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RE: Test

1, 2, 3....... Look at Mr. Lee... 3, 4, 5...
cekkk 04/21/14 07:14am Forum Technical Support
RE: Tehachapi pass

You don't allow private messages, so I'll just adivse you lay off the brakes on descents and use your gears.
cekkk 04/18/14 05:31pm Roads and Routes
RE: FW pump question

Thanks. Soon as the snow melts enough I can get to it I'll look for that valve.
cekkk 04/09/14 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Words That Melt My Brain

It's sherbet, not sherbert. Almost nobody gets that right. I know that, but still say sherbert. Same with wash. Worsh. Like somebody said, old habits.
cekkk 04/08/14 04:31pm Around the Campfire
FW pump question

I have only used our TT's pump to winterize so am not familiar with it otherwise. However, our 1st night of our return trip from AZ was predicted to be pretty cold, so I pumped ten or so gallons into the unsanitized fresh water tank so we could flush and not have the hose freeze up. It did drop to 15F. It would only pump the prime hose water poured into the tube, so I filled a couple gallons of water from the park's spigot and just went ahead and winterized. It worked fine pulling from the antifreeze bottle. The next day I noticed a slow drip from one of the low point drains. Could this have allowed enough air into the system to cause the pump to not pump from the FW tank?
cekkk 04/08/14 04:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Northbound Snowbirds - How was Your Trip?

Back home to Snow? I bet you wished you had stayed another couple of weeks:B You Becha. It's 7 degrees this morning! "....mowed my lawns yesterday in 60 deg sunshine on Vancouver Island!" Ehh?? ;)
cekkk 04/04/14 07:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Northbound Snowbirds - How was Your Trip?

We will be returning for our fourth winter. Have a shed with washer/dryer, fridge and all the other stuff in place. Hauling the TT back and forth is getting old. Neither of us wants a park model but we are considering other options, maybe even a house. If you all down there could just do something about those high summer temps, that would help a lot. I'm beginning to think you just don't care. After all, our leaders want to change the world's climate, couldn't you get to work on that little problem? :B
cekkk 04/03/14 10:44am General RVing Issues
Northbound Snowbirds - How was Your Trip?

Well, we departed AZ Sunday afternoon, a little late, as a neighbor's car was parked in a way as to block our exit. Rather than await their return we backed out across the empty spot behind us. This required quite a bit of jockeying around power posts and water spigots, but with a friend on one side, me on the other, DW behind the wheel, we got out without a mishap. She then climbed out of the truck and into her SUV, which pulls a couple of toys on a flatbed, and off we went, up and out of the Valley. 145 miles later we stopped for the night in a familiar campground. Had to put a little water in the FW tank so we could put the hose away for the night. Good idea, as the thermometer read 15 as we left at 6:30 the following morning. For a change we had no wind to help or hurt for the rest of the day, which is unusual because I can usually count on a crosswind on I-40. Stopped at La Mesa RV just west of Albuquerque for an item and a question. They brought out a tech who answered with a smile. Good place. Stopped at a KOA on I-25 just north of Santa Fe. Lots of trees, easy to navigate, and a very nice couple of owners. Tuesday was a different matter. Soon after crossing over Raton Pass and entering Colorado we were hit with very high winds out of the west. Then east. Then west again. RVs pulled over resolving various problems. DW called and said my steps were down! Folded them back up and a few miles later, down again. Some wind. A crawl under the camper with some heavy twine solved the problem and we were off. At 50 mph. Then a traffic backup in Colorado Springs so everyone could get a good look at the accident on the other side of the highway. Finally, after nine hours and only 350 miles, we were up Ute Pass and into Park County and home. Unloaded yesterday, got all the vehicles under cover and awoke this morning to a snowstorm. So do you have any stories about your return from winter quarters?
cekkk 04/03/14 09:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Asthma and Arizona and another caution

We come down to the valley for the winter and run our ATVs and UTV across miles of desert to get to the mountain trails. Talk about dust! This year I didn't wear a mask all the time and ended up with a cough that persisted for about a month. The PA or whatever was pretty but careful not to give a diagnosis, just an inhaler and a bill. Got over it and rode all through it, but with a mask. And I'm 70+. The rest of the year we live at nearly 9000', and that has its own set of difficulties, yet we're both healthy. So my guess is, health problems are less about an area and more about the person.
cekkk 03/22/14 08:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Question for the guys

