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RE: Havent camped in 2 years

I could certainly see where a Class C would be easier without having to hitch and unhitch. I wish you all the best. I have had just enough back problems to know how very difficult it can make the simplest things.
dave17352 09/19/19 08:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: solar update

Solar is cool! I like it a lot.
dave17352 09/03/19 06:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter RV camping

LI designed with heater for winter use. (Not perfect--but getting there): https://relionbattery.com/blog/lithium-battery-cold-weather I called them about this battery. There tech guy said this is fine for occasional use but you are still better off keeping these batteries in a controlled temperature environment. Those were not his exact words but that's what he was getting at. I asked about leaving the battery in my truck camper year around here in Nebraska.
dave17352 09/03/19 06:36pm Full-time RVing
RE: Another generator thread? yea, want your ideas, please?

Well you can forget about no hook up camping, which is not just boondocking, but also state and federal parks which commonly lack electrical hookups. You'd need a massive battery bank. This seems a little harsh. But I would think a investment in some solar is in order. Solar is fun and pretty cheap now. One of the great things about solar is it is working anytime the sun is shining keeping your batteries topped off. This gives your expensive batteries a nice long life. With solar you can definitely boondock. But if you want ac you will need a generator. I have been using my honda eu3000 for 12 years now and it has been great with a run time of 20 hours. If I was buying now I am sure I would be looking at Champion or the harbor freight inverter generators. There just too reasonable not to look at. But that being said I have nothing but good things to say about a honda. I keep mine welded to a cargo rack locked into a receiver hitch on the back of my 5th wheel or on the front of my pickup if using the truck camper. I like this better than having mounted in the rig. I feel more comfortable sleeping with it not built in. My eu3000 runs my 15k ac and lite loads just fine. But with your fridge and wanting to run 2? AC's you would need more power. But solar is something you should seriously look at it. Like I said it is fun and extremely handy and way more reasonable than it used to be. JMHO
dave17352 08/24/19 05:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: another solar option

nothing special about that deal
dave17352 08/09/19 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Low priced Danfoss fridges

Well smarty pants I mentioned nova kool which was not in the brands you mentioned. So there! :) Very strange. Your mention was a brand with only one compartment. I was looking for two so I have a freezer and a fridge in one. I was not able to find that brand in anything except one compartment. I am interested to hear from owners of these off-brand units… Yes very strange indeed. Nova Kool has lots of refrigerators with two compartments. Freezer and refer. Double check you will find I am correct.
dave17352 07/31/19 08:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Low priced Danfoss fridges

Thanks for feedback. No, I never said I was looking for the best, just for feedback on these lower priced units. I am not female looking for a good time, pal. I asked for PM only from those who do not know anything about this topic yet still will have a need to voice their opinion on the subject. If they PM me this will keep the thread clean of junk. If anyone reads the PM is of another matter. so far, 0-6 Well smarty pants I mentioned nova kool which was not in the brands you mentioned. So there! :)
dave17352 07/30/19 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Low priced Danfoss fridges

Nova kool great fridge go to there website. www.novakool.com I have had mine for I think for 3 years. Not a hiccup. I have a pretty big one with a fridge and freezer. They make smaller ones in fact they make lots of models.
dave17352 07/26/19 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: New-to-me truck and camper

You could get one of the oasis? reports on your truck and see if it has had any problems. If it hasn't then just drive it right? I had plenty of problems with my 2005 6.0 but that at 40k maybe you got a good one.
dave17352 07/23/19 05:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Black holding tank censors

Black tank has a sensor you can't miss. When you flush and see water a inch from the flapper you know its time to dump! I am with those that don't use the sensors. The black tank for sure. In all my RV's it has become second nature to pretty much know where you at depending on how much fresh water you have left. The fresh water sensors have always worked well. No gunk in there. Black tank sensors have not worked well in any of my RV's.
dave17352 07/22/19 09:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: LIFePO4 batteries - interesting challenges

The new trilliums have a state of charge monitor on the battery themselves.
dave17352 07/22/19 04:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Running only off of onboard tank

We always run off of tank also. For all the reasons mentioned above. When we still had a herd of kids around then I would use full hookups once settled for the night but I always shut the water off at night for the reasons mentioned above also.
dave17352 07/22/19 04:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium batteries questions?

