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RE: purchased a custom dune sport toyhauler

I feel bad watching and reading all that, what a shame. And the lame excuses.......etc, etc. Thanks for the follow up.
cptqueeg 12/05/22 07:20pm Toy Haulers
RE: Montana LLC to save on sales tax

cptqueeg 11/24/22 04:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection

Sorry you had to bag your trip, good luck w round 2, and pls come back w an update. Happy Thanksgiving!
cptqueeg 11/22/22 08:21pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Where to for Thanksgiving?

We're at home enjoying a visit with our kid, skiing, and later a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
cptqueeg 11/21/22 02:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing with lifted truck; need assistance

Lot of replies, some rude, some well meaning, but little help to OP, who is no longer responding. Jerry SOP But many/some/few follow along and glean bits and pieces of info along the way so it's not totally in vain. But we could do w/out rudeness.
cptqueeg 11/21/22 08:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Southern Utah with kids

We stayed at Mather CG on the south rim in late October, 2022. If you stay there or at the RV park nearby you'll have easy access to the bus which you can use to access hikes of varying lengths that follow the contour of the GC. These are relatively flat hikes compared to climbing to the bottom of the GC.
cptqueeg 11/20/22 06:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Southern Utah with kids

Thanks for all the ideas. We are leaning toward taking 2 weeks in late May, and coming down I-15 and/or hwy 89. Was also thinking of stopping somewhere between Kanaab and Lake Powell and ultimately hitting Williams/Flagstaff for a few days for a visit to the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area. If it were me I'd take the first opportunity to get off the interstate in Portland Rt26, but I love the empty spaces in OR and NV.
cptqueeg 11/19/22 09:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Southern Utah with kids

On 95 or 93/305 please remember gas stations are few and far btwn. We use the precaution of driving on the top half of the tank. Good info above, thanks.
cptqueeg 11/19/22 12:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

That's wonderful, I'm impressed. Enjoy! Thanks. Gotta put your money were mouth is at some point. But you dodged the question on inflation. Let me rephrase it for you. Is inflation bad for all commodities or just the ones that you need, but don't already own?
cptqueeg 11/18/22 03:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

I am currently capitalizing on the continued growth in the economy. Best of luck for the long wait for a mild recession. Southern California... yup, that checks out... Yes it does because the mass corporate layoffs being announced almost daily, home values and sales dropping like a stone, runaway inflation not seen in about 30 years, and out of sight energy costs with potential shortages are all a sign of a robust growing economy. At least 401K's are doing great. lol. Just seen a line at a local food bank in Cleveland on the news that was larger than the lines at the beginning of Covid. Those folks are capitalizing on bags of potatoes. So inflated housing and stock prices are good, but inflated energy prices are bad? Stocks are "on sale" at 23% off of last year's price, go get some. And TSLA is 1/2 off!!! Prob a good time to buy cause Elon is trashing Twatter as we speak and he'll leave well enough alone at TSLA. Edit to add: just bought 50 TSLA at $178 in my YOLO (you only live once) account.:W
cptqueeg 11/18/22 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 Sprinter has tendency to overfill on fill up

Mine shuts off automatically at $100 so I never come near filling it! In reality I do what Charles does unless there's no place at the auto's islands, or I want to use the truckers squeegee.
cptqueeg 11/16/22 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Class C Sprinter questions

Get the Li and forget the genset. The 2nd alternator is all you need. The sellers of the Revel I got were going to have some changes done to the cockpit, like remounting the passenger seat. The husband was a portly little dude and he had trouble squeezing in and making himself comfortable.
cptqueeg 11/15/22 10:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C Sprinter questions

Apologies in advance if these questions have come up before. We're possibly looking to downsize from our FW to a Class C on a sprinter chassis. Something in the 24' range. While I am fully aware each Rv is different and you have to do the math; Is towing a car ever a problem on these chassis'? We have a CRV set up to tow since we had our Class A years ago. Is maintenance and finding dealers to work on the Sprinter a challenge - especially while travelling? How's the ride, road manners and mileage on these? We plan on test driving a few this weekend at a local dealer. Thanks Sprinters are a pia from the wacky "driver assistance", lack of range on standard tank(24.5gal), and the lack of dealers for service. We have a Winnie Revel based on a sprinter. It has 2 alternators, one squeals on startup, and CW and Benz are reluctant to even look at it. Getting the run around from dealerships and it's 200 miles each way for service. And it's still under warranty from both. SMH There is a Ford dealer 13 miles away. The folks we bought the van from owned 2 Revels and they were both sold and replaced by the Winnne ECCO based on a Ford transit. It's a great rig in the 24' range, but didn't meet our needs due to size. I highly recommend putting the ECCO on the list to look at. The ride is fine, and they are a pleasure to drive, other than having to reset the "driver assistance" every time the engine is turned off. My wife was able drive it in NV w some serious cross winds(50-60mph) and through a snowstorm on another leg through NV and I'm still here to type about it. LOL Gas mileage is anywhere from 12-16mpg depending on the usual factors. I would suspect it would have no problem w the CRV although I would do the weighing and math first just so you know exactly where you stand.
cptqueeg 11/15/22 08:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: It's like Christmas!

