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RE: Open question to everyone...

I hear 'no such thing as a dumb question', all the time, so I'll pose this: You make a post about tires. You include the tire size, but a poster on page 3 asks what size are your tires. What is that?Usually because they didn't read the entire post.
bukhrn 11/21/15 12:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: extrovert/introvert

Sounds like more time has been spent with friends vs each other. Retirement is 2 yrs away.......enough time to spend more time with each other and wean the 'need' for friends.X-2, While DW doesn't like to go as long as I do, we don't worry about leaving friends behind, Great Grand Children perhaps. ;)
bukhrn 11/20/15 04:34pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Open question to everyone...

Why, when a topic comes up people don't like and don't want to participate in, want to have it closed down? Why not just ignore it and never read it again and let the people that do want to discuss do just that? Jim P.S. Yes, I really want to know!There are other forums I go on that you can discuss anything you like, including Politics, and religion, there are of course limitations. I think here there seems to be more of an effort to avoid heated discussions and arguments, to the extent of disallowing discussions of certain topics. As far as people wanting to close a discussion, I think it's more of a Moderator thing than poster thing. There are a lot of thread that I don't even open by looking at the title, because I don't think I have anything to contribute. There are those that will open a thread just to agitate, not to contribute, unfortunate.
bukhrn 11/20/15 04:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Security Advice from Quartzsite LEO

The benefits of a built in generator, although not usually possible with a TT.
bukhrn 11/20/15 04:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where to go in April

For great and varied scenery, I would chose Yellowstone. April is very iffy because of snow/cold, but May into June should be very good. Yellowstone has it all: lakes, snow covered mountains, thermal wonders, wild animals, etc.There are only 2 CG's open in the park at Yellowstone in April, Mammoth, which is open year around, and Madison which opens on April 29th, neither have hookups, which could cause a few heat problems at night, bring extra blankets & quilts, don't forget the Long Johns, we were there in late May one year, had snow at night and temps in the LOW 30's, this year we were there in early July,no problems, super beautiful area.
bukhrn 11/19/15 03:39pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: pistol for left handed shooter

I am left handed, also. "THEY" told me I could not fire an M-1 Garand left handed. "THEY" were wrong. I put thousands of rounds through one, left handed. "THEY" said I could not fire an M-1 carbine or an M-16 left handed. Again, THEY were wrong, on both counts. "THEY" said I could not fire the M-1911 .45 ACP left handed. I qualified as sharpshooter, firing left handed. I have a single action revolver that I fire left handed. I have a Llama .38 Super 1911 clone that I fire left handed. Since it is made for a right handed shooter, I have become adept at switching hands as necessary to operate the controls. In my (almost) 74 years, I have become accustomed being left handed in a right handed world, just as I have learned to adapt to defective color perception in a color coded world! EDIT: I forgot the M-14. "THEY" also say it can not be fired left handed. "THEY" are wrong there, too!Hmmm, "THEY" never told me that at Parris Island. ;)
bukhrn 11/19/15 10:00am Around the Campfire
RE: 6 people killed in Texas campsite attack

Horrific, JUST HORIFIC. Sixty years ago we had much fewer of these nutcases roaming our states, cities, streets and neighborhoods..And yet we spend an inordinate amount of time, money and effort on Gun Control, (so we can't defend ourselves), instead of spending all that effort on , What makes these freaks tick. A gun, without outside influence has never killed anyone.
bukhrn 11/18/15 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Older Florida Sunpass may not work after 12/31

I posted this 6 months ago: "There is a federal law that requires all states to honor other state passes by I think the end of next year. EZ is good in most NE states ( Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine) and Fla SunPass is now honored in GA and NC." NCWriter has nailed it down to Oct. 2016. It looks like they are replacing battery powered SunPass which was the first one I had but now I have a portable non battery powered one and have not been notified that I need to replace it.So, does this mean that EZ Pass will be accepted in Fla. and Sun Pass will be accepted in EZ Pass states?
bukhrn 11/18/15 12:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keeping pets cool while you're away

Anyone know a ballpark price on prepping a 41 ft 5th wheel with a generator as a back up?They usually come prepped for a generator, but very few if any 5'ers ever come with a generator.
bukhrn 11/18/15 12:30pm Beginning RVing
RE: incontinence/bladder control

I don't see what you have for an RV, but with a Class A or C, or B, a 5 min stop every hour certainly would not end my RV'ing, maybe an inconvenience, but not a game stopper.
bukhrn 11/17/15 10:11am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Rivers and Lakes

