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RE: Goose Pt COE CG, Bassett,VA

Avan, were going to be at Goose Point June 19th for a week. We have not been there before. Will be on site C05, if you get a chance would you let me know how that site looks. ThanksIt looks like this http://images60.fotki.com/v367/photos/7/1474187/7631385/Picture060-vi.jpg height=450 width=600
bukhrn 05/28/16 09:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Doable or overly ambitious?

Well, this is why I asked the question. I know my limits of driving, but that was just in an 18 wheeler and my pickup going across country. Pulling a camping trailer with 4 passengers, thats why I asked. I really appreciate all the responses and will go back to the other two adults here and reconsider what we want to do for the trip. I was able to find a few slots at a couple KOA campsites for the days mentioned, which is why I started pursuing this route. I am thinking long term here too, planning future trips, and spur of the moment weekenders. Weighing all factors as well. The #1 thing, I cannot give up my F150 for this. It is my daily driver, and one of the most comfortable vehicles, save for the Flex, I have driven. Getting 20+ MPG doesn't hurt either. I blame my wife for this, I got a nice bonus this year, her reaction, OOH family trip to Disney Oh H e l l N O!!! Grand Canyon popped into my head, and that's where I am at now. Mainly I hate crowds, and would like to get away from people for a while. It's too bad the resort I went to when growing up is long gone, would love to do that at least one more time. Thanks for all the responses, your experience doing this is what I was looking for, and helps me make my decision easier.You will not be happy with the Canyon in this case, as the Grand Canyon is absolutely NOT getting away from crowds, the North Rim is better in this respect BUT there are still crowds.
bukhrn 05/27/16 10:48am Beginning RVing
RE: RVIA sticker

I have stayed at a campground that required you to have the RVIA seal, no seal no stayWhere? Legally, probably everywhere. In practice I doubt it's checked very often.I have never ever ever ever been asked, nor has anyone ever even come close to the passenger side to look for it. This in USFS, State, 5 county parks, and many private CG's... Never. Still want to know where this was inspected ?X-2, never even had anyone come out to look at my RV, first time they say it's a requirement, I'll move on down the road. (And take my wallet with me)
bukhrn 05/27/16 10:28am General RVing Issues
RE: RVIA sticker

Who pays the charge ? RV manufacturer ?? It is an item on the charge sheet when you purchase an rv.... Then apparently you do. Ask the selling dealer to give you your log in credentials to RVIA since they want you to pay.Or if they want you to pay for it, tell them to remove it 'cause you're NOT paying for it.
bukhrn 05/25/16 04:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Slideouts @ WalMart Redux

As mgirardo said, I've never seen that many RV's of any kind at a WalMat at one time, Ours is #5, with an emphasis on #4, we don't spend 9-10 hours, our norm is stop to sleep 4-6 hours then shop before leaving, so $35-45 is a really ridiculous expense.
bukhrn 05/24/16 03:04pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: What board or card games for rainy days?

Racko Yatzee Uno but when we do play a game,80 % of the time, it's Yatzee.
bukhrn 05/24/16 02:48pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Water Transfer - New "Toy"

I've been using this Harbor Freight 12 V pump for a few years. It is pretty reliable.Thanks for that link, all the suggestions for additional tanks and such are good for TT's & PU's, maybe even 5'ers but they don't do much for a MH, as you normally don't have a pickup available.
bukhrn 05/24/16 02:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Satellite hook up...what am I doing wrong?

Modded mine as such... http://www.tv4rv.com/wiring.pdfThanks for posting that link, I knew I had seen it before, but couldn't find it.
bukhrn 05/21/16 04:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Gas at the big boy pumps @ Flying J

ALL Flying J's that i've stopped at, have an RV island.
bukhrn 05/20/16 12:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

