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RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

Sumos are an extended rubber bump stop essentially. And super springs are add on leafs Thanks. Can either be used on an SUV pulling a trailer? No. SuperSprings only fit on leaf-springs, and even some leaf-spring rigs can't run them if the rear A/C lines are too close to the springs. Sumo's are available for more applications. And ride better anyways. I put them on mine, to supplement my existing airbags, because I don't like the harshness when the overload spring engages. My factory overload spring are stupidly stiff (like 850 pounds per inch), and Sumos were far cheaper than a full custom spring pack. Etrailer probably has the easiest to use application guide. Just enter your vehicle, then navigate to suspension enhancements, and it will show what's available for your application.
carringb 04/06/20 09:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

X2 on Sumo's. They simply ride better than Timbrens. T's cause rebound. Sumo's dampen it. And yes airbags are a PITA unless you have onboard air.
carringb 04/05/20 10:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: tow vehicle advice

The only rating that usually matters on an SRW truck is GVWR. GCWR or "tow rating" are illusory as you'll never load the truck carefully enough to get near that without busting something else. I gotta disagree with this.... The GCWR of a 2002 7.3L was only 20,000 pounds. Even approaching that, the transmission cooling is marginal. Going over that was bad news, unless transmission cooling AND lockup strategy were updated (lack of lockup in 2nd gear, and slow lockup in 3rd gear, is why they run so hot)
carringb 04/05/20 10:11am Toy Haulers
RE: tow vehicle advice

Personally I would not put a 15k bumper pull trailer behind single wheel 3/4 ton truck. I would look for at least a 3500 DRW truck and buy a Hensley Hitch. https://hensleymfg.com/ DO NOT attempt to tow a 15k Toy Hauler with a Hensley. It will rip itself apart. Ask me how I know.... Mine didn't last halfway through it's maiden voyage.
carringb 04/05/20 10:08am Toy Haulers
RE: Chevy C-5500 Kodiak Duramax potential safety issue!

Unfortunately I don't think the engine shut-down was because of the low coolant level. It could however, have a new electrical issue because of the coolant leak. My 2008 Topkick work truck did the same thing. About 10 seconds of warning noises, the it just shuts off. Completely. If only became became more and more regular, and eventually I got pretty good a rolling re-start. We took it to both Allison in Junction City and to DSU-GMC in Portland. It was an intermittent electrical issue, and we replaced the engine main harness, the PCM, the transmission harness and solenoid pack to no avail. We eventually ended up removing the body and scrapping the chassis. The downtime and potential liability was just too much. I would definitely trace the path the coolant might have taken, and clean everything well with water and electrical cleaner. If I remember right, one of the chassis main harness runs below the bottle. Plus any harnesses downstream and aft inside the frame rail on that side, since coolant can blow a long ways. I'd even suggest pulling apart any downstream connectors. CRC makes a good spray cleaner for this kind of stuff.
carringb 04/05/20 09:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Accuride coated wheels

It really depends if the coating has been worn-through or not. If not, you can clean off the aluminum oxide left by the other wheel. I'd suggest making a paste of Tartric acid aka Cream of Tarter, and using a kitchen sponge. Do wear gloves. This is pretty effective at removing black staining, which is AL-oxides. Being a powder, it is mildly abrasive, but less so than typical home cleaners like Ajax. As long as you don't use a power-tool, I don't think it would make the coating cloudy. Do be careful that the coating isn't compromise, otherwise you'll be introducing a corrosive compound into the coating where it will get trapped. Rinse well. FWIW - I used cream of tarter paste on my flagpoles last week, which just had new sealants placed.It worked great, and made them look like new again. The dirt in that area is pretty corrosive, so that made the flagpoles turn dark after just 6 months.
carringb 04/02/20 11:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Used tow vehicles

Man. I cannot believe what people are asking for their F250-350 7.3 diesel trucks. Anything south of 150k miles are going for $15,000+ That's nuts. Because that's only a little more than CP4 fuel pump job. Most people don't need 400 hp, and we all know what hot garbage the 6.0 and 6.4 were.
carringb 03/31/20 06:44pm Tow Vehicles

