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RE: 2019 Keystone 330RL Wall Damage

It's not that i'm worried about it, it's more that i'm upset that nobody told me i purchased a camper that had been repaired. It's not a very good repair! Yeah, I would be ticked too. I've heard it is quite common with brand new cars too. I think I even owned one in a 1977 Datsun. I expect it would be similar with RV's, and they have no obligation to tell you.
bpounds 09/20/19 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Check Your Battery(s)

...my batteries are hidden down below the tanks I thought I'd take a look... Good situation for a remote watering system. And then, go AGM for your next set of batteries.
bpounds 09/20/19 09:51am Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Keystone 330RL Wall Damage

Looks like a repair to me. Could have been done at the manufacturer, could have been knicked by the dealer and repaired there. Could have even been done by a delivery driver, and repaired to keep the info from the dealer. Stuff happens. Why are you worried?
bpounds 09/20/19 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: black water holding tank valve opens but won't drain

My strategy is to use the park's restroom for the big jobs and only deal with it once! Wish I could convince the wife. I do use a packet of laundry detergent with five gallons of water on my way to the RV park. I then drain as soon as I get there. It is amazing how much stuff comes out even after previously using the black tank rinse. I would be leery of using a whole bottle of dish detergent. I'd be afraid of brown suds discharging out of my roof vent. On to a more appealing thread! Suds. That's why I use Dawn automatic dishwashing soap. Suds are a problem in automatic dishwashers too. OP wasn't specific, but did say dishwashing, not laundry. I use the sachet packets because they are easy to drop down the toilet, no spilling, no measuring. And anything that will cut grease is worth the expense IMO. Human grease is basically what holds a turd together. As far as ice and that guy's test videos, I can't say whether ice will work, but I don't accept that his imitation feces is a proper test media.
bpounds 09/19/19 01:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Will fifth wheel front hit truck back window?

If you go far enough yes, regardless of 5th wheel or truck.. Certainly not true. OP; Much depends on any combos particulars.... hitch location how much the trailers front corners are rounded/notched... how long is the trailers pin box.... all can be players in cab to front corner clearances. Not absolutely true, but I would venture 99% of short bed pickup trucks with non-sliding 5 wheel style hitches. Unless your pin is more than 49 inches away from the cab, it is going to hit in a 90° turn. And if you've got a wide body 102" fifthwheel like so many of them are, then it's going to be 52". On unlevel ground, the limits are worse. It's pretty rare to ever actually turn truck and camping trailer to a 90° corner. Most people will only do it as a test, not while actually parking. Possibly in a U-turn situation. You'll be abusing your trailer suspension as you do it. Clipped camper corners only lessen the angle at which the collision will occur. A statement which is true of long beds too, although that would be at an angle of more than 90°.
bpounds 09/19/19 01:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black Tank flush with valve closed

At the risk of wandering off topic... For years I didn't use the rinse system much. If I did it was because I was on a site with hookups and I was generally bored and had a WTH moment. Never did it while at a dump station. I did however sometimes use gray water to back flush, which took maybe 1 minute extra. Then for the last year I've been using a Sewer Solution and dumping tanks at home. Now there is no "gusher" to help move stuff. So now I'm more diligent about using the rinse system. And why not, I've got a hose out anyway, and plenty of time to do it. Never anyone waiting in line behind me either. I still think adding a bit of water before storage is important. I don't want the bottom of the tank to look like a dry lake bed. That mud might go back into solution, or it might just float loose in chunks. Why risk it?
bpounds 09/19/19 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: Planning to replace a cracked fender

Here is a recent thread on the subject; Plastic Fenders
bpounds 09/18/19 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Planning to replace a cracked fender

Jerry, Icon direct sells through Amazon. I replaced my fenders this summer. I used the Icon site to figure out what part number I needed, searched it on Amazon, and found it. It was priced a few $ less than direct from Icon, and shipped for free. Win-win, as I prefer to purchase things through Amazon. I was happy with the product. I'm not sure it was thicker or better than the original. But it was at least equal, and I do know that my installation technique was a lot better than the factory.
bpounds 09/18/19 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving the RV World for a while

