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RE: Northern VA, WVA Campgrounds with Water Access?

Trout Pond in West Virginia. Sherando Lake and Goose Point in Virginia.Shhhhhh, Randy, I wish you'd stop telling people about 3 of my most fav places, it's getting pretty hard to get a site in Sherando C Loop, and Goose Point is nearly impossible, and we've seen Trout Pond full a few times. :B;)
bukhrn 06/24/16 11:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leaving camper unoccupied - help

Since your tow vehicle won't be there, everyone around is going to know pretty quickly you are not there. The knife edge you are going to be walking isn't likely to be thieves and other criminals, it will be all the people who are there legitimately and are angry you are working the system. Why would this be considered working the system if the OP paid for the site? Trying to think of this from a hotel POV which I'm more familiar with. To me working the system is a state park w/ a limited time reservation allowed on site and when the reservation ends a friend/family member w/ a different last name and the exact same equipment takes over.It's working the system because many National Forest, BLM and state campgrounds require that human campers actually occupy the site. An empty trailer or tent doesn't meet those requirements.X-2, any Federal CG & some State parks require you to physically occupy the site each day (and night), as said, an empty RV doesn't qualify.
bukhrn 06/23/16 05:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Northern VA, WVA Campgrounds with Water Access?

Parks with fishing,swimming, hiking boating & a variety of other activities are everywhere, but Not really sure you're going to find many with shooting, especially not State Parks or Federal Parks.
bukhrn 06/23/16 03:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Oh My I think we ALL might have OCD!

Or in my situation, it's Obsessive Camping Depression, as mine is back in the shop, and haven't been out this year. :S:E:(
bukhrn 06/23/16 12:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: so is 29 ft the cutoff for not towing a toad ?

our plan is more fall and spring boondocking,,,don't want to have to buy another vehicle just to tow,,,my current car and my wifes will not tow w/o a dolley......just a pain,,,rather not tow,,,and I didn't really answer my own ?...my question was "what is the cut off size for NOT towing and being able to drive into town etc "??There is no all around answer, as you've already read, it depends on the "town", and the individual driver, some are more comfortable driving into a town/city than others, personally I avoid cities (especially large ones) like the plague, with or without an RV or toad.
bukhrn 06/22/16 05:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Casey Nocket sentenced for making her mark!

In 2014 a young woman named Casey Nocket went on a cross country trip and wanted to leave her mark on the world. In her infantile wisdom she decided to do that by defacing our national lands with graffiti. She recently pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years probation, during which she is not allowed to set foot in national parks or land administered by the Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. She was also required to write a formal apology to the National Parks Service to make amends and acknowledge the harm she inflicted. As additional punishment she is expected to complete 200 hours of community service and pay restitution for the cleanup effort. It is yet to be determined the total amount of restitution she will pay. Most of the graffiti has been removed but there are still two locations where it has not due to concerns of the removal causing further damage. Personally I am glad that they didn't let her off without punishment. http://www.modernhiker.com/2016/06/14/casey-nocket-pleads-guilty-to-vandalism/This "punishment" is a joke, She can write a thousand page appology, but that doesn't mean she is truly appologetic for her actions, and 200 hours of service is next to worthless, you get that much for shop lifting at a WalMart,the following would be better served; 1. 90 Days in Jail 2. 1000 hours of service, At the very places she defaced 3. Pay the Total amount of removing the graffiti 4. Serve as an annual Volunteer at a NF, NP COE, or BLM campground, for 5 years.
bukhrn 06/22/16 01:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hanging chairs from ladder blocking license plate

Don't have that problem, my plate is on the left side, ladder is on the right, is there a way to mount your license plate bracket on the opposite side?
bukhrn 06/22/16 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: so is 29 ft the cutoff for not towing a toad ?

Just trying to wrap my mind around this (as limited as it is), whats the problem with a toad, fear of towing or an economical problem. We have a 29 foot class C, & wouldn't be without a toad, we did it once on a local trip one weekend just to get away & relax, no sight seeing or anything, but after getting there, wished we had brought the toad. We're from the camp that hates to set up only to break down & re-set up just to go sight seeing. Plus, there are many places that are impossible to see without a toad, Going to the Sun Road in Glacier NP is the first one that comes to mind, yes, you can take the Red Bus Tour, if you don't mind the expense, and being on someone else's schedule, I hate it.
bukhrn 06/22/16 12:49pm Beginning RVing
Batwing tester

