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Did I miss something

Went to the Good Sam Club website and noticed that there isn't a "Search" link. I'm trying to get subscriptions to "Motorhome" and "Trailer" magazine. There is not direct link. Or I'm really lost...
dannytas 06/26/16 11:54am Good Sam Club
RE: 1/2 ton towing

I call "shenanigans"...but I need a new truck...shhhhh, don't tell my wife about this thread....:D
dannytas 06/13/16 05:20pm Towing
RE: Site Down Again for 24 hours!

down in my area, too...
dannytas 06/13/16 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: You might be a modaholic if . . . .

DW, questions me each time we bring another rv home...why can't you just leave it alone? All of us, RVers, want our's just the way we want it. I don't care if you change to leds or remodel the whole camper. And you're right, when we get it to where we want it...we'll go out and get another one to start all over. There's a certain satisfaction when you post the mods on the forum or when you show what you did, to another RVer or even when camping you use the "mod", because you realize the convenience that you created for yourself...
dannytas 06/06/16 10:06am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tent Campers

I don't like empty sites that are "reserved" while people are needing a site though... This can get very complicated to fix that problem though. We also see no reason tent campers can't use the sites. We've been to that campground - if it's the Washington one - and they don't set up their tents on the blacktop, they set it up in the designated tent space. It's a camp space, not a RV space. As far as reserving sites and not using them, this isn't done only by tent campers. RVers do it, also. This has become a big problem and it's very inconsiderate of folks to do this. They're keeping others from enjoying it. I guess some folks have plenty of extra money to loose money on a reservation. There are some that reserve many weekends - just in case - and if they don't feel like going camping that weekend, they don't care. I'm not buying in on the camp space not a RV Space! Why, I said this is because of sewer hook-ups designed for RV's. When we had a pop-up, we had a little shower tent that we used for our porta potti. Maybe the campers wanted the convenience of dumping their porta pottis on site. All I'm trying to say is that their is a reason, or excuse, for why anyone does anything. "ours is not to wonder why..." Peace...
dannytas 06/06/16 09:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can one set the whole camper on jack stands?

Since the entire trailer can safely bounce down the highway on its tires, I'm sure you could get away with two jack stands on each side just fore/aft of the tires/axles. Point well taken...I wrote in another post concerning a leveling system: "I'm perplexed as why some would say that a trailer frame might not be able to support a leveling system or that it may flex. Think about where the trailer axles are located. The overhang alone would surely flex the frame under that train of thought. Of coarse when you travel, there is another point of contact,the hitch, but there's still the overhang in the rear. That said, if I were to mount a leveling system, I would mount the "feet" half way between the axle and the corner of the unit. To help to keep the frame from "flexing". I'm such a hypocrite." I would just put the jack stands half way between the axle and the corner of the unit. Considering that this is just a temporary situation to do service to the rig. :D
dannytas 06/01/16 09:51am Tech Issues
RE: Help me understand California Turnouts - Updated

Point still being missed... If you are on a road with the two different speed limits for cars and trailers, then you are on a multi-lane road, no need to pull over, just stay in right lane. If on a two lane "mountain" road all speed limits the same. You are absolutely right. I know of no two lane mountain roads that are 65 mph. Not in my area. I live on Hwy 88 between Jackson and South Lake Tahoe.
dannytas 06/01/16 09:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day and Veterans Day...Both days of thanksgiving...One for those that died protecting our country and the other for those that served protecting our country...If you want a good perspective, ask a Veteran about Memorial Day...I learned something that I could never "know"...
dannytas 05/31/16 10:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Help me understand California Turnouts - Updated

Give a little credit to the drivers behind you...I've been on both sides...pulling my tt slow and driving up on a slower rv. Sure some are impatience, but other are intelligent enough to know that the big rv in front of them have a few more things to deal with; weight, grade and lack of power, just to name a few. Me, as the driver behind the rv, knows that my speed limit may be 65, but also knows that the rv's speed limit is only 55. So, I would hope that the rv will pull over only in a safe place or that I can pass him in a safe manner. And other than that, I have no control over the rv. Respect and understanding, given by both drivers go a long way to sharing these roads. And forgiveness to the impatient and unpredictable, helps to relieve any stress that you may receive...peace
dannytas 05/31/16 10:00am General RVing Issues
RE: ? "Best" Coffee Maker?

