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Monkey44, I agree with you, especially your first sentence. Right now my granddaughter is at UNC Chapel Hill, NC in a house with three other girls; all have been vaccinated and had their boosters; they all are now suffering from the Omicron variant and are in isolation. The only thing I can do for them is have Harris Teeter deliver groceries to their door paying with my credit card. How we determined it was Omicron was via my granddaughter's boyfriend who obtained Rapid Tests from his father who teaches at the UNC School of Medicine. These children could not find these tests anywhere other than this professor. Once the four girls tested positive, they called the school clinic for appointments to verify the Rapid Tests results; the clinic verified the results. My question is how can all four get it at the same time? My only speculation would be that they keep two cats in the house, and these cats go from one girl to the next for affection and petting and have the run of the house.
charlestonsouthern 01/08/22 02:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hwy 321 Columbia to Savannah?

riltri -- A lot of deer, tractors from farms, logging trucks, speed traps, soft shoulders (stay on pavement), and very little margins to pull off the road, but I would do it anyway and just take my time; almost anything is better than the interstates; remember, you are heading into swamp country; toward evening and very early morning (with a little fog), the deer graze by the road and will run in front of you; just honk that horn before you get to them. How I know all this is because I was raised in Hardeeville, just before you get to Savannah. Have a great trip.
charlestonsouthern 12/24/21 07:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ever Notice?

Salem, the answer is "Mission Impossible." Thanks for playing. You brought back memories with Flicka.
charlestonsouthern 12/20/21 09:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ever Notice?

Salem, yep, I remember "My Friend Flicka" which was on every Saturday morning and remember Peter Graves, I believe, as the father. Never missed anything on Saturday with a horse in it. Another hint (and then I will tell you if you miss it): Approximately in the last ten to fifteen years, Tom Cruise as the secret agent starred in a box office hit movie entitled the same name as Peter Graves' long-running television series.
charlestonsouthern 12/20/21 03:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ever Notice?

Salem, Bingo! Extra bonus points if you can tell me what popular television series Peter Graves starred in.
charlestonsouthern 12/20/21 11:26am Around the Campfire
RE: Ever Notice?

OK, without cheating, who was James Arness' younger brother in real life? Hint: He played a secret agent in a television series.
charlestonsouthern 12/19/21 08:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Inflation in Mexico

Playaboy, you have made an important point! AND it is so easy to do, but doing that is very volatile; you have to keep your eye on the precious metal markets all the time. When you trade in nothing but those markets, it is very high risk, and you have opted out of investment in your local economy. The economists call it "hoarding." However, buying a small amount of gold on the market during bad times is a good thing to do; an example, during the "Great Recession" of 2008, owning a little gold "hedged" against losses incurred in the market then for about 10-12 years. Slowly, you sell the gold (as price of gold going down) as the economy and its markets start making a come back. Use gold as a "tool;" not to make a lot of money because too many well-heeled people across the world like to try to control the price of it.
charlestonsouthern 12/04/21 11:40am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Inflation in Mexico

Talleyho69, when I was speaking earlier of inflation for Mexican citizens, the following is what I meant: 1 Mexican peso in 2002 for the same goods and services will require 2.17 pesos in 2021 for the same goods and services. 1 Canadian dollar in 2002 for the same goods and services will require $1.41 Canadian dollars in 2021 for the same goods and services. 1 US dollar in 2002 for the same goods and services will require $1.54 US dollars in 2021 for the same goods and services. So, the winner (which currency holds its value better than their neighboring countries) is Canada. If we keep just printing currency to keep up with inflation (with no value to back it up), we might as well use it to wallpaper our bathrooms!!
charlestonsouthern 12/04/21 01:23am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Inflation in Mexico

Tallyho69, in 2002 (the first time I visited Mexico without using a cruise ship), it was approximately 10 to one. It seems to take almost twice the number of pesos to buy the same goods purchased in 2002. Really, for a good comparison of those years, other North American countries also would need to be examined.
charlestonsouthern 12/01/21 03:34pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

It takes a lot of "push" by many people to get new technology acceptance. The following is true events: SC still has a very old law on its books, but of course not now enforced, which states (but paraphrased) that you are required to place a telephone call to the sheriff's office in the nearest SC County to the state border before you can cross into said SC county with an automobile with an internal combustion engine so that the sheriff can warn the people in the communities in order that they may protect and calm their horses. The moral is technology will keep moving on; get use to it.
charlestonsouthern 11/25/21 01:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Early Television

Wanderer, what time of day did the test pattern disappear and the first show commence (in black and white, of course)? What was the first show you saw? Here in the state of SC, the pattern didn't leave until 3:00 p.m. (just about the time I came home from school). The first program I saw was the "Lone Ranger."
charlestonsouthern 11/22/21 10:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Immigration crack down