Sounds like the right move at this time in your lives. We went through a similar period where the kids were too busy to camp, which made us too busy too. Someday, sooner than you expect, you'll be ready to start up again.
bpounds 09/18/19 11:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black Tank flush with valve closed

I never add water back to an empty black tank. ... It's clean enough - when it's empty and I look down the hole I can see daylight through the milky walls of the tank. Not disagreeing with you, but couple things caught my attention. If you're camping frequently, I can see where it wouldn't matter if you store with water in the tank. Second, I've never seen waste tanks that weren't black. So that was a new one on me.
bpounds 09/17/19 04:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank flush with valve closed

Is it common for people to close the valve with the hose still running in order to prime the tank with some fresh water? I do close the valve with the flush water running, even though there are warning signs about never ever doing that. I'm just careful to not wander away or get distracted. I have to exercise the same caution when I'm filling my FW tank, because it can burst too. I like to get a half tank or so of water in the black tank to help float solids out. I might even do that a couple of times. I am definitely not obsessed with super clean tanks. But your question seems to be if anyone does that to prime their black tank after dumping is complete. I don't do that. I go run a couple of bowls in the toilet, adding my chems at the same time. I don't think the flush system would give me a good estimate of how much water I was priming in the tank. Too little and I risk solids drying out, too much and I'm just wasting capacity for my next outing. Using the toilet bowl lets me see how much I'm adding.
bpounds 09/17/19 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: front passenger side sagging when connected to truck

I would start by visiting a truck scale and measuring the weight on left side versus right side. It might be as simple as unequal loading. Really though, going down the road not quite level side to side is not unusual or anything to worry about, as long as tires are within load range.
bpounds 09/17/19 01:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: anyone else had this happen to them

I haven't had the problem to that extent, but I have had water heater issues at high altitude if the wind is blowing at certain angles. I've had the flame huff and puff, and repeatedly re-ignite. In every instance so far, opening the outside hatch over the water heater has solved the issue. Which tells me it was a lack of oxygen due to altitude, and I think the wind would pull a bit of a vacuum somehow. For the OP's problem I would look at cleaning the orifice and adjusting the flame. Spider webs, wasp nest, etc. And most importantly, check the flue for obstruction.
bpounds 09/17/19 01:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The Camco" Rhino"

^^ Yeah, looks like Walmart can't even get the description right. At the bottom of that WM page they show the Extreme available too, but 2 day delivery. As usual, they put the cheaper alternative front and center.
bpounds 09/17/19 12:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Camco" Rhino"

This has come up before, and I think you bought a different product than you had previously. I think you previously had this one (what we have too) Rhino Extreme And this time you bought this one Rhino Flex The Extreme like we have doesn't have any wire coil. In my opinion Camco is giving themselves a black eye by offereing a cheaper product and confusing the two by calling them both Rhino. So I won't defend their bad marketing practices, but I do still think the Extreme is a good product. The FLEX is nothing but the equal of the old blue slinkies that are cheap junk.
bpounds 09/17/19 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pump Issues...

Check battery voltage. Speed of that pump is directly related to how much juice it gets.
bpounds 09/17/19 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: Hooking up Fifth Wheel

Nope. Just follow normal procedure.
bpounds 09/15/19 05:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Removing a B&W gooseneck from F-250

Understood. Go to Amazon and search "gooseneck hole cover" and "gooseneck hole plug". There are several available. But like I said, depends on how nicely that hole was cut. Most beds already have a nice flat spot there (corrugations flattened out specifically for this reason). So you could simply cut a flat cover piece, paint it, and screw it in place. It would end up below the level of corrugations, and would look pretty decent I think.
bpounds 09/13/19 02:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Removing a B&W gooseneck from F-250

If this is a Ford OEM setup like you can order in current trucks, they have a plastic plug for the hole, which may already be lost on yours, but I'm sure you can order one. If this is a user installed B&W, it probably depends on how well that hole was cut. But I'm curious why you don't just leave it? Might come in handy, and if not, adds value to the truck at resale. Not much, but maybe better than a repaired hole.
bpounds 09/13/19 02:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6 Volt RV batteries

Got to hand it to Interstate - their truth in labeling is impeccable. Their dependability IS outrageous! I don't really mean that. They aren't all bad. :)
bpounds 09/11/19 03:57pm Tech Issues
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