Ford Transit. A 130" wheelbase model has a footprint only a little larger than your Sedona, and still fits in a standard garage. It'll feel similarly-size too, and actually handle a little better. The EcoBoost would be even better, but you have to spring for the 148" wheelbase to get it. https://build.ford.com/dig/Ford/Transit%20VanWagon/2020/HD-TILE/Image%5B%7CFord%7CTransit%20VanWagon%7C2020%7C1%7C1.%7C302A.K1Y.130.YZ..88C.XLT.20F.VW.542.LRL.RWD.998.CS2.~VIRTUALPKGPART_D2XGH_8.~VIRTUALPKGPART_J4VAA_9.~VIRTUALPKGPART_JB1AB_10.~VIRTUALPKGPART_JBDAX_11.RET.64H.21L.92B.67E.86B.16H.85C.90B.96N.53G.51D.57G.60C.65A.43R.94A.91M.91B.55C.55D.18A.17F.X73.18D.58V.~VIRTUALPKGPART_D2AAB_17.CLO.SRW.TC8.44U.WAR.BS1.89K.2020%20K1Y%20FORD.%5D/EXT/1/vehicle.png width=640 Other than that, or going full-size, I think the new Explorer and the Durango are about the only options for that many seats and over 5k towing capacity.
carringb 03/30/20 07:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Newmar 2021 model info (a front end diesel?)

Sound like FCC dusted off a previously-shelved design?: http://www.rvforum.net/SMF_forum/index.php?topic=27510.0 The new F53 chassis handles better, has more power, and has LiquidSprings as a factory option. It'll be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison between these 2 chassis. Is the new Canyon star is only available on the FCC chassis? Or both?
carringb 03/30/20 02:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Expedition or Excursion $6000 budget

THanks. This truck will probably never do prolonged heavy towing. Occasional vehicle rescue, occasional transport of heavy load of building material but generally it will pull a small trailer or run empty. --- I want to load 4X8 sheets and close the door, i want to fill the back with bricks and not flatten the springs. If you want hauls those building products, a VAN will do it way better. You can load 2 pallets of bricks or pavers using a forklift (one into each door), where you'd be hand loading them into an SUV, and it'll swallow sheets of plywood onto its flat floor, with room to spare. And FWIW - An E350 has over double the payload of an Excursion. But, it is harder to find the V10.
carringb 03/30/20 10:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Expedition or Excursion $6000 budget

I'm talking to a guy now who has one with 210k but he claims he replaced the engine at 87K and the trans at 150k Sounds suspicious but if it it's true it's a good deal for $4K This strikes me as somebody who doesn't do his PM's. Did he learn in lesson the first time around? From what I've observed... not likely.... And possibly why he's selling it on the cheap.
carringb 03/30/20 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Expedition or Excursion $6000 budget

The V10 is a VERY reliable motor, and the Excursion only got the PI heads so it'll have 8 threads for the spark plugs, although they didn't completely fix the root-cause tooling issue until '03. But still, it's rare. Bigger issues at 20 years: Probably needs radiator and heater hoses done, and plan on replacing all the COPs when he plugs are done next. The 4R100 behind the 7.3L is nearly disposable, but because of the far different programming (it locks up in every gear behind the V10), it holds up MUCH better behind the V10 as long as it has the trans cooler loop in the radiator (ford deleted it on some '01s) or a Tru-Cool max installed. Best is having both. I'm still on my original 4R100, just passed 478,000 miles last night. Over 300,000 of those are towing miles, typical weight is 22,000 combined. That all said... The Excursion is nearly as payload-challenged as an Expedition, due to its soft spring rates. And because of this, it handling is a little sloppy, and gets worse when you load it up. If you want to tow heavy with it, you'll want to swap-in F250 or 350 springs and put on some good shocks.
carringb 03/29/20 08:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Adding a Toy Hauler Extension

