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RE: House Batteries

It depends on your camping style. If you always have shore power then a single 12 volt starting battery from Walmart will suffice. If you off grid or boondock camp then two six volt are the way to go. I agree. Do you go from full hookup campground to full hookup campground? If you do, I wouldn't waste a lot of money on golf cart batteries. If you are boondocking, go with the more expensive option. It sounds, to me, like your present batteries haven't been a problem to you. I, personally, like to use an inexpensive "smart" battery charger on my batteries to keep them fully charged.
curt12914 05/31/21 05:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

I was in a local Harbor Freight Saturday. I was looking over the generators when a very friendly clerk asked if he could help me. I asked what they stocked for parts for the Predator generator. He got a little smirk on his face and asked what I was looking for. I asked if he had any parts for the rewind starter. No. Carburetor kit? No. Air filter? No. Spark plug? The auto parts store up the street has them ! He then went on to tell me that he, personally, owned a Predator for 3 years and had no problems with it. Again, I know the Honda is a lot more money, but I would be willing to bet that the Honda dealer up the street would have all those parts on the shelf. What is a ruined camping trip worth ?
curt12914 05/31/21 04:43am Truck Campers
RE: 2022 Superduty launch delayed

This whole microchip doesn't seem to be getting any better, according to this article. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/07/chip-shortage-is-starting-to-have-major-real-world-consequences.html "If you listen to Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, they all highlighted that there’s bottlenecks in capacity and they can’t get the chips they need to manufacture the new cars,” he said, adding that he thinks it will go on for 18 months.
curt12914 05/30/21 07:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Propane hook up for peripherals

Personally, I would much rather carry a portable propane cylinder than cut into the propane system.
curt12914 05/30/21 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: 3rd Issue of RV Magazine

When I read the magazine, I feel like I am receiving an advertisement from Camping World that I am paying for. It seems that the majority of items that are tested or recommended, are sold by CW. I realize that CW sells a lot of RV related items, but the whole magazine seems to be an attempt to boost sales.
curt12914 05/29/21 04:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford 2021 exhaust brake.

Diesel engine exhaust brakes ... OP does NOT have a diesel engine. OP needs to learn how to manually downshift. Say wut??? OP said "EB", which I assume means EcoBoost. Gasoline turbo direct injected. There are three engine choices in the F-350; 6.2 gas, 7.3 gas or 6.7 diesel. Neither of the gas engines are turbocharged or "Ecoboost".
curt12914 05/26/21 06:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: domicile confused

Curt since I own more than one home in different states but spend most of my time on the road which house would you suggest I use as my primary residence? As I said vehicles are all registered there, drivers license, vote, pay property taxes, pay income tax, etc. I just don't live there. What would you suggest? If you do all those things, that is your legal domicile. A lot of people change their legal domicile to states having low, or no, state income tax. By saying not to complicate things in your prior post, I (and I am betting others, too) felt you were saying to just claim whatever state benefits you. There are certain things that trigger an income tax audit. Going from years of paying income tax to a state and then paying nothing, would certainly be a factor in determining who is audited. There are legalities in being considered a legal resident. If you don't meet those legal requirements and have paid no income tax, an audit with the tax due, plus penalties and interest can be very expensive.
curt12914 05/25/21 10:41am Full-time RVing
RE: domicile confused

I have maintained my primary address in another state for over 20 years without any problems. Pay income taxes, vote, drivers license, vehicle registration, etc. yet I haven't lived there. I own homes in 2 other states + my DP which might be anywhere. Don't make it complicated as it don't have to be. You can do anything you want until you get caught, but that does not make it legal. If you have never been through an audit, you might tend to think differently about making sure you are legal.
curt12914 05/24/21 01:42pm Full-time RVing
RE: Electrical lighting circuit not working

I would suspect a bad ground or, possibly, a faulty switch.
curt12914 05/24/21 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: domicile confused

Some friends of ours went through this a few years ago. It wasn't an RV, but they bought a winter residence in a park in Florida and wanted to become Florida residents to avoid NY income taxes. They told me they had to stay in Florida for one day more than 6 months (receiving mail). They also had to change their drivers licenses and vehicle registrations to Florida and change their voter registrations to Florida. (If I remember right, I think they had have their vehicles appraised and pay sales tax on them to register them in Florida.) I would assume this would be true of whatever state you are planning to claim as your residence. I think there was also something about social security direct deposit going to a bank with a Florida branch, too, but I am not sure about that. They said nothing about doctor/dentist.
curt12914 05/24/21 06:18am Full-time RVing
RE: 7.3 Ford

