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RE: OH to CT- I-80 or I-90?

I-90 is actually the better ride. A lot less truck traffic. Truckers avoid the tolls and stay on I-80 when it splits in Ohio. Plus the road tends to be in better shape (probably because of less traffic). I have not been on 90 in the past couple months. I got roped into a Scranton run last week... 80 in PA has numerous single lane construction zones that back up. NOTHING NEW. I avoid the east coast. So I can't say what is being destructed beyond Scranton.
cbshoestring 09/13/22 05:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: RV, campgrounds near Cleveland

Google puts the average stay at the hall of fame at 2 hrs. Sounds more like a day trip. If planning extended stay. Geneva on the Lake....hour east. Cedar Point out to the west....hr or so. Also seems to be a place called Roundup Lake about 30 minutes east.
cbshoestring 08/19/22 08:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pulled to the left when being passed by Big Rigs

As a fellow glamper, and someone who drives a big ol' road hog, I say ditto to riding the white line. Some of ya'll seem to forget that contraption behind you is 7.5-8 feet wide. You start hugging the zipper with the TV, that toy your hauling is taking up space I need. At 108" wide, there isn't much left of my lane that I am not using. Sure hate to suck you in, start rubbing like NASCAR. By the way.....even big trucks feel a bit of tug when another rolls by. Tends to be more of a rock than a tug...but it is felt.
cbshoestring 08/19/22 06:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: I-71 to I-70 thru Columbus Ohio

Construction through the city is still a nightmare. Using 270, around the city, is not bad.....outside of rush hour.
cbshoestring 08/12/22 09:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Anderson Camper Levelers

In your scenario you have to guess how many blocks you need, try and hope you are right. If you're right, perfect. If you aren't, you pull forward and adjust and try again. With the Andersons, you climb up the angle until its perfect and you're done. At best its the same amount of time, at worst, it isn't. I place a level on rear bumper. Determine number of blocks needed...drive aboard. Most importantly. The blocks have never slipped. Which is why the Anderson is somewhere in the back of my storage compartment.
cbshoestring 07/29/22 08:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anderson Camper Levelers

Had one slip, I haven't used since. I feel much more secure driving up on the interlocking blocks.
cbshoestring 07/24/22 06:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chicago to Cedar City, UT - route 70 or 80?

First....I-26 from 80 down to 70 is a miserable, bumpy road. Second...Check out a topographical map. I-70 goes up and over. I-80 runs above the major peaks. This means the grades are steeper on 70. Whereas 80 tends to have longer, gradual climbs. Once you hit Utah. 15 is a nice ride through the valley. Either way.....watch the winds. It snowed my last time...80 was closed and Denver got snow for graduation....yeah MAY.
cbshoestring 07/19/22 01:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: What Type Nail is This?

I have used many picture hooks, but none with a fancy nail. What is the purpose? The picture hangs on the HOOK. How does having a nail with a fancy washer, that looks like a sprocket, help the picture stay put? Seems from the pictures, that it just forces the head out farther...in the way.
cbshoestring 06/21/22 03:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Disadvantages of flipping trailer axles?

Flipped ours this year. I finally got tired of dragging WDH bars in/out of parking lots. Biggest issue was I had to buy a two step entry, because the single step was to far from the ground. Gained right at 5". I no longer worry about dragging. I have felt no towable difference. Probably going to buy another 10pk of leveling blocks. The stabilizers are stretched out.
cbshoestring 06/18/22 04:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Don't let your guard down, Covid is still out there...

I have worked through the pandemic. Traveling to many "hot spots" early on when it dominated the news. No shot, no booster, no covid. Slightly over 2 yrs, I have yet to see a truck stop, rest area, or scale house that has offered testing or shots. I guess the ESSENTIAL workers are now expendable, since the world no longer thinks they need us. I hope your friend feels better soon.
cbshoestring 06/14/22 03:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel fuel prices … how is that affecting your RV travel ?

I have a Hemi, buy I'm sure it's the same for diesel. When the bank teller counted out $100.00 bills, I repeat.... one stop for fuel, 2nd stop for fuel, 3rd stops for fuel, 4th stop.....
cbshoestring 06/11/22 02:50pm RV Lifestyle
RE: When the water pump turns on by itself.

I really hadn't given the water pump or toilet valve, much thought over the years. Since replacing the valve on Wednesday, I find myself being very intuned to the sound of the pump. We have stayed on tank water, even though we are full hook-up. All has been good. Replacement valve (Thetford Aqua Magic v) doing its job. Enjoying Ohio Amish country. Big thumbs up to Evergreen Park RV Resort, LTD.
cbshoestring 06/10/22 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: When the water pump turns on by itself.

