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RE: Restaurant tipping question

In this situation I give some back to the preparers: After paying I will toss the returned coinage into the tip jar- this can add up. Most of the take-out places I frequent cater to locals with a loyalty card of sorts, e.g.- 1 free sandwich after 10 purchased. Whenever I cash in that chit I will toss in a Lincoln which is about half the amount of a full purchase.
d3500ram 04/21/19 08:55am Around the Campfire
RE: S&S 2003 Ponderosa 8.5 SC

Some 15+ years ago when I first started looking at truck campers I looked at one of the smaller S&S models and I think it could have been the same type as mentioned. Don't hold me to this, but I seem to recall that model camper has a single combined black and gray water holding tank. While not the end of the world for a camper, it was a feature that I did not want. I wanted separate B&G tanks. It might be something to look for just so you know exactly how the drains side of the plumbing is fashioned.
d3500ram 04/21/19 08:43am Truck Campers
RE: Torn Jeans "fashion trend"

When I was a young 'un we would turn scuffed knees and torn jeans into cut-offs. Mom & dad would never turn us out in an unkempt state as it was a reflection on them.
d3500ram 04/20/19 11:14am Around the Campfire
RE: Never Misplace Your Transunion PIN Number

...Just to pick nits: it's P(ersonal) I(dentification) N(umber). So really a PIN number is a Personal Identification Number number. Kind of like SSN number or VIN number. I got this information from The Department of Redundancy Department. Ha! The DRP.... that's funny. While technically correct you are , its just semantics. I work with an engineer who goes nuts ever time I mention "SIP panels." SIP, as in Structural Insulated Panels panels....LOL. So.... how many RPMs does your truck go...LOL ;)
d3500ram 04/18/19 06:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Never Misplace Your Transunion PIN Number

Never Misplace Your Transunion PIN Number Dittos to that!!! I keep all my PIN numbers tucked away in a safe
d3500ram 04/18/19 06:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: 77 years ago, The Doolittle Raid

That's neat! I took and passed the ham test to acquire my fathers call sign through the FCC vanity program. It is more of a legacy of my desire to keep that call sign in the family. Dad has had it since he first became a ham in the early 30's. I only wished I had done it while he was still alive. I wish I had more time to be more into the hobby.
d3500ram 04/18/19 12:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Where's the fly?

Yep, tighty-whitey's. I am not able to sleep if THOSE ARE IN THE HOUSE. :B
d3500ram 04/18/19 12:30pm Around the Campfire
77 years ago, The Doolittle Raid

Quite the feat of launching B-25 bombers from an aircraft carrier. While not overly devastating it was a shot in arm for military moral. I recall my father, who eventually served in Guadalcanal, stating the effect it had on service men and women at the time. The Doolittle Raid Air Wars: The Doolittle Raid I read where the last surviving member of the crew passed away last week at the age of 103: Lt. Col. Richard Cole Not many left from the Greatest Generation. Not a day goes by that I keep my mom and dad in mind, both who served during that time with my father (and several uncles) who experienced combat. RIP WWII veterans.
d3500ram 04/18/19 11:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Northstar Arrow U

All of my campers have been NorthStar brand with 2 of them being the Arrow model. They were not the U-model. For me, the size of the NS hardsides perfectly met my needs. They were 6" narrower than other popular models. I sincerely believe this helped in the great handling of my setup as there was less mass sticking out from the centerline of the truck. It was easy to load as there ws sufficient clearance between jacks legs and body side of truck bed. The 2 pop-ups I had were 7' wide and loading it was like threading a needle. I like the non-U model in that I did not need to worry about a permanent table getting in the way which allowed for more flexible and efficient use of the interior. I could set the table up when need and stow it away when I did't...which was most of the time. The Arrow, with the cassette/ shower and all the other convenience accoutrements for me was camping in style in some of the most remote places that a larger TC would not go. All I wanted was camping in maximum comfort as remote as possible with the least hassle. The Arrow fit the bill. The pop-ups allowed me to traverse further into the back woods, but those type are not the best for winter camping in my region... winter camping, including hunting season, were paramount for my TC requirement. The hardside fit this criteria much better. IIRC, the U-type has the toilet/shower on the opposite side of the kitchen sink and water heater. One of my pop-ups was the NS TS-1000 which had a similar layout. One thing that was a big negative for winter camping with plumbing on opposite sides was that the pipe/ pex tubes ran under the camper to the other side and they were fully exposed to the cold elements. The Arrow model that I had placed all plumbing fixtures and components on the one side and all the plumbing (including the water storage tank) was internal to the camper. This allowed me to meet winter camping better than half-way. If winter camping is in your plans then look closely at how the U is laid out with respect to plumbing runs. I am not sure if there are window option on the new NS models. The last one I had used the Heki insulated type. Yes, these are great for insulating properties, but I am not a fan of them. I had previous campers with the manual multi-awning single pane glass and they were hassle free. The Heki's allowed for maximum privacy (very little if any at all light exuding to the outside which was great for stealth camping.) But... ...you can read my critical review of them HERE. Oh... and NEVER, NEVER drive off with any of the Heki's even slightly open- else you end up learning a hard and expensive lesson as I wrote about IN THIS POST. The old time crank windows allowed for them to be left open without high risk for damage. This old type feature was nice not necessarily for driving with window open but moreover for leaving them open for ventilation when parked at a campsite. The Hekis NEED to be securely closed when the camper is unattended. If a sudden wind storm were to kick up while not around then there is potential for real damage. I limped by with the Hekis and a good part of my camping was in cold temperatures and windows were closed a majority of the time. I am not familiar with all the newer model options. At one time on the non-U model there was an option for a bunk bed or built-in cabinets over the gaucho. The bunk was rarely used but the ability to fully open up that panel made for easy storage of long items- e.g. rifle case. The microwave option was a nice feature, but if I had to do it from new I would not order one, but it is a good option for resale. Resale options are something to consider. In trying to sell my 2008, many potential buyers were turned off by not having electric jacks. It was pre-wired for them but I could have moved it sooner if this was on the camper. My camping region did not dictate an air conditioner but it was a necessity the couple of time I traveled to the Nevada desert. It also made to a selling point-option when advertising. For me, solar would not function well as winter camping usually meant snow on the roof- mine was pre-wired for that owner added feature, but a generator suited me better. Apologies for the mini dissertation. I would not have sold my most recent 2008 Arrow. I only parted with it because I bought a fixer upper house 5 years ago and weekends are for renovating and not camping. It got to where I was only using the TC one time a year for hunting and it was not worth it for me to insure and maintain for that limited use. I am a big fan of the NorthStar brand and will seriously consider them again when I look into TC's again.
d3500ram 04/16/19 08:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Caulking

