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RE: Arctic Fox Says no off road????

So I just got rid of my 02 990 A/F dry bath. Ordered a 2021 1150 dry bath. Called Arctic Fox to ask if the new camper will hold up to off road as well as the old A/F. We are talking 2wd roads small rocks, graded etc. His quote. I don't recommend you off road with any of our campers. Any input? Thanks, Andy You can off road with a BundutecUSA built truck camper. They will built you one that can handle off road situations. Mellow Mike just recently bought one and so did I. https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-LD6MZTN/0/25934f28/L/Tn7Lk5Ug-L.jpg
c.traveler2 10/18/20 02:03am Truck Campers
RE: alaska 2021 ???

Won't you be heading westward to get to Alaska from Niagara Falls, or am I messed up on my directions? I did a typo, west is correct.
c.traveler2 09/21/20 05:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: alaska 2021 ???

We plan on going in 2021 if all is well, this would make our third trip up to Alaska. we'll be entering through Nagara Falls this and traveling east towards Alaska. For those who never have been to Alaska allow lot of time to travel it's a long drive. I'll bet it was a really long drive to Alaska going east from Niagara Falls. You might want to stop and ask directions before you get to Nova Scotia. thank for pointing out my typo.
c.traveler2 09/21/20 05:18pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: alaska 2021 ???

We plan on going in 2021 if all is well, this would make our third trip up to Alaska. we'll be entering through Nagara Falls this time and traveling west towards Alaska. For those who never have been to Alaska allow lot of time to travel it's a long drive. Edited for typo
c.traveler2 09/17/20 03:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Interesting entry steps / stairs.

I used something similar to this Little Giant stair system with the handrail folded down. Was stable and lightweight, and stored easily inside the camper Folding steps I should add that the wide steps were not so scary for my dogs to walk on. These are the steps I bought for my Bunduvry camper, my dogs have no problem climbing them.
c.traveler2 09/17/20 02:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Our New Camper

Looks sharp! So, what are your first impressions on the new digs? Layout, accessories, fit and finish, quality of material etc., cooling/heating, and overall comfort. Just curious as I see these are getting more popular all the time. I think Mellow Mike at TCM (TruckCamperadventure) just picked one recently as well. Interestingly, unlike Artic Fox and Lance, Bundutec is manufactured in Iowa - shorter distance to the East Coast market for sure. Your right about Mike getting his new camper from BundutecUSA (Boon-dtec), my camper was right behind his on the production line. The fit and Finnish of my camper is of excellent quality. the options we picked was their CRX compressor refrigerator, electric jacks, trauma combo heater and cassette toilet, lithium charger (I'm installing Battle Born batteries) and the Seitz windows. The camper is very roomy due to the lay out and the only awkward area is the wet bath, not much room for bathing and the cassette toilet is up high requiring a step stool for my wife. The trauma boiler is a well worth option to get, it's so quiet that I had to put my hand down in front of the supply vent to make sure it was running. This unit also supplies all your hot water thus opening up a extra cabinet that you normally wouldn't have. The AC unit is much improved over the one I had in my old Lance 815. The Bunduvry is a 4 season camper thus requires very little heating or cooling. Didn't care for the stock mattress that came with the Bunduvry ended up switching it out with our old mattress.
c.traveler2 09/08/20 08:06am Truck Campers
RE: Our New Camper

Looks like a well made camper with a simple design. I can see one modification I would make. A Lagun table support would be much better than that single post and fixed table position. I'm going to make improvement on that problem, I should have a Lgun table installed. I can still do that.
c.traveler2 08/27/20 12:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Our New Camper

That looks great. Congrats! Nice to see a modern interior that doesn't have 15 different colors and patterns!!!!! I really hate the majority of camper "decor" They always look like someone barfed up a cheap Brick flyer in them..... BundutecUSA doesn't on their own offer any other colors, if you want different fabrics colors or counter top colors they can have it done at a extra price.
c.traveler2 08/27/20 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Our New Camper

Wow, Alex -- nice looking camper. I predict many more great trips in your future. Compressor fridge? Solar? Batteries? I did stay with a compressor refrigerator, it's a newer version of my old CR1110 called CRX1110. This compressor refrigerator has a electronic cold control that's very accurate and a improve condenser fan coil. I installed two Battleborn 100Ah lithium batteries at the BundutecUSA and I have 320 watts of solar to be install at home.
c.traveler2 08/27/20 12:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Our New Camper

Congratulations! Have you made a trip to the scales yet? Just wondering how the weight turned out wet. This camper wet weight 200 lbs more than my old Lance 815. The Bunduvry was weighted at the factor due to all the custom work they do on different orders, yes I'm over my gvwr but under my axle rating.
c.traveler2 08/26/20 01:45pm Truck Campers
Our New Camper

