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RE: photo test

Just curious. Did they shut down the airport for you when you arrived at the global warming convention??? ;)
cekkk 07/30/15 01:40pm Forum Technical Support
RE: New Forum?

Under "Location" see Roads and Routes. I think that might do the trick without setting up another forum.
cekkk 07/29/15 12:26pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Trailer Brake Gain

The tow haul was working well but it was in second gear and still accelerating. I saw other truck and trailers pulling over but my thinking was to keep air moving across the brakes to keep them cool. Was I thinking correctly? Or should I pull over every so often to allow them to cool down in situations like this? When you say the truck was still accelerating, I assume you mean it was continuing to gains speed in tow haul. Normal on a 6% or greater grade. That is precisely where an exhaust brake or engine brake would be of assistance. The vast majority of drivers who pull over are not prepared for mountain driving, either skill-wise or equipment-wise. But better safe than sorry, so if you feel things are heating up, pulling over will make you feel better if nothing else. Of course, it would require more braking to come to a stop! Every now and then flat landers descending the Pikes Peak Highway overheat their brakes with differing results. One Kansas pair of ladies lost their lives a while back when they lost their car's brakes and compounded the problem by switching off the ignition. Now, no brakes, no steering. Don't fear the mountains, just prepare for them.
cekkk 07/26/15 02:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help Me Find 2 Bedroom / Two Bedrooms Travel Trailers?

Two bedroom trailers are out there, for sure. Can't recall the brand but we saw a rig that had a rear mother-in-law apt. complete with bathroom. Pretty neat, but not for us.
cekkk 07/26/15 01:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer Brake Gain

First off, stop thinking so much about brakes and think more towards downshifting to 2nd and using an exhaust brake. Maybe the 150 doesn't come with one as the new 350 I drove does. But on my older 350 I've added a Pacbrake and seldom need to apply the brakes (make sure overdrive is off). If the grade requires braking I'll downshift to 2nd. We live at 9000' feet, and DW and I both avoid over-braking. Before we were experienced we (I) overheated the brakes coming off of Mosquito Pass on the Leadville side in our old Bronco. Luckily, they held until I got into town. What a surprise when I blew through a stop sign without even slowing. You don't want that to happen with or without a trailer pushing you. And it's a great aid even on level roads when that yellow light pops up or some clown cuts in front of you in traffic.
cekkk 07/26/15 01:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: How do I hook a 3 pin connector to a 4 pin?

Don't know if it would work, but it's not a very sanitary solution. Get an adapter is my suggestion.
cekkk 07/26/15 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Fresh Water/Pump questions

After reading your comments I took another look. My Atwood has a line coming off the pump on the inside side. It splits, with a valve that controls the hose and another that must go to supply the TT. I closed the one to the hose and that stopped the sucking. But I also opened the "supply" valve. Turning the pump on I got a trickle on cold side. Now that I think of it, I don't recall ever closing it. Should it be open or closed? And to add to the confusion I saw water pouring out of the WH outside. Sure enough, no plug. I usually keep it right there but it's gone. Can i still get water pumping inside with pressure if I bypass the WH? I'd try things before asking, but I'd rather go out with a plan.
cekkk 07/15/15 08:04pm Tech Issues
Fresh Water/Pump questions

Haven't used my onboard water in this TT, only once in the other one. I want to sanitize the water system. I'm adding water now, maybe 15 gallons so far. half cup Clorox is in. No leaks inside. WH bypass is open so it can fill. Do I need to seal the hose that is used to prime the pump for winterizing? It's open on the end and sucks air when pump turned on but not water coming from faucets. May not have had enough water in tank when I turned it on. No water is coming out of low point drains. Right now I am just wanting water to pour when I turn pump on and open a faucet. Any suggestions? thanks.
cekkk 07/15/15 05:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold Shelves

Thanks. I'm about to head out there now, it's behind the garage now, and load for this weekend. I'll take a flashlight this time!
cekkk 07/15/15 03:04pm Tech Issues
Norcold Shelves

DW was cleaning the fridge today and could not remove the shelves. I looked at them, there is a clip at the rear to prevent them from sliding forward. Can that clip be removed and reinstalled?
cekkk 07/14/15 06:20pm Tech Issues
RE: No Power

