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RE: Bad Gramer

Articles abound about corporations having to do remedial education for college educated employees. Many of us (of a certain age) had far better high school educations than today's college graduates. Quite sad to see so many examples of dumbing down.cts My original post contained mention of today's "schooling," but apparently, while moderate in tone, was insufficiently PC and was Modited out. Disturbing. ------------------Political and religious posts, pictures, links, signatures etc. are not allowed in these forums and may be removed without notice or discussion. We could have removed the entire post.... (Mod)
cekkk 08/27/15 12:42pm Around the Campfire
Bad Gramer

And pour speling and run on sentences and words out wit know puncuahun an to much miss use of loosing... But it's not limited to the lowly masses. News organizations often commit the same errors. Where are the editors? Proofing my work is becoming very tiresome. Most of my errors are a result of lousy computer keyboards and cursors jumping all around the page. Ain't My Fault!
cekkk 08/26/15 04:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Do you like towing?

Nvr2loud, too complicated to quote, but x2 on the scale. :C
cekkk 08/26/15 03:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you like towing?

After reading the last few posts, towing might be more of a chore for those whose experience is mostly commuting a few miles to work and just driving around town. DW drove school buses 30 years and I've always spent a lot of time on the highways. Neither of us have a problem towing. You can see some folks can't even merge their Subarus into interstate traffic smoothly or jump into 70 mph traffic at 35, can't turn right onto an open merge lane if traffic in other lanes is in sight, etc. Those folks are almost certain to find towing difficult.
cekkk 08/26/15 01:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: TV Sucked Left by Trucks

Thanks, guys. 3oaks, I looked at the first few posts of that link and am now so glad I asked RV.net and not my son-in-law, who, being a real rocket scientist, would have explained the whole of the physics to me! :S
cekkk 08/26/15 01:06pm Towing
RE: Do you like towing?

Idiots aside, the biggest problem I have is the lack of truck stops between Colorado Springs and Albuquerque. There's now a very nice one north of Las Vegas NM, but if I miss that, it's a pain. If we take US285, there is really just a large gas station with diesel a couple miles off the highway in Espanola NM.
cekkk 08/26/15 12:37pm Travel Trailers
TV Sucked Left by Trucks

I've been happy for about three years with my Equalizer setup. But it may not be set perfectly. On interstates large trucks that pass me suck the TV a tad towards them about when their tractor overtakes the TT. It's brief and no problem control-wise, but is this normal? Rig is level with around 40# air pressure in the bags and front end has just a little lighter feel than when not towing. I've had another WDH setup where the front axle was very bouncy, so I know the difference. I have not put it on a CAT scale since doing so a few times when the rig was new.
cekkk 08/26/15 12:26pm Towing
RE: No Power Off Battery, 30 Amp Trailer

Follow up. Sunday night nothing worked. Monday took it to local horse trailer dealer. Jerry plugged it in and everything worked. ac plugs all live, etc. He put the multimeter on what I'll call the leads under the breakers and got zip. Cutting power off and on the converter fan tried and failed to start. He says the problem is between the rear of the TT where the power cord and EMS are and the panel in the kitchen. It's now at a Jayco dealer I once used for a minor problem. (not CW) and they won't get to it for a month. That isn't a problem as our season is over unless we head south in November. Their tech seemed to understand what the problem was, although he didn't say so in so many words.
cekkk 08/26/15 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Preparing Generators for Storage

I'm going to flip flop and go with the empty tank and the run-til-dry carb. And I still think we're getting screwed with the 85 octane thing. :B
cekkk 08/21/15 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: No Power Off Battery, 30 Amp Trailer

Wa8yxm, No, still not working. I pulled that pair of 30 reverse polarity fuses. The one that came out was fine. The other fell into the ether. But having replaced it, still no power. I'm thinking a short. Doubt if I'll be able to find it myself and am about to go out and work on it. Probably have to take it down to our local horse trailer shop Monday. They're very good at finding problems and cost less/hr than RV shops, the closest of which is 40 miles away. We don't have a gas pump in town, but we've got a great repair shop!
cekkk 08/19/15 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: Preparing Generators for Storage

And while no one mentions this, our gas is 85 octane, so add another 15 cents to match most areas' 87 octane regular. In most cases you don't need to run 87 octane in our area because of our thinner air. 85 octane works fine for most vehicles. I haven't used it in many years since I had a 454 GM in a tow vehicle. True, but my point is, we're getting a cheaper product at a premium price. Years ago, don't know if it's still available, there was one brand that offered several octane grades, one of which was below then regular. And it was cheaper. Might have been Sunoco.
cekkk 08/19/15 11:44am Tech Issues
RE: No Power Off Battery, 30 Amp Trailer