What about Trojan Trillium batteries. I think you can use them in with your alternator no problem
dave17352 07/13/19 04:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt dc / 120 ac appliance

My nova kool switches to ac power when ever I am on shore power. Mitch you are talking a propane fridge I am talking a compressor fridge. But I think you new that. :)
dave17352 06/30/19 09:26pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt dc / 120 ac appliance

Run it on DC ! Now I will really confuse you !! The Danfoss "control box" actually convert 12VDC to 3 phase AC. I kinda wondered how that happened. !
dave17352 06/30/19 04:27pm Tech Issues
12 volt dc / 120 ac appliance

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29919981
dave17352 06/30/19 02:00pm Technology Corner
12 volt dc / 120 ac appliance

My dan foss 12 volt refer also switches to 120 when plugged in. So which is better. 12 volt dc or using my 2000 watt inverter and running it on AC. This model draws 5 to 6 amps DC. I have a 8 gauge wire about 8 foot long running to the refer for DC. Thanks Dave
dave17352 06/30/19 02:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter in repurposed generator locatoin with agm batteries

Ambient cooler and or cloudy days will still make for a cooler panel. Which will make for higher voltage. But of course if it is cloudy we won't be getting much current :(
dave17352 06/28/19 08:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter in repurposed generator locatoin with agm batteries

With PWM you get Isc value for amps to the battery. Flat on roof will not get as many as aimed. With MPPT it is all about watts. Let's say you have 300w aimed (series or parallel makes no diff) You lose 10% of your watts due to panel heating. So now you are at your 270 watts. Lose say 2% wiring loss from array to controller (which is pretty good) Now at 264.6 watts. Controller efficiency say 97% (it could be more like 95%) so now at 256.7 watts output. Amps to battery is output watts/ battery voltage (assuming no wiring loss on that leg) 258/13 = 19.8 258/13.5 =19.1 258/14 = 18.4 With panels flat on roof you start with less than 300 then lose the 10% for heat and go from there. The PWM does not lose amps from heat, in fact amps go up slightly, so you don't lose. Still get same as whatever Isc is at the time. Only good reason to get MPPT instead of PWM for that sort of work is if you get one 300w panel instead of three 100s. Now you must have MPPT to get the buck converter in it so you can go from 24v panel to 12v battery. And, in the above calculation where controller efficiency is mentioned, don't forget the efficiency is lower when dropping voltage, so 24-12 loses more than 12-12. That might be a good reason to stay in parallel with the three 100s and MPPT. However, it can be wiring gauge that makes a practical difference to your installation plan. Just don't expect a bunch of amps that won't ever happen in real life. Well we will see. The higher voltage will have less resistance. I payed 89 bucks for the mppt and I can go from series to parallel if I want to get to the nitty gritty. But knowing that I was seeing 10 amps before if I see 18 to 20 now I will call it a win! :) It is not always extremly hot when I am camping. Many times it is nice and cool which would negate the panel heating loss. All in all in will be a interesting experiment. Solar is fun that I know for sure.
dave17352 06/28/19 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter in repurposed generator locatoin with agm batteries

Going in series and mppt should double my panel output. not sure what you mean by this.. Adding another panel will double your output. Right now I have 2 100 watt panels with a pwm charger so max I can get is about 10 amps. With 3 100 panels and ( I am adding one) and a MTTP charger I can utilize all the volts. So lets say I am drawing 270 watts /14 volts roughly 20 amps. The mttp charger makes all the difference. I guess I should have said by going with the mttp and adding one panel I can harvest twice the energy. :) Actual results--three 100w panels in parallel with PWM aimed at high sun, you get 6.2 amps (same as Isc) each for 18.6 amps. Swap to an MPPT controller with them in parallel--still 18-19 amps, change to series with the MPPT, still 18-19 amps. You lose panel watts from panel heating, so your MPPT "advantage" disappears. You can get a little more amps with MPPT when the battery is low, but not enough to change your day's haul of AH that you would notice between battery 13 and 14.5 volts like you see RVing. I am going to be going in series with these panels now. My Panels are rated and 5.29 amps at 18.9 volts. I have used these panels for two years and the most I ever get is 10 amps. With these panels in series at peak light I hope to get close to 270/14= 19.28 amps. I think I will gain about 5 amps overall. But we will see and I will update how many amps I see. I have done a lot reading on the net and it seems to be the concensus that series and mppt will net me a worthwhile gain. You seem to be saying the extra voltage over the charging voltage is of no value. Interesting.
dave17352 06/28/19 06:31pm Tech Issues
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