It's been a while since I've posted so here goes. :) This is the Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas as seen from the pedestrian bridge there. We were in site 6 facing the river. Full hookup w/50 amp service. The park itself is clean and staff friendly but has little other amenities. It's main attraction is riverfront sites and easy walking or biking to town. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/uVX6p196l_5fW_4MAVWNvJIOvl5_DM92yhYhxYBTUNefxxfs8HPpdsY5lNdnMi5EqRUIq5dlWtf7kLn9mKhiV8NofF4xYG24eX1lboh5mqpGhmZDvmtf0rNXcCaAOYqcli_IAsz6oin5b4Civ8Uo6S5IJxrtVI4H7pwtmI24tsbHMt5gO98DOhR7-W_gKlSJ3tuREnFSkzOcHunQMzzl0JNgp1D2gMa5yf8hZ1u42gzMNM_y5RzVk-94Xy4B9DkGUiEFvnv4jH7ATadM9tMM6deMpCBWLf5LcOCxHtuN0HM_Xc1C8VLI5GbJ0Bi36nzIZ9G19NZubU7VwyU9I0YIulz9Y3lFZqvmjLfGx0RVR1DU0RPOJ_Bt-fWonxd0kSj9eSS9ekeOHjtgO9SwOCgm3HOiA07U8EXuGyRvZ-4d4CsU6qzDT2cgDGOxBsvMOfA5U_3-FRFYGTsxBS0IThdGt0WdI3zfs8gF3pP3zi6nDvrPLM95-PdIOCCQq0S_suM9-LzTt4fP92hgXD1QGlNzm1tDShNRvQjDhe8pDImwRXG1blaoz2USTMzR6BuY7_lqsf-byb96xjfxbjMPRvxEc4ew0Qtm2hA=w1421-h947-no height=500 width=600 This is a view across the river to the city and is within walking distance to shopping and restaurants. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/UmtCZBJi6ooAcR0fJ2IK6FgikPmTnMPEf3uYpXM-gBgRxs0KiAzXGNSS7wNF3-7YIpoWhelGhlUjUYFTdYANF3E12x8s_HU5M3kdlbSE_KRFmrIVIPZK25clpGVRgf43pZd-hvz5Bc00XRfnM9Rld-ZzIjaXkGm6f2jNtqRQaLlSQUskn9i-oZxcHORKF7yh8xMLKVmbQztm5dFh-6a3B9R6uSy0KhZBsUSVJR2XSAtlNFPieDltc5LNmEYXJCmQXjsS9Oi7qwfc3nCOZynyTOCx5d_JntC-NfcLkL5GQcEQi3ygF6PTgm2-4SHos6ldsHLSjCSzw-vcEk_wgU19w9uT6ApY2qYd4TnqjSJgZR891-emX6WRig0pMTJT2MWEttean9wVY0i2wRt_RUQdoGvKhNGtSomivZuFaoKzTTKWB2G6fGIHlwH7PKLREHhns2Mw_XDpJuPYSvbxIR4kR66HY3HmVFd9JJ_cPM1hapA8R6W75n9sDD3JRnQVikvG61qnxEt9V44As9SuMfwxBWbK0FiK6Og-Xmrr4Uk4zy14NvcYCxo9zCf7JYyqeDeZD_w_cRy_W6lUHGfsDKu_mFxmgR0QA9k=w1421-h947-no height=500 width=600 And a view of the pedestrian bridge. All are night shots. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yCVJn5pqq2Ua8bLMgUn_IDayKa-RW9_VZghGCgoApaDLnVtsHqMvcOfhFy8ZnS8Crr3w0KnZLaZgnDNeaBkz38BcUS-hgo9wuKAakwdelMdCnxA3ilqEUuFcVIODf-8PW3GsXCmu_GsedjOOJ7N_5h9TzlEhGpiA1pCqdzEmf0FJ5xDNPSD8cTyodYzF357ZuDszy4GgUb1RH3R1JuB55fWzy2vAyerJvhApexUHp768hFauhoC4hj6Pbpj6JU3c-rr4glX6o5ry_nJF28FMQ2bdI596GuvCJHEYZ0hQYM8j_GacMqjVVkOitohkSjLdWyjl0iTftNbL4E3GbLzxAGYEX2CZ5_7LhaG4cKxhHSQNmAuE_ewaV6iv29uOahcArAr8_jnbXRWQjx3gTj7oZjLyIMNcmYuxNmfi4fyClaiUwZt7inD1pSUgIEGZhiLR4f9CFZX4_36eDerMF8vYxaL3w-rRPclyoULnOeNJetJAJ7zSrBlPidU4fYfAYCmtVbMnfk8cF9jGnkZthxn-DfPe5GV9vdjTCAQmFcIxnK4ljEkkwoFRWnhX1-wOfXF-GjBpmiGpfX1p8BquRWQYcgfTsE3i8l8=w1421-h947-no height=500 width=600Is that Cg actually lit in that color, or is that some sort of camera filter?
bukhrn 05/19/16 01:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

