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RE: Pics from our Alaska trip

Crowe, your photos are wonderful!! I'll play them over and over in my mind just before I fall asleep--it's nature at its best with the babes with their mothers. Very frameable photo art.
charlestonsouthern 07/10/21 10:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canada barring folks still

Mockturtle, totally agree. And the NHL failed Lightning, too--by not completing or securing the agreement between US and Canada and covering it up to the Lightning team. There should be some retribution to the NHL committee by the team players. What was the agreement for Canadian families to come to the US and under what restrictions to attend games? Was that a coverup, too? The NHL is the main culprit here; these games should not have been played; time to change sitting members of NHL with some honest people. Yes, I believe it was intentional!!
charlestonsouthern 07/05/21 10:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: An Embarassing Moment in a Walmart Parking Lot

Mexico Wanderer --- Wouldn't it have been cheaper to visit a Walmart men's clothing section and purchase a couple of pairs of new shorts which fit?
charlestonsouthern 07/03/21 08:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Kings Bay Sub Base

Dutch and Mgirardo -- All I can say is there is so much to do in that area. However, take plenty of bug spray. I was born in Brunswick in the late 1940s when Dad worked for the Port of Brunswick, and we moved to SC when I was three years old after he changed jobs. There were so many friends the family left behind, but we returned often for visits. I enjoyed St. Augustine the best with the big Fort facing the ocean, and seeing the oldest house built in the US by the Spanish. Trolleys run up and down the streets, and you can get off and on as you wish. Get your gas or top off your gas before you roll into Florida from Georgia. It's cheaper in Georgia. We drove I-95 South about four weeks ago heading to Orlando and stopped off at the Kingsland, Georgia exit to fill up; the station we wanted was across the four-lane road from the exit, so we cruised on down the four-Lane until we made a U-turn. Bad decision, didn't see the "no U-turn" sign; therefore, we were stopped by a very nice police officer from Kingsland; she, of course, asked for license and registration, but I reminded my husband that both of us had to volunteer our concealed permits to her by law, whether we had "it" with us or not. She ended up giving us a warning ticket and said have a nice day, and we went on to the gas station. So, as you are pulling off into these towns along the interstate in South Georgia, watch out for the town policemen.
charlestonsouthern 06/26/21 11:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Militarization of Aduanas

Talleyho, I was a young lady of the 1960s in the US; what was popular then and preached to you was "zero population growth." The birth control pill became popular around 1965, but the mothers sent their girls off to college with a compact of those pills in their purse against the advice of the church. However, parents then required their daughters to go to church colleges for protection and lots of rules, while the sons could go to rough and tumble football colleges. So, there I was at a church school with what was called "contraband" in my purse; very hard to get refills that way!! In Mexico the church is bound so tightly within the family unit; I would say that the family would think it a sin as per the church if artificial birth control was used within the family. Thus, the likely result would be many, many children which, in turn, among poorer families could perpetuate poverty because of the church's advice on birth control. When a Mexican family immigrates to the US, they bring the church and their practices with them; and, therefore, the sharp increases in the US population are the many children encouraged by the church, baptized as infants, and names entered in the church registry. No need to speak the name of the church denomination; if you know anything about Mexico, you know the name.
charlestonsouthern 06/17/21 10:38pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

Never camped on BLM lands; however, I thought the point of camping on those lands is to live off the grid and away (far, far away) from other campers. The poor guy who has found such a Utopia and already set up camp far away from other people should not be bothered by campers who are determined to camp so close that they should be in an RV park. Ask Matthew McConnahey (spelling) while taking a break in his Air Stream after finishing a movie; he said he just walks around his camp in the desert naked just to scare other campers away from setting up camp near him. He said it works!! Other campers think he's crazy, nothing but a beard and his birthday suit.
charlestonsouthern 06/01/21 01:43pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Diesel fuel at Card Locks across Canada

SideHill, you made me laugh when you said "one wife is enough." This is off-subject, but when my baby brother was working under contract for the Saudi Royal Air Force, he was checking in with Saudi Arabia's immigration and the Saudi employee noted on his paperwork that he only had one wife and said sir, you must be very poor; Chester said "one wife is enough." That was the first time I found out that numerous wives means a show of wealth to an Arabian. Different strokes for different folks!! Ha!
charlestonsouthern 05/31/21 01:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Canadians allowed across US land border for vaccinations

On CNN last night (Chris Cuomo), it was announced that Canadian citizens are allowed (via an agreement between Canada and US) to cross US border to be vaccinated; I've said this all along, and it should have happened a lot sooner in order to help Canada speed up its vaccination schedule to outrun the Covid contagion. In addition, Chris said a lot more vaccine is being pumped into Canada. The only thing left to be stirred into this recipe is a gung-ho corps of people out there ready to cover the country with syringes in heir hands. I may be seeing my friends back in Myrtle Beach sooner rather than later. We have greatly missed you.
charlestonsouthern 05/25/21 11:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Charleston SC

Hotel Bennett 404 King Street, right in the middle of the historic peninsula of Charleston.
charlestonsouthern 05/07/21 04:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Las Vegas

Why rent a car (especially at today's prices) when taxis in LV are so cheap. Just rent a car when you are exploring for the day outside of LV.
charlestonsouthern 05/07/21 02:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Unrecognized photo

