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RE: AUDI Q5 for towing

There's nothing wrong with towing with a unibody. These aren't 80's K-cars. Some unibodies are rated for well over 7,000 pounds (Touareg, Grand Cherokee, Ford Transit), and some even require weight distribution for max towing (Ford Explorer/Flex). The Audi Q5 has more braking power than most half-ton trucks from 15 years ago. 1,047 pounds of payload is better than a high-trim Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. That said.... The 440 hitch limit is a hard limit. Weight Distribution won't fix that. That hitch limit effectively limits it to trailers under 3,000 pounds. Not only that, the Q5 is NOT APPROVED for use with a weight distributing hitch. OP - Those Ultra-Light trailers proposed look doable, but only if you don't carry rear seat passengers or much cargo in the trunk, because of how the tongue weight will load the rear axle, especially since you can't use weight distribution. If it's only 2 of you, it might be doable. Family of 4? Probably not.
carringb 07/20/19 11:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Class C rear end sag and banging!

I'm not sure what I would be looking for and what would be a good swap - are you saying that most leaf springs - even from a later model 450 will fit my E350 chassis?? How many leafs should I be looking for? Not opposed to the salvage yard route (love going to my local Pull-a-Part), but I just don't know what I'm looking for. Yes, just find any E450. They all have the same 9450 spring rate, so that makes it easy. Just find the newest set you can. They did offer the E450 with varying leaf numbers over the years, but it doesn't matter since the spring pack rating was always the same. I'd try to find something lower mileage so they won't already be tired, and try to find a set from a body that isn't also over loaded (i.e., take a set from a shuttle bus or box truck rather than a motorhome). You could go with newer E350 springs, but you'd still likely be overloading them. And since they came with RAWRs from 6,080 to 8,500 pounds, finding the set you want will be harder than just using an E450 set. From '92 to '19 models, all E-series cutaways have the same spring mounts, so that makes it super simple.
carringb 07/18/19 05:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: High mile gas engine trucks

I replaced my V10 at 460,000 miles. It was mostly fine still, even had good crosshatching in the cylinders still. But low fuel pressure cause a spark plug to melt and the electrode lodged in a valve seat. I planned on just having the head pulled for reconditioning, but since book labor included R&R of the engine, plus removing the timing chain and head, and was only a little more for a complete factory motor with a 3-year warranty. Still have the original transmission too. Not even touched except a total of 3 filter changes. I'm at 470,000 now. FWIW - over half the miles are towing miles, and typical combined weight was 22,000 and occasionally over 25,000.
carringb 07/18/19 02:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Class C rear end sag and banging!

So what do you all think of the 'add a leaf spring' option? Several online companies sell these and they're similarly priced - sounds like it would increase the support by about 2300 lbs. Probably will replace the shocks as well, although I see no signs of leaking etc... Add-a-springs would have been a decent option when your rig was new. But your rear-end has been overloaded all its life. You really just need new, better spring packs for your rig. Keep the airbags for fully loaded travel, bu the leaf springs should be able to support the empty rig at proper ride height. FWIW - I bought replacement springs for my rig at my local salvage yard for $50.
carringb 07/18/19 02:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C rear end sag and banging!

The "banging" is almost certainly the airbags bottomming out. What PSI are you running? They should go up to 100 psi. And yes, new leaf spring will do wonders. Your cheapest option would be take offs from a salvage yard E450. The 3-leaf setup normally was only used on E350s with an under 6,000# RAWR, and your rear axle weight I bet is at least 8,000 pounds.
carringb 07/16/19 11:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gas TV for a year long trip

I wouldn't delete a truck until it's out of warranty. Ford's official policy is that dealers are not supposed to perform any warranty work on a non-compliant truck, until said truck is restored to a compliant state. The emissions package on these trucks isn't the problem anyways. It's the CP4 fuel pump. And even that's extremely rare, just $$$ if it does go out.
carringb 07/12/19 02:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dolly towing

Jeep transfer cases have a tendency to slip from neutral into gear, when towed front wheels up. Some models can be towed rear wheels up, but I certainly don't recommend that on a dolly. When they are towed 4-down, the transfer case stays in neutral.
carringb 07/12/19 10:52am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2017 Ford Explorer mass flow indicator code

We just purchased a 2017 Ford Explorer V6 FWD and had a tow kit installed. We have conflicting information from Remco vs. the owners manual regarding flat towing. Remco says we can and the manual says we cannot. As we have just installed the tow kit, we are of course hoping to find answers. We came across your post from 2 years ago and are wondering if you can tell us if your Explorer is also a V6 FWD (not ecoboost), and what your towing experience has been? Thanks so much! V6 Explorers (regular and EcoBoost) can be flat towed. The EcoBoost 4-cylinder cannot be.
carringb 07/11/19 03:36pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Need to find an anwser or help please

Looks like the Titan XD is only approved to be trailered. Flat and dolly towing are not supported.
carringb 07/11/19 02:22pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Should I get a 2020 GM 3500 DRW or a 4500?