If anyone along the mid-atlantic coast could post a recent picture of the sun it would be greatly appreciated. I'm beginning to think it doesn't exist anymore.I actually saw the sun today, then I blinked, it was gone. :(
bukhrn 05/19/16 01:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Good online campground review website

I'd trust RVParkReviews.com before Trip Advisor. We used RV Park Reviews for private and public campgrounds and the new format is super easy to get around. With any of them you have to weed the reviews out and take the average. Some folks give a bad review because the weather was bad. There is no one that is perfect. They're all subjective depending what you want in a campground.X-2, I use Trip Advisor for Restaurants & such, but for CG's, it sucks, IMHO, I really didn't like the new RVParkreviews, until I used it a while & got used to it, now it's all I use, I've tried RVParky but don't like it as much as RVParkreviews.
bukhrn 05/17/16 01:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: No AC allowed?

thats a pretty steep price , not to be able to use the electric for what ever I want, they won't have to worry about me staying there and violating their rule, because at that price, I certainly would. :(
bukhrn 05/17/16 12:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping reservations with Corp of Engineers parks

I've never had an issue getting a reservation with a COE or any other Rec.gov reservation.X-2, we reserved at quite a few COE CGs, have never heard of a waiting period, other than you can't reserve for more than 6 months out. I make a reservation and get a confirmation email in a few minutes.
bukhrn 05/17/16 02:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery Question

24 interstateYou might want to look into a 31 series, but with nothing obviously on, except for detectors, even a 24 should last more than 4 days, (if it was fully charged).
bukhrn 05/14/16 07:35pm Beginning RVing
RE: Goose Pt COE CG, Bassett,VA

Thinking about trying Goose Point this June. Don't have reservations, cause we might make it or we might not. Our plan is to spend some time at/near Fairy Stone SP looking for fairy stones. Goose Point appears to be a much more appealing campground for us, B campers. Our goal is to find fairy stones and find a nice place to eat. By this point into our trip, we'll need a break. Any suggestions on how/where to do either and/or both?We didn't go anywhere to eat, and all I can tell you is that you'd be hard put, (next to impossible) to get into Goose Point without reservations in June, it is an extremely popular campground, people reserve spots 6 months in advance.
bukhrn 05/14/16 07:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Goose Pt COE CG, Bassett,VA

Great COE CG, C loop has large sites,many on the water, don't even think of B loop with your rig, it's for PU's & tents. The road into it is an experience in it's self, very hilly & winding, but completely do-able, interior roads are a little narrow, A loop is a little tight but we had no problem. Very clean bathrooms. Hard to get a site, especially on a weekend, in fact, C loop is already filled from the end of May thru the first week of June, even longer. This was our site,http://images34.fotki.com/v1606/photos/7/1474187/7631385/Picture007-vi.jpg height=450 width=600 These are a few reviews;http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/virginia/bassett
bukhrn 05/12/16 02:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery Question

What size & brand of battery?
bukhrn 05/12/16 02:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: campgrounds

If you try the Corp of Engineer Parks ( we love them), don't forget to get your Senior Discount Card while there. It's $10 for your lifetime and will give you 50% off camping at Corp parks, national parks and forestry parks. Also covers entrance fees or discounts the fees at many parks.You made me go back & look up the rules, used to be (when I got mine)that the COE did NOT sell the cards, but would honor them, but I see that now they do, great, best $10 I ever spent, love the COE CG's, better than many State Parks.
bukhrn 05/10/16 02:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What does my battery work on

As said, it will power a lot of things, some of them for not very long, ie: your furnace fan WILL kill a single battery VERY quickly. Also, how long it lasts depends on the type of battery you have, if you only have a group 24, it won't last very long with many of those things on, get the biggest battery that will fit into your battery box, for a single battery set up, a group 31 would be far better than a 24, but may not fit in the box/tray, without modification.
bukhrn 05/10/16 02:16pm Beginning RVing
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