The first thing you need to do is let us know if you are talking about the pre-2003 7.3 diesel or the new 7.3 gasoline engine. I assumed it was the new engine...
curt12914 05/23/21 01:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Body wraps

An area fire department just had their "new to them" 90' ladder truck wrapped. They spent about $5000, which included all the lettering and logos. It looks great and I am sure no one would paint a truck like that for that kind of money.
curt12914 05/21/21 05:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

Glad you were successful ! Now if we could just get that border opened up... Thanks!...Right on with opening the US/Canadian Border but I am totally surprised how in the last few days the access to the vaccines has multiplied, if it keeps on I would think the 75% HERD Immunity critical point will be reached much much sooner, we have been gone since mid March 2020 and had to pay our lease fees, pay for bushes, weed control, house checker etc., for 2020 and of course couldn't get to Florida....like throwing good money after bad but hoping good news is in the works! ....Ernie Sorry to be way off topic here, but I feel your pain. I have a daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids that live in Quebec about 15 miles from us and less than 1000 feet from customs. My daughter and grandkids work and/or go to school in NY State, so we see them a few times for a few minutes, but it certainly isn't the same. They also own a house in NY (less than a mile from their home in Quebec) that they haven't been able to work on for a year. I have a neighbor that owns a camp in Quebec that wasn't able to use at all last summer. Luckily he has neighbors that mowed the lawn and looked after it, but it still makes it tough. I am ready for the border to reopen !
curt12914 05/20/21 08:09pm Snowbirds
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

Glad you were successful ! Now if we could just get that border opened up...
curt12914 05/19/21 04:22pm Snowbirds
RE: Back before cellphones

As colliehauler said, I love the navigation (I use Google maps). Two years ago, I was headed to the Gettysburg, PA area. When I got close to Harrisburg, PA, my phone advised me of severe delays in Harrisburg and asked permission to reroute me. It took me further south on I-81, then routed me to RT 15 south of Harrisburg. After that route, I never plan on driving through Harrisburg again ! My biggest peeve with smart phones is having a gathering and people playing with their phone.
curt12914 05/18/21 06:00am RV Lifestyle
RE: 3.31 gears at 40,000 lbs gross.

I ordered my truck with 3.55 gears. I am thinking my next one will have the 3.31.
curt12914 05/18/21 05:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Back before cellphones

In the town of Hill Point, WI there is a working pay phone in what looks like an outhouse. There are a lot of Amish people in the area and there is no cell coverage in many of the valleys around there. The outhouse design works out very well in the winter when it stays cold and windy from November until April. An outhouse with a pay phone? That's what I call multi-tasking !!!
curt12914 05/17/21 06:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Battery charging concerns.

If you want to charge an AGM battery without spending a fortune, I would recommend a smart battery charger for an AGM battery, like one of these: AGM Smart Chargers from Amazon
curt12914 05/17/21 06:59am Truck Campers
RE: Back before cellphones

We were in Medina Tx a few days ago and there is a working pay phone right outside of the Apple Store there. The 1st pay phone I've seen in years. Are you sure it was working? You do occasionally see old non-functional ones still sitting around. This thread seems to be the grumpy old man thread. How many want to go back to the old days of mechanical carbureted engines...because those pesky new fangled computers that come with fuel injected engines can fail. We were just discussing carbureted engines a few days ago. I, personally, would much rather have the computer controlled fuel injection than pumping twice before turning it over, flooded engines, out of adjustment carburetor, stuck choke with black smoke belching out of the tailpipe (washing down cylinder walls), and all the other great things from carburetors. Everyone bragged that they got 20 miles per gallon (and a lot of them lied !). Now we would suspect a problem if we only got 20 mpg. By the way, I resemble that grumpy old man thing...
curt12914 05/17/21 06:41am RV Lifestyle
RE: Back before cellphones

I remember buying prepaid phone credit cards to call friends/family from phones to avoid the long distance fees and feeding pocket full of coins to pay phones.
curt12914 05/16/21 06:51pm RV Lifestyle
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