ARGHHH! Get me outta here! :E
cekkk 03/22/14 07:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Noise from Hot Water Heater

Oldbisquit. Never have in 3 yrs. Time to do that. But never heard any sound before. Hope you are right.
cekkk 03/16/14 02:53pm Tech Issues
Noise from Hot Water Heater

Left the camper a couple of nights ago for several hours. My habit is to shut off the WH and the outside water spigot. When we arrived back late in the evening I turned on the WH (electric) but went to bed forgetting to turn the water back on. Got up yesterday morning and realized the water was still off. Went to the door and on the way heard a sound a bit like a motor. Turned off the electricity to the WH and it quit immediately. WH is working fine, its tank was full all the time, so what might that noise have been?
cekkk 03/16/14 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: Cost of food while camping ... does it have to be high?

I just have to ask.... That's pretty nice. But if you can afford to dine out at such ostentatious (fancy word, I know) restaurants, why would you be sleeping in a travel trailer and not an staying in an equally pretentious, pompous, extravagant and otherwise garish hotel room?? Something does not add up... :h When camping we never bring any food. We always eat out in restaurants like this.... http://www.paris4travel.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Gastronomic_Restaurants-in-Paris.jpg This is what makes travelling fun. Experiencing what is in front of you. We stayed at the Fairmount in Banff, close to $800 for a night, only to bring a cooler to the room and nibble from it. We were not that hungry to eat a full meal. Some nights we camped, others we have stayed in a hotel. Whatever the mood. Doh! And dummy me thought downtheroad was being jocular!
cekkk 03/16/14 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Black Tank Question

Thanks for the replies.
cekkk 03/15/14 10:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank Question

You can do it as long as you don't get distracted and forget to turn it off. Don't ask how I know this. Forget? Turn what off? Oh! Yeah. :B
cekkk 03/15/14 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Cost of food while camping ... does it have to be high?

We eat the same as we do at home. DW has loyality cards from every grocery store we have ever visited, so it doesn't cost us any more than it would at home. First thing we do when we visit a new to us grocery chain is, I sign up for a loyality card and she starts shopping. Ever notice that those "loyalty" cards usually just get the price down to real retail? Like to $2/lb. spaghetti that's BYGO with the card. Gets the price down to a buck a pound, just ten or 20% higher than WM.
cekkk 03/15/14 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Long drive for new TT!!

We drove 995 miles to purchase our Eagle. Our "local" dealers aren't close by either. Both are over a hundred miles away. And they were at least $2k higher on the deal, plus almost that much more in destination charge. Our dealer was so close to the plant that there is no destination charge on our contract. And the trip was the halfway point to my DW's relatives, so the whole thing goes down as vacation travel. Having said all that, we are retired and money means more than time to us. Years ago I would have paid the additional dollars and bought closer to home regardless of warranty questions. But I will admit, had we had problems, we would have had problems! As others have said, it's difficult to find a dealer willing to do warranty work on a "foreign" camper. Chances are, our next rig will probably be bought here in the Phoenix area, while we are wintering, where there are many dealers. It will cost more of our savings, but the kids would just spend it on their own toys! :B
cekkk 03/15/14 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Replacing tank gauges.

Mine work fine. All the lights light all the time! LOL
cekkk 03/15/14 11:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Cost of food while camping ... does it have to be high?

We do weekend camping trips in the summer with out Good Sam club members. We often joke that we're an eating club that enjoys camping. On these trips our food is brought from home, for the most part. But in the winter, living in the camper for several months, we eat pretty much as we do at home but a few more restaurant meals than at stick home, but that's because there we live an hour or more and many miles from restaurants.
cekkk 03/15/14 10:46am Travel Trailers
Black Tank Question

While using the sewer flushing connection on the outside of my camper I wondered if I could close both tank valves and then run water into both tanks briefly in order to get three or so gallons into the black tank instead of dumping it down the toilet. After shutting off the hose, the grey tank valve would then be opened as usual. I've never heard of anyone doing this, so would it cause a problem? :h
cekkk 03/15/14 10:12am Tech Issues
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