Dittos on no sillycone!!! Last go around, I used OSI Quad Max. I found the workability much better than the popular RV brands that most folks used to end results that were great.
d3500ram 04/16/19 07:46pm Truck Campers
RE: I bet glider pickups would sell!

I would love to have a "new" Gen 2 Dodge with an in-lime Cummins and a fully mechanical injection pump... maybe even that same engine in a 70's Ford crew cab or High Boy.
d3500ram 04/13/19 09:35am Truck Campers
RE: Big Brother IS watching, and listening, and recording...

... Am I really that paranoid? No you are not....It is actually a real conspiracy by this company so as to sell more of their product: https://i.imgur.com/N8sWK6Yl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YGGuwUsl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/8Df2dpzl.jpg :B
d3500ram 04/12/19 09:38am Around the Campfire
RE: TC's in movies...

The second picture is the from the original Blues Brothers movie... Both in fact are from the Blues Brothers. It is the same scene only about 3 seconds sooner.
d3500ram 04/07/19 05:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Does a truck need anti sway bars carry a camper?

...1998 was an oddball that looks just like an F150. ... Are those the body styles that look like they were a normal Ford but left in the sun too long and they started to look "droopy" ...almost as if Salvadore Dali was the designer?
d3500ram 03/30/19 10:44am Truck Campers
RE: Does a truck need anti sway bars carry a camper?

Welcome! A sway bar will help a lot and it should be highly considered. Perhaps some good aftermarket shocks as well. Six-Pacs I believe are relatively a lighter weight camper compared to most of the members here. A 250 has at least some good components of which might need some basic modifications... but conventional wisdom says to put the camper on the truck and then decide if suspension upgrades are necessary. There are two popular ways to attach the camper. The bumper to which you allude is part of a brand called Happi-Jac. This method of using the bumper as well as hardware that includes a tab that sticks out between the front of the bed and rear of the cab allows fasteners to attach from camper to truck. If the bumber is not that stout, I believe that HJ has stiffeners that can be added to the stock bumper. I do not own this brand and am not as versed in it specifics. Another brand is Tork-Lift. This style utilizes steel brackets under the bed that are fastened directly to the truck frame. There are inserts into these tube-brackets that stick out under the "rockers" of the bed to which fasteners connect the camper to truck. In either style, it is better to use spring loaded fasteners over the old style of just chains and turnbuckles.
d3500ram 03/29/19 08:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Good bye but with a forwarding address

Best wishes and happy trails!
d3500ram 03/28/19 11:45am Truck Campers
RE: Shocks

The 3G Dodge trucks did not come with a factory sway bar. Do yourself a favor and add one. Helwig is a good choice but there might b other brands available. If it sits relatively level you might not need an extra leaf, but if you go that route consider Super Springs brand. I considered this until learning it does not work well with the factory top overload spring, but would function correctly on a 2500 which does not have it. If there is a hint of the shocks being original ditch them for some good aftermarket. I run 9000XL on all corners and it did a huge improvement. They have lifetime guarantee and I have changed them out once already. If you get these, do the adjuster pre-grease trick before installing them- it will make adjustments easier.
d3500ram 03/26/19 09:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Outside wall damage advice

I like The Bear's idea of reflectors... If not those then perhaps those bullet-hole decal thingys...LOL.
d3500ram 03/25/19 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Colorado I-70 avalanche

Some images of the recent avalanche in Frisco: The first image is taken from my office, the second image is 'prolly from the Ptarmigan area for folks familiar with the area- the Dam is in the lower left of those comparisons. https://i.imgur.com/1W0trpkl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7MZYSocl.jpg https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10219122576045465&set=p.10219122576045465&type=3
d3500ram 03/21/19 12:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Future Rv technology

... Dometic refrigerator hinged on both sides.....How is that going to make things better for the end user.... I guess it really depends on the floor plan layout of the RV. I am sure there are plenty of example on it being very usefull. On two of my previous TC's that would have been ideal! My camper had rear doors and the fridge placement was immediately on the right upon entering. It was hinged such that primary access was for use when inside the camper (the hinges were towards the rear wall if you can picture what I am describing.) Most of my time was spent outside and if I wanted a beer or any other items while outside I would need to fully enter the camper to open the fridge door to get items. The new dual hinge would allow for a user to immediately access the contents without needing to full enter the RV on that fridge location.
d3500ram 03/21/19 12:49pm General RVing Issues
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