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Heartwarming story: couple weds for grandmother to witness

Texas couple weds at hospital so groom's 100-year-old grandmother can watch... Story here. A couple in Canadian, Texas, couldn’t imagine getting married without the groom’s 100-year-old grandmother in attendance — so they brought the wedding to her. Sky Howard and Clay Cameron have their actual wedding ceremony scheduled for New Year’s Eve, but they decided to stage a sneak preview for Clay’s grandmother, Charlotte Bussard, after her health started to decline. “My grandma had gotten pretty bad, pretty quick. We were all thinking within a few days, that would be the end,” Clay told Fox News, adding that she had even stopped eating and drinking. Preparing for the worst, Clay said Sky cooked up the idea to hold an early, unofficial ceremony at the Hemphill County Hospital on May 29 — and it came as a complete surprise to Bussard. “They told her something was going to be happening, they didn’t tell her what,” Sky told Yahoo Lifestyle, adding that Bussard got dressed up for the occasion with the help of hospital staff. “My grandmother has always liked dressing up, and seeing everybody dressing up,” Cameron told Fox News. Sky had also revealed that she and Clay opted for a tiny ceremony consisting of just themselves, Bussard and Dr. Frederick of the Hemphill County Hospital. Frederick – also a longtime friend of Sky’s – even pulled double-duty as the couple’s officiant. “He just had a dress shirt on, so he snuck off and went back home, and showed back up with a suit and tie,” Clay laughed. “I guess he felt a little underdressed… He did a great job.” And according to Clay, Bussard thoroughly enjoyed the surprise. “That day, she was up and listening and surprised. Smiling the whole time,” he said. “She was just tickled.” Clay said Bussard is even doing a bit better now, having returned to the nursing home where she’s currently eating, drinking and “walking around.”
d3500ram 06/19/19 12:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Full air ride modification

Well done! I nominate this thread to be a permanent entry into the the TCU! (editted for speeling koreckshun)
d3500ram 06/18/19 11:14am Truck Campers
RE: 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company

...{snip} My thought is why is there no safety overflow drain in the tub to the ground? A $25 drain would save $25k in losses....{snip} With all due respect (and not flaming) with all of the several millions of showers taken, yours is a rare instance of operator error. RV mfgr's are not going to voluntarily add an item that will cost them profits when added into the many hundreds (thousand??) of units they make. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I live vicariously thorough the mistakes of others. And (not condescending) I do thank you for posting so that I make sure the next time I use an RV shower/ tub I will be extra sure of turning off fixtures. Respectfully, frank.
d3500ram 06/17/19 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Front tire pressure?

The truck's placard should have tire PSI recommendations for loaded and unloaded conditions. When I was fully loaded, I set the front to the truck mfgr laden recommendations while the rear was at the tire maximum. Under no conditions should the tire mfgr PSI be exceeded. If your tires are "cupping" then it is generally due to bad shock absorbers.
d3500ram 06/17/19 07:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Do you unload when you camp? Really?

I have only unloaded once in the 15 or so years of TC ownership. It was during a camping trip while scouting an unfamiliar game unit when I took the truck only into spots where the TC on back would not allow me to get into.
d3500ram 06/09/19 01:28pm Truck Campers
RE: D-Day, 75 years ago...

My father was in the south pacific during WWII- he never talked much about it. One of the few thing he did open up about was how moving the Arizona Memorial was to him when he happened to travel to Hawaii.
d3500ram 06/08/19 09:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Full air ride modification

Wow, so you have to remove the original suspension mounts for the Kellerman bits to work? .... I believe that to be the case. I have neighbor who did it to his F450 pick up but he did it with the bed still attached.
d3500ram 06/06/19 06:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Attention weight police

I read the article in the OP's link... Did Ford actually make an Edsel Ranchero? From the article: The trunklid of the Edsel is removed from the car. It also states: The Kozy Traveler Kar Kamper, Its one of a kind, 1 OF 24 Manufactured Does anyone know if these PU's were only for that combination or was this body style ever offered to the public from Ford?
d3500ram 06/06/19 04:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Your first post on the forum

I do not remember my first time... not because it wasn't memorable but rather because it has been so long ago and I really was not sure what I was doing. Plus, there have been so many better ones since. One gets better over time with experience and practice... ...of course, I am referring to camping and posting about it ;)
d3500ram 06/06/19 04:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Attention weight police

https://i.imgur.com/TfLDX0sl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/4Sz3aTkl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KhjBmJil.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nXQyoOal.jpg https://i.imgur.com/L9iesnrl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YV6SRHil.jpg
d3500ram 06/06/19 02:46pm Truck Campers
D-Day, 75 years ago...