OK, Playaboy, from what I hear on this forum, you do things like the following: first picture this -- four girls about age 20-21 who have just finished their mid-term exams at the University of NC at Chapel Hill and are chomping at the bit to have some fun in Cancun. But grandma has been elected to chaperon them by their parents. This is their winter break from college in January. I want them to have a good time, but not T-O-O good a time, while keeping most of their clothes on. Do you know someone who could arrange, lead, and provide that type of entertainment and transportation. Everyone pray for me while I'm on this trip with such high energy young ladies!!
charlestonsouthern 11/03/21 12:52am RVing in Mexico and South America

Wanderer, you will have to explain to me what your titer count of 776 means for you personally. How much time left for you to take the Moderna vaccine as a booster? Good information revealed now that the Moderna vaccine has a longer endurance record than any other vaccine.
charlestonsouthern 10/30/21 04:05am Around the Campfire

waytoroll -- North Carolina is the backbone of the financial industry in the southeast. I have close family who has been in that industry in SC, TX, and NC for as long as you have, and you guys and gals work extremely hard (more than an eight to ten hour day) for your money. You definitely deserve every penny you make.
charlestonsouthern 10/28/21 12:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

scooby, I don't know about Texas, but in SC in a civil wrongful death suit, the judge will first order the parties to go to mediation to attempt to work out a settlement; if the settlement does not occur, then the judge allows the parties to go to trial. In my husband's family, a death occurred in a boating accident, a 19 year old beautiful girl by the name of Mallory Beach; she was found dead five days later floating near Broad River Landing after the boat she was in hit a bridge piling in Archer's Creek and was driven by a very intoxicated 19 year old, Paul Murdaugh. Her mother (a very strong and determined woman), Renee Beach, lodged a wrongful death suit against Paul's father, Alex Murdaugh, Paul's older brother, Buster Murdaugh, Jr. (for giving Paul his I.D. For buying the alcohol), and against Parkers liquor store which sold Paul the alcohol. Renee's attorney asked Alex Murdaugh for his financial records during mediation; he would not comply; the insurance company which insured the boat would not honor the claim (do not know why) and, therefore, Paul's father's assets were in play. Since mediation has stalled, the parties will be going to trial. Since the first and only mediation meeting, Paul Murdaugh (the intoxicated 19 year old driving the boat) never went to criminal trial because he was murdered in June 2021 along with his mother. Renee Beach just recently petitioned the court to freeze all of Paul's father's assets to prevent him from liquidating said assets. If you wish to read about this further, Google "Mallory Beach Boating Accident SC".
charlestonsouthern 10/24/21 03:17pm Around the Campfire

Wanderer -- If you are a US citizen (with a US Passport), you will get across that border, warts and all. The one and only time in history I remember a US citizen was exiled from his country was in early 1800s, and his name was Aaron Burr who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel (father of our US banking system). In addition, even if you are not a US citizen, the Mexico Foreign Minister to the US has indicated that Mexico will open up communications with WHO in order to attempt to get the vaccines Mexico has been using on the WHO list. Since you live in Mexico, only you can say what the likelihood is of follow-through on that. For you personally, you have been receiving treatment in the US for your condition. Google "United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico Fact Sheet". On that Sheet, you will notice that you can traverse the US border in order to receive medical treatment; it is an exception to other border rules. Just show a confirmed appointment (say by e-mail) with medical staff on US side of the border. You've ALWAYS been able to do that, even before these last border rule changes. This is an important exception for non-US citizens.
charlestonsouthern 10/22/21 01:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Plans for winter camping?

memtb, thank you for the information. We were at a big RV show in Myrtle Beach a couple of weekends ago, and they had a large number of new Teton fifth wheels there. They were simply beautiful.
charlestonsouthern 10/20/21 11:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: In a quandary

My answer is no. The UNvaccinated are the ones who should be answering this question. For a while at least, we now have the world of the vaccinated and the world of the unvaccinated. If I now were a parent of an under age 12 child and no vaccine available to innoculate that child, I would protect the child by keeping her or him home. As far as the adults are concerned, they choose which "world" they want to live in unless they are naturally immune deficient. It's just that simple.
charlestonsouthern 10/18/21 01:43pm Around the Campfire

Wanderer, you are working so hard to get this all accomplished, and you and your family should have much to be thankful for during the December holidays. God Bless you!
charlestonsouthern 10/16/21 11:16am Around the Campfire

Well, Wanderer, a heck of a lot of new information has been developed and studied since the early days of the pandemic. In fact, under pressure from Congress, the CDC is currently reviewing the data regarding mixing vaccines because four million Canadians took a mix of vaccines, just like you did. It needs to be approved either by the FDA or WHO before November 8 in order to cross the US border. I haven't read any recent objections about it. I think it's more about indecision than absolute prohibition. The Canadian Health Minister approved mixed vaccines for use on Canadians. Are you using the second Moderna dose as your booster?
charlestonsouthern 10/15/21 09:37pm Around the Campfire
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