This is a follow up from a previous POST. We arrived back home this pasted Sunday with our new camper...a Bunduvry hardside made by BundutecUSA (pronounced Boon-de-tec). We picked our camper up in Raymond,Ia., a long drive from California. Here's a few photos of our camper. https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-LD6MZTN/0/25934f28/M/Tn7Lk5Ug-M.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-pGnnCCS/0/995f2daf/XL/WSQVv12g-XL.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-rQW8LkJ/0/c825b871/L/WHlEUiPg-L.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-8cFmBfV/0/4c9245af/L/VMBSSw5g-L.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-Z43SHp9/0/52a63f05/L/OIM1Oc2Q-L.jpg this was a 4500 mile trip, we did stop in Branson, MO. to see some of the sights there.
c.traveler2 08/26/20 12:25pm Truck Campers
RE: "Infinite" Battery?

Over many decades the promise of a "super" battery has come and never seen the light of day. Do I believe this battery could work in a manner yes. The concept isn't new and been used in varies satellite and deep space probes.See link for story... Nuclear power satellites
c.traveler2 08/26/20 11:32am Truck Campers
Saying good bye to a old friend..Our Lance 815

By the end of this week my Julie and I will be heading for Forsyth, MO. I've sold our 2002 Lance 815 (bought it new) and we'll be dropping it off on our way to pick up our new 2020 Bunduvry camper by BundutecUSA in Raymond, Ia. We have had many adventures with our Lance 815 but it's time for something a little more comfortable, yes it will be another TC! here's a few photos of where our rig has taken us to! Deadhorse ,Alaska https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-fh39Q3w/0/35902d08/L/Deadhorse%20Sun-L.jpg Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, Canada https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Misc-Pictures/i-z2x9QX6/0/fa0b9a7f/L/P1130768-L.jpg Death Valley, Ca. https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/Death-Valley-A-Weekend-Trip/i-K8RFkX9/0/503bc873/L/2012%20Death%20Valley%2CCa%20325-L.jpg Death Valley, Ca. https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/Death-Valley-A-Weekend-Trip/i-mSM63LX/0/288d175f/L/2012%20Death%20Valley%2CCa%20609-L.jpg Bradshaw Trail, Ca. https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/Bradshaw-Trail-Adventure/i-x9XXbCw/0/873ed844/L/Bradshaw%20Trail%20236-L.jpg Bradshaw Trail,Ca. https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/Bradshaw-Trail-Adventure/i-XXmCrvG/0/59d62abb/L/Bradshaw%20Trail%20303-L.jpg Tuweep Area, North Grandcanyon, Az. https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/Last-Chance-Get-Away-Of-2009/i-gWPH6fZ/2/55635a0b/L/Tuweep%20590-L.jpg Outside of Rockville, Utah https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/Last-Chance-Get-Away-part6/i-H4Zvzpv/0/c47a8507/L/Zion%20NP%20163-L.jpg Gold Butte BLM, Nevada https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/Last-Chance-Get-Awawy-of/i-hkLf7rj/0/9fb827ca/L/BryceNP1%20403-L.jpg
c.traveler2 07/26/20 04:56pm Truck Campers
RE: vibration

Sounds a lot like the "Death Wobble" this can occur in 4 wheel drive vehicles that have a solid front axle and coil springs. I when through this on my 2007 F 250 4x4, it took a combination of installing a heavy duty track bar and keeping my front tire at max inflation rating on those tire. Also this can occur at anytime and the speed range as you describe was similar to mine. Death wobble video Death Wobble 2
c.traveler2 05/15/20 11:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help shedding 3/4 ton - Lithium Battery project

I run Battle Born in my rig, I have a compressor refrigerator and needs the storage power of lithium batteries. After a lot of research I decided on Battle Born for their over all performance and discovered during my research that not all lithium batteries will deplete beyond the 95% level also the 10 year warranty is the best I've seen.
c.traveler2 05/15/20 10:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Sway bars

Check out Hellwig products
c.traveler2 04/09/20 10:40pm Truck Campers
RE: First TC Rally

I would like to know if the tag axle camper did the Bradshaw Trail? The camper with the tag didn't do the trail run, in fact this tag design doesn't attach it self to the camper. You may see it this design being marketed soon.
c.traveler2 03/02/20 06:41pm Truck Campers
RE: First TC Rally