I know stuff can happen while on the road too, but I always do my 'driveway' tests before leaving for a trip. Get all the services going a day or two before and monitor. Mitch I did a complete service prior to leaving. Things never break when convenient. Dealer charged me $50.00 for a part Amazon could have delivered for $30.00. Spent the extra $20.00 for the satisfaction of having it fixed NOW, while we need it. Cheaper than a tank of gas.
cbshoestring 06/09/22 08:33am General RVing Issues
When the water pump turns on by itself.

We started out this week long trip at a state park with just an electric hook-up. Not long after settling in, I hear the water pump kick in, even though no one is using water. My spidey senses alert me to trouble. Sit and listen. Yep, there it is again. The pump did a quick on and off. NEWBIE ALERT: Pressurizing your water system using the pump is a good way to check for leaks. The system should hold pressure. If the pump turns on by itself....find the leak. The toilet bowl was almost overflowing. Apparently the valve was leaking...luckily into the bowl. Picked up a new valve on the way to 2nd camp ground. Not a major deal with some basic hand tools. Quick removal of toilet. NO...those chemicals do NOT make the black tank smell citric lemony fresh. Quick change of the value. Reinstall toilet. Very thankful that I caught it BEFORE overflowing. Turning the pump on, only when needed...keeping an eye on the bowl, sure beats the mess it could have been.
cbshoestring 06/09/22 07:37am General RVing Issues
RE: holiday

Better half and I will enjoy this Saturday and Sunday at home. Take off next Saturday for a trip to the Ark Encounter/Creation Museum in Kentucky. Then up to Sugar Creek,OH for Amish, flea Market, and a big old coocoo clock. I work Monday, so if you see an old school looking, long-nosed, red Peterbilt (pulling a black trailer), on your way home....wave
cbshoestring 05/27/22 08:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Unknown or erroneous title on single axle fifth wheel

Anyone else notice the caster wheels on the legs. No more backing up....just unhook and push into your CG site.
cbshoestring 05/27/22 08:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can 19 Silverado 1500 pull 23rslw jayco with just a ball

This past weekend I made three trips to the landscape place, where each time I picked up a ton of top soil with my 1/2 ton truck. Don't tell the weight police. Or many that respond to posts similar to this one. My personal opinion is.... While the truck is more than capable of making this two hour trip, even while improperly set up, I don't believe the O.P. is capable of making such a trip. A bit of tail dragging, while sitting up to see over the hood, is standard pickup usage. A tad of trailer wiggle would be expected from a seasoned tower. The O.P. does not sound as if he has any trailering experience. That could make for a white knuckles drive. Suggestion for the O.P..... Have the dealer install the WDH. Have them explain hook up and unhooking. Immediately after leaving dealer, find a large parking lot or deserted street. Go about 30 mph and wiggle the wheel hard left and right. Hit the brakes hard a couple of times. Give yourself some ideas of how the trailer responds...and how it effects your truck. It's easy for for experienced towers to say "go for it". However, someone new to towing should seek professional set-up. With as much explanation of the set-up process as possible. Then cautiously drive home.
cbshoestring 05/19/22 09:23am Travel Trailers
Do NOT blow air into onboard water vent

I know you experts know better. For everyone else We don't normally use the onboard water. I give it a spring run-through, forget about it. In a couple weeks we will use it. So, I figured a bit of bleech and a good flushing was called for. For some reason the vent/overflow screen was on the ground. I reinstalled it. I noticed right away that even low flow of water was causing back-flow. I briefly thought of running a coat hanger into the vent...or maybe hitting it with a blast of air. Luckily, my inner self suggests I remove the vent hose. Flushing it outside of the trailer. Whatever it was...reminded me of a miniature version of the gunk that clogs the shower drain. Imagine blowing or pushing that BACK INTO the fresh water tank. The good news is....tank does its job, pump works. I filled/drained it several times. Gave the system a good flushing. Still probably drink bottled water, but at least I know the toilet will be using safe water.
cbshoestring 05/15/22 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Can Tow providers mount new tire to wheel ?

Many trucking companies carry a spare. Just about any large fleet tire service can remove/remount a tire on the side of the road. Depending on tire location... they can do it without removing the rim from the vehicle.
cbshoestring 05/11/22 07:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Vacation Home Buying Fizzling. RV's too?

My brother looked at a toy hauler listed at $40,000. Everyone told him dealers would not negotiate, because sales are sizzling. He offered $30,000. They came back at $35,000 He told them he really needed to be at 30, because he was going to need a WDH plus numerous accessories. They settled on 31,500. Dealer provided/installed WDH. Plus gave him $250 in store credit for some goodies. They are atleast back to recognizing the 30% markup that they don't really need.
cbshoestring 05/10/22 03:16pm General RVing Issues
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