General Dwight D. Eisenhower's D-Day Speech To those veterans who stormed the beaches, a hearty and heartfelt thank you... to those who fell, rest in peace :(
d3500ram 06/06/19 12:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trail Ridge Road - Will It Be Open...

I just heard on the news that it is slated to open soon... good news! But I envision a short winter... As I type, I am getting cold rain with spitting snow and I am sure the peaks around me up high are getting snow.
d3500ram 06/05/19 07:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 145 Co

The boulder will stay put where it sits: Colorado officials to reroute highway
d3500ram 06/05/19 11:02am Roads and Routes
RE: Pop up camper vs hard sided camper

I have had both types and only sold due buying fixer-upper house, otherwise I most likely would still have a TC.. that said, I started out with pop-ups because I was really into getting away from it all as safely possible in the mountains of the Rockies within the region I live. It was a combination of comfort and remote camping as hassle-free as possible. Pop-ups (PU) have their advantages but are not always as light in weight as the stance might make it appear. There is still the lift mechanism and the rood itself. I liked it because sleeping in the woods next to a stream or hearing wildlife is sorta' like camping in a tent off the ground and letting the night dynamics enter inside. They can make do for winter camping (and I have done it) but for the more winter ventures that I wanted to do a PU is more challenging. The hard sides (HS) when I graduated to them did restrict access to some favorite haunts that I discovered. Stealth camping/ overnighting when I was on the road is much easier. Using in the winter has the obvious advantage... in 2010 when I was laid off, I ski-camped the winter around the state following the winter storms as they happened. There is a huge difference of weekday powder days instead of weekend tourist-crowded slopes. The camping in town or in parking lots was so much easier to do. Lifting or lowering the roof on a PU might have been a bit of a challenge with feet of snow atop it. HS's are more of a "park-and-use-it" right away RV making it slightly more hassle-free. If I ever get back into a TC I still think it might be a HS but who knows! I have come to learn that to really capture it all is to get one of each!
d3500ram 06/02/19 10:48am Truck Campers
RE: How do you share camping expenses?

It is like when you go with 4 people to lunch and that one person is tallying up their portion of the cost to the nickel because they only had a salad, rather than just divide by 4. ...or it is the opposite where the person ordering the least costly item gets the shaft... remember the old SNL skit where Father Guido Sarducci analyzes the bill for the last Supper?
d3500ram 06/01/19 04:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help with electrical please

check for bad battery - everything that works is 110 volt, everything that doesn't work, works off of 12 volt. Maybe your battery went completely dead while it was plugged into the bad outlet. take the battery to have it load tested at any auto store.X2 And don't run the A/C on a 100' extension cord. ^^ X3 When I bought my 2010 Arrow it had 2 year old batteries (not too old, huh?) but I could not go a single night before experiencing similar symptoms. I would, as suggested, get the batteries load tested, my guess is you might perhaps need new ones. I went with group 27 NAPA RV/ Marine. I got about 6 years on the first set (mostly boon docking) and was 2 years into the next when I sold the camper.
d3500ram 06/01/19 02:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Overwhelmed with camper choices; insight appreciated

The papers will say taxable payload, .... When you refer to THE PAPERS what exactly do you mean? The truck data, a state's registration, NYT? Not flaming, just curious. I had my rig and TC (when I had it) figured out pretty good but never consulted any "papers" of sorts that referenced taxable payload. I am curious and want to go look at the papers.
d3500ram 06/01/19 10:33am Truck Campers
RE: whoa! I guess it's a truck camper

That's cool! :C I think it is technically a Class C :h
d3500ram 05/30/19 12:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Overwhelmed with camper choices; insight appreciated

...We have a 3500 Ram SRW diesel truck . ..... What year truck/ what size wheels? If you have the 17" rims, then this component will be a weakest link as there is limited choice tires to have enough load carrying capabilities. Keep this in mind as you continue your research.
d3500ram 05/29/19 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: The moose are back

Well, when I showed the picture to the moose he was pleased because he first asked "does this picture makes my arse look fat"...LOL:B Moose in Colorado are not as large as those found say in Maine or Canada where in those places they can be HUGE! Plus, a lot of wildlife are scrounging for plant food. We have have a looong snow season (expecting more this week) and they are forced to come down to find food. I have co-workers who live higher up than me and they were stating that a lot of wildlife this past winter were 'hanging out" in the plowed roads instead on the back woods due to the depth of the snow. My low Aspen trees are nibbled down... hope they will leaf up this year! I have a spring-fed field to the north and the grass is green there and I think it is an attractant to the ruminants who stop by.
d3500ram 05/28/19 05:02pm Around the Campfire
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