Here's the main reason I'd avoid the 4500 for now: Service This truck being a joint venture, will have some parts designed and/or supplied by Navistar that won't be in the regular GM pipeline. Or might not be covered in the GM repair guides yet. And GM has a history of rolling out other joint venture vehicles without having enough techs trained initially. Ford was formerly in the same boat with the F650, before pulling it away from Navistar. Getting work done wasn't always a pleasant experience, and Oregon only has one dealer certified to work on the "Blue Diamond" (the joint venture name) F650/750 trucks. Also, it probably won't ride as well, since the 3500 likely has a much stiffer frame, especially torsionally. While the MDT frame are strong, they tend to be a little floppy so you feel more judder.
carringb 07/10/19 07:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer length restrictions

The only real limit is whether you can make it fit. The measurements are typically curb to street, so you can usuallybe a little longer since there's often some clear space behind the curb. My trailer is 38' overall. When booking I always looks at pics when available, to make sure the table or fire pit isn't directly behind the curb. Or trees. I've been in space spec'd as 24'. I make it work, and it can take a little extra time to squeeze it into said site.
carringb 07/10/19 03:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Location & Changing fuel filter Ford E 450 V10

When Ford moved to returnless-variable-flow fuel systems (2012 I think), inline fuel filters were eliminated. So there's no fuel filter to service. And since the fuel system is returnless, less filtering is needed. The newer rigs all utilize a long-life in-tank filter instead, which is integral to the fuel pump.
carringb 07/10/19 10:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Will I kill my mini-van?

X2 on hitch weight. They NEVER weight what the brochure says. Once the dealer adds a battery or 2 and fills the propane, that's easily 100+ pounds more right there, before you even pack the groceries, much less add water.
carringb 07/09/19 02:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Ascent, VW Atlas, or Rav4 Adventure for light towing?

Now knowing that you have 7 large passengers, that will definitely be the constraint for you. Even pulling a Scamp, that's still likely to have 150-200 pounds of tongue weight. Most 7-pax SUVs have about 1400 pounds of payload, so if your passengers with luggage average 200 pounds each, you're already maxed out before hooking up even the lightest trailer. How big of a hurry are you in? The new Explorers are just now rolling out, but unfortunately to fleets first before retail customers. The big benefit is they dropped 200 pounds of curb weight, while also moving to a RWD architecture with a longer wheelbase. This means some models up over 1,800 pounds of payload! Have you thought about a van? Most minivans will still have a little more payload than a 7-pax SUV, and have a 3500# tow rating so you'd still be ok there.
carringb 07/09/19 10:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Ascent, VW Atlas, or Rav4 Adventure for light towing?

Do you know the total weight and tongue weight of the Scamp? Actual weights, not published dry weights. Start there. As mentioned, payload will be your enemy. For 3-row SUVs, neither of those would be my my pick. The Atlas has a pretty mediocre powertrain, and the Ascent has a CVT. CVTs have a general inability to reject heat generated by the belt riding inside the pulleys, so it only takes a little low-speed-heavy-throttle driving to put it into fail-safe mode, and not much more to earn a replacement (Subaru has been very good about replacements, no questions asked). A traditional torque-converter automatic is still the most robust transmission for towing. Direct Injection Turbo motors make towing enjoyable, because they have lots of low-end torque and don't lost as much power with elevation. Since you threw in the Rav-4... I'd suggest also looking at other 2-row SUVs, many of which offer more towing capacity and power.
carringb 07/09/19 08:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight Distributing Hitch BENT

When I look at the pic I see near the small ball a mark in the bent plate. Bet if you look at tongue of trailer you will have a matching mark. At some point cutting the trailer to the right side you jackknifed to tight... Yup. This^
carringb 07/02/19 01:50pm Towing
RE: What Fuel Do You Use in Your EcoBoost?

My sister also has an Explorer Sport, with almost 70,000 miles. She runs premium too.She tows occasionally (17' ski boat) but mostly she likes the better performance. There is a noticeable reduction in throttle response lag, especially in warmer weather. I've pretty much found the same in my Focus EcoBoost.Fuel economy benefit is there but slight (about 3 MPG in mountain driving, not much different in town), but also a noticeable performance benefit. In hot weather, it noticeably pulls timing at low and mid RPMs at WOT. Plus I tow a utility trailer on occasion as well, and the Focus EcoBoost requires Premium when towing. It's not just recommended like the 3.5L.
carringb 07/02/19 08:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight Distributing Hitch BENT

Which part it bent? The hitch head? Or the bars? Or the shank? Pretty unlikely to bend anything besides the bars from overloading, but interference certainly will do it. Definitely should figure it out before replacing it, so you don't end up with the same scenario. I had trouble with my old hitch binding in tight turns, which was the primary reason I changed brands.
carringb 07/02/19 08:45am Towing
RE: 3.5 Ecoboost Feels Like a V6

So I have a 2017 F150 with 3.5 Ecoboost and 3.55 gears. I rented a 6x10 dual axle dump trailer and loaded it with 2.5 yards of landscape rock. I'm thinking maybe 8000-9000lbs total. Gman Landscaping rock is generally 3,200-4,000 pounds per yard. Your total trailer weight was probably a lot more than you thought.
carringb 06/30/19 09:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: G.M.'s in line 3.0 diesel video.

Is this engine life a life under load? That is what I heard when I saw the video. I have a question for the cummins fan club. What is the validated engine life of a cummins and please provide some type of documentation and not a guess or that you know of one that has gone over 500,000 miles. Not what you were asking, but hopefully another useful data point: The Ford 6.7L in MDT applications is 500,000 miles B10 life. Based on the 330 HP version. https://www.ford.com/commercial-trucks/f650-f750/features/power/ I'm sure the F250/350 have a shorter life. Potentially much shorter with its higher output. But I've never seen that number.
carringb 06/29/19 07:03pm Tow Vehicles
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