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RE: Towing Disaster-AAA

Happened to me once. My insurance was supposed to pay part of the bill and assist me with getting the tow company on site. When I said I only have cash they said they cannot help w/o a credit card. They had no way to get their cut of the money is what it really was. When calling Tow companies myself, not relying on the help from insurance, I said I only have cash.... man they were there in 5 mins. Best tow membership is carry cash IMHO.
covered wagon 06/03/21 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

It's great to have something you love doing so much that it keeps you off the couch and moving when old. An investment in yourself as I see it. It has been wonderful for me, but please, if you find yourself being a bit impulsive about buying you should back away for 24 hours as many problems can be overlooked when your like that. The more you look and stay reserved, objective the more you'll ultimatly know when the right one is in front of you. You'll get smarter the more you keep looking.
covered wagon 05/09/21 10:41am Truck Campers
RE: Very Expensive RV Parking Spot!

The very greatest most long lasting benefit to our family was our purchasing of land in the country. I could never find any drawbacks except for some hard work now and then which helps keep you strong as you age. Growing up in San Jose prompted us to acquire this goal at an early age. It has been wonderful and I thank God for it.
covered wagon 05/09/21 10:25am Truck Campers
RE: Recommendations for a noob...

All I can say is the usual things like toilet paper, enough freshwater in the tank to make it home, make sure all vents/ windows are closed. Make sure your blinkers and brake lights are working and that the sewer outlet is hanging out the back and not getting crushed by a larger flatdeck truck when lowering it down. A good thing to do is to not use the typical inexpensive hardware store turn buckles. Two of mine cracked on its maiden voyage home because the dealer used those to save money. I was shocked when I saw them after an 18 mile run home with a new camper. Good to get out and check them for proper hand tightness after a few miles of your first run. BTW, I don't like horse mats because of their extreme heaviness when handling them for cleaning. I use a truck bed matt in strips that I can roll up/ easily handled. Make sure the camper has enough height to clear the truck cab, bring a tape measure, as you need a minimum of a couple inches clearance between cabover and truck cab between there. You need to call the dealer and find out what the dimension is from camper bottom to the cabover sleep area bottom and then go measure the truck to make sure. Some have had to build a frame to space the camper up off the bed some to clear the cab. Others will add to this for you as well.
covered wagon 05/06/21 09:24am Truck Campers
RE: Happi Jacks

The older style electric motor covers have a small hole on the bottom. With an air nozzle you give a couple shots of compressed air into the hole and the cover slides down like a piston and comes off very easily. When the cover is off you will see very small weep holes in the bottom of each motor housing. That is where you spray 3 in one oil using the spray straw, you press it as close and as well as you can on the weep hole until you see oil saturating the lower housing and weeping out the other side. It's this lower bearing inside the bottom that invariably collects moisture (you can see a low point to the housing) where the bearing is and is important to sometimes blow with air if you suspect moisture has built up in there from neglect. I do this every year and/or after camping trips in rainstorms. It has really helped to keep my jacks running smoothly. It also helps to wipe on oil all over the motor housing to prevent corrosion too. After oiling slide the motor covers back up in place being careful not to cover the hole with your hand so air can escape while pushing up. Always hold the gear head when pushing the covers back on so you don't stress the plastic gear cover on top. After removing the white 'cup' covers each year I found the covers would begin to slide down on their own in extreme summer heat. So I applied ss clamps near the top of each 'cup' cover hiding the screw to the back. I make winter covers during storage by using scissors to make cuts in ziplock freezer bags sliding them over the top and covering the gear head and electric motors. I fasten the plastic ziplock bags against wind storms by stuffing packaging foam wherever it fits tight to hold the plastic cover I made.
covered wagon 02/24/21 12:21am Truck Campers
RE: Happi Jacks

I've got the older type. New in 2003 with my camper always sitting outside, the HappiJacks still operate without a problem. I keep them covered and shoot 3in One oil to the electric motor bearings where the corrosion occurs. I found this corrosion in the second year and made covers for them and learned how to oil them in 2005. This may be the direction you should go even with the newer style as the motor housings, end plate and shaft bearings are unlike metals to some degree, so need lubrication each year. How to access and remove the covers from the newer style electric motors I would have to see them to tell.
covered wagon 02/23/21 12:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Federal Mask mandate

What rlw999 said. Folks, please stop panicking over things found on Faux News. Everything there has been carefully spun to throw you into a rage. Go to the source to get information that is actually useful. Your blood pressure will thank you for turning Faux News off. yes please get your news from that straight shooting MSNBC and CNN bumpy I discovered the most informative news when I saw 'Danny Deck Chair' Great way to escape all the controversy today as a lot of work went into this movie. It starts with a guy who wants to go camping flying out on a fuel guzzling commercial flight.
covered wagon 01/22/21 09:26am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Everyone Check your Female 7 pin connector.....

New Development...... I bought two 7 pin female recepticles One at O'Reilly's Auto and the other at a local farm Store. Both were an off brand never heard of before. I decided to try them /study them etc. since many products these days are not holding up as they should and cannot be trusted, I bought two different strange name brands. Neither one was the commonly heard of Bargman brand or the Pollack brand. The problem was found after install that neither one could hold the truck to camper cord solidly in place. One took only 2 wiggles up and down and the lock released just as if I hit two bumps in the road. The other took 3 wiggles and it let loose and the cord fell out. I wonder what UL Listing is doing these days? I had a client that worked for UL listing and was traveling to China often to test products before getting shipped to our markets in the U.S.A. What happened with that? After this experience I went to the town where you can get anything you need and found they sold both well known brands, I found the Pollack brand to be the most solidly built and held the best, even had a secondary 'click' as you pushed it in as if to connect deeper onto the 7 pins. The lock on the flip up cap held so well also and did not release if wiggling the cord up and down. It was the most expensive, but is the best. Be careful what you buy out there.... some weird stuff floating around these days. I want folks to be wary of off brand products. It would be hard to take the thought of someone getting rear ended at full speed because you had no tail lights nor brake lights if stopped on the highway. That would be awful.
covered wagon 01/13/21 08:37am Truck Campers
RE: Everyone Check your Female 7 pin connector.....