That's kinda cool for a Toy hauler. Most of the them have high tongue weights so balance will will be acceptable. Most of the toy haulers since the original weekend warrior have small garages in favor of larger living areas. I suspect that might not be the case on a cargo trailer, unless it's a triple axle. Plus, for the cost of that kit, it's likely cheaper to just trade for a longer trailer.
carringb 03/28/20 06:09am Toy Haulers
RE: Larger replacement fuel tanks for gas trucks

Interesting. I have never had an insurance company ask me if I had an aftermarket gas tank. I would not expect them to ask about it, but if you ask them, they'd have to disclose any applicable exclusions. You hopefully have been sent your full policy details including all exclusions, and should find it in there, if it exists. Exclusions vary widely by carrier and state. I picked my current carrier because it had hardly any exclusions, other than "ride-share" (uber/lyft etc) or other passenger hauling for hire. But I had another carrier previously that had a blanket exclusions for "suspension modifications". I asked them about airbags, and when they couldn't give me a straightforward acceptance, I figured I could be in for trouble if I ever had a claim especially since I've basically done a whole E450 axle and suspension swap front and rear.
carringb 03/27/20 04:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck overheating towing on long steep grades.

That climb is probably the worst you can do. The speeds are low enough to don't get as much cooling as regular highway passes. Mine also hits 230F on that climb, but that's nothing to worry about for short durations. What I did pull over for was my rear diff temp. I finally pulled over when the gauge maxed out. I good the diff once before, so I'm a little more careful now. But that's the only pull that gets that hot so soon.
carringb 03/22/20 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Passenger Side Air Bags on 1998 Ford E-350 Chassis

The pre-'09 E-series did not have a factory switch available, but if you've been in any moving truck, they had them. I'm not sure who made them. For a while, you could buy them through Ryder parts, but I doubt it anymore since the '09+ vans have a factory switch. Might have to find a used U-haul somewhere and try to buy the switch off them. Other than that, you can disable the airbag (I'm pretty sure all '97+ with the RV prep package had both) by buying a dummy resistor. This will keep the airbag light off, and keep the driver side functioning. You'll have to DIY. In order to get a shop to do it, you have to request a waiver from the NHTSA. Or find one that doesn't know the rule. https://www.automotivecircuitsolutions.com/products/bypass-simulate-srs-airbag-emulator-simulator-resistor-diagnostic-tool
carringb 03/22/20 10:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Something about having 4 wheel drive

Monday night, I had nearly 100 miles of black ice from Chemult to Burns, Oregon. Sure was glad I didn't swap out the snow tires last weekend when it was sunny and 60!
carringb 03/18/20 10:56am Class C Motorhomes

Easy. Ford Transit EcoBoost, 148" wheelbase medium or high roof. Plenty of payload, flexible seating (but use a helper... they're heavy!), nice driving in town and on the highway, LOTS of power. AWD is available, and it's AWD system can fully lock the transfer case. Do hold out for a 2020 model. There's quite a few upgrades over the '19 model. https://inventory-dmg.assets-cdk.com/2/8/7/21696944782x640.jpg
carringb 03/18/20 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing issues with short wheel base motorhome

Ok that helps. The goods news, is there is hope for the front end. 1) Try front tire pressure to 50 psi 2) get a full alignment with camber correction, and max out Caster to at least 5-degrees. Ford will cover the initial motorhome alignment.
carringb 03/17/20 10:40am Dinghy Towing
RE: Larger replacement fuel tanks for gas trucks

Aftermarket aux gasoline tanks still have meet all EPA (and CARB in affected states) evaporative emissions standard which usually requires installing a larger Evap system. Not all trucks have the ability to be expanded, wether hardware constrained or software constrained. So... it's a lot of work to make fullly compliant system, limiting availability. Aux gas tanks also have a stricter drop test requirement, and anternatice placements on under 8500# trucks also require crash testing.
carringb 03/15/20 12:58pm Tow Vehicles
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