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RE: Banks Differential Cover

This whole thing reminds me of a solution waiting for a nonexistent problem. Kind of like people freaking out over 240F ATF temps. :R Well I've turned my gear oil into sludge with the stock cover, and turned a couple sets of ring and pinion gears blue from heat, using a "flat back" cover. My diff temp gauge maxes out at 250F. While 250F won't break down synthetic gear oil, it does affect the additives in them, and if I run that hot for a while, I'll end up with limited slip chatter until I change the oil. If I see it climbing past 250F and I'm not near the top of a grade, I pull over and let it cool. Or slow down if I'm not going to hold up any traffic. Does everybody need this? Nope. Not at all. But anybody running over factory GCWR and over factory HP levels, and tows through mountain states, they should at least monitor their diff temps. They might be a candidate. If anything happens to my current flat-back (or I blow up another axle), I might consider one of these. But for now, I'll just continue with my M.O, and pull over for 15 minutes once a year (if that).
carringb 11/09/19 07:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: I take back all the good stuff I've said about Les Schwabs!

Full brake assembly replacement has been their corporate policy for at least the last 20 years. Nothing new there, except that previously local managers had the authority to make exceptions. Most of that local control has gone away, due the "L" word mentioned above. They are upfront about that generally, and if you do need a full brake job, they tend to come in lower than other shops, and much lower than dealers, while having a better warranty. The warranty is 3 years / 25,000 miles. Most OEM brake jobs, and some large chains, only get a 1 year warranty. And some private shops only do a 90 day warranty. If they do one at all. They've never done oil changes.
carringb 11/05/19 06:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford V10 Catalytic Converter

This place claims to have them. I also see them on ebay, don't know how good hey are. * This post was edited 11/03/19 09:23pm by T18skyguy * Thanks. These are universal fit ones that require welding. Have found a few of those. Looking to bolt on the existing piping.Why, so they can easily steal it again. Get one welded on. Installation doesn't matter. Either way it's only few seconds with a sawzall. Nobody is breaking bolts loose to steel a cat.
carringb 11/04/19 10:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10 Catalytic Converter

I replaced mine last year, simply because with almost 500,000 miles, it wasn't cleaning up the exhaust well anymore. I went through my local muffler shop, and they had a couple options for a high-flow replacement units designed for the V10. It wasn't cheap (pretty close $1,000), but clean exhaust is important to me, since I do idle extensively at times for stationary power. I don't believe salvage yards are supposed to sell used cats, because they can't verify that they are any good still.
carringb 11/04/19 08:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sway Control options - help please

X2 - If you already have the Reese system, it's a minor upgrade to add the dual-cam setup, which works very well.
carringb 10/30/19 11:30am Towing
RE: Pig tail propane tank connector hoses.

I'd love to hear a recommendation too. I've had this same problem. Seem I get about 2 years a hose.
carringb 10/30/19 06:17am Travel Trailers
RE: 28 Foot / Chevy Chassis, Looking to upgrade suspension...

I'm a fan a sumo springs. They are a great supplement for supporting a cargo load. They are not however, a fix for sagging or overloaded leaf springs. If might not hurt to weight your coach first, to get a baseline. If you are at or over GAWR, you might need to add a leaf first. They probably won't do anything for getting blown around (sway bar and shocks help more with this), but they can improve the loaded ride of you coach. And it's a good idea to weight anyways, to make sure you aren't overloaded on the rear tires. "28 foot" models tend to ride on short wheelbases compared to their overall length, so diligent loading can be really important.
carringb 10/30/19 06:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

You would be better off buying a class C and towing your minivan on a dolly. No way in the world you should try and fit 6 people in a crew cab pickup for more than an hour. Most class C's don't have the CCC for a family. Some only have 900lbs! Hardly enough for a couple let alone a family of 6. That's not always true. Yes, many luxury versions are really tailored for couples. But some larger family floor-plans have nearly 2000 pounds of CCC on the E450 chassis. This certainly wouldn't leave a lot of headroom for packing heavy, but with 7500 pounds of towing capacity, some of the cargo can go in the toad! Just one example with enough seatbelts and sleeping space, and over 1900 pounds CCC: https://forestriverinc.com/rvs/ImageHandler.ashx?ImageID=99420 width=600
carringb 10/29/19 07:40am Towing
RE: In-Coil Airbags

There should be no vertical free-play unloaded/deflated. The include some plastic "pucks" to take up the space. With too much slack, they'll build pressure without support weight. They need to be compressed when deflated to really work imo. FWIW - I can lift my front end about 1.5" with them. My unloaded front axle weight is 3,500 pound and 5,000 pounds with a full load, so that's probably even more than your rear axle.
carringb 10/28/19 01:10pm Towing
RE: In-Coil Airbags

They work for me. I have them them in the front coils, and the van goes up and down when they are inflated with a load. I generally fill them up after loading, but sometimes I leave them inflated between loads and it doesn't make a difference that I can tell. Beware that adding the load after initial inflation will make psi go up. So don't start at 50 psi. Maybe start at 25 psi, add the hitch weight, then check the current pressure.
carringb 10/28/19 11:33am Towing
RE: Remanufactured parts rant.....