I used the wrong word on the disconnect switch. It was closed. I guess open breaks the circuit. Anyway, after a couple hours the light on the tongue jack works. We're in monsoon season and I'll have to wait to move the TT in the morning. I checked the voltage on the new battery a couple days ago, it's fine. Thanks to all.
cekkk 07/10/15 09:47pm Tech Issues
RE: No Power

Thanks, OB, I guess you just taught me that plugging in to TV still requires using the TT's battery. I'll plug it into shore power a while and see if it takes enough charge by sunset to raise the tongue jack. Otherwise, I'll catch it in the morning, using new or old battery.
cekkk 07/10/15 06:02pm Tech Issues
No Power

My 4 year old battery has been sitting, not charging, for nearly 5 months. I have a new battery purchased to replace it, hoping to do that before what is happening happened. Dumb. So now I plug the power cord into my truck and nada. It's run down, but, one, shouldn't it be grabbing from the truck? The battery disconnect switch is open. I think it would take a charge if I plug the TT power cord into shore power. Would you try that? My aim is to get the TT up to my garage where it will be easier to switch out the batteries and do other maintenance. Also to learn something here. Thanks.
cekkk 07/10/15 05:39pm Tech Issues
Fly Spray

Is it just me? My old fly sprays used to kill the flies. But the last few years I've found the only way to make them work is to first immobilize the fly with a couple vicious blows with a fly swatter before squirting it.
cekkk 07/05/15 11:28am Around the Campfire
RE: NEWBIE almost an owner! - air conditioning question

The AnimAlarm just needs a good enough cell signal to send a text message (which is a pretty low bar).shtml Unfortunately, there are still large portions of the country, mostly west of the Mississippi, where cell phone coverage is spotty to non existent. And coverage is very provider-dependent. So people who buy this device must verify its ability to connect.
cekkk 06/22/15 09:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: NEWBIE almost an owner! - air conditioning question

We have left our dogs in the RV for years. Campgrounds don't have rules against leaving dogs in the RV. The have rules leaving dogs unattended OUTSIDE. That's usually true, but we've stayed at more than one that had this rule. It makes some sense because some dogs bark from the time the owners leave until they get back. Ours don't. We leave them whenever we want. BTW, I just called this park, Saddle West, and confirmed. Pet Rules Pets (cats and dogs only) are allowed at the discretion of Saddle West. All dogs must be on a short leash (no longer than six feet) at all times when outside. Pets may not be tied outside the RV or left unattended.
cekkk 06/16/15 06:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: NEWBIE almost an owner! - air conditioning question

We looked at one of those this winter, it's a nice rig. As for the dogs, many RV parks don't want you to leave animals unattended. If the sun's out, these things get hot in a hurry if the ac fails or the park's power fails. We leave our three regularly but ask neighbors to check if it's hot. Ours bunk in the snow, so we don't think about a furnace! Have fun in your new rig.
cekkk 06/16/15 10:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ryobi 2200 - What Have I Got?

Just curious, but was the previously owned Champion an "inverter" type or not ? What model was it ? I have to go on memory here because it came with a used camper we purchased from a private party. I never used it other than to see if it would start. I gave it to the party that bought the trailer a couple years later. But I'm going to tell you that it was a 3500/4000 watt and a conventional model. I think they cost around $350 new. It was heavy and pretty noisy, I remember that for sure. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I probably only saw it when I got it, started it and sold it.
cekkk 06/13/15 02:31pm Tech Issues
Ryobi 2200 - What Have I Got?

A few weeks ago our area had an extended loss of electrical power. So without any choice on a Sunday night, I bought this generator. It did the job of keeping the freezer going and giving us the power we needed for most of the necessities. It was a lot quieter than the Champion we owned briefly a few years back. And at $600, it beats Honda and Yamaha on price. It has the ability to team up with a 2nd one, although I can't see that as something we'd ever need because we do very little dry camping, just an occasional overnight in a parking lot while traveling. But as we have just one battery, it will come in handy on those occasions. What experiences have you had with it and what are your opinions on its durability? Thanks.
cekkk 06/13/15 01:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Warning! Caution! Warning!

You see, this is what is destroying our country. Losing opportunity after opportunity to scrub the gene pool. :B
cekkk 06/10/15 02:24pm Around the Campfire
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