Good luck w the new outfit!
cptqueeg 11/15/22 08:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Four Wheel Campers

I was looking on the four wheel campers site and they have gotten pretty expensive. They always have been expensive for what they are. That's why they're not more popular. For the same money or less you can get a fully appointed camper. Actually they are very popular and the reason that you don't see more is they have limited production unlike the vast majority of RV builders that added "capacity" to deliver units, but failed at delivering any kind of quality or workmanship. Nor will they have to lay off workers when the overall RV business slows. If the campers were popular they would add production capacity to keep up with demand, set up a dealer network, etc.. They are leaving vast amounts of money on the table if they are intentionally refusing to keep up with demand to artificially inflate the perception of their product. Fact of the matter is people gravitate to cheaper. They are going to lose out to a camper that sells cheaper with more features, every time. That's why they are a niche product in a niche market, and always will be. You have some funny ideas that are nothing but speculation based on what you perceive FWC's business model is. Not every company has the ability, need, or desire to maximize revenue in order to maximize profit. Maximizing may not be in the best interests of the owners or employees. (Some people are never satisfied and put their companies at risk in the process of being the biggest and/or most profitable.) My experience with FWC was buying one, finding out it didn't suit our needs, and then selling it for MORE than I paid for it a year earlier an a matter of HOURS. I got calls from 2500 miles away. Oh it had ZERO defects in workmanship and materials. And Hallmark is the same way, they want to build as many units as they can manage, and still maintain their quality, employees, and customer relations. For those that price is the only thing in the pop up world there is always Palomino.
cptqueeg 11/13/22 07:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

Thanks Grit and the rest for the solid input. I tend to overcomplicate and overthink most everything and this is no different.
cptqueeg 11/10/22 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

Cpteeq, I’ll start by saying your cargo trailer “wish” list is starting to sound like a guy named rerod on here. And if you’re going to even get close (some of the things you’re saying make no sense or are basically not possible or a downgrade) you’ll be custom ordering a new trailer. Given the trailer you “need” is about $5k new (back east, add the west coast factor of about +20% if buying in the PNW) and something close to the trailer you want (new) is probably double that, maybe start including budget into your trailer features Xmas list. If you’re interested I can point out the impossible or conflicting “wants” or features but won’t unless you want me too. As it comes off offensive rather than knowledgeable. I will say I 100% do not understand the need for an extended tongue and whatever pitfalls of a v nose Marty is talking about. The V lessens the tongue length need from a jack knife standpoint as well. In short this is becoming a case of WAAAY overthinking a small trailer to haul some little toys and camping gear. I'm here to learn and participate - your opinion is valuable and your suggestions are very welcome. And yes I'm overthinking this which is my MO. (Yes it's frustrating trying to make people "see the light" - thanks for keeping at it.)
cptqueeg 11/09/22 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

Thanks JIMLIN. Brakes on 1 axle or both?
cptqueeg 11/09/22 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

DP, deleted
cptqueeg 11/08/22 10:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

If you’re going tandem axle anyway and have already considered up to a 16’ trailer, why not just put the canoo inside the trailer? Even a 6x12 or 7x12 trailer with any sort of vee nose will fit the canoe. Just a suggestion. Another suggestion, shop around. The further east you go, the cheaper trailers (and most other things) are. Since moving up to Wa$hington, I find myself making purchases back east more than the PNW. Also don’t necessarily discount the “lesser” or regional brands vs the big names. Not sure how far west they distribute, but if buying new, I was impressed with the quality of a “low end” trailer from MTI. Middlebury Trailers. You guys have no state income tax, that's gotta count for something doesn't it? Add for the WA guys w easy access to OR - no sales tax! win-win!!! ID charges 6% on FOOD, smh........... and the tax on food is higher than the income tax rate...... The only reason for me to consider anything longer than 10' is to stuff the canoe in there. In my minds eye I see this as being a short in length, wide, and tall in height trailer, good ground clearance, extended tongue, w brakes and some LT tires. I guess I need to find out what my cargo weighs in total to determine whether to get the SA or DA. Unfortunately I'm about 100 miles from the nearest CAT scale.
cptqueeg 11/08/22 09:28pm General RVing Issues
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