95% of our camping is without electricity, so we used to use the Enamelware Percolators and Boiler, but now we use the Coleman Drip coffee pot. It sits on the camp stove.
dannytas 05/28/16 10:10am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Garage

We are currently looking for an A class, but with the lower doors it sure limits what we can get. http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc416/dannytas/Home/frontofshopfromhouse-1.jpg height=650 Before I'd compromise on the height of a MH, I would remove the concrete on the right side from the road to 15' inside the right bay. Replace with a flat pour till inside the garage 5' and then ramp back up in the last 10'. This will probably give you 12" or more additional clearance on the front of a new MH and a little less in the middle. Add a manually folding section to the bottom of the door to fill in. The back axle may not get to the original floor level. Not sure this would work if you have to back into the garage. Another option would be to replace the roll up door with two taller doors that swing open, but it would be hard to make them match the looks of the other roll up door. I really like your idea about lowering the right bay floor. I just happen to have two panels of the doors that I replaced so that I could have larger windows. It would be at least one door section lower, giving me that much more height. Thanks!!!:B
dannytas 05/15/16 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: N.S.A. Ready Brake

So, this is a newbie question. I haven't taken delivery of my class A yet. I googled this product and it seems to apply the brakes of your towed vehicle if it becomes detached from your RV. Is this something that I will need when I start towing a vehicle? Should I make rgatijnet1 an offer? After I did my research, I came to the conclusion that this unit would serve my purpose. I got it at a good price. So I'm going with it. Check out the product on you tube and their website. Rgatijnet1 might still have it. Might be just what you are looking for. Good luck with your hunt. ..
dannytas 05/05/16 11:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: N.S.A. Ready Brake

The unit is so good that I have a brand new in the box Ready Brake unit that I could NOT sell for 1/2 the cost, lifetime warranty and all. Nobody wanted it. Wondering where you were a few months ago. I picked one up on ebay as well from someone. To the OP if you need some tips on the install (i.e. learn from my mistakes) check out my blog link in my sig. Thanks, I will check out your blog link. ..
dannytas 05/05/16 11:08pm Class A Motorhomes
N.S.A. Ready Brake

I would like to give a big "thumbs up" to N.S.A Ready Brake Company and to a gentleman, Bob from Washington. I bought a new, in box Ready Brake system on ebay,from Bob. He stopped RVing before he was able to use the product. When I received the package the invoice listed the RS-5000 break away system included. Alas, no RS-5000. I contacted Bob to inform him of the missing item. He promptly contacted N.S.A. Ready Brake Company and explained what was happening. Now, Bob bought this item 2 years ago. In my opinion, N.S.A. had no real obligation to satisfy any request after that long of a period. Well, I just received and email this morning from Sue at N.S.A. Ready Brake Company, with an attached invoice for delivery of the RS-5000 Break away system. FREE OF CHARGE. Needless to say, I'm impressed. So, those of you looking for a braking system for your towd, please take a look at the N.S.A Braking System. I'm not pushing to sell any of their product, but I am very appreciative by their customer service and think that you will be, too. For those wondering about my signature...we are in the hunt for a Class A. This forum is giving us some very informative information in our search. Thanks to all...
dannytas 05/03/16 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Torque Wrench Question

The difference it makes makes no difference. A Man of few words and a lot of substance...well said
dannytas 05/02/16 09:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Tag along ???

I thought it was a Filipino dialect...
dannytas 04/26/16 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: I can pull that!!

Hey--you don't know if the 5'er has an engine and drive train and that it just "pushes" it's "towd" ;D
dannytas 04/26/16 06:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: My remodel

Bravo on your ability to tackle such a job. It is very appealing to have your camper just the way you want it!!!
dannytas 04/18/16 09:43am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: tips for 1st timer

I have a power jack and only using it to unhook and hook-up is the only power drain for the jack. We have two batteries, wired in parallel(12v), and use the jenny about every 2-3 days to charge them up. I check the batteries with my multi-meter everyday to monitor our usage. I don't let them get below 60%. DW's only complaint is no hair dryer without generator. Water: we do the extra water jugs with transfer pump. We use one of the jugs out doors for washing up, filling dog dish, etc. Works great. On you first trip monitor your usage, water and battery, and the following trips you will be able to adjust to make your camping "just the way you want it"...
dannytas 04/18/16 09:32am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping

I'm perplexed as why some would say that a trailer frame might not be able to support a leveling system or that it may flex. Think about where the trailer axles are located. The overhang alone would surely flex the frame under that train of thought. Of coarse when you travel, there is another point of contact,the hitch, but there's still the overhang in the rear. That said, if I were to mount a leveling system, I would mount the "feet" half way between the axle and the corner of the unit. To help to keep the frame from "flexing". I'm such a hypocrite. Sorry, OP, I have no knowledge pertaining to the leveling system in question.
dannytas 04/17/16 09:39am Travel Trailers
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