What is the make, model and year of your camper? Sorry about not answering sooner... it is an 03 NL 10-2000 RR, owned since new. The cord was done okay and now the lights are much brighter, everything works nice now.
covered wagon 01/10/21 04:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Everyone Check your Female 7 pin connector.....

Thanks everyone it's good to get all these tips. I was traveling early one dark morning without any lights on the back end. So dangerous. these guys that haven't a care in the world about their workmanship should be retired to the homeless camp in Borneo. LOL.
covered wagon 01/10/21 10:55am Truck Campers
RE: Everyone Check your Female 7 pin connector.....

One warning as well, if a dealer wired your plug, don’t be surprised it the wiring is nonstandard. Don’t just blindly wire to the standard. Good point, so I am taking apart both male ends of the cord as well to check on that. My setup is standard from Northern Lite campers. I thought I had everything fixed on this camper. I will be so happy to have halfway decent connections that maybe let the batteries charge to some degree while running. All the lights should be brighter as well.
covered wagon 01/10/21 06:14am Truck Campers
RE: Everyone Check your Female 7 pin connector.....

Center pin? Common diagram says pin 1 is ground. Center is for back-up lights or some other accessory. https://www.ajtnt.com/portals/ajstruckandtrailer/7-Way-RV-Style-Trailer-Plug-Wiring-Diagram-1.png width=450 I assumed it was a ground as the voltmeter revealed that the black and yellow in the center were the only wires that could blow a fuse while taking apart since they were the only combination that showed voltage.
covered wagon 01/09/21 10:42pm Truck Campers
Everyone Check your Female 7 pin connector.....

I cracked my 7 pin female connector on my camper. I went to replace it today and found the wires not striped enough and had wire insulation pinched in all the screw clamps. Bad work, but then found the ground in the center was never striped at all. They just tightened the screw a bunch expecting it to pinch thru the insulation. I found only one thin tiny little wire braid had been touching the terminal. That's bad workmanship! So check yours out, problem is you have to take it off the camper body to get to it and take it apart to see. Been running since 03 like that always wondering why I never get much battery charging even after driving most of the day.
covered wagon 01/09/21 06:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone rent out their camper?

With the stories I have heard, I would rather get the Corona Virus than deal with those problems.
covered wagon 01/07/21 08:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

Any thought given to the fact that the wheels, tires, axles, pumpkin differential gears are resting on the ground? Not on the truck itself..... so can that weight be deducted for a bit more wiggle room? :)
covered wagon 01/05/21 08:53am Truck Campers
RE: Value of Spare Tire and wheel

Related to having the things needed while on the highway, I carried what I call my highway tool kit. However, missing a 9mm socket, I started asking for one any place I went that might have one. Amazingly no one did and O'Reilly's said 'there's very little need for one and no one ever asks for it and we don't sell it'. So off to Snap-On tools all decorated inside with shiny new everything imaginable, I asked and the first word was Yep, got it right here.... as if it were the first reason anyone ever shows up at a Snap-On tool wagon. It was funny to say the least. Long story short...... sitting along I-5 with the tow truck driver under mt rig at 130 in the morning asks for a 9mm socket and goes on to say he has to disconnect the driveline to be able to tow my rv out of a this dangerous spot..... You got one? I don't, he says. Yep, I just happen to have one... gee, I thought, I wonder why?
covered wagon 12/27/20 09:48am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Are Any Places To Stay Open Near Scottsdale Arizona?

Some good thoughts and ideas. Thank you everyone and have fun in 2021.
covered wagon 12/26/20 11:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Are Any Places To Stay Open Near Scottsdale Arizona?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30183655
covered wagon 12/25/20 07:49am Around the Campfire
Are Any Places To Stay Open Near Scottsdale Arizona?

We are caravaning in our truck camper with a class A motorhome to Scottsdale mid January. Is there going to be major difficulty finding places to stay? We like being away from the city noise. Are any campgrounds open say a half hour/ 45 mins out of town? Any information during these times is greatly appreciated. T.I.A.
covered wagon 12/25/20 07:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Receiver Bike Racks

Thule Made in Sweden I think is very good quality. I use mine all the time. It is so solid I can use it to stand on going in and out the back door of my truck camper. It also has a built in tightening nut to stop the wiggles. It swings down when not in use. I got an rv type bike rack for free and only had one single bar to hold the bikes. It was not right as the bikes would swing side to side. So I got the Thule and they all have two bars. Very high end with excellent quality stretch bands to hold the bikes. I would look at Thule. Very high priced, paying for a name. I bought it because it is well built. Bought off craigs. Like I said I had an RV bike rack and gave it away it was not good. It was a commonly heard name brand. Just look at Thule you will see why the name is good. I know I had to use a pry bar to be open my mind and look see finally why indeed they are popular. I think Yakima and Thule are the best.
covered wagon 12/24/20 04:54am General RVing Issues
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