Yah, I saw that AFTER it was over... I was just up the dirt road there, Tyson Wash so that would have been fun. I've set the general date for next year if they have another one.. Fun.. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8MSonbm4M7ETUiFyyr64ckOqdUS7PrlIbpEHfPq8ms_WmkeS0rHDMCiaBV7xudicfh851MpraOc8T-gPD7thHCcXm1FD4X-nGCxvIfhau8fp_JtncyvWff9eUoy9-s2E3j_MQAHYmd4mxXsKjrbzb54X2zcnZrRqFT5rtr8JgEmqlz6hTFa4DYXYG9YkHify3wT7Zq0JePBBCbB6S61l-uhEfEWvvl7yUa6QLwWZ13QscKDfLO1SLnkLtwob6dEyAuODnUUQafhACGqEmQYeq5itSkHyIgkDSV-vDef4ZK9CutX_LoWGLQdawwYUJTFwA34tSGwqZF5rvBCPJGj8XDHgbvgindPO3c5EQC1v3te5HAul56DYAGQ5TCo4PcgYFexBnwaaWCOMu1Z5qyku4FLouezCZbnZl8F03NaMbMpF_R_OLSyDsqXp2vUC5XWUzKk-UwVyvlgINW7sZRdpJWEcyMu7J-WwXIk_61BMOBNmWJfUgM9joxyMYDsjtOrCeBrvZdJzt1wQuHDc3_xc-KQCgbrzPlpH8sd-BH7_QYyaGSoBipxxVWGbpRiMeP08x0GS_R7rOUxCH5REiAfrY19VLK_qb8xhC5k-beUz8aDb8gZ1xlr67dkO6Xs21FdVm1VOuOh1594XNDTyRWWF8wYl37TKKvzBu148iqFelaJMEwLaVhpaq4YpzI-BuLpY8F1a5_zpU4vM2qzP1Xw6EWgzG0JkiPiW16sHVlEvCHo4kg_Klw=w357-h268-no Another TC rally is going happen about the same time next year and most likely a different close by trail will be picked.
c.traveler2 02/28/20 02:47pm Truck Campers
First TC Rally

My DW (Julie) and myself (Alex) attended our first TC rally hosted by Truck Camper Adventure (their first as well). My involvement in this rally is to scout out the Bradshaw Trail for the condition of the trail. This would be a after the Rally trail run in which 14 TC would end up transverse. https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-PcHfRP9/0/d7141b5e/L/P1380615-L.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-dZNQmZb/0/2036a9e3/L/P1380627-L.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-rhvCF2r/0/c36e7d4b/L/P1380662B-L.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-SjpQKrv/0/2471cd93/L/P1380681-L.jpg https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-XFzFNqj/0/f39cb9a6/L/P1380769B-L.jpg Here's a couple of video on Scouting the Bradshaw Trail. Scouting Bradshaw Trail 1 Scouting Bradshaw Trail 2 We arrived at the Truck Camper Adventure rally point being held in the town of Quartzite at the Road Runner Wash 6 miles south of town just off SR95. From Feb.7-9, 2020 Michael Smith and his wife Karen put on a great event with stories, round robins,raffle gifts and speakers talking on a variety of TC related subjects There were 55 TC's that involved themselves in this first time event for Truck Camper Adventure, wonderful people came to share their stories. https://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-fVPMFpJ/0/bae1a4c6/M/P1390032-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-ccLqR7c/0/9acaafb0/M/P1390038-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-RL263fp/0/4302a6a3/M/P1390046-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-SVKtmQL/0/d0793bed/M/P1390068-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-7TgTVRx/0/114bcf42/M/P1390127-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-QcZr8Fm/0/6adfcf37/M/P1390169-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-JFQxskp/0/8d50eb07/M/P1390208-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-TwL4BCx/0/e1c6ee59/M/P1390252-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-RQ5BHqG/0/e03afa65/M/P1390266%20-%20Copy-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-zwQ6dSX/0/d8019764/M/P1390269%20-%20Copy-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-wKwJH9r/0/5a9cf693/M/P1390271-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-BXT6pnC/0/e9168aa3/M/P1390318-M.jpghttps://photos.smugmug.com/Travel/2020-Bradshaw-Rally/i-nGtQW6x/0/2d666e59/M/P1390351-M.jpg Feb. 10, 2020 was the Bradshaw Trail run, 14 TC made this historic adventure. With premissiom from Michael Smith (Truck Camper Adventure) I'm posting his video of the Bradshaw Trail run video link. Bradshaw Trail1 TC Rally
c.traveler2 02/28/20 11:01am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone going to Quartzite

The Truck Camper Adventure rally is filled up and no more sign ups are being taken, a total of 70 rigs signed up.
c.traveler2 01/16/20 10:45am Truck Campers
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