First, I have the original TV that came in my '07 Forester,(non digital, non HD) like many folks, I ran out and grabbed a digital converter box (RCA) have never had a problem, (other than having to Re-Scan every once in a while), now suddenly, I am getting "no signal" from the antenna, my question is, is there a tester of some sort to hook to the connection from the antenna to see if you are actually getting a signal, or has the converter box suddenly & mysteriously crapped out? Yes, The amplifier button is pushed & the cute little green light is on.
bukhrn 06/21/16 02:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Share - Feedback/Thoughts

I won't loan mine to family or friends, why would I let a stranger use it?X-2, I wouldn't rent (OR Loan) mine to my Mother, let alone some stranger I didn't even know. If I need to worry about making money on it when i"m not using it, why even have it.
bukhrn 06/20/16 12:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keep Wipers Over or Under Windshield Cover ?

I put the wipers over the cover to help hold it down in the wind.X-2
bukhrn 06/20/16 12:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: are all rv toilets macerator ??

A real simple answer, NO
bukhrn 06/20/16 12:29pm Beginning RVing
Electric Problem

I have a MH with 30A Hardwired Surge guard Mod:34520, it suddenly won't let power into the RV, I know the reasons, Over/ Under voltage, Reverse Polarity & such, I've checked volttage at the source, (the plug receptacle) I get 120V between the Black & White, & 0 volt between White & green, which is good, when I plug the cord in & check voltatage at the IN side of the Surge Guard, I get the 120v between the B&W, but then I also get 120V between W&G, which is NOT good, does this mean a bad cord Suddenly, or a bad Surge Guard? After waiting for the 2 min delay the Surge Guard clicks & the is only 74.6 volts on the output side,then trips the source breaker.
bukhrn 06/19/16 03:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo Jams

ORbiker, where did you have to be in such a hurry that you didn't have the time to enjoy what the Parks have to offer? There should be a special place for people who drive as fast as they can to get through a Park so they can say they've "seen" the Park. "Seeing" a Park is not the same as experiencing it. We were in Yellowstone about 2 1/2 years ago in October and ran into three Bison jams in one afternoon. No one was in a hurry to get anywhere and, as far as I can tell, everyone enjoyed seeing a magnificent animal pretty close up.There is, it's called an Interstate, though they're not usually found IN the Park.
bukhrn 06/16/16 08:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where do I get my drivers license?

I just don't know if I can use the park address? The manager doesn't know either.Why not? That's your address. When you move, change it.seems like it would be the same as a Mobile Home Park, Like, Freddy Smith Bob's Trailer Park 123 Front St, Chicago Il. Lot #4
bukhrn 06/15/16 08:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: Slide Toppers

Depends on the mounting, my Forester has a slide with a topper that is under the main awning, the only thing wrong I see is, when the main awning is lowered to the lowest position, there is a hump in the fabric, never been a problem though.
bukhrn 06/15/16 02:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Acadia

No matter how you get there, Acadia is well worth the trip, can't wait to get back. Will probably spend more time there.
bukhrn 06/14/16 01:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water tank issue

Took out the new to us camper this weekend had electric and water hookup. My issue is we didn't use the water all that much just sink a few times.After a day and a half I just happen to go in the bathroom and the floor had about 2 inches of water in it. I released the gray water tank and a ton of water came out. My question is there is no way we used this much water could the faucet be running even if we aren't using anything.THANKSCheck all your faucets to be sure they're actually shutting of, (not dripping), including the shower. Is it possible that the gray tank had water in it from the previous owner, when you picked it up? :h
bukhrn 06/14/16 09:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Acadia

I believe you are talking about Rt 9, US7 doesn't run "across" southern VT, it runs North/South.
bukhrn 06/13/16 04:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: How do you know if your water heater is full?

Ok - so I have read never turn on the 110 heater coil in your water heater unless it has water in it - how do you know if its full or not? Before you turn on the hot water heater, ALWAYS, turn the water on at the kitchen sink and watch the water steam, you are looking for any air spurts mixed in the stream, continue running the water until you see NO air bubbles/or spurts. When the water stream is a steady stream, your hot water tank is full and you can now turn on your water heater. Too be extra safe you can run the faucet in the bathroom as well.If you're going to be dry camping, be sure to do this at home, or where ever you fill your on board tank, BEFORE filling the tank, that way, you're not using 6 gallons of your limited on board supply, to initially fill the heater.
bukhrn 06/13/16 03:56pm Beginning RVing
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