Down home, I'm a little confused. Grandma left you pictures of tintypes in a book or did she leave you "actual" tintypes, not just pictures of them. I have some of the actual tin types inherited from my grandparents and great grandparents. Just before the Civil War soldiers spent a hefty amount of money (as compared to the meager amounts of money they made before 1861) to have these tintypes made of them to give to their sweethearts, wives, and mothers just before they left for war. This would be the way the soldiers in their uniforms would be remembered if they never returned from war. Not too long into the Civil War, along comes a fellow by the name of Matthew Brady who and his crew would cover the countryside taking photos of entire families on their farms using lens plates. You have probably seen in the old movies of a man putting a dark cloth over his head while he was looking into the camera standing on a tripod and had some gun powder which would explode on a long tray held by the photographer at the time everyone was ready for the picture to be taken. Anyway, those pre-Civil War tintypes and Matthew Brady pictures have become valuable and sentimental to descendants of those families. Many have been destroyed because these pictures were not stored correctly in a dry and dark location. These pictures could be a part of your family's heritage.
charlestonsouthern 04/27/21 01:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Waited on Canada long enough

On CNN, the latest news is that US has a large UK variant breakout in Michigan up near the Canada/US border; Michigan has asked Biden administration to send more vaccine to Michigan over and above the state's allotment.. Of course, other states do not think that is fair. But I see this is necessary because of the geography of these states to the Canadian border. It is no matter whether you are essential or nonessential traffic crossing the border; essential traffic can carry this virus just as well as non-essential traffic, to US or Canada. I'm for an agreement between US and Canada to open up the border at strategic locations, put 24-hour vaccination stations at those locations, bring in the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, give it to both non-essential and essential traffic if they cannot prove they have already had the vaccinations, and have the Canadian/US citizens handle their own two-week isolation after the shot either on the Canadian or US side of the border. At those locations, there would be a vaccination road and a road for those who have completed their isolation. This may be "pie in the sky," but if it could be pulled off, it would help lower the infection rate of US states and Canadian provinces along the border; it also would make the border a little more porous without carrying infection back and forth across the border.
charlestonsouthern 04/02/21 11:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Stimulus Late in Arriving

When doing my tax return, my accountant also asked if we had received our checks; he indicated that the Feds were saving a little money in some cases by combining the checks with income tax refunds (which we are getting this year).
charlestonsouthern 03/28/21 01:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

P.S. It was as if he said those words to intentionally have the discussed subject matter deleted.
charlestonsouthern 03/28/21 12:16am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

The deleted posts from vaccers and anti-vaccers were good point/counterpoint comments (like a high school debate). But it was not until the very last commenter who started calling posters inappropriate names that took the this subject off the rails and hence was deleted.
charlestonsouthern 03/27/21 11:52pm RVing in Mexico and South America

Mexicowanderer -- I have to ask this question. What will Mexico do with the vaccines from China and Russia (without appropriate trials before approval for use)? You said they would be sent to Mexico City; for what? Did Mexico have to pay Pesos for these vaccines? Other than the reasons defined by BCSnob as to no EAU applied for, as yet, in the US for the AstraZeneca, hoarding this vaccine on the shelf was not reasonable when our neighboring countries had approved it. Subsequent to AstraZeneca, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was developed, a EAU applied for with FDA and granted. However, J & J did not have a large enough production platform to produce the number of vaccines needed to reach the Biden administration's goal of approximately 300 million doses by May 15; in steps another US company, Merck. Merck offers to clear the way on its gigantic platform to produce J & J's new one-shot vaccine. Ain't capitalism great! Ha! (Of course, there is the Defense Production Act passed just prior to the Korean War hanging over Merck's head, but it was good they volunteered instead.). Hence, Indirectly, I think it was Merck who made it possible for AstraZeneca to be moved out of US reserves and into Canadian and Mexican arms.
charlestonsouthern 03/21/21 08:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Canadians: 65+ are getting vaccines now

BobsYourUncle -- Is that $400 US? Or did you convert to Canadian (for the purpose of this forum)? How many Canadians in his party took the Covid test? Where did your brother take the test; most would go to the labs of a local public county Health Department and Clinic, not a private medical business or hospital like Doctors Care.
charlestonsouthern 03/20/21 11:10pm Snowbirds

According to CNN tonight, the US is giving 2.5 percent of its Astra Zeneca vaccine reserves to Mexico and 1.5 percent of reserves of the same vaccine to Canada. Both Mexico and Canada have approved this vaccine for use in their respective countries; US FDA is still in clinical trials for approval of this vaccine. It's good that the vaccine is being used and not just sitting there.
charlestonsouthern 03/18/21 09:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Why Can't I Reserve this?

Quantum82 -- Have you ever visited Anastasia State Park? The good news first: It has a beautiful beach. The bad news second: The best HIGH sites are for the size of popup campers; that is why most pop up camper clubs and rallies are held at this park. The first and only time we stayed there, we were assigned a larger and a very low site for our 27-foot RV off of a graded dirt road; when we backed in, it was like we were backing into a gold-fish bowl; the graded dirt road was high above the site. We knew that in the last few days there had been a lot of rain and flooding in the St. Augustine area, but we thought it was over until we checked the weather report after we had parked the RV. Yes, another deluge was coming that same night, and we were sitting in a goldfish bowl. We talked the weather problem over with other campers with similar sites along the dirt road, they also decided that they did not want to be caught in a mud pit if another storm came. But if you have a small pop up camper, you will be in hog heaven with the high (but small) sandy lots. However, those lots will not fit medium to large RVs.
charlestonsouthern 03/07/21 02:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tennessee state parks

dhull -- X2. Generally, the campground host will do it. My experience with this has been in North Georgia campgrounds, both state and Corps of Engineers. I've only used private campgrounds in Tenn.
charlestonsouthern 02/27/21 05:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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