Try the COE, they are all on some body of water, most have water, elect and a dump station, a few, like Foscue Creek even have full hookups, they are some of the best CG's in the country. http://corpslakes.usace.army.mil/visitors/visitors.cfm
bukhrn 11/15/15 02:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads

They used to have concerts there, back when Dolly Partons brother managed it, we went there for a concert with Willie Nelson, Ray Price, and Merle Haggard, not sure if they have any more. I do know that he's not there anymore, (for various reasons).
bukhrn 11/13/15 08:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fixing Small Roof Tear

I had a tear in my roof that my RV dealer repaired with Eternabond tape. It looked great when I picked it up. We went camping the same day I picked it up. When I got to the campsite I went up on the roof to check the repair and the roof had pulled apart....the Eternabond tape didn't hold. I took it back to the dealer on the way home and I'm picking it up tomorrow morning. I'm not sure why it pulled apart, but I'll let you know as soon as I find out. I'm not sure if it was an Eternabond issue, or a user error when applying the tape.Can't say for sure, but it sounds like poor prep (ie failure to clean area properly before applying eternabond), but of course you'll never get a dealer to admit to that, i'm sure they'll come up with an interesting excuse.
bukhrn 11/13/15 08:12am General RVing Issues
RE: And what else could break on this trip...

Just remember, If it's man made, it can & usually WILL break, it's just a matter of When. :(
bukhrn 11/12/15 08:38am Beginning RVing
RE: ZZZZZZZZ...every time!!

When we go up "nort" to the camper, my wife always finds herself falling asleep in the rocker recliner. I have, on occasion, done the same and marveled that I didn't drop my beer. I find myself sitting around the fire with friends sipping root beer schnapps:) In the fall/early winter it is so quiet you can hear chipmunk feet or even the rustle of leaves. It is one of my favorite times of year - at least before the snow flies and the temperature falls.I tried that last year, first time i've ever heard of it. Be aware that sipping too much of it can have a strange effect on your vision & speech. :B ;)
bukhrn 11/11/15 12:15pm RV Lifestyle
RE: ZZZZZZZZ...every time!!

Not if she's anything like mine, I have to use a cooler for the drinks, as a 30 pak takes up way to much space in the fridge. ;)
bukhrn 11/10/15 04:32pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Do coiled power cords heat up and cause fires?

OK, I didn't have the sound on, as I was listening to something else, but just looking at that, it looks like the orange cord had been run over by a lawn mower. :E I wouldn't plug my electric drill into that !! :S
bukhrn 11/10/15 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tow a vehicle? The Dinghy Towing Guide will help. Most manual transmission vehicles are towable "4-down". We tow a 2008 Chevy Colordo pickup truck which is 4 wheel drive. There is a button on the dash that disengages the drive shaft for easy towing. It's an automatic. Some automatic vehicles (see guide) are towable 4 down if you remove a fuse and follow the manufacturers recommendations noted on the guide. You can't get the brakes on the toad to work without a brake assist. Roadmaster, Blue Ox, Delta Force, Brake Buddy are a few manufacturers.X-2, also Some cars can be Made towable with the addition of a converter pump added, (not cheap), some cars aren't towable 4 down, and can't be made towable, ie. I had an '05 Kia Spectra, (great little car), but it wasn't towable & couldn't be made towable 4 down, hence the dolly. On the other hand, I replaced the Kia with a '14 Ford Focus which is towable 4 down, but, I already had the dolly, so that's how I haul. Towing 4 down is a little easier than a dolly, but is also considerably more expensive. A good Blue OX tow bar alone cost a little more than I paid for my dolly, then you have the brake buddy, hooking up the lights are probably the cheapest part. Oh, BTW sdianel your link doesn't work, at least for me.
bukhrn 11/10/15 01:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: U.S. Marines

Happy Birthday, and Good Night and God Bless You Chesty, Where ever you are. ;)
bukhrn 11/10/15 09:22am Around the Campfire
RE: ZZZZZZZZ...every time!!

It's great having the RV right outside the door, mine doesn't necessarily put me to sleep, but it does relax me, somehow though, it always ends up involving beer, with an old movie in the dvd player, and a bag of popcorn in the Microwave. Funny how that works like that. :h :B
bukhrn 11/10/15 09:02am RV Lifestyle
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