Same here. When I was running the shop, I had a ton of remand starter and alternator failures. Remans are fine for getting back on the road, but for my personal cars I just buy new OEM-grade parts. Worst one was the AC compressor on the van. Original got oil started from a tiny pinhole leak where a loose line rubbed the firewall. Went through a couple of remans before finally putting in a new Denso compressor. It's a big jump in price, but since you have to replace the filter/drier each time, the reman gets more expensive fast.
carringb 10/27/19 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Class'C' E-450 Ford V10 lacks power?

One more thought... Make sure there isn't a rodent nest in the air cleaner! When I was running a shop, this was the number 1 cause for lack-of-power complaints. Especially in the fall.
carringb 10/24/19 06:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2020 Class'C' E-450 Ford V10 lacks power?

Nope. The E-series never got a power reduction. 1st thing to check is that nothing is obstructed. Some V10s a while back had a plastic flaps installed wrong, which would nearly completely obstruct the intake opening behind the grill. The next thing I'd check is visually verifying nothing on the exhaust has been crushed. Other than than, probably best to schedule an appointment with Ford.
carringb 10/23/19 07:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Upgraded my tow vehicle, do I still need a WDH?

If you are under the "weight carrying" tongue weight rating on your hitch receiver, I'd skip it on your setup. But it probably requires WD over 500 pounds, and I suspect you actual tongue weight is above that.
carringb 10/23/19 05:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Heavier WD Bars Or Different Sway Control

About the only thing you can do is add more weight. If I'm towing in high winds, I keep the fresh water tank full. That adds another 950 pounds directly over my trailer axles, and helps immensely in extreme conditions.
carringb 10/22/19 12:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Clickbait truck ads

Here's the 2022 version: https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--PyQf7bLV--/c_scale,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/mqmjoseo6xvq70e5sspm.png
carringb 10/20/19 04:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: General thoughts on Hybrids

You are right about that and I would be much more interested in a Tesla if it could be flat towed. Even more interested if the Tesla could be programmed to use regen to assist the brakes on my motorhome and charge itself. And even more interested if it could regen enough to power itself up hills and on starts. I don't know how that would be so different from ordinary driving. Of course, the same would apply to any hybrid as well. Yup. This very much. Ford especially has missed the boat here. They have a line-up of towable plug-in hybrids, and they make nearly all gas motorhome chassis. The CAN-BUS network could easily command the toad to regen when braking or just holding speed on downgrades. Push-assist would be great too but nobody's tow bars have been engineered with that in mind... But regen braking would not load the tow-bar any different than an aux braking system.
carringb 10/19/19 09:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: General thoughts on Hybrids

Why stop at hybrid instead of going full electric? Range and battery life keep getting better. Assuming Plug-In-Hybrid: - upwards of 95% of miles on battery. - Priced about the same as ICE vs 30% upcharge for BEV. - If you do have to take a long road trip, just stop 5min to fill up. - If battery pack does die, it's much smaller and cheaper than a BEV. Basically the vast majority of the advantages without the downsides. Another reason: Some plug-in hybrids can be flat towed. I'm not aware of any full EVs that allow flat-towing aside from very limited emergency towing.
carringb 10/19/19 07:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 F-150

Actually the first version of the Triton V10 had between 305 and 310 horsepower and 420 to 425 lb-ft of torque. Nope. The 1st gen V10 came out in the E-series in '97 with 265 hp. The E-series got the "P.I." heads with more power in '99 when the new SuperDuty came out with the same upgrade.
carringb 10/15/19 03:55pm Towing
RE: 2019 F-150

Wow. So now everybody thinks 290 horsepower can't pull 3,500 pounds???? That's more horsepower than the original Triton V10 made! Sure, the turbo motors are far superior, but I don't think that part of the question. OP - You'll be fine. It'll be spinning fast at times and you won't be able to tow in 6th gear, but it'll get the job done easily.
carringb 10/15/19 07:13am Towing
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