I have more information. DW and I got to talking about it at dinner. She recalled that she went down to the TT that evening because she saw a light had been left on. It was then that things went south when she opened the door. That narrows it a bit. A couple hours ago I came up with a 30 amp fuse to replace the one I dropped. The words "reverse polarity" were by their slots. So do they just blow when the battery has been hooked up wrong? Will be following those suggestions tomorrow.
cekkk 08/18/15 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Preparing Generators for Storage

Yikes! What is that, like $1.50 more per gallon? Glad I don't need it. Maybe things are better for you up north, but the more oil drops, the higher the pump price. Woodland Park went from 2.79 down to 2.69, then as oil dropped into the 40s it shot up over 2.80. Costco in Colo Spgs was almost 2.70 that same day. If oil drops into the $30/bbl I may have to park everything! I'm thinking the locals heard about the shortage in the midwest and saw that as as an excuse to squeeze the last dollar out of the vacationing public. Cheaper in NM, AZ and WY. And while no one mentions this, our gas is 85 octane, so add another 15 cents to match most areas' 87 octane regular.
cekkk 08/18/15 06:56pm Tech Issues
RE: No Power Off Battery, 30 Amp Trailer

30A fuses you pulled.......where they on the 'converter'? IF so....those are 'reverse polarity' fuses that would trip/isolating battery if it was hooked up backwards (also w/o them no recharging from converter when on AC Power) Auto resets...20A probably for slide out and 12.5 probably for power jack Those two 30 amp fuses are at the top of the panel where the breakers and 12V fuses are located. That's the best I can say.
cekkk 08/18/15 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Preparing Generators for Storage

Real gas in Colorado. buyrealgas.com Yup, it's available on S 10th Street right off Hwy. 24. $3.999/gallon.
cekkk 08/18/15 04:59pm Tech Issues
No Power Off Battery, 30 Amp Trailer

What am I missing? A couple weeks ago DW told me she had gone down to the trailer, opened the door and something popped and all was dark. She doesn't remember telling me and I don't recall exactly what she said happened. The battery was old, I had already purchased a replacement. Today I installed the new one (correctly) and still no power to anything. I didn't really expect that battery to cure anything. I've checked the fuse from the positive terminal to the battery cut off switch, turned main 30 amp breaker off and back on, pushed two unknown to me auto resets, one says 20 amp and the other 12.5 I believe. I pulled both 30 amp fuses. One was okay but I dropped the other and not sure whether it's okay or burned. I can't see where it went so have to get a replacement. I can pull it into the driveway and give it shore power but thought I'd ask here before doing much else so I don't cause another problem. I'll appreciate your suggestions.
cekkk 08/18/15 04:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Preparing Generators for Storage

MEXICOWANDERER, I'm shocked, truly shocked that you'd criticize EPA! Why, when Exxon or BP have a spill, the effects will last for decades. But when EPA dumps arsenic and lead in our Animas River, the effects were gone in a few days! Only our government has such skill. To other posters, thanks. Dampness is not a problem here, especially at our elevation. I have shutoffs on my ATVs, but not this generator. Since I've got Stabil, I'll go with the full tank plan.
cekkk 08/17/15 04:19pm Tech Issues
RE: If you could get a new one today.....

Our Eagle has been as close to perfect as I'd ever expect a trailer could be and we love the floor plan, which no longer is available. And it has a half dozen 2000+ mile trips on it, dozens of 250 miles trips, and gets the tar beat out of it every time we take it down our rocky road. Frankly, I'm very hesitant to buy a new one, as it seems quality has slipped. I'm hoping this one lasts as long as we're able to camp with it. That shank is getting heavier every year!
cekkk 08/17/15 03:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trade in question

BTW, the trailer I traded in was a 2008 Keystone Springdale 266RL and I got $10,500 for it on trade. Might give you an idea of what you could get for your '08 trailer. We need more information than that. If your new one listed for 40k and they gave you 10.5 trade-in, as one dealer tried on me, you gave them your trade-in for nothing and still paid too much. Not saying you did, just asking for more information.
cekkk 08/17/15 03:16pm Travel Trailers
Preparing Generators for Storage

I searched storing generators and didn't come up with anything, so I'll ask here. First question, we had a need for a generator a couple times recently and the Ryobi I bought did the job. But now I'm trying to run the gas out of it to avoid a carb problem. Just how much fuel is still there when the bottom of the tank shows no fuel? It seems to run on "empty" forever. Second question, is it okay to run it dry with no load on it? Thanks.
cekkk 08/17/15 03:05pm Tech Issues
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