I would also slightly tilt the trailer toward the pickup tube to get all you can... Our last trailer was like this. The tank did not have a sump. The outlet was in the side. It was near the bottom, but the result was that when the water level was at about 1.5" it would start sucking air. And 1.5" is a lot of water left, considering most of these tanks are only around 6-8" deep. I modified the pickup so that it would pull down to about the last 3/8" before sucking air. First think I would do on a new trailer is to cut a flap in the corroplast so that I can lay eyes on the FW tank. Most are translucent so you can see what is what under there. Then measure the dimensions of the tank to verify the actual capacity.
bpounds 04/26/19 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water tank size.... What would you do?

Good idea but will hooking up to the winterize fitting fill the water tank? If I hook up to the normal tank water fill and turn on the water pump will it suck it in from those blue totes ? I've heard that you can do that. I have a gravity fill port, so I just use that. Sit bottle up on a ladder or similar, use a hose into the fill port. You can also get a small pump that will drop down into the jug and you could send pressure to your fill inlet to assist your onboard pump. BTW, those jugs are threaded 3/4 pipe, so fresh water hoses will connect up, using plastic nipples or whatever. I shopped for the submersible pumps recently, but decided to just use gravity instead.
bpounds 04/25/19 04:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water tank size.... What would you do?

Not to minimize your pain, I would be really angry too. Good luck on trying to get any satisfaction. Meanwhile, no matter how much you carry, you're likely to eventually go long enough that you will need more. I carry these 7 gallon aqua-tainers. I suggest having 2. And keep at least 1 in the truck with you every time you leave camp, so you can bring water back with you. Funny thing about Amazon reviews. I've had one of these for at least 30 years (had 2, but a deer antler punctured one). Some of the reviews complain that they have got cheap and made them thinner. Not so at all. Just got a new one last week and it is every bit as good as my 30yo old jug. Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon
bpounds 04/25/19 03:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rhinoflex... Not what it used to be

I didn't buy anything yet. My comments are based on multiple reviews and pictures from Amazon buyers and my own observation of a rhino hose at Walmart. For the Amazon link just go to Amazon and search for Rhino flex 20' sewer kit. There are over 3000 reviews and most were good but I was reading the most recent and there were enough hose separations to get me wondering. I'm just saying there is a lot of confusion about their different grade products. Including cross-referenced reviews. It's their own fault. Here is a link to the full Camco catalog. Knowing the differences in the products might help. 35mb download PDF. Camco Catalog
bpounds 04/23/19 02:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rhinoflex... Not what it used to be

I'm looking for a new sewer hose so I'm checking out Rhino. I've always heard they were really good so I'm looking on Amazon to find a deal and I see all these negative reviews. Turns out Rhino changed their fittings. The fittings are now attached to the hose via glue not with the black collar. They are permanently attached and the hoses have been blowing off the fittings. The picture they are using online and the picture on the box show the black collar but inside the box is the new style. I saw that for myself at Walmart tonight Does anyone have any experience with the new style? Are they that bad? I suspect you got the wrong product. Either because you bought the cheapest version, or possibly a seller swapped it on you. Either way, several products are called Rhinoflex. Various designs and price points. Maybe you would post a link to what you bought and then we can see.
bpounds 04/23/19 11:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Bees in my 5th Wheel

I guess you've figured out that they are in the front cap area. The pin box mount is an opening into that area. If you leave honey bearing comb in there, more bees are likely to take over after you have killed the existing hive. Plus, you might not want to spray insecticides into your living area. I would call a pro exterminator. I also like to save a hive whenever possible, but unless you are willing to disassemble the front of your trailer, it isn't going to be possible. Then again, disassembly might still be necessary. The pro will advise you.
bpounds 04/22/19 02:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Has anyone negotiated a buy back from Keystone?

I'd say if they offered you NADA, that would be generous. And 130 nights in 2 years is a lot of camping. Full replacement value would be an unrealistic expectation IMO. Always negotiate, but if I got 80 percent on a 2 year old buy back, I would be happy with that.
bpounds 04/22/19 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Plastic Fenders

For those who have, where did you purchase replacement fenders?
bpounds 04/22/19 02:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar Sequence

I think it is easiest to remember, never connect panels when there isn't a battery connected. That should cover connecting and disconnecting procedures.
bpounds 04/21/19 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Removal of 10 year old trailer ugly decal pictures

I have had good success with These Wheels I've been considering the Whizzy Wheels too. Did you use those on a fiberglass or gel sided wall? Those wheels say not to use on plastic, which makes perfect sense, but it isn't real clear if they are safe on fiberglass.
bpounds 04/19/19 11:20am General RVing Issues
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